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2005978-1-4102-2127-8Federal Judicial CenterBail Reform Act of 1984, The
  ''978-1-4102-2131-5U.S. Army · U.S. Navy · U.S. Air ForceSeismic Design for Buildings
  ''978-1-4102-2132-2Jeffrey J. Clarke · Robert Ross SmithRiviera to the Rhine: The European Theater of Operations
  ''978-1-4102-2135-3Center of Military History · United States ArmyTerrain Factors in the Russian Campaign
  ''978-1-4102-2137-7Peng DehuaiMemoirs of a Chinese Marshal: The Autobiographical Notes of Peng Dehuai (1898-1974)
2005978-1-4102-2138-4Office of Technology Assessment · United States CongressSalyut: Soviet Steps Toward Permanent Human Presence in Space a Technical Memorandum
  ''978-1-4102-2148-3Gerald P. MoriartyDean Swift and His Writings
  ''978-1-4102-2160-5Congressional Research Service · Library of Congress · Louis FisherMilitary Tribunals: Historical Patterns and Lessons
  ''978-1-4102-2161-2Jennifer Elsea · Congressional Research Service · Library of CongressTerrorism and the Law of War: Trying Terrorists as War Criminals Before Military Commissions
  ''978-1-4102-2162-9Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo · William D. McBride · U.S. Department of AgricultureAdoption of Bioengineered Crops
2005978-1-4102-2165-0U.S. Marine CorpsImagery Intelligence
  ''978-1-4102-2168-1W. SchererHistory of German Literature, A
  ''978-1-4102-2170-4Edwin J. EllisThe Real Blake: A Portrait Biography
  ''978-1-4102-2172-8Anton S. MakarenkoLearning to Live: Flags on the Battlements
  ''978-1-4102-2175-9Ebenezer ProutCounterpoint: Strict and Free
2005978-1-4102-2177-3U.S. Army Corps of EngineersBuilders And Fighters: U.S. Army Engineers in World War II
  ''978-1-4102-2179-7Bernard C. Nalty · John F. Shiner · George M. WatsonWith Courage: The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II
  ''978-1-4102-2180-3Kenneth H. Baldwin · U.S. Army Corps of EngineersEnchanted Enclosure: The Army Engineers and Yellowstone National Park
  ''978-1-4102-2181-0U.S. Marine CorpsA Book on Books: A Guide for the United States Marine Corps Professional Reading Program
  ''978-1-4102-2182-7Elizabeth WishnickStrategic Consequences of the Iraq War: U.S. Security Interests in Central Asia Reassessed
2005978-1-4102-2184-1U.S. Marine CorpsMarine Corps Values: A User' Guide for Discussion Leaders
  ''978-1-4102-2187-2Bureau of Reclamation · U.S. Department of the InteriorEarth Manual: A Guide to the Use of Soils as Foundations and as Construction Materials for Hydraulic Structures
  ''978-1-4102-2195-7Petroleum Administration for WarHistory of the Petroleum Administration for War, 1941-1945, A
  ''978-1-4102-2199-5John R. Herman · Richard A. Goldberg · NASASun, Weather, and Climate
  ''978-1-4102-2202-2Richard E. Neustadt · Harvey V. FinebergThe Swine Flu Affair: Decision-Making on a Slippery Disease
2005978-1-4102-2203-9Harry L. Coles · Albert K. WeinbergCivil Affairs: Soldiers Become Governors (Book One)
  ''978-1-4102-2204-6Harry L. Coles · Albert K. WeinbergCivil Affairs: Soldiers Become Governors (Book Two)
  ''978-1-4102-2205-3Oscar S. Adams · Charles N. Claire · U.S. Coast and Geodetic SurveyManual of Plane-Coordinate Computation
  ''978-1-4102-2206-0Roy E. Appleman · James M. Burns · et al.Okinawa: The Last Battle (The War in the Pacific)
  ''978-1-4102-2214-5Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyProceedings of the Interagency Workshop on Lighter Than Air Vehicles
2005978-1-4102-2215-2Ralph H. Lewis · National Park ServiceManual for Museums
  ''978-1-4102-2217-6Edward H. Graham · Soil Conservation Service · U.S. Department of AgricultureLegumes for Erosion Control and Wildlife
  ''978-1-4102-2218-3Charles H. Deetz · U.S. Coast and Geodetic SurveyCartography
