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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-88411-046-0Elizabeth SeifertThe Honor of Doctor Shelton
1979978-0-88411-062-0Langston HughesSimple Takes a Wife
1994978-0-88411-069-9Jan De HartogThe Inspector
1990978-0-88411-071-2Jan De HartogSpiral Road
1976978-0-88411-074-3Winston, Sir ChurchillSavrola
1984978-0-88411-077-4Robert BlochPsycho
1979978-0-88411-081-1Alan Dean FosterStar Trek Log One
1975978-0-88411-084-2Alan Dean FosterStar Trek Log Four (Star Trek Logs)
1977978-0-88411-086-6   ''Star Trek Log Six
1976978-0-88411-087-3   ''Star Trek Log Seven
2012978-0-88411-143-6Taylor CaldwellAnswer as a Man
1996978-0-88411-144-3Ruth RendellSecret House of Death
1962978-0-88411-148-1Arthur Thomas · Sir Quiller-Couch · Daphne · Du MaurierCastle Dor
1975978-0-88411-153-5Taylor CaldwellThe Balance Wheel
1974978-0-88411-156-6   ''The Wide House
1948978-0-88411-159-7   ''Melissa
1985978-0-88411-165-8Taylor CaldwellThe Eagles Gather
1988978-0-88411-171-9   ''Testimony of Two Men
1997978-0-88411-178-8Hammond InnesAtlantic Fury
1981978-0-88411-193-1David GerroldYesterday's Children
1973978-0-88411-210-5Clarence E. MulfordThe Round-Up (Hopalong Cassidy)
1974978-0-88411-219-8Clarence E. MulfordHopalong Cassidy's Protege
1986978-0-88411-252-5Joyce Cary · Bess Streeter AldrichTo Be a Pilgrim
1997978-0-88411-259-4Bess Streeter AldrichThe Rim of the Prairie
1983978-0-88411-261-7   ''Spring Came on Forever
1940978-0-88411-266-2Leslie CharterisSaint and the Templar Treasure
1995978-0-88411-291-4Fred AllenMuch ADO about Me
1955978-0-88411-315-7Nevil ShuteThe Breaking Wave
1981978-0-88411-317-1Nevil ShuteFar Country
2000978-0-88411-318-8   ''In the Wet
2012978-0-88411-319-5   ''Most Secret
1988978-0-88411-321-8Nevil ShuteAn Old Captivity
1944978-0-88411-322-5   ''Pastoral
2010978-0-88411-323-2   ''Pied Piper
1976978-0-88411-352-2Emilie Baker LoringBright Skies
  ''978-0-88411-365-2Emilie Baker LoringWhen Hearts Are Light Again
1986978-0-88411-369-0   ''Gay Courage
  ''978-0-88411-370-6   ''I Take This Man
1940978-0-88411-371-3Emilie Baker LoringLook to the Stars
1983978-0-88411-374-4   ''We Ride the Gale
1980978-0-88411-376-8Emilie LoringHere Comes the Sun!
2011978-0-88411-377-5Emilie Baker LoringHilltops Clear
1983978-0-88411-380-5   ''Swift Water
  ''978-0-88411-383-6   ''Its a Great World
  ''978-0-88411-384-3Agatha ChristiePassenger to Frankfurt
1977978-0-88411-403-1Erle Stanley GardnerCase of the Lucky Legs
  ''978-0-88411-407-9Erle Stanley GardnerThe Case of the Caretaker's Cat
1976978-0-88411-410-9   ''The Case of the Dangerous Dowager
1937978-0-88411-411-6Erle Stanley GardnerThe Case of the Lame Canary
1988978-0-88411-412-3   ''The Case of the Substitute Face
2000978-0-88411-414-7   ''The Case of the Perjured Parrot
1977978-0-88411-433-8   ''The case of the backward mule
2006978-0-88411-454-3John MiliusThe Wind and the Lion
1986978-0-88411-456-7Erskine CaldwellGod's Little Acre
  ''978-0-88411-459-8Victor Appleton IITom Swift and His Triphibian Atomicar
1979978-0-88411-471-0Ngaio MarshArtists in Crime
1984978-0-88411-472-7Ngaio MarshBlack As He's Painted
