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2000978-0-89875-005-8Konstantin TsiolkovskyThe Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
  ''978-0-89875-041-6William RoscoeThe Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth: Volume 1 (v. 1)
  ''978-0-89875-056-0Yakov PerelmanAstronomy for Entertainment
  ''978-0-89875-058-4John E. Jessup · Robert W. CoakleyA Guide to the Study and Use of Military History
  ''978-0-89875-063-8Cornelius C Jr SmithFort Huachuca: The Story of a Frontier Post
2000978-0-89875-083-6James R. MurieCeremonies of the Pawnee (Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropoly)
  ''978-0-89875-087-4Peter J. MantleAir Cushion Craft Development
  ''978-0-89875-104-8Fyodor M. DostoevskyThe Insulted and Humiliated
  ''978-0-89875-114-7Mikhail Aleksandrovich SholokhovVirgin Soil Upturned: Book 2
  ''978-0-89875-129-1Alexander FadeyevThe Young Guard
2000978-0-89875-138-3A. KosmodemyanskyKonstantin Tsiolkovsky His Life and Work
  ''978-0-89875-140-6F. Dobromylsky · I. ShcherbatovParanasal Sinuses and Diseases of the Orbit
  ''978-0-89875-149-9Sergei Prokofiev · S. ShlifsteinSergei Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences
  ''978-0-89875-152-9Luther BurbankThe Harvest of the Years
2001978-0-89875-165-9Aimee DostoyevskyFyodor Dostoyevsky: A Study
  ''978-0-89875-166-6J. B. BuryA History of Freedom of Thought (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
2001978-0-89875-178-9Frederick Schiller · Friedrich SchillerSchiller's Historical Dramas: William Tell, Don Carlos, Demetrius (Works of Frederick Schiller)
  ''978-0-89875-179-6Mao Tse-TungOn Protracted War
  ''978-0-89875-181-9Mao Tse-TungMao Tse-Tung: Four Essays on Philosophy
  ''978-0-89875-201-4Tsao YuThunderstorm
  ''978-0-89875-212-0Joseph StalinFoundations of Leninism
2001978-0-89875-225-0Maxim GorkyLetters
  ''978-0-89875-231-1Marietta Sergeevna ShaginianRetracing Lenin's Steps
  ''978-0-89875-233-5Nikolai Vasil'evich GogolTaras Bulba
2002978-0-89875-245-8Alberto Santos-DumontMy Airships
2001978-0-89875-261-8Lao SheTeahouse: A Play in Three Acts
  ''978-0-89875-271-7Alexei Tolstoy · Alexei TolstoiThe Garin Death Ray
  ''978-0-89875-289-2Aisin-Gioro Pu YiFrom Emperor To Citizen (v. 1)
2001978-0-89875-328-8Maurice MaeterlinckThe Intelligence of the Flowers
  ''978-0-89875-337-0Chi Minh HoHo Chi Minh: Selected Writings 1920-1969
  ''978-0-89875-341-7Deng XiaopingSelected Works of Deng Xiaoping: 1975-1982
  ''978-0-89875-343-1Vladimir Il'ich LeninLenin: On Culture and Cultural Revolution
  ''978-0-89875-345-5Louis Antonine Fauve De BourrienneMemoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte
2003978-0-89875-348-6Etsu Inagaki SugimotoA Daughter of the Samurai
2001978-0-89875-351-6Maurice MaeterlinckThe Life of the Ant
2001978-0-89875-352-3Lord BolingbrokeThe Works of Lord Bolingbroke
  ''978-0-89875-353-0Douglas Blackburn · W. Waithman CaddellSecret Service in South Africa
  ''978-0-89875-359-2Louis Antonine Fauve De BourrienneMemoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte
  ''978-0-89875-369-1Rene GuyonThe Ethics of Sexual Acts
  ''978-0-89875-371-4Vo Nguyen GiapPeople's War People's Army: The Viet Cong Insurrection Manual for Underdeveloped Countries
2001978-0-89875-375-2Maurice MaeterlinckThe Life of the Bee
  ''978-0-89875-377-6Fridtjof NansenThe First Crossing of Greenland
