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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-231-00125-7William YatesNathaniel Cartwright
  ''978-1-231-00544-6Books GroupThe Living Age Volume 45
  ''978-1-231-00620-7Jeremiah GriswoldHand-book of adjustments of loss or damage by fire; for the use of fire underwriters
  ''978-1-231-00708-2William FrearAgricultural science Volume т. 3-5
  ''978-1-231-01259-8Planters' Labor and Supply CompanyHawaiian planters' monthly Volume 15
978-1-231-04561-9John Claudius LoudonAn encyclopedia of gardening; comprising the theory and practice of horticulture, floriculture, arboriculture, and landscape-gardening, including all ... history of gardening in all countries, and a
2012978-1-231-04876-4CanadaActs of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume Ñ'. 1-2
2012978-1-231-05440-6Books GroupReports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Montana Volume 23
  ''978-1-231-05441-3Charles Lincoln HubbardPower, Heating and Ventilation; Power and lighting
  ''978-1-231-05442-0Books GroupThe Packages Volume 7
  ''978-1-231-05443-7Crittenden MarriottUncle Sam's business, told for young Americans
  ''978-1-231-05444-4John Mee FullerA dictionary of the Bible Volume 1, no. 1 ; comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history
2012978-1-231-05445-1Books GroupBidLAAAAYAAJ
  ''978-1-231-05446-8David MurrayMuseums, Their History and Their Use Volume 3; With a Bibliography and List of Museums in the United Kingdom
  ''978-1-231-05448-2Paulist FathersCatholic world Volume 57
  ''978-1-231-05449-9United States. CongressCongressional edition Volume 4094
  ''978-1-231-06200-5George DanielCumberland's British theatre Volume 4; with remarks, biographical & critical. Printed from the acting copies, as performed at the Theatres royal, London
2012978-1-231-06201-2Robert A. RenkenGeology and Hydrogeology of the Caribbean Islands Aquifer System of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  ''978-1-231-06202-9Robert Bradford MarshallResults of spirit leveling in the state of Washington, 1896 to 1913, inclusive Volume 555-564
  ''978-1-231-06204-3John M. MasonComments of the several editions of Shakespeare's plays; extended to those of Malone and Steevens
2011978-1-231-06205-0Charles Over CorneliusFurniture Masterpieces of Duncan Phyfe
978-1-231-06206-7Books GroupCours Gradue de Langue Anglaise (2)
2012978-1-231-06207-4C. Foster and Cothe madras
  ''978-1-231-06208-1Thomas PercyReliques of ancient english poetry, consisting of old heroic ballads, songs of our earlier poets (etc.)
  ''978-1-231-06209-8Connecticut Daughters RevolutionChapter sketches, Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution; patron saints
2012978-1-231-06782-6Society for the KnowledgeThe Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Volume 1
  ''978-1-231-07054-3ParisiisPUBLIUS OVIDIUS NASO
  ''978-1-231-07087-1Thomas RickmanAn attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England; from the Conquest to the Reformation with a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders, ... on the architecture of a part of France
  ''978-1-231-07295-0Stephen Higginson TyngLessons on the Acts of the apostles; designed for more advanced Bible classes
  ''978-1-231-08388-8Charles Augustus GoodrichA new family encyclopedia; or compendium of universal knowledge comprehending a plain and practical view of those subjects most interesting to persons ... of life. Illustrated by numberous engravings
2012978-1-231-08655-1George V. WigramThe Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old Testament Volume 2; being an attempt at a verbal connection between the original and the ... the proper names, and their occurrences, etc
  ''978-1-231-10544-3Leigh HuntLord Byron and some of his comtemporanies with recollections of the author ́s life and of his visit to Italy
  ''978-1-231-10620-4United States. ManufacturesMonthly consular and trade reports Volume 340-342
  ''978-1-231-11125-3OhioThe Revised statutes of the state of Ohio, of a general nature, in force August 1, 1860 Volume 1; with notes designating the sections repealed prior ... for the laws supplying the repealed sections
  ''978-1-231-11259-5Timothy EastThe Evangelical rambler [by T. East].