  ''978-1-4102-2220-6John L. Frisbee · U.S. Air ForceMakers of the United States Air Force
  ''978-1-4102-2221-3Military Intelligence Service · War DepartmentGerman Tactical Doctrine
2005978-1-4102-2222-0U.S. Army · Military Intelligence ServiceGerman Methods of Warfare in the Libyan Desert
  ''978-1-4102-2223-7U.S. Department of EnergyDirect Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide on Vegetation
  ''978-1-4102-2224-4Of Tech Office of Technology Assessment · Of The Un Congress of the United StatesThe Effects of Nuclear War
  ''978-1-4102-2226-8William ParkerThe Paris Bourse and French Finance: With Reference to Organized Speculation in New York
  ''978-1-4102-2227-5Joseph S. Dixon · National Park ServiceWildlife Portfolio of the Western National Parks
2005978-1-4102-2229-9Of Tech Office of Technology Assessment · Of The Un Congress of the United StatesGreen Products by Design: Choices for a Cleaner Environment
  ''978-1-4102-2230-5U.S. Public Health Service · Tennessee Valley AuthorityMalaria Control on Impounded Water
  ''978-1-4102-2231-2U.S. Forest Service · John C. Hendee · et al.Wilderness Management
  ''978-1-4102-2237-4U.S. Air ForcePararescue Operations, Techniques, and Procedures
  ''978-1-4102-2238-1Perry D. JamiesonLucrative Targets: The U.S. Air Force in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations
2005978-1-4102-2240-4U.S. Department of EnergyClassical Physics Fundamentals Handbook
  ''978-1-4102-2246-6U.S. Air ForceAir Navigation
  ''978-1-4102-2248-0U.S. Marine CorpsIntelligence Operations
  ''978-1-4102-2251-0Kirk W. Clear · Steven E. Block · U. S. Department of DefenseTreaty on Open Skies, The
  ''978-1-4102-2253-4Janet A. McDonnell · U.S. Army Corps of EngineersThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Response to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
2005978-1-4102-2254-1Congressional Research Service · Library of CongressTerrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors
  ''978-1-4102-2256-5Roger P. FoxAir Base Defense in the Republic of Vietnam, 1961-1973
  ''978-1-4102-2257-2Warren A. TrestAir Force Roles and Missions: A History
  ''978-1-4102-2258-9Bernard C. NaltyAir Power and the Fight for Khe Sanh
  ''978-1-4102-2260-2William T. Y'BloodDown in the Weeds: Close Air Support in Korea
2005978-1-4102-2261-9Charles E. HellerChemical Warfare in World War I: The American Experience, 1917-1918
  ''978-1-4102-2266-4On The Judic Committee on the Judiciary · States Senate United States SenateIssues Surrounding the Use of Polygraphs
  ''978-1-4102-2269-5Barbara A. Wolanin · Architect of the CapitolConstantino Brumidi: Artist of the Capitol
  ''978-1-4102-2270-1Thomas M. HuberJapan's Battle of Okinawa, April-June 1945
  ''978-1-4102-2274-9Lyle A. Wolfskill · Agency for International Development · et al.Handbook for Building Homes of Earth
2005978-1-4102-2277-0U.S. Department of StateThe Axis in Defeat: A Collection of Documents on American Policy Toward Germany and Japan
  ''978-1-4102-2280-0Craig L. SymondsCharleston Blockade: The Journals of John B. Marchand, U.S. Navy 1861-1862
  ''978-1-4102-2281-7Y. Borisov · I. PyatnovaHarnessing the Sun: Stories About Semiconductors
  ''978-1-4102-2282-4Madison C. PetersHaym Salomon: The Financier of the Revolution
  ''978-1-4102-2285-5Edward J. DreaNomonhan: Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat, 1939
2005978-1-4102-2286-2House Un-American Activities Committee · United States CongressGuerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States
  ''978-1-4102-2287-9Richard M. McMurry · National Park ServiceThe Road Past Kennesaw: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864
  ''978-1-4102-2296-1Walter James HoffmanThe Mide'wiwin: Grand Medicine Society of the Ojibway
