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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-8488-0011-6John M. CarrollRegister of Officers of the Confederate States Navy 1861-1865
1985978-0-8488-0019-2Richard G. HardorffThe Oglala Lakota Crazy Horse: A Preliminary Genealogical Study and an Annotated Listing of Primary Sources
1987978-0-8488-0057-4Rex StoutThe Nero Wolfe Cookbook
2012978-0-8488-0084-0Cornelia Otis Skinner · Emily KimbroughOur Hearts Were Young and Gay
1946978-0-8488-0089-5Grace Livingston HillWhere Two Ways Met
1988978-0-8488-0104-5Edmund CrispinMoving Toyshop
1978978-0-8488-0112-0Gunter GrassCat & Mouse (English and German Edition)
1988978-0-8488-0113-7Sun-tzuArt of War
1985978-0-8488-0120-5George OrwellAnimal Farm
  ''978-0-8488-0121-2Jed ClaussThe Loan Book: A Guide to the Monthly Payments Needed to Amortize a Loan in a Given Number of Years
1990978-0-8488-0147-2Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451
1980978-0-8488-0153-3Terrance DicksDoctor Who and the Giant Robot
1988978-0-8488-0157-1Arthur C. ClarkeChildhoods End
1985978-0-8488-0188-5Mary Roberts RinehartBest of Tish
2001978-0-8488-0271-4Erle Stanley GardnerThe Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde
1990978-0-8488-0272-1Erle Stanley GardnerCase of the Careless Kitten
1989978-0-8488-0302-5Vilhelm MobergWhen I Was a Child
1987978-0-8488-0318-6Rudolf Steiner · Anya SetonDevil Water
1996978-0-8488-0324-7Jean WebsterDear Enemy
1989978-0-8488-0354-4Thornton W. BurgessAdventures of Buster Bear
1976978-0-8488-0370-4Shirley JacksonSundial
1987978-0-8488-0375-9Roderick ThorpThe Detective
1989978-0-8488-0411-4Louisa May AlcottJo's Boys
1988978-0-8488-0423-7Margaret C. BarnesBrief Gaudy Hour
1992978-0-8488-0425-1Phil DixonThe Negro Baseball Leagues: A Photographic History
1976978-0-8488-0443-5Taylor CaldwellRomance of Atlantis
1987978-0-8488-0490-9E. M. ForsterMaurice
1989978-0-8488-0495-4Paul GallicoSnow Goose
1996978-0-8488-0501-2GilgameshEpic of Gilgamesh
1997978-0-8488-0506-7William GoldmanSoldier in the Rain
1976978-0-8488-0509-8Elizabeth GoudgeDean's Watch
1990978-0-8488-0535-7Victor HugoLes Miserables
1989978-0-8488-0536-4Aldous HuxleyTime Must Have a Stop
1999978-0-8488-0544-9Henry JamesWashington Square
1979978-0-8488-0552-4Jean KerrPlease Don't Eat the Daisies
1976978-0-8488-0562-3T E LawrenceSeven Pillars of Wisdom
  ''978-0-8488-0570-8Philip MacDonaldList of Adrian Messenger
2012978-0-8488-0577-7Ngaio MarshGrave Mistake
1976978-0-8488-0578-4Ngaio MarshLast Ditch
1998978-0-8488-0579-1   ''Light Thickens
2002978-0-8488-0585-2L. M. MontgomeryAnne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables Novels)
1987978-0-8488-0586-9L. M. MontgomeryAnne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables Novels)
  ''978-0-8488-0587-6   ''Annes House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables Novels)
2011978-0-8488-0588-3Lucy Maud MontgomeryEmily Climbs
1987978-0-8488-0593-7Alan MooreheadCooper's Creek
1989978-0-8488-0605-7Jean PlaidyBastard King
1995978-0-8488-0617-0Ruth RendellFace of Trespass
1998978-0-8488-0620-0John RuskinKing of the Golden River
1995978-0-8488-0630-9Upton SinclairJungle