2013978-1-231-12453-6Yale University. School MedicineMemorial of the centennial of the Yale Medical School
2012978-1-231-12590-8Philip Henry Stanhope StanhopeHistory of England comprising the reign of Queen Anne until the peace of Versailles, 1713-1783 Volume 3
2012978-1-231-12591-5George Stronach FrapsThe composition of the soils of Archer, Franklin and Harrision counties
  ''978-1-231-12592-2United States Congress SenateSenate manual Volume 49
2013978-1-231-12593-9United States Dept of the GroupPublications (19-20)
2012978-1-231-12594-6Stewart CulinKorean games with notes on the corresponding games of China and Japan
  ''978-1-231-12595-3Robert Alexander HarrisonThe new municipal manual for Upper Canada; containing notes of decided cases, and a full analytical index
  ''978-1-231-12596-0Richard WhatelyRemarks on transportation, and on a recent defence of the system
  ''978-1-231-12597-7Melville Clarence SmartA new gradatim
2012978-1-231-12598-4Hermann August SegerThe collected writings of Hermann August Seger
  ''978-1-231-12599-1Books GroupThe British essayists Volume 26; with prefaces, historical and biographical, by A. Chalmers
  ''978-1-231-14333-9MedicusThe family medical guide
  ''978-1-231-14336-0German TroubadoursLays of the minnesingers or German troubadours of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [ed. by E. Taylor.].
  ''978-1-231-14807-5Society for the Promotion MeetingProceedings of the annual meeting Volume 3
2012978-1-231-15192-1Society for the KnowledgeThe Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Volume 23
  ''978-1-231-17835-5Nielsen &. LundbeckEnglish-Finnish and Finnish-English Dictionary
  ''978-1-231-18054-9Alexander Mordecai DushkinJewish education in New York City
  ''978-1-231-19621-2Alice Morse EarleChina Collecting in America
  ''978-1-231-20544-0Books GroupThe record Volume 13-14
2012978-1-231-20620-1Books GroupThe Illustrated American Volume 10, no. 109
  ''978-1-231-21259-2Edmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene. With the life of the Author and a Glossary, adorn'd with 32 Copper-Plates Volume 2
  ''978-1-231-21433-6Charles Fletcher LummisThe land of sunshine Volume 9-10
  ''978-1-231-22125-9Thomas NicholsA handy-book of the British museum for every-day readers
  ''978-1-231-22969-9Society for the KnowledgeThe Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Volume 11
2012978-1-231-23618-5Books GroupEncyclopedia of wit and wisdom; a collection of over nine thousand anecdotes, and illustrations of life, character, humor and pathos
  ''978-1-231-25900-9James Dunwoody Brownson de BowDebow's review Volume 11
  ''978-1-231-25901-6Charles BurneyThe Boy's Manual of Seamanship and Gunnery
  ''978-1-231-25902-3W. H. WoodburyNeue Methode zur Erlernung der Englischen Sprache
  ''978-1-231-25903-0Charles MerivaleHistory of the Romans under the empire Volume 4; with a copious analytical index
2012978-1-231-25904-7Alonzo Hall QuintThe Potomac and the Rapidan; Army notes from the failure at Winchester to the reënforcement of Rosecrans. 1861-3
  ''978-1-231-25905-4H C. CaddickTales of the affections
  ''978-1-231-25906-1Barthold Georg NiebuhrThe life and letters of Barthold George Niebuhr Volume 1; with essays on his character and influence
2013978-1-231-25907-8Wisconsin Geological and SurveyBulletin - Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Volume 47-50
2012978-1-231-25908-5William A. RadfordRadford's cyclopedia of construction Volume 6; carpentry, building and architecture, based on the practical experience of a large staff of experts in actual construction work
  ''978-1-231-25909-2George Edward WoodberryAmerica in literature Volume 3
  ''978-1-231-25910-8Friedrich WiedeburgDe libertate electorum S. R. J. in eligendis regibus Romanorum commentarius
2012978-1-231-25911-5Books GroupFour hundred good stories
  ''978-1-231-25912-2W. J. Cockburn MuirPagan or Christian?; or, notes for the general public on our national architecture
  ''978-1-231-25913-9William Lucas CollinsHomer. The Iliad
  ''978-1-231-25914-6John Henry PaynterJoining the Navy; or, Abroad with Uncle Sam
  ''978-1-231-25915-3New York. LegislatureNew York legislative record and index
2012978-1-231-25916-0Books GroupReturn; Crimes (Ireland). Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 16 May 1862
