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2010978-1-112-60463-8No AuthorSantal Folk Tales: Translated From the Santali by a. Campbell [1891]
  ''978-1-112-60464-5Ganeshji JethabhaiIndian Folklore (Being a Collection of Tales Illustrating the Customs and Manners of the Indian People.) [1903]
  ''978-1-112-60465-2James Hinton KnowlesFolk-Tales of Kashmir [1888]
  ''978-1-112-60468-3No AuthorThe Talking Thrush: And Other Tales From India [1899]
  ''978-1-112-60473-7Thomas Francis MarshallSpeeches and Writings of Hon. Thomas F. Marshall: Ed. By W.L. Barre .... [1858]
2010978-1-112-60489-8Chandler RobbinsMemoir of Hon. William Appleton: Prepared Agreeably to a Resolution of the Massachusetts Historical Society. By Rev. Chandler Robbins, D.D. With an Appendix [1863]
  ''978-1-112-60493-5Albert Sidney BollesThe Financial History of the United States, From 1774 to [1885] (V.2) [1879-86]
  ''978-1-112-60496-6William AdamsBusiness Directory of Lewis County, N.Y.: With Map: 1895-96 [Ca. 1895]
  ''978-1-112-60505-5Oneida historical society at Utica.Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, by-Laws, Officers and Members of the Oneida Historical Society at Utica: With the Annual Reports of the ... Society and Its Needs and Purposes ... [1879]
  ''978-1-112-60509-3Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York.Record of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of St. Nicholas Society of the City of New-York. February 28, 1885 [1885]
2010978-1-112-60515-4Edwin M. (Edwin Monroe) BaconHistoric Pilgrimages in New England: Among Landmarks of Pilgrim and Puritan Days and of the Provincial and Revolutionary Periods [1898]
  ''978-1-112-60516-1Titus Mooney MerrimanPilgrims, Puritans, and Roger Williams Vindicated, and His Sentence of Banishment Ought to Be Revoked [1892]
  ''978-1-112-60519-2James Kendall HosmerThe Life of Young Sir Henry Vane, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, and Leader of the Long Parliament: With a Consideration of the English Commonwealth as a Forecast of America [1888]
  ''978-1-112-60522-2W. Carlos (William Carlos) MartynThe Pilgrim Fathers of New England: A History [1867]
  ''978-1-112-60525-3No AuthorPlymouth County marriages, 1692-1746
2010978-1-112-60532-1Sidney PerleyThe History of Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts: From the Earliest Settlement Known to the Present Time: a Period of About Two Hundred and Thirty Years [1880]
  ''978-1-112-60544-4Solomon ClarkAntiquities, Historicals and Graduates of Northampton [1882]
  ''978-1-112-60551-2John George Metcalf Comp.Annals of the Town of Mendon, From 1659 to 1880 [1880]
  ''978-1-112-60552-9George Fisher DanielsThe Huguenots in the Nipmuck Country or Oxford Prior to 1713: With an Introd. By Oliver Wendell Holmes [1880]
  ''978-1-112-60555-0James DraperHistory of Spencer, Massachusetts, From Its Earliest Settlement to the Year 1860: Including a Brief Sketch of Leicester, to the Year 1753 [1860]
2010978-1-112-60556-7William EdwardsMemoirs of Col. William Edwards: formerly of Stockbridge and Northampton, Mass., later of Hunter, Greene Co., N. Y., and of Brooklyn, N. Y.; written ... W. Edwards, and by his grandson ... [1897]
  ''978-1-112-60566-6John Torrey MorseJohn Quincy Adams [1898]
  ''978-1-112-60567-3George Henry LewesThe Life of Goethe [1864]
  ''978-1-112-60604-5George Spencer BowerDavid Hartley and James Mill [1881]
  ''978-1-112-60625-0Elisha Kent KaneAccess to an Open Polar Sea, in Connection With the Search After Sir John Franklin and His Companions
2010978-1-112-60669-4William A. MurrillThree Young Crusoes: Their Life and Adventures on an Island in the West Indies [1918]
  ''978-1-112-60671-7C. H. (Clifford Hugh) DouglasEconomic Democracy [1920]
  ''978-1-112-60690-8James SamuelsonThe Lament of the Sweated [1908]
  ''978-1-112-60692-2Adam Willis KirkaldyCredit, Industry, and the War
  ''978-1-112-60693-9Arthur Winfield BurrittProfit Sharing, Its Principles and Practice: A Collaboration [1920]
2010978-1-112-60718-9Frank KoesterThe Price of Inefficiency [1913]
  ''978-1-112-60729-5Wm. D. (William D.) MurphyBiographical Sketches of the State Officers and Members of the Legislature of the State of New York in 1861 [1861]
  ''978-1-112-60730-1Sarah Sumner TeallOnondaga's Part in the Civil War: Arranged for Publication by E. P. Tanner and Alice E. Northrup [1915]
  ''978-1-112-60732-5Alice Mapelsden KeysCadwallader Colden: A Representative Eighteenth Century Official [1906]
  ''978-1-112-60738-7Daniel WebsterAn Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society, February 23, 1852 [1852]
2010978-1-112-60741-7Samuel R. HarlowLife Sketches of the State Officers, Senators, and Members of the Assembly of the State of New York, in 1867: S.R. Harlow and H.H. Boone [1867]
  ''978-1-112-60747-9John ScottThe Lost Principle: Or, the Sectional Equilibrium: How it Was Created, How Destroyed, How it May Be Restored [1860]