  ''978-1-4102-2300-5National Park Service · Richard J. Hartesveldt · et al.Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada, The
  ''978-1-4102-2303-6Thomas M. Zelker · U.S. Forest ServiceForest Interpreter's Primer on Fire Management
2005978-1-4102-2304-3National Bureau of StandardsMolecular Dynamics and Structure of Solids
  ''978-1-4102-2308-1John D. Hem · U.S. Geological SurveyStudy and Interpretation of the Chemical Characteristics of Natural Water
  ''978-1-4102-2309-8Internatio Fogarty International Center · Institute National Institutes of HealthMedicine in Chinese Cultures: Comparative Studies of Health Care in Chinese and Other Societies
  ''978-1-4102-2310-4Robert D. Williams · Sidney H. Hanks · U.S. Forest ServiceHardwood Nurseryman's Guide
  ''978-1-4102-2313-5R. Fratila · U.S. Naval Electronic Systems CommandAn Introduction to the Theory of Linear Systems
2005978-1-4102-2314-2John M. CollinsSpecial Operations Forces: An Assessment
  ''978-1-4102-2315-9U.S. Department of EnergyFuels from Sugar Crops: Systems Study for Sugarcane, Sweet Sorghum, and Sugar Beets
  ''978-1-4102-2318-0Khristofor Artemyevich ArustamovProblems in Descriptive Geometry
  ''978-1-4102-2320-3Center for Counterproliferation ResearchWeapons of Mass Destruction: New Perspectives on Counterproliferation
  ''978-1-4102-2324-1Peter W. ZehnaSelected Methods and Models in Military Operations Research
2005978-1-4102-2329-6Major General Robert R. PlogerVietnam Studies: U.S. Army Engineers 1965-1970
  ''978-1-4102-2330-2Alfred Thayer MahanThe Gulf and Inland Waters: The Navy in the Civil War
  ''978-1-4102-2333-3Dale C. Dahl · Winston W. GrantAntitrust and Agriculture
  ''978-1-4102-2337-1Mary Caroline CrawfordGoethe and His Woman Friends
  ''978-1-4102-2341-8A. J. Peterka · U.S. Department of the Interior · Bureau of ReclamationHydraulic Design of Stilling Basins and Energy Dissipators
2005978-1-4102-2346-3Ronald SpectorProfessors of War: The Naval War College and the Development of the Naval Profession
  ''978-1-4102-2348-7P. ShlyakhinSteam Turbines: Theory and Design
  ''978-1-4102-2353-1Victor HugoMemoirs of Victor Hugo, The
  ''978-1-4102-2354-8Al GoreCommon Sense Government: Works Better and Costs Less
  ''978-1-4102-2355-5Leo P. Brophy · Wyndham D. Miles · Rexmond C. CochraneThe Chemical Warfare Service: From Laboratory to Field
2005978-1-4102-2357-9Herbert TaylorThe Taylor Papers: A Record of Certain Letters, Reminiscences, and Journals in the Life of Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Taylor
  ''978-1-4102-2359-3UK Ministry of Information · UK Ministry of War TransportMerchantmen at War: The Official Story of the Merchant Navy: 1939-1944
  ''978-1-4102-2361-6U.S. Army Medical DepartmentCombat Psychiatry: Experiences in the North African and Mediterranean Theaters of Operation, American Ground Forces, World War II
  ''978-1-4102-2362-3United States SenateCovert Action in Chile 1963-1973
  ''978-1-4102-2363-0Elizabeth Leavitt KellerWalt Whitman in Mickle Street
2005978-1-4102-2364-7Ernest H. GiustiMobilization of the Marine Corps Reserve in the Korean Conflict, 1950-1951
  ''978-1-4102-2365-4Center of Military History · United States ArmyEffects of Climate on Combat in European Russia
  ''978-1-4102-2368-5R. Earl McClendonAutonomy of the Air Arm
  ''978-1-4102-2369-2Major-General Grenville M. DodgePersonal Recollections of President Abraham Lincoln, General Ulysses S. Grant and General William T. Sherman
  ''978-1-4102-2372-2O. N. PisarzhevskiDmitri Ivanovich Mendeleiev: Su Vida y su Obra
2005978-1-4102-2373-9Rear-Admiral Bradley A. FiskeThe Art of Fighting: Its Evolution and Progress with Illustrations from Campaigns of Great Commanders
  ''978-1-4102-2374-6U.S. Department of EnergyAtmospheric Carbon Dioxide and the Global Carbon Cycle