  ''978-1-231-25917-7Emanuel Del MarA theoretical and practical grammar of the Spanish language; adapted to all classes of learners but more especially to those who are unaquainted with ... a series of lectures, with exercises and key
2013978-1-231-25918-4Great Britain. Home Committee.Bulletin des sciences géographiques, etc; Économie publique; voyages (7) (French Edition)
2012978-1-231-25919-1Books GroupProceedings | Royal Geographical Society, London Volume Ñ'. 11
  ''978-1-231-25920-7Arthur Penrhyn StanleyEssays chiefly on questions of church & state; from 1850 to 1870
  ''978-1-231-25921-4Elizabeth Whitney WilliamsA child of the sea and life among the Mormons
  ''978-1-231-25922-1Books GroupSchool and home education Volume 35
2012978-1-231-25923-8BowdlerPoems and Essays Volume 1
  ''978-1-231-25924-5Gerhart HauptmannThe dramatic works Volume 7
  ''978-1-231-25925-2Books GroupAnglistische Forschungen Volume 14
  ''978-1-231-25926-9Geological SurveyBulletin - United States Geological Survey Volume 520
  ''978-1-231-25927-6William HughesThe geography of the British colonies and dependencies
2012978-1-231-25928-3Pennsylvania. Dept. of AgricultureGeneral bulletin Volume 95-108
  ''978-1-231-25929-0Books GroupBibliotheca botanica Volume 65
  ''978-1-231-25930-6   ''Bulletin | University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus). Agricultural Experiment Station Volume No.No. 1-6
  ''978-1-231-25931-3Charles E. BrookePoultry-keeping for pleasure & profit; what to do, and how to do it
  ''978-1-231-25932-0Harvard University. ZoologyIllustrated catalogue of the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy, at Harvard College Volume 4
2012978-1-231-25933-7Baron Arthur Salter SalterAllied shipping control; an experiment in international administration
  ''978-1-231-25934-4Edmund BurkeDodsley's annual register Volume 25
  ''978-1-231-25935-1Books GroupThe sure resting place; selected sayings of Jesus Christ, arranged by the compiler of 'The divine Teacher'.
978-1-231-25936-8United States Bureau of SoilsMemoires de Monsieur Claude; Chef de La Police de Surete Sous Le Second Empire (2)
2012978-1-231-25937-5Making of America ProjectThe Century Volume 4
  ''978-1-231-25938-2James LaurieSystem of universal geography; founded on the works of Malte-Brun and Balbi: embracing a historical sketch of the progress of geographical discovery ...
  ''978-1-231-25940-5Jeannette Leonard GilderThe Critic Volume 8-9; an illustrated monthly review of literature, art, and life
2012978-1-231-25941-2William George SmithA smaller classical mythology; with translations from the ancient poets, and questions upon the work
  ''978-1-231-25942-9Alfred Emanuel SmithNew outlook Volume 93
  ''978-1-231-25943-6United States. AppropriationsHearings before subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations, consisting of Messrs. Cannon, Hemenway, Moody, M'Rae, and Benton, in charge of Sundry civil appropriation bill for 1903
  ''978-1-231-25944-3Books GroupSongs of the Covenant Times
  ''978-1-231-25945-0   ''Bureau Publication (United States. Children's Bureau) (Volume 108)
2012978-1-231-25946-7Telemachus Thomas TimayenisThe Modern Greek; its pronunciation and relations to Ancient Greek
  ''978-1-231-25947-4Books GroupSteam Volume 19-20
  ''978-1-231-25948-1Montagu Montagu-Pollock Montagu Montagu-PollockLight and Water; A Study of Reflexion and Colour in River, Lake and Sea
  ''978-1-231-25949-8Torrey Botanical ClubBulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club Volume 47
  ''978-1-231-25950-4Books GroupThe Living age Volume 80
2012978-1-231-25951-1West VirginiaThe code of West Virginia, 1906 Volume 2; containing the Declaration of independence the Constitution of the United States and laws thereof concerning ... constitution of the state the code, as ame
  ''978-1-231-25952-8Books GroupHomiletic review Volume 34 ; an international magazine of religion, theology and philosophy
  ''978-1-231-25953-5University of WashingtonPacific Northwest quarterly Volume 13
  ''978-1-231-25954-2English LifeScenes and sketches of English life
  ''978-1-231-25955-9Books GroupThe Black diamond Volume 23
2012978-1-231-25956-6Books GroupThe Atlantic monthly Volume 80