  ''978-1-112-60749-3William Henry McElroyLife Sketches of Government Officers and Members of the Legislature of the State of New York for 1875 [1875]
  ''978-1-112-60751-6Samuel R. HarlowLife Sketches of the State Officers, Senators, and Members of the Assembly of the State of New York, in 1868: S.R. Harlow and H.H. Boone [1868]
  ''978-1-112-60752-3New-York Historical Society.Semi-Centennial Celebration: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the New York Historical Society. Monday, November 20, 1854 [1854]
2010978-1-112-60761-5William WordsworthThe Poetical Works of William Wordsworth: Ed. By William Knight .... (V.3) [1882-89]
  ''978-1-112-60768-4William AndrewsNorth Country Poets: Poems and Biographies of Natives or Residents of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Durham, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Modern Section (V.2) [1888-89]
  ''978-1-112-60770-7Richard HakluytThe Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation
  ''978-1-112-60775-2George William CurtisLotus-Eating: A Summer Book [1852]
  ''978-1-112-60778-3George Pendleton WatkinsWelfare as an Economic Quantity [1915]
2010978-1-112-60780-6George W. F. BirchThe Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Against the Rev. Charles a. Briggs, D.D.: Argument of George W.F. Birch [Ca. 1892]
  ''978-1-112-60784-4Richard Carnac TempleThe Legends of the Panjab (V.1) [1884-1900]
  ''978-1-112-60786-8Richard Carnac TempleThe Legends of the Panjab (V.3) [1884-1900]
  ''978-1-112-60805-6W. Albert (William Albert) HickmanHand Book of New Brunswick (Canada): Prepared by W. Albert Hickman [1900]
  ''978-1-112-60811-7No AuthorThe Jataka, or, Stories of the Buddha's Former Births: Trans. From the Pali by Various Hands Under the Editorship of Prof. E.B. Cowell (V.5) [1895-1907]
2010978-1-112-60815-5Michigan. Dept. of State.Census of the State of Michigan, 1874: Collected by the Supervisors and Assessors, and Compiled and Published by the Secretary of State [1875]
  ''978-1-112-60816-2Henry Van DykeThe American Birthright and the Philippine Pottage: A Sermon Preached on Thanksgiving Day, 1898 [Ca. 1898]
  ''978-1-112-60829-2Ludovic Marquis de BeauvoirA Voyage Round the World (V.2) [1870-72]
  ''978-1-112-60830-8   ''A Voyage Round the World (V.3) [1870-72]
  ''978-1-112-60839-1Canadian Arctic ExpeditionReport of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 (V.7 Pt.K) [1919]
2010978-1-112-60856-8Harold Joseph LaskiKarl Marx: An Essay [1922]
  ''978-1-112-60859-9Lawrence VeillerHousing Reform: A Hand-Book for Practical Use in American Cities [1910]
  ''978-1-112-60863-6Colonization and Commercial Company of Bolivia.Bolivian Colonization: Being Prospectus of the Colonization and Commercial Co. Of Bolivia. Incorporated in San Francisco, California, January 25th, a.D. 1870 [1870]
  ''978-1-112-60868-1Jeanie Mort WalkerLife of Capt. Joseph Fry, the Cuban martyr: Being a faithful record of his remarkable career from childhood to the time of his heroic death at the ... navies, and revealing much ... [1875]
  ''978-1-112-60889-6Mabel Mary Agnes Cosgrove Chan-ToonTold on the Pagoda: Tales of Burmah [1895]
2010978-1-112-60895-7S. S. (Samuel Sidwell) RandallHistory of the State of New York: For the Use of Common Schools, Academies, Normal and High Schools, and Other Seminaries of Instruction [1869]
  ''978-1-112-60897-1Henry Crabb RobinsonBlake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Lamb, Etc: Being Selections From the Remains of Henry Crabb Robinson [1922]
  ''978-1-112-60899-5W. Stull (William Stull) HoltThe Federal Trade Commission: Its History, Activities and Organization [1922]
  ''978-1-112-60911-4James BarnesThe Hero of Erie: (Oliver Hazard Perry) [1898]
  ''978-1-112-60936-7Charles RobinsonThe Kansas Conflict [1892]
2010978-1-112-60942-8Samuel BoykinA Memorial Volume of the Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia [1870]
  ''978-1-112-60947-3Homer.The Odyssey of Homer: Translated by J.G. Cordery [1897]
  ''978-1-112-61022-6No AuthorThe Churches Allied for Common Tasks: Report of the Third Quadrennium of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, 1916-1920 [1921]
  ''978-1-112-61024-0Robert Williams BuchananDavid Gray, and Other Essays, Chiefly on Poetry .... [1868]
  ''978-1-112-61025-7Christopher WordsworthSocial Life at the English Universities in the Eighteenth Century: Comp. By Christopher Wordsworth [1874]
1976978-1-112-61581-8Philippe AzizDoctors of Death 4 volume set complete [Leather Bound] [Jan 01, 1976] Philippe Aziz
1986978-1-112-65502-9Walt Disney ChefsCooking with Mickey Around Our World (Walt Disney World's Most Requested Recipes) by Walt Disney Chefs (1986-05-03)
1966978-1-112-85329-6Christopher. HIBBERTGaribaldi and His Enemies
1988978-1-112-89975-1J. W. SwanbergNew Haven Power 1838-1968: Steam, Diesel, Electric, Mu's, Trolleys, Motor Cars, Buses, & Boats
1970978-1-112-96373-5george malkoScientology: The Now Religion