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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1923978-0-89190-002-3Grace Livingston HillThe Big Blue Soldier
1931978-0-89190-005-4Grace Livingston HillThe Chance of a Lifetime
1904978-0-89190-018-4   ''Because of Stephen
2000978-0-89190-019-1   ''City of Fire
1998978-0-89190-023-8   ''Story of a Whim
1999978-0-89190-025-2   ''White Lady
2011978-0-89190-026-9Grace Livingston HillThe Witness: A Novel
1987978-0-89190-028-3   ''Marcia Schuyler
1976978-0-89190-038-2   ''Duskin
1984978-0-89190-046-7   ''Re-Creations
  ''978-0-89190-047-4   ''The Red Signal
1997978-0-89190-058-0Grace Livingston HillBlue Ruin
1940978-0-89190-062-7   ''Head of the House
1936978-0-89190-065-8   ''The Substitute Guest
1978978-0-89190-113-6Dorothy MacArdleUnforeseen
1985978-0-89190-152-5Ellen GlasgowIn This Our Life
2005978-0-89190-171-6Alistair MacLeanFear Is the Key
  ''978-0-89190-172-3Alistair MacLeanThe Secret Ways
2000978-0-89190-173-0   ''South by Java Head
1979978-0-89190-175-4   ''Puppet on a Chain
  ''978-0-89190-192-1Margery AllinghamThe China Governess
2005978-0-89190-213-3W. Somerset MaughamAshenden: Or the British Agent
2002978-0-89190-215-7Giovanni GuareschiThe little world of Don Camillo
1986978-0-89190-218-8A J CroninA Song of Sixpence
1967978-0-89190-223-2Anne FrankDiary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank
2009978-0-89190-224-9Ernesto GuevaraThe Diary of Che Guevara: The Secret Papers of a Revolutionary
1982978-0-89190-225-6Norah LoftsBless This House
1989978-0-89190-227-0Norah LoftsHouse at Sunset
1959978-0-89190-230-0Norah Robinson LoftsThe Town House
1998978-0-89190-235-5R. Buckminster FullerOperating Manual for Spaceship Earth
1940978-0-89190-249-2Arthur C. ClarkeTales from the White Hart
1984978-0-89190-268-3James ThurberMiddle Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze
1985978-0-89190-269-0James ThurberMy World and Welcome to It
1984978-0-89190-272-0Tommy ArmourHow to Play Your Best Golf All the Time
1980978-0-89190-279-9Taylor CaldwellDialogues With the Devil
1990978-0-89190-286-7Frank Gill SlaughterThat None Should Die
1983978-0-89190-294-2P. G. WodehouseThank You, Jeeves (A Jeeves and Bertie Novel)
1980978-0-89190-295-9P. G. WodehouseVery Good, Jeeves
1976978-0-89190-330-7Donald Day · Will RogersThe Autobiography of Will Rogers
1983978-0-89190-355-0Francis Van Wyck MasonThe Young Titan
1987978-0-89190-363-5Albert Payson TerhuneThe Best Loved Dog Stories of Albert Payson Terhune
1940978-0-89190-370-3Eugene O'NeillLong Days Journey into Night
1984978-0-89190-374-1Ruth RendellVanity Dies Hard
  ''978-0-89190-381-9Leslie CharterisSaint Overboard: A Saint Story
1989978-0-89190-382-6Leslie CharterisFollow the Saint
1983978-0-89190-384-0Leslie CharterisSaint Intervenes
1980978-0-89190-385-7   ''Saint Steps in
1982978-0-89190-389-5   ''The Saint Sees It Through
1940978-0-89190-391-8   ''Saint Goes West
1985978-0-89190-392-5Alan PatonToo Late the Phalarope
1987978-0-89190-398-7Jack O'BrienReturn of Silver Chief
1940978-0-89190-411-3E. Phillips OppenheimGolden Beast
1980978-0-89190-412-0E. Phillips OppenheimThe Great Impersonation
1997978-0-89190-433-5Thorne SmithPassionate Witch
1988978-0-89190-434-2Thorne SmithThe Bishop's Jaegers
1976978-0-89190-444-1Kenneth Lewis RobertsKenneth Robert's Reader
1989978-0-89190-472-4Lucy Fitch PerkinsThe Pioneer Twins