1958978-0-8488-0634-7Gertrude SteinThree Lives
1970978-0-8488-0645-3Alvin TofflerFuture Shock
1989978-0-8488-0653-8Arthur William UpfieldMountains Have a Secret (Napoleon Bonaparte)
2012978-0-8488-0722-1Lucy Maud MontgomeryA Tangled Web
  ''978-0-8488-0725-2Gladys TaberStillmeadow Road
1998978-0-8488-0741-2James BlishStar Trek 5
1998978-0-8488-0752-8Arthur Conan Doyle SirBest Supernatural Tales of Doyle
2011978-0-8488-0780-1Stephen KingThe Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1)
2013978-0-8488-0791-7Pearl S BuckPortrait of a Marriage
1957978-0-8488-0816-7Georgette HeyerThese Old Shades
1976978-0-8488-0823-5C. S. LewisLion, Witch, & Wardrobe
2010978-0-8488-0848-8Nevil ShuteA Town Like Alice
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1993978-0-8488-0890-7Lacy M. MontgomeryAnne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables Novels)
2000978-0-8488-0925-6John BuchanGreenmantle
1976978-0-8488-0954-6Benjamin Franklin CarterGone to Texas
  ''978-0-8488-0981-2Jan De HartogDistant Shore
  ''978-0-8488-0982-9Jan De HartogThe Lost Sea
  ''978-0-8488-1015-3Harry GoldenFor Two Cents Plain
1946978-0-8488-1026-9Zane GreyNevada
1976978-0-8488-1039-9Dashiell HammettDain Curse
2012978-0-8488-1050-4Hermann HesseSteppenwolf
1976978-0-8488-1056-6Aldous HuxleyBrave New World
  ''978-0-8488-1102-0Lucy Maud MontgomeryMagic for Marigold
1989978-0-8488-1103-7L. M. MontgomeryMistress Pat
1994978-0-8488-1129-7Katherine Anne PorterShip of Fools
1987978-0-8488-1153-2Dorothy L. SayersLord Peter Views the Body
1987978-0-8488-1154-9Dorothy L. SayersStrong Poison
2002978-0-8488-1182-2Robert Louis StevensonBlack Arrow
1978978-0-8488-1186-0Gladys TaberConversations with Amber
1996978-0-8488-1188-4   ''Especially Dogs: Especially at Stillmeadow
1995978-0-8488-1213-3Arthur William UpfieldWill of the Tribe
2003978-0-8488-1218-8Patricia WentworthMiss Silver Deals with Death (Miss Silver Mysteries (Hardcover))
1999978-0-8488-1230-0Herbert O. YardleyAmerican Black Chamber
1976978-0-8488-1266-9Bruce CattonNever Call Retreat
1996978-0-8488-1297-3Dorothy DunnettDisorderly Knights
1976978-0-8488-1300-0Dorothy DunnettPawn in Frankincense
1999978-0-8488-1301-7   ''Queen's Play
2010978-0-8488-1302-4Dorothy DunnettRinged Castle (Legendary Lymond Chronicles)
1976978-0-8488-1306-2Michael EndeNeverending Story
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1976978-0-8488-1317-8Errol FlynnShowdown
2008978-0-8488-1337-6Elizabeth GoudgeBird in the Tree
2012978-0-8488-1338-3   ''Castle on the Hill
1976978-0-8488-1339-0   ''A City of Bells
1997978-0-8488-1341-3   ''Heart of the Family
1979978-0-8488-1342-0   ''Island Magic
2005978-0-8488-1344-4Elizabeth GoudgeMiddle Window
1976978-0-8488-1351-2Zane GreyHoods
  ''978-0-8488-1365-9Georgette HeyerGreat Roxhythe
1971978-0-8488-1366-6   ''Instead of the Thorn
1976978-0-8488-1369-7Heinrich HoffmannSlovenly Peter: Or Pretty Stories and Funny Pictures for Little Children (Mattituck, NY)
1998978-0-8488-1387-1Louis Kaufman · Barbara Fitzgerald · Tom SewellMoe Berg: Athlete, Scholar, Spy
1997978-0-8488-1390-1Reginald F Johnston · R F JohnstonTwilight in the Forbidden City
