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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-86105-901-7Humphrey LytteltonIt Just Occurred to Me: The Reminiscences & Thoughts of Chairman Humph
2005978-1-86105-903-1John MotsonMotson's FA Cup Odyssey: The World's Greatest Knockout Competition
  ''978-1-86105-904-8Robert GalvinFootball's Greatest Heroes: The National Football Museum's Hall of Fame
  ''978-1-86105-905-5Sam JordisonThe Joy Of Sects: An A-Z of Cults, Cranks and Religious Eccentrics: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sects But Were Afraid to Ask
2006978-1-86105-906-2James EssingerSpellbound: The Improbable Story of English Spelling: The True Story of Man's Greatest Invention
2005978-1-86105-910-9Richard RossPatently Erotic: Tear-away Bras, Couple's Chairs, Vibrating Condoms and Other Patented Strokes of Genius
  ''978-1-86105-911-6George CockerillThe Chore of Sex: How to Make the Sexy, More Mundane
2006978-1-86105-912-3Karen FarringtonThe Law of the Office: The A-Z of 9-5 Culture
2005978-1-86105-913-0Rhiannon GuyThe Shakespeare Companion (The Companion Series)
  ''978-1-86105-914-7Jo SwinnertonThe History of Britain Companion (The Companion Series)
2005978-1-86105-915-4Anne HooperGetting Your Children Through Divorce: A Parent's Guide to Separation
  ''978-1-86105-916-1Robin NeillandsATTRITION WAR ON WESTERN FRONT: The Great War on the Western Front 1916
2006978-1-86105-917-8Jean-Benoit NadeauPlus Ca Change: The Story of French-from Charlemagne to the Cirque Du Soleil
2005978-1-86105-918-5Malcolm TaitThe Countryside Companion (The Companion Series)
  ''978-1-86105-919-2Lesley CrawfordCOMPANIONS FISHING COMPANION (Companions Series)
  ''978-1-86105-920-8Manuela RonchiMan on the Run: The Life and Death of Marco Pantani
  ''978-1-86105-922-2David WattsWHEN CATS ASSASSINATE
2006978-1-86105-923-9Mike EvansRock's Strangest Tales (Strangest S.): Extraordinary but True Tales from 45 Years of Rock and Roll History
2006978-1-86105-924-6Selwyn RaabFive Families: The Rise, Decline and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires
  ''978-1-86105-927-7Rudolph VrbaI Escaped from Auschwitz: Including the Text of the Auschwitz Protocols
  ''978-1-86105-929-1David MortimerClassic Political Clangers (Classic Clangers)
  ''978-1-86105-931-4David BretJOAN CRAWFORD: Hollywood Martyr
2002978-1-86105-932-1Melissa HellsternHow to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life
2006978-1-86105-933-8Tom QuinnThe Military's Strangest Campaigns: Extraordinary But True Stories: Extraordinary But True Tales from Military History (The Strangest Series)
  ''978-1-86105-934-5John HardingFlying's Strangest Moments: Extraordinary But True Stories from Over 1100 Years of Aviation History: Extraordinary But True Stories from Over 1000 Years of Aviation History (The Strangest Series)
2006978-1-86105-936-9John MotsonMotson's World Cup Extravaganza
2007978-1-86105-938-3Brian LevisonClassical Music's Strangest Concerts/Characters
2006978-1-86105-941-3Peter HainingThe Banzai Hunters: The Forgotten Armada of Little Ships That Defeated the Japanese, 1944-45: The Forgotten Armada of Little Ships That Defeated the Japanese, 1944-5 (World War II Stories)
  ''978-1-86105-946-8Gordon ThorburnBombers,First and Last
2007978-1-86105-947-5Michael FreedlandHollywood on Trial: McCarthyism in Hollywood
2006978-1-86105-949-9Jeffrey TaylerRiver of White Nights: A Siberian River Odyssey
  ''978-1-86105-951-2Robert GreenSeve: Golf's Flawed Genius
  ''978-1-86105-952-9Selwyn RaabFive Families: The Rise, Decline and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires
  ''978-1-86105-953-6William FotheringhamFotheringham's Extraordinary Sporting Pastimes
2006978-1-86105-954-3Stephen KochThe Breaking Point: Hemmingway, Dos, Passos and the Murder of Jose Robles: Hemingway, Dos Passos and the Murder of Jose Rob
  ''978-1-86105-955-0Robert GalvinENGLAND 1966: Champions of the World
  ''978-1-86105-957-4Vincent ShanleyMore Classic Classroom Clangers (Classic Clangers)
  ''978-1-86105-958-1Anne Hooper269 Amazing Sex Tips & Tricks for Men
  ''978-1-86105-959-8   ''269 Amazing Sex Tips & Tricks for Women
2006978-1-86105-960-4Jack RosenthalBy Jack Rosenthal: An Autobiography in Six Acts
  ''978-1-86105-961-1Michael MunnJimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend
  ''978-1-86105-965-9Sharon DavisStevie Wonder: The Rhythms of Wonder: Rhythm of Wonder
  ''978-1-86105-968-0David BretMorissey - Scandal & Passion: Scandal and Passion
  ''978-1-86105-969-7Maureen LipmanThe Gibbon's in Decline But the Horse is Stable?: Anthropoemorphic Ramblings from Maureen Lipman
2007978-1-86105-970-3Billy Walker · Robin McGibbonWhen the Gloves Came Off - The Powerful Autobiography of Britain's Playboy Boxer
2006978-1-86105-971-0Pam SpurrSensational Sex: The Revolutionary Guide To Sexual Pleasure & Fulfilment
2007978-1-86105-972-7Colin WilsonThe Angry Years: The Rise and Fall of the Angry Young Men
2006978-1-86105-973-4Carla LaneSomeday I'll Find Me: Her Frank and Captivating Autobigraphy: Carla Lane's Autobiography
2006978-1-86105-974-1Yehuda KorenA Lover of Unreason: The Life and Tragic Death of Assia Wevill: The Biography of Assia Wevill
2008978-1-86105-976-5Tom Quinn · TomLondon's Strangest Tales
2007978-1-86105-977-2Michael MunnLord Larry: A Personal Portrait of Laurence Olivier
2006978-1-86105-978-9Jethro SoutarRonaldinho: Football's Flamboyant Maestro
  ''978-1-86105-979-6Frank HopkinsonThe Best of My Guy: A Collection of the Very Best of Everyone's Favourite 80's Weekly Magazine
  ''978-1-86105-980-2Clint WillisThe BOYS OF EVEREST: The Tragic Story of Climbing's Greatest Generation
  ''978-1-86105-985-7Stan McMurtryMac 2006
2007978-1-86105-986-4Vera GissingPearls of Childhood: A unique childhood memoir of life in wartime Britain in the shadow of the Holocaust: The Poignant True Wartime Story of a Young Girl Growing Up in an Adopted Land
  ''978-1-86105-987-1Dannie AbseOde to Love: 100 Great Poems of Love and Lust: Homage to Eros
2007978-1-86105-989-5Peter HainingSweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  ''978-1-86105-990-1Fergus LinnaneLondon The Wicked City: A Thousand Years of Vice in the Capital
  ''978-1-86105-998-7Nick BrownleeVive Le Tour!: Amazing Tales from the World's Greatest Bike Race: Amazing Tales of the Tour De France