  ''978-1-4102-2381-4William Buckingham · George W. RossThe Hon. Alexander Mackenzie: His Life and Times
  ''978-1-4102-2386-9UN Industrial Development OrganizationExtraction of Chemicals from Seawater, Inland Brines and Rock Salt Deposits
  ''978-1-4102-2388-3Department U. S. Department of JusticeTwo Hundred Years of American Criminal Justice
2005978-1-4102-2393-7Agency for International DevelopmentGuide for Field Crops in the Tropics and the Subtropics
  ''978-1-4102-2395-1Field-Marshall Sir William RobertsonFrom Private to Field-Marshall
  ''978-1-4102-2397-5Marvin A. Kreidberg · Merton G. HenryHistory of Military Mobilization in the United States Army, 1775-1945
  ''978-1-4102-2399-9Le DuanThe Vietnamese Revolution: Fundamental Problems, Essential Tasks
  ''978-1-4102-2401-9Sidney R. Galler · Klaus Schmidt-Koenig · et al.Animal Orientation and Navigation
2005978-1-4102-2402-6U.S. Maritime AdministrationRadar Instruction Manual
  ''978-1-4102-2403-3Wilhelm CreizenachEnglish Drama in the Age of Shakespeare, The
  ''978-1-4102-2404-0Harrison G. DyarThe Mosquitoes of the United States
  ''978-1-4102-2405-7Leander StillwellStory of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865, The
  ''978-1-4102-2407-1Committee on Foreign Relations · United States SenateTermination of Treaties: The Constitutional Allocation of Power
2005978-1-4102-2408-8Thomas Wentworth HigginsonMargaret Fuller Ossoli
  ''978-1-4102-2409-5C. O. Willits · Claude H. Hills · U.S. Department of AgricultureMaple Sirup Producers Manual
  ''978-1-4102-2410-1Catherine Lynn Frangiamore · National Park ServiceWallpapers in Historic Preservation
  ''978-1-4102-2412-5Virgil Carrington Jones · Harold L. Peterson · National Park ServiceU.S.S. Cairo: The Story of a Civil War Gunboat
  ''978-1-4102-2414-9Richard H. Foote · David R. CookMosquitoes of Medical Importance
2005978-1-4102-2419-4L. Mekhlis · Y. Varga · V. KarpinskyU.S.S.R. and the Capitalist Countries, The
  ''978-1-4102-2420-0U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceWarmwater Fish Farming: The Status of Warmwater Fish Farming and Progress in Fish Farming Research
  ''978-1-4102-2421-7Harold C. Relyea · United States SenateBrief History of Emergency Powers in the United States, A
  ''978-1-4102-2424-8Jr. Henry I. Shaw · Bernard C. Nalty · Edwin T. TurnbladhCentral Pacific Drive: History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II
  ''978-1-4102-2428-6N. A. S. A.The Case for Mars: Concept Development for a Mars Research Station
2005978-1-4102-2429-3Vladimir I. LeninDos Tacticas de la Socialdemocracia en la Revolucion Democratica
  ''978-1-4102-2431-6U.S. House of RepresentativesAdvanced Submarine Technology and Antisubmarine Warfare
  ''978-1-4102-2433-0William Graham SumnerAndrew Jackson as a Public Man: What He Was, What Chances He Had, and What He Did with Them
  ''978-1-4102-2434-7Hallam Lord TennysonAlfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir by His Son (Part One)
  ''978-1-4102-2435-4   ''Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir by His Son (Part Two)
2005978-1-4102-2436-1Committee on Energy and Commerce · U.S. House of RepresentativesRFID Technology: What the Future Holds for Commerce, Security, and the Consumer
  ''978-1-4102-2442-2Dennis R. Jenkins · N. A. S. A.Hypersonics Before the Shuttle: A Concise History of the X-15 Research Airplane
  ''978-1-4102-2444-6Economic Research Service · U.S. Department of AgricultureChina's Food and Agriculture: Issues for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-4102-2445-3NASA · Dennis R. Jenkins · et al.American X-Vehicles: An Inventory---X-1 to X-50
  ''978-1-4102-2447-7Committee on the Judiciary · United States SenateHuman Cloning: Must We Sacrifice Medical Research in the Name of a Total Ban?
