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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-87855-045-6Lewis CotlowIn Search of the Primitive: A Critique of Civilization
1973978-0-87855-070-8Jeffrey K. HaddenReligion in Radical Transition (Transaction/Society Book Series, Ta 22)
1979978-0-87855-097-5Terry Michael PerlinContemporary Anarchism
1975978-0-87855-112-5Michael Curtis · Joseph Neyer · Chaim I. WaxmanThe Palestinians: People, History, Politics
1974978-0-87855-172-9Yehoshafat HarkabiPalestinians and Israel
1969978-0-87855-176-7Moshe LissakSocial Mobility in Israeli Society
1976978-0-87855-190-3Renzo De FeliceFascism: An Informal Introduction to Its Theory and Practice (Issues in contemporary civilization)
1980978-0-87855-267-2Yaacov Ro'iSoviet Decision-Making in Practice: The USSR and Israel, 1947-1954 (Transaction/Society Book Series, Ta/S-10)
1983978-0-87855-279-5Chaim WeizmannThe Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann, Series B - Papers, Vol. 1, August 1898-July 1931
1978978-0-87855-280-1A.L. Epstein · Max GluckmanThe Craft of Social Anthropology (Studies in Sociology & Social Anthropology)
1980978-0-87855-295-5Elise BouldingChildren's Rights and the Wheel of Life
1984978-0-87855-297-9Chaim WeizmannThe Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann, Series B - Papers, Vol. 2, December 1931-April 1952
1979978-0-87855-306-8B. Bruce-BriggsThe New Class?
  ''978-0-87855-312-9Herbert BlumerCritiques of Research in the Social Sciences: An Appraisal of Thomas and Znaniecki's The Polish Peasant in Europe and America (Social Science Classics)
1980978-0-87855-329-7Haim Shaked · Itamar RabinovichThe Middle East and the United States: Perceptions and Policies (Collected Papers Series - The Shiloah Center for Middle East)
  ''978-0-87855-336-5Walter LaqueurThe Political Psychology of Appeasement: Finlandization and Other Unpopular Essays
  ''978-0-87855-346-4Edward N. LuttwakStrategy and Politics (Collected essays / Edward N. Luttwak)
1983978-0-87855-362-4Walter LaqueurAmerica, Europe, and the Soviet Union
1981978-0-87855-379-2Carolyn L. WienerThe Politics of Alcoholism: Building an Arena Around a Social Problem
1980978-0-87855-388-4Richard P. McCormick · Richard SchlatterThe Selected Speeches of Mason Gross
  ''978-0-87855-398-3W. Scott ThompsonNational Security in the 1980s: From Weakness to Strength
1982978-0-87855-436-2Baruch A. HazanOlympic Sports and Propaganda Games: Moscow 1980
1982978-0-87855-450-8Robert J. AlexanderRomulo Betancourt and the Transformation of Venezuela
1983978-0-87855-461-4Joseph B. Maier · Chaim I. WaxmanEthnicity, Identity, and History: Essays in Memory of Werner J. Cahnman
  ''978-0-87855-464-5Victor AlbaThe Communist Party in Spain
  ''978-0-87855-482-9Georges SorelSocial Foundations of Contemporary Economics
1984978-0-87855-496-6Richard E. Bissell · Michael S. RaduAfrica in the Post-Decolonization Era
1971978-0-87855-500-0Michael CurtisPeople and Politics in the Middle East: The Arab-Israeli Conflict-Its Background and the Prognosis for Peace
1972978-0-87855-504-8Burton HallAutocracy and Insurgency in Organized Labor (New Politics Ser)
1974978-0-87855-576-5Ramon L. Bonachea · Marta San MartinThe Cuban Insurrection 1952-1959
1981978-0-87855-582-6Stanley DiamondIn Search of the Primitive (Routledge Classic Texts in Anthropology)
1975978-0-87855-586-4R. Serge DenisoffSolid Gold: The Popular Record Industry
1974978-0-87855-587-1Ray C. RistThe Pornography Controversy: Changing Moral Standards in American Life
1975978-0-87855-597-0Michael Curtis · Joseph Neyer · Chaim I. WaxmanThe Palestinians: People, History, Politics
1977978-0-87855-619-9Renzo De FeliceFascism (Issues in contemporary civilization)
1976978-0-87855-620-5Irving Louis HorowitzGenocide: State Power and Mass Murder (Issues in contemporary civilization)
