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2003978-0-7658-0558-4E. E. SchattschneiderParty Government: American Government in Action (Library of Liberal Thought)
2004978-0-7658-0560-7Roger L. GeigerTo Advance Knowledge (Transaction Series in Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7658-0566-9Wendell BellFoundations of Futures Studies (Human Science for a New Era Series)
  ''978-0-7658-0569-0Roger L. GeigerResearch and Relevant Knowledge (Transaction Series in Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7658-0571-3Nicholas J. SpykmanThe Social Theory of Georg Simmel
  ''978-0-7658-0575-1Neil HoweOn Borrowed Time
2005978-0-7658-0576-8Peter ViereckConservatism Revisited
2004978-0-7658-0577-5Giovanni GentileOrigins and Doctrine of Fascism: With Selections from Other Works
2004978-0-7658-0581-2Daniel GasmanThe Scientific Origins of National Socialism
  ''978-0-7658-0585-0Nanci AdlerThe Gulag Survivor
  ''978-0-7658-0587-4John R. HallGone from the Promised Land
  ''978-0-7658-0588-1Elizabeth StoneBlack Sheep and Kissing Cousins
  ''978-0-7658-0592-8Jonathan B. ImberTherapeutic Culture
2004978-0-7658-0593-5A. James GregorGiovanni Gentile: Philosopher of Fascism
  ''978-0-7658-0596-6Oliver RathkolbRevisiting the National Socialist Legacy: Coming to Terms with Forced Labor, Expropriation, Compensation, and Restitution
  ''978-0-7658-0598-0Lionel TigerMen in Groups
1999978-0-7658-0601-7Gunilla Andrae · Bjorn BeckmanUnion Power in the Nigerian Textile Industry: Labor Regime and Adjustment
2000978-0-7658-0603-1Virginia AbernethyPopulation Politics
1999978-0-7658-0604-8Margaret MeadContinuities in Cultural Evolution
  ''978-0-7658-0610-9Jane GoldbergThe Dark Side of Love
  ''978-0-7658-0611-6Wesley MitchellThe Backward Art of Spending Money
1999978-0-7658-0612-3Carey McWilliamsA Mask for Privilege: Anti-Semitism in America
  ''978-0-7658-0614-7Elizabeth StevensonPark Maker: A Life of Frederick Law Olmsted
  ''978-0-7658-0617-8Paul RoazenFreud: Political and Social Thought
2001978-0-7658-0619-2Rita J. SimonWomen in the Military
2000978-0-7658-0620-8Walter LippmannForce and Ideas: The Early Writings
  ''978-0-7658-0624-6Francis R. NicosiaThe Third Reich and the Palestine Question
  ''978-0-7658-0626-0Frank FieldMaking Welfare Work: Reconstructing Welfare for the Millennium
1993978-0-7658-0636-9Jonathan Samuel Lockwood · Kathleen O'Brien LockwoodThe Russian View of U.S. Strategy
2000978-0-7658-0638-3Douglas DowdThorstein Veblen
2000978-0-7658-0644-4Robert C. TuckerPhilosophy and Myth in Karl Marx
2001978-0-7658-0653-6Jean-Baptiste SayA Treatise on Political Economy
2000978-0-7658-0654-3Ian FlemingThe Man with the Golden Gun (Transaction Large Print Books)
  ''978-0-7658-0655-0Jerzy KosinskiThe Painted Bird (Transaction Large Print Books)
  ''978-0-7658-0657-4John McCormickBullfighting
1999978-0-7658-0659-8Charles R. GrunerThe Game of Humor
  ''978-0-7658-0661-1Maria ChangThe Labors of Sisyphus
  ''978-0-7658-0663-5Mark J. OsielMass Atrocity, Collective Memory, and the Law
1999978-0-7658-0664-2E. Digby BaltzellThe Protestant Establishment Revisited
2000978-0-7658-0666-6J. BudziszewskiTrue Tolerance: Liberalism and the Necessity of Judgment
2001978-0-7658-0668-0Reinhard BendixWork and Authority in Industry: Managerial Ideologies in the Course of Industrialization
2000978-0-7658-0671-0Abraham EdelAnthropology and Ethics
2001978-0-7658-0673-4Stephen R. Graubard · Everett Mendelsohn · Edward O. WilsonScience in Culture (10 Essays)
1999978-0-7658-0675-8Nicholas RescherFreedom in the World: 1998-1999: The Annual Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties
2001978-0-7658-0678-9Richard QuinneyThe Social Reality of Crime (Law and Society Series)
2000978-0-7658-0679-6Gunter BischoffThe Marshall Plan in Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies)
2001978-0-7658-0682-6Robert BradyBusiness as a System of Power
2012978-0-7658-0684-0George L. MosseNazism: An Historical and Comparative Analysis