1984978-0-89190-496-0Gene FowlerMinutes of the Last Meeting
  ''978-0-89190-498-4Robert BenchleyBenchley Lost and Found
1983978-0-89190-511-0S. S. Van DineBenson Murder Case: A Philo Vance Mystery
  ''978-0-89190-512-7S. S. Van DineThe Bishop Murder Case
2010978-0-89190-513-4   ''Canary Murder Case
1980978-0-89190-514-1S. S. Van DineThe Greene Murder Case
1989978-0-89190-524-0Robert SilverbergStrange Gifts: Eight Stories of Science Fiction
1983978-0-89190-551-6Arthur William UpfieldBattling Prophet
1953978-0-89190-559-2Arthur William UpfieldMurder Must Wait
1984978-0-89190-560-8   ''No Footprints in the Bush
2012978-0-89190-562-2   ''The Mystery of Swordfish Reef
1999978-0-89190-563-9Arthur UpfieldWinds of Evil
1984978-0-89190-567-7Arthur William UpfieldCake in the Hat Box (Napoleon Bonaparte Mysteries)
1976978-0-89190-568-4   ''The Bone Is Pointed
1984978-0-89190-569-1Arthur W. UpfieldThe Lure of the Bush (Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte Mystery Series #1)
  ''978-0-89190-570-7Arthur W. UpfieldThe Sands of Windee (Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte Mystery Series #2)
1988978-0-89190-571-4Pierre BoulleBridge over the River Kwai
  ''978-0-89190-579-0Howard FastMy Glorious Brothers
1984978-0-89190-580-6Collin WilcoxThe Disappearance
1981978-0-89190-595-0Gladys TaberMy Own Cape Cod
2011978-0-89190-596-7Gladys Bagg TaberCountry Chronicle
1984978-0-89190-598-1Gladys TaberStillmeadow Daybook
2010978-0-89190-638-4Georgette HeyerPistols for Two
1987978-0-89190-644-5Georgette HeyerEnvious Casca
2010978-0-89190-663-6Ernest HemingwayMen Without Women
1997978-0-89190-664-3Ernest HemingwayWinner Take Nothing
1989978-0-89190-670-4Lucy Fitch PerkinsThe Swiss Twins
2000978-0-89190-671-1Alistair MacLeanGoodbye, California
2001978-0-89190-673-5   ''Seawitch
1981978-0-89190-703-9H. Rider HaggardKing Solomon's Mines
1990978-0-89190-706-0H. Rider HaggardShe and Allan
1988978-0-89190-714-5H. Rider HaggardWisdom's Daughter
1982978-0-89190-731-2E. M. HullDesert Healer
1983978-0-89190-735-0E. M. HullSons of the Sheik
1921978-0-89190-737-4Booth TarkingtonAlice Adams
1984978-0-89190-741-1Rafael SabatiniBlack Swan
2011978-0-89190-742-8Rafael SabatiniCaptain Blood Returns
1976978-0-89190-745-9   ''Sword of Islam
1979978-0-89190-754-1Zane GreyLast Trail
1969978-0-89190-756-5Frank GruberZane Grey a Biography
1983978-0-89190-760-2Zane GreyShort Stop
1999978-0-89190-770-1Ernie PyleBrave Men
1983978-0-89190-815-9James M. CainPostman Always Rings Twice
1985978-0-89190-818-0Farley MowatPeople of the Deer
1947978-0-89190-856-2Bill MauldinBack Home
1966978-0-89190-889-0Larry McMurtryThe Last Picture Show
1975978-0-89190-906-4Frances Louise Davis Lockridge · Richard LockridgeKey to Death: A Mr. and Mrs. North Mystery
1944978-0-89190-911-8Frances Louise Davis LockridgeKilling the Goose
1984978-0-89190-924-8Patricia WentworthLatter End
  ''978-0-89190-928-6Robert ServiceBest of Robert Service
2012978-0-89190-942-2Gene Stratton-PorterThe Magic Garden
1980978-0-89190-954-5Robert C. RuarkGrenadine Etching: Her Life & Loves
1952978-0-89190-957-6Robert C. RuarkGrenadines Spawn
1988978-0-89190-981-1Milbourne ChristopherHoudini: The Untold Story
1940978-0-89190-984-2Eddie CantorCaught Short
1976978-0-89190-990-3Henry M Robert III · Gen Henry M RobertRobert's Rules of Order, Revised