1976978-0-8488-1399-4Jack KerouacDharma Bums
1998978-0-8488-1401-4Jack KerouacOn the Road
1976978-0-8488-1402-1Jonathan KwitnyThe Mullendore Murder Case
1991978-0-8488-1433-5L. M. MontgomeryAmong the Shadows
1989978-0-8488-1434-2   ''Jane of Lantern Hill
1976978-0-8488-1442-7Emmuska Orczy, Baroness OrczyWay of the Scarlet Pimpernel
1996978-0-8488-1452-6Miss ReadThe Christmas Mouse (The Fairacre Series #10)
1997978-0-8488-1453-3Miss ReadFresh from the Country (Miss Read Series)
2010978-0-8488-1462-5J. A. RogersFrom Superman to Man
1990978-0-8488-1473-1Dorothy Emily StevensonVittoria Cottage
1993978-0-8488-1479-3Ida M. TarbellThe History of The Standard Oil Company
1997978-0-8488-1548-6Roy CampanellaIt's Good to Be Alive
1996978-0-8488-1657-5Fredric WerthamSeduction of the Innocent
2002978-0-8488-1680-3O. HenryCabbages and Kings
1997978-0-8488-1704-6William Dean HowellsComplete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar
2001978-0-8488-1710-7Joe Dante · Len ElliottFour Magic Moves to Winning Golf
2012978-0-8488-1711-4Karl PolanyiThe Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time
1996978-0-8488-1736-7Harry W. HavemeyerAlong the Great South Bay: From Oakdale to Babylon, (Long Island, NY) the Story of a Summer Spa, 1840-1940
2010978-0-8488-1755-8Ernest HemingwayIn Our Time
1996978-0-8488-1779-4James Lee BurkeLay Down My Sword and Shield
2002978-0-8488-2031-2Nevil ShuteBeyond the Black Stump
  ''978-0-8488-2032-9   ''Stephen Morris
1953978-0-8488-2113-5Upton SinclairReturn of Lanny Budd
1950978-0-8488-2116-6James ThurberThe 13 Clocks
2005978-0-8488-2152-4Oscar LevantA Smattering of Ignorance
1996978-0-8488-2181-4Arthur C. ClarkeThe Nine Billion Names of God: The Best Short Stories
2013978-0-8488-2241-5Roald DahlCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
2000978-0-8488-2286-6Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo Takes the Devil by the Tail
1999978-0-8488-2287-3Giovanni GuareschiComrade Don Camillo
2013978-0-8488-2300-9Georgette HeyerUnknown Ajax
2001978-0-8488-2373-3Edwin O'ConnorThe Last Hurrah
1908978-0-8488-2413-6STEWART EDWARD WHITEConjuror's House
1999978-0-8488-2428-0Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo Meets the Flower Children
  ''978-0-8488-2431-0   ''Don Camillo and His Flock: The Enchanting Adventures of a Loveable Parish Priest
2000978-0-8488-2433-4Giovanni Guareschi · G. GuareschiDon Camillo Omnibus
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2003978-0-8488-2595-9Antoine de Saint-ExuperyWisdom of the Sands
2000978-0-8488-2625-3Elizabeth GoudgePilgrims Inn
2004978-0-8488-2739-7Alistair MacLeanHMS Ulysses
2001978-0-8488-2817-2Harry W. HavemeyerEast on the Great South Bay: Sayville an Bayport 1860-1960
2009978-0-8488-3260-5Richard BrautiganDreaming of Babylon: A Private Eye Novel 1942
2009978-0-8488-3263-6Richard BrautiganSo the Wind Won't Blow It All Away
1951978-0-8488-3291-9J. D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye
1950978-0-8488-3297-1F Scott FitzgeraldAll the Sad Young Men
2011978-0-8488-3301-5Jean LarteguyThe Centurions
2016978-0-8488-3375-6Phil Dixon with Patrick J. HanniganThe Negro Baseball Leagues, A Photographic History