2005978-1-4102-2451-4Russell A. GugelerCombat Actions in Korea
  ''978-1-4102-2452-1Mary Kathleen MurrayContributions of the American Military Working Dog in Vietnam, The
  ''978-1-4102-2454-5U S Army Medical Dept Center & School · Us Army Medical Dept Center and School · U. S. Army Medical DeBasic Medical Terminology
  ''978-1-4102-2455-2F. G. Gosling · Department O U. S. Department of Energy · Francis G. GoslingThe Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb
  ''978-1-4102-2458-3Solar Energy Applications Laboratory · Colorado State UniversitySolar Heating and Cooling of Residential Buildings: Design of Systems
2005978-1-4102-2459-0Solar Energy Applications Laboratory · Colorado State UniversitySolar Heating and Cooling of Residential Buildings: Sizing, Installation and Operation of Systems
  ''978-1-4102-2461-3Ebenezer ProutMusical Form
  ''978-1-4102-2462-0   ''Applied Forms
  ''978-1-4102-2464-4Gardner Dexter HiscoxCompressed Air: Its Production, Uses, and Applications
  ''978-1-4102-2467-5William T. Bowers · William M. Hammond · George L. MacGarrigleBlack Soldier, White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea
2005978-1-4102-2468-2U.S. Forest Service · Federal Highway AdministrationWetland Trail Design and Construction
  ''978-1-4102-2469-9Terrence J. GoughU.S. Army Mobilization and Logistics in the Korean War: A Research Approach
  ''978-1-4102-2470-5Billy C. MossmanEbb and Flow November 1950---July 1951: United States Army in the Korean War
  ''978-1-4102-2473-6William T. Y'BloodThe Three Wars of Lieutenant General George E. Stratemeyer: His Korean War Diary
  ''978-1-4102-2474-3U.S. Department of AgricultureKeys to Soil Taxonomy
2005978-1-4102-2475-0Center of Military History · United States ArmyUnited States Army in the World War, 1917-1919: American Occupation of Germany
  ''978-1-4102-2476-7Albert E. CowdreyThe Medics' War: United States Army in the Korean War
  ''978-1-4102-2477-4Robert K. SawyerMilitary Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War
  ''978-1-4102-2479-8U.S. Air ForceCase Studies in the Achievement of Air Superiority
  ''978-1-4102-2480-4   ''Case Studies in Strategic Bombardment
2005978-1-4102-2482-8U.S. Marine CorpsSmall Wars Manual
  ''978-1-4102-2484-2Walter G. HermesTruce Tent and Fighting Front: United States Army in the Korean War
  ''978-1-4102-2491-0Richard T. Barrett · NASAFastener Design Manual
  ''978-1-4102-2493-4Sergei Mikhail TolstoiAirship Patents: A Collection
  ''978-1-4102-2495-8Robert Ross SmithTriumph in the Philippines: The War in the Pacific
2005978-1-4102-2497-2U.S. Naval War CollegeUse of Force, Human Rights, and General International Issues, The
  ''978-1-4102-2507-8Robert Ross SmithThe Approach to the Philippines: The War in the Pacific
  ''978-1-4102-2515-3U. S. Ari ForceCase Studies in the Development of Close Air Support
2006978-1-4102-2548-1Arthur TrainThe Prisoner at the Bar: Sidelights on the Administration of Criminal Justice
  ''978-1-4102-2551-1NASASpace Elevators: An Advanced Earth-Space Infrastructure for the New Millennium
  ''978-1-4102-2552-8United States Marine CorpsRaid Operations
1982978-1-4102-2556-6U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceFish Hatchery Management
2006978-1-4102-2559-7John L. Dupuy · Nancy T. Windsor · Charles E. SuttonManual for Design and Operation of an Oyster Seed Hatchery for the American Oyster Crassostrea Virginica
2006978-1-4102-2560-3Lymon C. Reese · Federal Highway AdministrationHandbook on Design of Piles and Drilled Shafts Under Lateral Load
  ''978-1-4102-2565-8U. S. Army Materiel CommandValue Engineering (Engineering Design Handbook)
  ''978-1-4102-2572-6Alfred P. RubinThe Law of Piracy
  ''978-1-4102-2584-9U. S. Air Force · Major Keith C. Ross · et al.Air University Sampling and Surveying Handbook: Guidelines for Planning, Organizing, and Conducting Surveys
  ''978-1-4102-2590-0Committee on Science and Technology · U. S. House of RepresentativesSubliminal Communication Technology