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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-940262-00-3R. A. Schwaller de LubiczNature Word: Verbe Nature
1983978-0-940262-01-0Owen Barfield · John C. Ulreich Jr.Orpheus: A Poetic Drama
1982978-0-940262-02-7William Irwin ThompsonThe Imagination of an Insurrection: Dublin, Easter 1916
1983978-0-940262-03-4William Irwin ThompsonBlue Jade from the Morning Star: An Essay and a Cycle of Poems on Quetzalcoatl
  ''978-0-940262-04-1Eric GillHoly Tradition of Working: Passages from the Writings of Eric Gill
1989978-0-940262-06-5Ananda K. CoomaraswamyWhat Is Civilization?: And Other Essays
1987978-0-940262-07-2Christopher Bamford · Will MarshCeltic Christianity: Ecology and Holiness
1985978-0-940262-08-9Georg Kühlewind · Christopher BamfordStages of Consciousness: Meditations on the Boundaries of the Soul
  ''978-0-940262-09-6Georg KühlewindBecoming Aware of the Logos: The Way of St. John the Evangelist
1988978-0-940262-10-2Georg Kühlewind · Michael LipsonFrom Normal to Healthy: Paths to the Liberation of Consciousness
2002978-0-940262-11-9Owen BarfieldHistory in English Words
1984978-0-940262-12-6Sara LevinskyA Bridge of Dreams: The Story of Paramananda
1985978-0-940262-13-3Kathleen RaineDefending Ancient Springs
978-0-940262-14-0The Lamp of Marvels: Aesthetic Meditations
1985978-0-940262-15-7Czeslaw Milosz · Christopher Bamford · O. V. de L. MiloszNOBLE TRAVELLER (CLOTH)
1984978-0-940262-16-4Oscar Vladislav De L. Milosz · O.V. De MiThe Noble Traveller
978-0-940262-17-1Jesus Purusha: A Vedanta-based Doctrine of Jesus
1985978-0-940262-18-8Vladimir SolovyovThe Meaning of Love
1989978-0-940262-19-5Kathleen RaineSelected Poems
1988978-0-940262-20-1   ''Presence: Poems, 1984 87
1987978-0-940262-21-8Philip SherrardThe Eclipse of Man & Nature
2001978-0-940262-22-5Aurobindo GhoseESSENTIAL AUROBINDO
1987978-0-940262-23-2William Irwin ThompsonGaia, a Way of Knowing: Political Implications of the New Biology
1990978-0-940262-24-9Hsing-hsiuBook of serenity
  ''978-0-940262-25-6Robert Aitken · Thomas ClearyBook of Serenity
  ''978-0-940262-26-3Norman BrownHermes the Thief: The Evolution of a Myth
1989978-0-940262-27-0Thomas MooreThe Planets Within: The Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino
1993978-0-940262-28-7Thomas Moore · Noel CobbThe Planets Within: The Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino (Studies in Imagination Series)
1989978-0-940262-29-4Bob Mann · Kathleen RaineSelected Poems: 1959 -1989
2000978-0-940262-30-0Andre VandenBroeckAl-Kemi (Cloth)
1990978-0-940262-31-7Andre VandenbroeckAl-Kemi: A Memoir: Hermetic, Occult, Political, and Private Aspects of R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz
1989978-0-940262-32-4William Irwin ThompsonAt the Edge of History and Passages About Earth
1990978-0-940262-33-1Georg KuhlewindThe Life of the Soul: Between Subconsciousness and Supraconsciousness: Elements of a Spiritual Psychology
2000978-0-940262-34-8Mary SettegastPlato Prehistorian: 10,000 to 5000 B.C. Myth, Religion, Archaeology
1990978-0-940262-35-5Vladimir SolovyovWar, Progress, and the End of History: Three Conversations, Including a Short Tale of the Antichrist (Esalen-Lindisfarne Library of Russian Philosophy)