  ''978-1-231-25957-3Charles Wesley DavisRural school agriculture; exercises for use with any text-book of agriculture, or without a text-book
  ''978-1-231-25958-0Books GroupBulletin of photography Volume 10; v. 230-255 ; the weekly magazine for the professional photographer
  ''978-1-231-25959-7United States. CongressCongressional edition Volume 5738
  ''978-1-231-25961-0Chicago Comptroller StatisticsManual of Classification
2012978-1-231-25962-7Franklin Day JonesDiemaking and die design; a treatise on the design and practical application of different classes of dies for blanking, bending, forming and drawing ... and funamental principles of die construction
  ''978-1-231-25964-1Frances Eliza Millett NotleyOlive Varcoe; a novel
  ''978-1-231-25965-8Asher Crosby HindsHinds' precedents of the House of representatives of the United States Volume 6; including references to provisions of the Constitution, the laws, and decisions of the United States Senate
  ''978-1-231-25966-5Books GroupThe educational weekly Volume 3
  ''978-1-231-25967-2   ''United States Circuit Courts of Appeals reports Volume 95
2012978-1-231-25968-9Books GroupPoultry, garden and home Volume 3
  ''978-1-231-25969-6   ''Printers' ink Volume 90
  ''978-1-231-25970-2Arthur Tappan MarvinThe olive; its culture in theory and practice
  ''978-1-231-25971-9John AdamsRemarks on the country extending from Cape Palmas to the river Congo Volume 1; including observations on the manners and customs of the inhabitants ... European trade with the west coast of Africa
  ''978-1-231-25972-6Books GroupBotanical memoirs Volume 1-9
2012978-1-231-25973-3American Railway AssociationProceedings of the American Railway Engineering Association Volume 9
  ''978-1-231-25974-0Thomas BaileyRecords of longevity; with an introductory discourse on vital statistics
  ''978-1-231-25975-7Books GroupThe Outlook Volume 118
  ''978-1-231-25976-4New YorkLaws of the State of New York Volume 72 ; passed at the session of the Legislature
  ''978-1-231-25978-8Books GroupThe London encyclopaedia Volume 1; or Universal dictionary of science, art, literature, and practical mechanics, comprising a popular view of the present state of knowledge
2012978-1-231-25980-1Henry C. StephensParochial self-government in rural districts; argument and plan
  ''978-1-231-25981-8Royal SocietyPhilosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London Volume 157; giving some accounts of the present undertakings, studies, and labours, of the ingenious, in many considerable parts of the world
  ''978-1-231-25983-2William A. BruetteForest and stream Volume 80
  ''978-1-231-25984-9Books GroupItems of interest Volume 27
  ''978-1-231-25985-6John StrypeThe Life and Acts of Matthew Parker; An appendix to The life and acts of Archbishop Parker, containing various transcripts of original letters, ... papers and manuscripts, for the asserting o
2012978-1-231-25986-3George ForbesA course of lectures on electricity delivered before the Society of Arts
  ''978-1-231-25987-0Books Groupquarterly review. vol. xc.
2012978-1-231-25988-7Books GroupThe Quiver Volume 19
  ''978-1-231-25990-0Moses Foster SweetserArtist-biographies Volume 1; Titian
  ''978-1-231-25991-7Brotherhood Of Railroad TrainmenThe Railroad Trainman Volume 18
  ''978-1-231-25992-4Lawrence M. BrileSidelights on aluminum and nonferrous metals
  ''978-1-231-25993-1Books GroupAnnals of bee culture; a bee-keeper's yearbook
2012978-1-231-25994-8Samuel RutherfordLetters of Samuel Rutherford Volume 2 ; with biographical sketches of his correspondents
  ''978-1-231-25995-5Edward Sylvester MorseJapan Day by Day, 1877, 1878-79, 1882-83 Volume . 1
  ''978-1-231-25996-2Effie Adelaide RowlandsAt a great cost; a novel
  ''978-1-231-25997-9Charles Holte BracebridgeAutentic details of the Valdenses in Piemont and other countries, with abridged translations of "L ́Histoire des Vaudois" par Bresse, and "La rentrée glorieuse" d ́Henri Arnaud
  ''978-1-231-25998-6Balthasar KindermannDer deutsche Redner
2012978-1-231-25999-3Jonathan EastwoodThe Bible word-book; a glossary of archaic words and phrases in the Authorised Version of the Bible and the Book of common prayer
  ''978-1-231-26538-3Robert Henlopen LabbertonAn historical atlas. To which is added, a carefully selected bibliography