1983978-0-88411-473-4   ''Clutch of Constables
1981978-0-88411-474-1Ngaio MarshColour Scheme
1976978-0-88411-476-5   ''Death at the Bar
1983978-0-88411-477-2   ''Death and the Dancing Footman
1982978-0-88411-478-9   ''Death in Ecstasy
  ''978-0-88411-480-2   ''Death of a Fool
1980978-0-88411-482-6Ngaio MarshDied in the Wool
1976978-0-88411-483-3   ''Enter a Murderer
1982978-0-88411-484-0   ''False Scent
1976978-0-88411-485-7   ''Final Curtain
1983978-0-88411-487-1   ''Killer Dolphin
1983978-0-88411-488-8Ngaio MarshA Man Lay Dead
1982978-0-88411-490-1   ''Night at the Vulcan
1989978-0-88411-491-8   ''Nursing Home Murder
1980978-0-88411-494-9   ''Singing in the Shrouds
1981978-0-88411-495-6   ''Spinsters in Jeopardy
1979978-0-88411-496-3Ngaio MarshTied Up in Tinsel
1983978-0-88411-497-0   ''Vintage Murder
  ''978-0-88411-499-4   ''Wreath for Rivera
1980978-0-88411-503-8Louis BromfieldNight in Bombay
1989978-0-88411-526-7A. J. CroninPocketful of Rye
1985978-0-88411-535-9Lloyd DouglasDisputed Passage
2010978-0-88411-536-6Lloyd C. DouglasForgive Us Our Trespasses
1947978-0-88411-539-7Theodore DreiserBest Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser
1985978-0-88411-544-1Daphne, Dame Du MaurierGolden Lads: Sir Francis Bacon, Anthony Bacon, and Their Friends
1983978-0-88411-547-2Howard FastSpartacus
1986978-0-88411-559-5Jonathan GashThe Grail Tree
2012978-0-88411-565-6Charlotte ArmstrongA Dram of Poison
  ''978-0-88411-648-6Rumer GoddenRiver
1940978-0-88411-653-0William GoldmanMarathon Man
1977978-0-88411-656-1Graham GreenePower and the Glory
1956978-0-88411-657-8Graham GreeneThe Quiet American
1978978-0-88411-677-6Jan StrutherMrs. Miniver
1975978-0-88411-695-0William GoldingLord of the Flies
  ''978-0-88411-702-5Booth TarkingtonPenrod and Sam
1940978-0-88411-720-9Franz WerfelSong of Bernadette
1984978-0-88411-723-0Patricia WentworthThrough the Wall: A Miss Silver Mystery
  ''978-0-88411-724-7Patricia WentworthWicked Uncle
1984978-0-88411-726-1Patricia WentworthGrey Mask
1987978-0-88411-728-5   ''Anna, Where Are You (A Miss Silver Mystery) (Miss Silver Mysteries (Hardcover))
1955978-0-88411-729-2   ''The Brading Collection
1996978-0-88411-737-7Patricia WentworthLadies' Bane (A Miss Silver Mystery)
1981978-0-88411-738-4   ''Listening Eye
1984978-0-88411-745-2   ''Down Under
  ''978-0-88411-746-9   ''Case of William Smith (Miss Silver Mysteries) (Miss Silver Mysteries (Hardcover))
  ''978-0-88411-748-3   ''Eternity Ring (A Miss Silver Mystery)
1984978-0-88411-749-0Patricia WentworthMiss Silver Comes to Stay
1988978-0-88411-776-6Thornton W BurgessThe Adventures of Bob White
1986978-0-88411-798-8Harold LambGenghis Khan: Emperor of All Men
1979978-0-88411-815-2Horatio AlgerPhil the Fiddler: Or Story of a Young Street Musician
1986978-0-88411-849-7Virginia WoolfTo the Lighthouse
1984978-0-88411-854-1James Oliver CurwoodThe Gold Hunters: A Story of Life and Adventure in the Hudson Bay Wilds
1973978-0-88411-895-4Jean Plaidy · Victoria Holt · Philippa CarrQueen and Lord M
1992978-0-88411-924-1William KozlenkoFifty Non Royalty One Act Plays
1980978-0-88411-956-2Elswyth ThaneTryst
1948978-0-88411-970-8Elswyth ThaneKissing Kin (The Williamsburg Novels #5)