  ''978-0-87855-622-9Howard S. Becker · Blanche Geer · Everett C. Hughes · Anselm L. StraussBoys in White
1979978-0-87855-623-6J. David Edelstein · Malcolm WarnerComparative Union Democracy: Organisation and Opposition in British and American Unions
1976978-0-87855-630-4Howard S. BeckerSociological Work
1977978-0-87855-635-9Stephen SteinbergThe Academic Melting Pot: Catholics and Jews in American Higher Education
1978978-0-87855-640-3Alan LomaxFolk Song Style and Culture
1977978-0-87855-648-9Diana CraneThe Sanctity of Social Life
1976978-0-87855-659-5Barbara BickCulture and Politics
1978978-0-87855-661-8George L. MosseNazism: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of National Socialism
1982978-0-87855-686-1Jay KatzCatastrophic Diseases
1981978-0-87855-690-8Max WeberGeneral Economic History (Social Science Classics Series)
  ''978-0-87855-698-4Joseph SchumpeterTheory of Economic Development (Social Science Classics Series)
1978978-0-87855-738-7U. Alexis JohnsonArms Control and the Gray Area Weapons System
1966978-0-87855-771-4Richard A. Falk · Samuel S. Kim · Saul H. MendlovitzThe United Nations
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1979978-0-87855-789-9Warren J. SamuelsThe Economy as a System of Power: Corporate Powers, Vol. 2
1979978-0-87855-803-2Marian LeightonThe Soviet Threat to Nato's Northern Flank (Agenda paper - National Strategy Information Center ; no. 10)
1980978-0-87855-817-9G. D. H. ColeGuild Socialism Restated (Social Science Classics)
2006978-0-87855-822-3Ruth FischerStalin and German Communism: A Study in the Origins of the State Party (Social Science Classics)
1983978-0-87855-824-7Charles Horton CooleySocial Organization: A Study of the Larger Mind (Transaction Social Science Classics)
1980978-0-87855-827-8Roy GodsonAnalysis and Estimates
1982978-0-87855-837-7Werner SombartThe Jews and Modern Capitalism (Classics in Social Science Series)
1981978-0-87855-853-7Harriet MartineauSociety in America (Social Science Classics)
1980978-0-87855-867-4Adrian Karatnycky · Alexander Motyl · Adolph SturmthalWorkers' Rights, East and West (150P)
1982978-0-87855-879-7Merle CurtiGrowth of American Thought (Social & Moral Thought)
1981978-0-87855-882-7Irving Louis HorowitzTaking Lives: Genocide and State Power
1982978-0-87855-907-7Walter LippmannA Preface to Morals
1984978-0-87855-909-1Alvin J. Cottrell · Walter F. Hahn · Michael L. MoodieThe United States and the Persian Gulf: Past Mistakes, Present Needs (Agenda paper / National Strategy Information Center)
1983978-0-87855-917-6W. E. B. Du BoisDusk of Dawn: An Essay Toward an Autobiography of a Race Concept (Black Classics of Social Science)
  ''978-0-87855-918-3Charles Horton CooleyHuman Nature and the Social Order (Social Science Classics Series)
1981978-0-87855-920-6Peter Flora · Arnold J. HeidenheimerThe Development of Welfare States in Europe and America
1983978-0-87855-927-5Nathan HanoverThe Abyss of Despair (Yeven Metzulah): The Famous 17th Century Chronicle Depicting Jewish Life in Russia and Poland during the Chmielnicki Massacres of 1648-1649
  ''978-0-87855-929-9Viviana A. Rotman ZelizerMorals and Markets: The Development of Life Insurance in the United States
  ''978-0-87855-931-2Alan BlockEast Side-West Side: Organizing Crime in New York, 1930-50
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1983978-0-87855-944-2Raymond AronPolitics and History
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1984978-0-87855-989-3Various ContributorsUncertain Future: Commercial Banks and the Third World (U.S.-Third World Policy Perspectives, No. 2)
1989978-0-87855-997-8Bernard MandevilleThe Fable of the Bees: Private Vices, Public Benefits
1985978-0-87855-998-5Beth Hess · Elizabeth W. MarksonGrowing Old in America: New Perspectives on Old Age