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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-1-350-14928-1Steven D. HalesThe Myth of Luck: Philosophy, Fate and Fortune
  ''978-1-350-14994-6Clare AndersonA Global History of Convicts and Penal Colonies
  ''978-1-350-14995-3Marlene Laruelle · Margarita KarnyshevaRediscovering Russia's White Movement: Politics, Culture and Memory Today (Russian Shorts)
  ''978-1-350-14996-0Marlene Laruelle · Margarita KarnyshevaRediscovering Russia's White Movement: Politics, Culture and Memory Today (Russian Shorts)
  ''978-1-350-15033-1Maria TodorovaThe Lost World of Socialists at Europes Margins
2020978-1-350-15119-2Paul B. RichCinema and Unconventional Warfare in the Twentieth Century: Insurgency, Terrorism and Special Operations
  ''978-1-350-15133-8Andrew FialaTransformative Pacifism: Critical Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-350-15210-6Abdulla GaladariQur'anic Hermeneutics: Between Science, History, and the Bible
  ''978-1-350-15240-3Sophie Quinn-JudgeThe Third Force in the Vietnam War: The Elusive Search for Peace 1954-75
  ''978-1-350-15303-5Jonathan Friedman · William HewittThe History of Genocide in Cinema: Atrocities on Screen
2020978-1-350-15322-6Samantha WaltonThe Living World (Environmental Cultures)
  ''978-1-350-15323-3Bevan SewellThe Us and Latin America: Eisenhower, Kennedy and Economic Diplomacy in the Cold War (Library of Modern American History)
  ''978-1-350-15397-4Bradley KadelDrink and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: The Alcohol Trade and the Politics of the Irish Public House
  ''978-1-350-15399-8Pieter TrochNationalism and Yugoslavia: Education, Yugoslavism and the Balkans before World War II
  ''978-1-350-15412-4Joachim SchloerEscaping Nazi Germany: One Woman's Emigration from Heilbronn to England
2020978-1-350-15430-8John Bold · Peter Larkham · Robert PickardAuthentic Reconstruction: Authenticity, Architecture and the Built Heritage
  ''978-1-350-15470-4Ian Eyres · Tom Power · Robert McCormickSustainable English Language Teacher Development at Scale: Lessons from Bangladesh
  ''978-1-350-15486-5Marie SandellThe Rise of Women's Transnational Activism: Identity and Sisterhood Between the World Wars
  ''978-1-350-15536-7S H FazanColonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change
  ''978-1-350-15633-3Peter HitchensThe Phoney Victory: The World War II Illusion
2020978-1-350-15635-7Michael PennJapan and the War on Terror: Military Force and Political Pressure in the Us-Japanese Alliance
  ''978-1-350-15728-6Bobby Xinyue · Daniel Hadas · Gesine Manuwald · Lucy R. Nicholas · Stephen Harrison · William M. BartonAn Anthology of European Neo-Latin Literature (Bloomsbury Neo-Latin Series: Early-Modern Texts and Anthologies)
  ''978-1-350-15743-9Melanie KennedyTweenhood: Femininity and Celebrity in Tween Popular Culture (Library of Gender and Popular Culture)
  ''978-1-350-15775-0Robert BarnesThe US, the UN and the Korean War: Communism in the Far East and the American Struggle for Hegemony in the Cold War (Library of Modern American History)
  ''978-1-350-15908-2Michele HaapamakiThe Coming of the Aerial War: Culture and the Fear of Airborne Attack in Inter-War Britain
2020978-1-350-15914-3Helen BuryEisenhower and the Cold War Arms Race: 'Open Skies' and the Military-Industrial Complex (Library of Modern American History)
  ''978-1-350-15943-3Charlotte AlstonTolstoy and his Disciples: The History of a Radical International Movement
  ''978-1-350-16049-1Mark Le FanuBelieving in Film: Christianity and Classic European Cinema (Cinema and Society)
  ''978-1-350-16170-2Anthony FaramelliResistance, Revolution and Fascism: Zapatismo and Assemblage Politics
  ''978-1-350-16349-2James GregoryVictorians Against the Gallows: Capital Punishment and the Abolitionist Movement in Nineteenth Century Britain
2020978-1-350-16362-1Joshua KatesA New Philosophy of Interpretation
  ''978-1-350-16546-5Nuala C. JohnsonNature Displaced, Nature Displayed: Order and Beauty in Botanical Gardens (Tauris Historical Geographical Series)
  ''978-1-350-16549-6Nicholas PapastratigakisRussian Imperialism and Naval Power: Military Strategy and the Build-up to the Russo-Japanese War
  ''978-1-350-16564-9Stephen RoyleCompany, Crown and Colony: The Hudson's Bay Company and Territorial Endeavour in Western Canada
  ''978-1-350-16880-0Catherine FlinnRebuilding Britain's Blitzed Cities: Hopeful Dreams, Stark Realities
2020978-1-350-16886-2Panagiotis DimitrakisThe Hidden War in Argentina: British and American Espionage in World War II
  ''978-1-350-16946-3Mark David SheftallAltered Memories of the Great War: Divergent Narratives of Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
  ''978-1-350-17018-6Ferenc Hoercher · Thomas LormanA History of the Hungarian Constitution: Law, Government and Political Culture in Central Europe
  ''978-1-350-17052-0Nidhi Singal · Paul Lynch · Shruti Taneja JohanssonEducation and Disability in the Global South: New Perspectives from Africa and Asia
  ''978-1-350-17053-7William E. PomeranzLaw and the Russian State: Russia'S Legal Evolution from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin (The Bloomsbury History of Modern Russia Series)
2020978-1-350-17086-5Edwin James AikenScriptural Geography: Portraying the Holy Land (Tauris Historical Geographical Series)
  ''978-1-350-17106-0Research Fellow Francesco IaconoThe Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Interaction and Mobility at the Gates of Europe: People, Things and Networks Around the Southern Adriatic Sea
  ''978-1-350-17134-3Minna RozenHomelands and Diasporas: Greeks, Jews and Their Migrations
  ''978-1-350-17161-9Lisa DiCarloMigrating to America: Transnational Social Networks and Regional Identity Among Turkish Migrants
  ''978-1-350-17379-8Tahir Abbas · Frank ReevesImmigration and Race Relations: Sociological Theory and John Rex
2020978-1-350-17521-1Charlotte AlstonRussia's Greatest Enemy?: Harold Williams and the Russian Revolutions
  ''978-1-350-17539-6Kathy Burrell · Panikos PanayiHistories and Memories: Migrants and Their History in Britain
  ''978-1-350-17540-2Ronald P. BobroffRoads to Glory
  ''978-1-350-17613-3Kristofer AllerfeldtBeyond the Huddled Masses: American Immigration and The Treaty of Versailles
  ''978-1-350-17632-4Baruch Hirson · Yael HirsonA History of the Left in South Africa: Writings of Baruch Hirson
2020978-1-350-17858-8Tarja CronbergTransforming Russia: From a Military to a Peace Economy
  ''978-1-350-17998-1Jennifer SiegelEndgame: Britain, Russia and the Final Struggle for Central Asia
  ''978-1-350-18025-3Colin BakerRevolt of the Ministers: The Malawi Cabinet Crisis 1964-1965
2001978-1-350-97016-8MuterthiesEsthetic Approach to Metal Ceramic Restorations For the Mandibular Anterior Region