1990978-0-940262-36-2John Scotus EriugenaThe Voice of the Eagle/the Heart of Celtic Christianity: Homily on the Prologue to the Gospel of St. John
1994978-0-940262-37-9Dorothy MacLeanTo Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-Creation With the Devic Kingdom
1991978-0-940262-38-6Amos Alcott · Alice O. HowellHow Like an Angel Came I Down: Conversations With Children on the Gospels
  ''978-0-940262-39-3A. Bronson AlcottHow Like an Angel Came I Down: Conversations With Children on the Gospels
  ''978-0-940262-40-9Bob MannGaia Two _ Emergence: The New Science of Becoming
  ''978-0-940262-41-6Konrad RudnickiThe Cosmologist's Second: The Riddle of Time in Theories of the Universe (Anomalies: Alternatives to Contemporary Orthodoxies)
  ''978-0-940262-42-3Kathleen RaineGolgonooza _ City of Imagination: Last Studies in William Blake
1991978-0-940262-43-0Kees ZoetemanGaiasophy: The Wisdom of the Living Earth: An Approach to Ecology
  ''978-0-940262-44-7John Fentress GardnerAmerican Heralds of the Spirit: Emerson, Whitman, Melville
  ''978-0-940262-45-4Stephen Edelglass · Georg Maier · Hans Gebert · John DavyMatter and Mind: Imaginative Participation in Science (Anomalies)
1992978-0-940262-46-1Robert SardelloFacing the world with soul (Studies in imagination)
  ''978-0-940262-47-8Noel Cobb · Thomas MooreArchetypal Imagination: Glimpses of the Gods in Life and Art (Studies in Imagination)
  ''978-0-940262-48-5Georg KühlewindThe Logos-Structure of the World: Language As Model of Reality (Anomalies)
1992978-0-940262-49-2Nikolai BerdyaevThe Russian Idea (Library of Russian Philosophy)
  ''978-0-940262-50-8Alexander CarmichaelCarmina Gadelica: Hymns & Incantations
1986978-0-940262-51-5Alexander CarmichaelNew Moon of the Seasons: Prayers from the Highlands & Islands
1992978-0-940262-52-2Linden ViincentGothic High: Meditations on the Construction of Gothic Cathedrals
  ''978-0-940262-53-9E. L. Grant WatsonMystery of Physical Life
  ''978-0-940262-54-6Nikolai A. BerdiaevThe Russian Idea (Library of Russian Philosophy)
978-0-940262-55-3The Meaning of Love
1993978-0-940262-56-0Norman DavidsonSky Phenomena: A Guide to Naked-Eye Observation of the Stars: With Sections on Poetry in Astronomy, Constellation Mythology, and the Southern Hemis (Renewal of Education Series, 1)
  ''978-0-940262-57-7Andres RodriguezBook of the Heart: The Poetics, Letters and Life of John Keats (Studies in Imagination)
1993978-0-940262-58-4C. G. HarrisonThe Transcendental Universe: Six Lectures on Occult Science, Theosophy, and the Catholic Faith (Esoteric Sourc)
1994978-0-940262-59-1Richard GeldardThe Esoteric Emerson: The Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson
1993978-0-940262-60-7Sergei BulgakovSophia: The Wisdom of God: An Outline of Sophiology (Library of Russian Philosophy)
  ''978-0-940262-61-4Malcolm DavisFrom Isles of Dream: Visionary Stories from the Celtic Renaissance
1995978-0-940262-62-1Peter Kane DufaultNew Things Come into the World: Poems and Verse-logues
2001978-0-940262-63-8Christopher BamfordHomage to Pythagoras: Rediscovering Sacred Science
1994978-0-940262-64-5Arthur VersluisTheosophia: Hidden Dimensions of Christianity
  ''978-0-940262-65-2Brendan LehaneThe Quest of Three Abbots: The Golden Age of Celtic Christianity
  ''978-0-940262-66-9Noragh JonesPower of Raven, Wisdom of Serpent: Celtic Women's Spirituality
