Lindisfarne Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-9701097-0-5John Scotus EriugenaThe Voice of the Eagle: The Heart of Celtic Christianity
1997978-0-9701097-1-2Meister EckhartWandering Joy: Meister Eckhart's Mystical Philosophy
2001978-0-9701097-2-9Robert A. McDermottThe Essential Aurobindo: Writings of Sri Aurobindo
  ''978-0-9701097-3-6Richard GeldardThe Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  ''978-0-9701097-4-3Robert SardelloLove and the World: A Guide to Conscious Soul Practice
  ''978-0-9701097-5-0Joa BolendasAlive in God's World: Human Life on Earth and in Heaven as Described in the Visions of Joa Bolendas
  ''978-0-9701097-6-7Massimo ScaligeroThe Light (La Luce): An Introduction to Creative Imagination
2001978-0-9701097-7-4Claire BlatchfordTurning: Words Heard from Within
2002978-0-9701097-8-1Astrid FitzgeraldBeing Consciousness Bliss: A Seeker's Guide