  ''978-1-231-28981-5CanadaActs of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada Volume т. 1-2
2013978-1-231-29054-5Amédée BuratMatériel des houillères en France et en Belgique; Descriptif des appareils, machines et constructions employés pour exploiter la houille. Avec atlas in-folio de 77 planches-- (French Edition)
  ''978-1-231-30035-0Alexandre ChoronNouveau manuel complet de musique vocale et instrumentale, ou, Encyclopédie musicale (2-3) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-231-30062-6William SoerensenOm lydorganer hos fiske (Danish Edition)
2012978-1-231-30620-8Honoré de BalzacThe Poor Relations
2012978-1-231-30803-5United States. CongressCongressional edition Volume 3254
  ''978-1-231-31259-9Harriet MartineauGuide to Keswick and Its Environs
2013978-1-231-31439-5Félix Chevrier-CorcellesObservations sur les principales questions qui doivent faire partie du code rural (French Edition)
2012978-1-231-33098-2John BouvierBouvier's Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia Volume 1
  ''978-1-231-33125-5W.h. PrescottHistory of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain Volume 3
2011978-1-231-37358-3Source WikipediaCuentos de Ciencia Ficcion: Cuentos de Arthur C. Clarke, Cuentos de Isaac Asimov, Gu Ta Gutarrak, Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
  ''978-1-231-37793-2Fuente WikipediaDerechos Humanos En Argentina: Raul Othacehe, Juicios Por Delitos de Lesa Humanidad En Argentina, Madres de Plaza de Mayo
2012978-1-231-40620-5Books GroupThe conservator Volume 23-24
  ''978-1-231-43334-8Henry HoweHistorical collections of Ohio Volume 2 ; an encyclopedia of the state history both general and local, geography with descriptions of its counties, ... and business development, sketches of eminent
2011978-1-231-43567-0Source WikipediaPresidentes de Guatemala: Francisco Morazan, Rafael Carrera y Turcios, Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen, Presidente de Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman
2012978-1-231-48072-4Frank H HitchcockForeign markets for American agricultural products. Testimony of Frank H. Hitchcock, chief of the Section of foreign markets, before the Industrial commission
2012978-1-231-48078-6Thomas Cogswell UphamThe religious offering
  ''978-1-231-50620-2L. M'intoshClass despotism, as exemplified during the four years' struggle for freedom in the United States of America; and the evils of individual wealth considered [by L. M'Intosh].
  ''978-1-231-50762-9Charles MorrisWinston's cumulative encyclopedia Volume 5 ; a comprehensive reference book
  ''978-1-231-58006-6Society for the KnowledgeThe Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Volume 10
  ''978-1-231-60627-8Charles KnightThe English Cyclopaedia
2012978-1-231-61259-0Andrew CoffinberryThe forest rangers; a poetic tale of the western wilderness in 1794. Connected with and comprising the march and battle of General Wayne's army, and ... of fact and fiction. In seven cantos
  ''978-1-231-63708-1William Henry MichaelEncyclopedia of forms and precedents for pleading and practice, at common law, in equity, and under the various codes and practice acts Volume 8
  ''978-1-231-70544-5Mineralogical Society of AmericaThe American mineralogist Volume 1-2
  ''978-1-231-71259-7IdahoIntroductory matters. General provisions applicable to all the codes. Political code. Civil code. Index to political and civil codes
  ''978-1-231-80620-3Geological SurveyBulletin Volume 226-229
2014978-1-231-86979-6William SmithDictionary of Greek and Roman Geography Volume 1
2012978-1-231-89900-7William Henry MichaelEncyclopedia of forms and precedents for pleading and practice, at common law, in equity, and under the various codes and practice acts Volume 15
2012978-1-231-91259-1James Edwin Thorold RogersA History of Agriculture and Prices in England; (1259-1792)
  ''978-1-231-91480-9Books GroupThe Encyclopaedic dictionary Volume 3, pt. 1 ; a new & original work of reference to all the words in the English language, with a full account of their origin, meaning, pronunciation, & use
  ''978-1-231-97369-1   ''The Harvard Encyclopedia; A Dictionary of Language Arts, Sciences, and General Literature Volume 4
  ''978-1-231-97953-2   ''Aids to Bible students, comprising indices, concordance, atlas, etc