1995978-0-940262-67-6Vladimir SolovyovLectures on Divine Humanity (Library of Russian Philosophy)
  ''978-0-940262-68-3Bradford MillerReturning to Seneca Falls: The First Woman's Rights Convention & Its Meaning for Men Today: A Journey into the Historical Soul of America
1995978-0-940262-69-0Linda SussmanThe Speech of the Grail: A Journey toward Speaking that Heals & Transforms (Studies in Imagination)
  ''978-0-940262-70-6John MatthewsWithin the Hollow Hills: An Anthology of New Celtic Writing
  ''978-0-940262-71-3Bradford MillerRETURNING TO SENECA FALLS
1997978-0-940262-72-0William Irwin ThompsonWorlds Interpenetrating and Apart: Collected Poems, 1959 - 1995
1996978-0-940262-73-7Vladimir SolovyovThe Crisis of Western Philosophy: Against Positivism (Esalen Institute/Lindisfarne Press Library of Russian Philosophy)
  ''978-0-940262-74-4Christopher Schaefer · Tÿno VoorsVision in Action: Working with Soul & Spirit in Small Organizations (Spirituality and Social Renewal)
  ''978-0-940262-75-1Heinz ZimmermannSpeaking, Listening, Understanding: The Art of Creating Conscious Conversation (Spirituality and Social Renewal)
1996978-0-940262-76-8Astrid FitzgeraldAn Artist's Book of Inspiration: A Collection of Thoughts on Art, Artists, and Creativity
  ''978-0-940262-77-5Craig HoldregeGenetics and the Manipulation of Life: The Forgotten Factor of Context (Renewal in Science)
  ''978-0-940262-78-2M. C. RichardsOpening Our Moral Eye: Essays, Talks & Poems Embracing Creativity & Community
  ''978-0-940262-79-9Henri BortoftThe Wholeness of Nature: Goethe's Way Toward a Science of Conscious Participation in Nature
1993978-0-940262-80-5William A. BryantThe Veiled Pulse of Time: Life Cycles and Destiny (Spirituality and Social Renewal)
1997978-0-940262-81-2Sergei BulgakovHoly Grail and the Eucharist (Library of Russian Philosophy)
  ''978-0-940262-82-9Stephen Edelglass · John Davy · Georg Maier · Hans GebertMarriage of Sense and Thought (Renewal in Science)
1997978-0-940262-83-6Jordan Roberts · Daniel AndreevThe Rose of the World
1999978-0-940262-84-3Ralph WhiteThe Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited
1997978-0-940262-85-0Joa BolendasSo That You May Be One: From the Visions of Joa Bolendas
  ''978-0-940262-86-7John MatthewsSources of the Grail
  ''978-0-940262-87-4   ''Sources of the Grail
1998978-0-940262-88-1Paul DaviesRomanticism and Esoteric Tradition: Studies in Imagination
  ''978-0-940262-89-8Raymond TrippTwo Fish on One Hook: A Transformative Reading of Thoreau's Walden
  ''978-0-940262-90-4Dorothy MacleanChoices of Love
1998978-0-940262-91-1Ivan Vasilevich Kireevskii · Boris Jakim · Aleksey Khomiakov · Robert BirdOn Spiritual Unity: A Slavophile Reader (Library of Russian Philosophy.)
1999978-0-940262-93-5Matthew FeddenThinking beyond Darwin: The Idea of Living Form as a Key to Vertebrate Evolution (Renewal in Science)
  ''978-0-940262-94-2Claire BlatchfordFriend of My Heart: Meeting Christ in Everyday Life
  ''978-0-940262-96-6Rufus GoodwinGive Us This Day: The Story of Prayer
2000978-0-940262-97-3Tim AnstettHonorable Work: A Process for Achieving Success & Satisfaction in Your Work
  ''978-0-940262-98-0Richard GeldardRemembering Heraclitus
2001978-0-940262-99-7Andreas SuchantkeEco-Geography: What We See When We Look at Landscapes (Renewal in Science)