  ''978-0-89875-379-0Bronislaw MalinowskiThe Sexual Life of Savages: In North-Western Melanesia
  ''978-0-89875-390-5Thomas F. PrendergastForgotten Pioneers: Irish Leaders in Early California
  ''978-0-89875-393-6Robert C. ByrdThe Senate of the Roman Republic: Addresses on the History of Roman Constitutionalism
2001978-0-89875-399-8Lawrence MarwickDiplomatic Hebrew
  ''978-0-89875-404-9Thomas Babington MacAulay, Baron MacaulayThe History of England from the Accession of James II: Book Five
  ''978-0-89875-415-5M Yudovich · A KotovThe Soviet School of Chess
  ''978-0-89875-418-6G F YoungThe Medici, Volume 2 (v. 2)
  ''978-0-89875-422-3John Canfield EwersThe Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture: With Comparative Material from Other Western Tribes
2001978-0-89875-446-9Albert ManucyArtillery Through the Ages: A Short Illustrated History of Cannon, Emphasizing Types Used in America (National Park Service Interpretive Series History)
  ''978-0-89875-459-9Emile Pouget · Arturo M. GiovannittiSabotage
  ''978-0-89875-460-5Yuri GagarinSoviet Man in Space
  ''978-0-89875-469-8Frederick EngelsThe Origin of the Family Private Property and the State
2003978-0-89875-473-5Luther BurbankLuther Burbank: His Methods and Discoveries and Their Practical Application Vol. VII
2001978-0-89875-478-0Alfred BarbouVictor Hugo and His Times
  ''978-0-89875-492-6Joint Committee on Atomic EnergyLoss of the U.S.S. Thresher
2001978-0-89875-498-8John B WilsonManeuver and Firepower: The Evolution of Divisions and Separate Brigades (Army Lineage)
  ''978-0-89875-505-3Samuel SmilesThe Life of George Stephenson
  ''978-0-89875-519-0Ralph Waldo EmersonNature, Addresses and Lectures
  ''978-0-89875-526-8Dien Bien PhuThe Watchmaker of Dien Bien Phu
  ''978-0-89875-539-8Grenville PigottA Manual of Scandinavian Mythology
2001978-0-89875-540-4Special Operations Research OfficeHuman Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies
  ''978-0-89875-549-7Alexander YakovlevNotes of an Aircraft Designer
  ''978-0-89875-554-1Orrin Sage WightmanThe Diary of an American Physician in the Russian Revolution 1917
  ''978-0-89875-565-7Homer N WallinPearl Harbor: Why, How, Fleet Salvage and Final Appraisal
  ''978-0-89875-570-1A. G. Baramidze · D. M. GamezardashviliGeorgian Literature
2001978-0-89875-577-0John SpargoSyndicalism, Industrial Unionism and Socialism
  ''978-0-89875-578-7Andrew CarnegieJames Watt
  ''978-0-89875-580-0Maksim GorkyLiterary Portraits
  ''978-0-89875-590-9W D WesterveltLegends of Gods and Ghosts (Hawaiian Mythology)
  ''978-0-89875-591-6N ZhirovAtlantis: Atlantology: Basic Problems
2001978-0-89875-607-4U S. Dept of the ArmyReligious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains
  ''978-0-89875-609-8Chester HolcombeThe Real Chinaman
  ''978-0-89875-610-4A. A. SidorenkoThe Offensive: A Soviet View
  ''978-0-89875-626-5Truong-Chinh · Trutng-ChinhResistance Will Win
  ''978-0-89875-649-4T. Michael O'BrienGuardians of the Eighth Sea: A History of the U.S. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes
2001978-0-89875-663-0Bureau of Naval PersonnelABC Warfare Defense: The Fundamentals of Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Defense
2002978-0-89875-672-2M. KveselavaAnthology of Georgian Poetry
2001978-0-89875-675-3James a Jr FieldHistory of United States Naval Operations: Korea
2002978-0-89875-728-6Yuri GagarinRoad to the Stars
  ''978-0-89875-746-0Roderick L. VawterIndustrial Mobilization: The Relevant History
  ''978-0-89875-756-9Frank G. KlotzAmerica on the Ice: Antartic Policy Issues
  ''978-0-89875-768-2Jean-Henri FabreWonders of Instinct: Chapters in the Psychology of Insects, The
  ''978-0-89875-769-9M. E. Ahrari · James BealNew Great Game in Muslim Central Asia, The
2002978-0-89875-770-5Annie Wilson PattersonThe Story of Oratorio
  ''978-0-89875-775-0Woodrow WilsonNew Democracy: Presidential Messages, Addresses, and Other Papers 1913 - 1917 (Volume One), The
  ''978-0-89875-783-5Herbert SpencerEducation: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical
  ''978-0-89875-794-1Herbert SpencerThe Principles of Biology (v. 1)
  ''978-0-89875-795-8   ''First Principles
2002978-0-89875-796-5Dwight D. EisenhowerReport by The Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945
  ''978-0-89875-797-2Williamson MurrayStrategy for Defeat the Luftwaffe 1933 - 1945
  ''978-0-89875-805-4Roger G. MillerTo Save a City: The Berlin Airlift 1948 - 1949
  ''978-0-89875-811-5Richard J. EricksonLegitimate Use of Military Force Against State-Sponsored International Terrorism
  ''978-0-89875-825-2Dennis KuxIndia and the United States: Estranged Democracies 1941-1991
2002978-0-89875-826-9Emma Burbank-BeesonStories of Luther Burbank and His Plant School
  ''978-0-89875-845-0Clayton K. S. ChunAerospace Power in the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-0-89875-847-4Y Zlatova · V KotelnikovAcross Moldova
  ''978-0-89875-854-2Thomas A., III CardwellAirland Combat: An Organization for Joint Warfare
  ''978-0-89875-863-4Herbert SpencerThe Study of Sociology
2002978-0-89875-876-4Professor Martin Van CreveldAir Power and Maneuver Warfare
  ''978-0-89875-884-9R. Frank Futrell · William H. Greenhalgh · Et AlAces and Aerial Victories: The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia 1965 - 1973
  ''978-0-89875-902-0George KennanSiberia and the Exile System
  ''978-0-89875-903-7George KennanSiberia and the Exile System (Volume Two) (v. 2)
  ''978-0-89875-904-4David SpiresBeyond Horizons: A Half Century of Air Force Space Leadership
2002978-0-89875-906-8E. J. W. GibbOttoman Literature: The poets and Poetry of Turkey
  ''978-0-89875-916-7Henry Wadsworth LongfellowOutre-Mer: A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea
  ''978-0-89875-917-4U. S. S. R. Society for Cultural Rel · The U. S. S. R. SPushkin: A Collection of Articles and Essays on the Great Russian Poet A. S. Pushkin
  ''978-0-89875-933-4William Makepeace ThackerayHistory of Henry Esmond, The
  ''978-0-89875-936-5Thomas Babington MacaualyLays of Ancient Rome
2002978-0-89875-941-9Lord Kames Henry HomeElements of Criticism
  ''978-0-89875-945-7Dr C. V. LegrosFabre, Poet of Science
  ''978-0-89875-974-7Office of Technology Assessment United SBiological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields
  ''978-0-89875-976-1Henry E. EcclesMilitary Power in a Free Society
  ''978-0-89875-977-8David S. Alberts · Richard E. HayesCommand Arrangements for Peace Operations
2002978-0-89875-981-5Donald J. MrozekAir Power and the Ground War in Vietnam
  ''978-0-89875-982-2Robert C. HughesSDI: A View from Europe
  ''978-0-89875-983-9Oswald SpenglerMan and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life
  ''978-0-89875-988-4J. Laurence LaughlinThe Elements of Political Economy With Some Applications to Questions of the Day