2000978-0-7658-0689-5Daniel J. MahoneyDe Gaulle: Statesmanship, Grandeur, and Modern Democracy
  ''978-0-7658-0692-5Donald L. NiewykThe Jews in Weimar Germany
  ''978-0-7658-0696-3Lionel TigerThe Pursuit of Pleasure
  ''978-0-7658-0697-0Ellis SandozThe Voegelinian Revolution (Library of Conservative Thought)
  ''978-0-7658-0699-4Roy GodsonDirty Tricks or Trump Cards
2001978-0-7658-0700-7Raymond AronThe Opium of the Intellectuals
2001978-0-7658-0701-4Eugen EhrlichFundamental Principles of the Sociology of Law (Law and Society Series,)
2000978-0-7658-0705-2Gabriel TardePenal Philosophy (Law and Society Series)
  ''978-0-7658-0707-6Hans EysenckIntelligence: A New Look
2001978-0-7658-0715-1J.B.S. HaldanePossible Worlds
2000978-0-7658-0716-8Malcolm SpectorConstructing Social Problems
  ''978-0-7658-0717-5Jean-Pierre ChangeuxThe Brain
2001978-0-7658-0718-2Talcott ParsonsToward a General Theory of Action (Social Science Classics Series)
  ''978-0-7658-0719-9Creasie HairstonChildren with Parents in Prison
2000978-0-7658-0721-2Stephen R. GraubardDistinctively American
  ''978-0-7658-0722-9William A. DonohueTwilight of Liberty
2000978-0-7658-0725-0Peter DruckerThe Ecological Vision
  ''978-0-7658-0728-1Sven RubensonInternal Rivalries and Foreign Threats 1869-1879: Acta Aethiopica (Acta Aethiopica Series)
2001978-0-7658-0731-1Frederick R. LynchThe Diversity Machine: The Drive to Change the White Male Workplace
  ''978-0-7658-0733-5Herbert GoldHaiti: Best Nightmare on Earth
  ''978-0-7658-0739-7Arthur Cecil PigouThe Economics of Welfare (Classics in Economics.)
  ''978-0-7658-0742-7Michael LedeenD'Annunzio: the First Duce
2001978-0-7658-0743-4Robert MichelsSexual Ethics
2002978-0-7658-0750-2Herbert SpencerPrinciples of Sociology - Multi Volume Set: The Principles of Sociology: In Three Volumes (Social Science Classics) (v. 1-3)
  ''978-0-7658-0751-9John Byrne · Leigh Glover · Cecilia MartinezEnvironmental Justice: Discourses in International Political Economy, Energy and Environmental Policy (Energy and Environmental Policy Series)
2001978-0-7658-0752-6Alston ChaseIn a Dark Wood
  ''978-0-7658-0754-0Murray A. Straus · Denise A. DonnellyBeating the Devil Out of Them: Corporal Punishment in American Families and Its Effects on Children
  ''978-0-7658-0761-8Arnold J. Heidenheimer · Michael JohnstonPolitical Corruption: Concepts and Contexts
  ''978-0-7658-0764-9Margaret MeadKinship in the Admiralty Islands
2000978-0-7658-0768-7Astri SuhrkeThe Path of a Genocide
2002978-0-7658-0771-7Antony FlewCrime, Punishment and Disease
2001978-0-7658-0797-7Richard QuinneyCritique of the Legal Order (Law and Society)
2001978-0-7658-0799-1Walter LaqueurA History of Terrorism
2003978-0-7658-0800-4Rolf SteiningerSouth Tyrol (Studies in Austrian and Central European History and Culture)
  ''978-0-7658-0803-5Anton PelinkaThe Americanization/Westernization of Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies)
2004978-0-7658-0804-2Walter LippmannThe Good Society
  ''978-0-7658-0806-6Peter ViereckUnadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment: Where History and Literature Intersect
  ''978-0-7658-0815-8Graham DawsonCommemorating War (Memory and Narrative)
  ''978-0-7658-0820-2Daphne Gottlieb TarasInformation Technology and the World of Work
2004978-0-7658-0823-3Gunter Bischof · Anton Pelinka · Hermann DenzReligion in Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies)
  ''978-0-7658-0828-8Ralf DahrendorfReflections on the Revolution in Europe
  ''978-0-7658-0831-8Ronald V Clarke · Marcus FelsonRoutine Activity and Rational Choice (Advances in Criminological Theory)
  ''978-0-7658-0833-2Scott B. MacDonaldA History of Credit and Power in the Western World
  ''978-0-7658-0834-9Yair AuronThe Banality of Denial
2004978-0-7658-0836-3Arnold BeichmanHerman Wouk
2005978-0-7658-0838-7Kate FoxThe Racing Tribe
2004978-0-7658-0840-0Leston HavensPsychiatric Movements
  ''978-0-7658-0843-1I. A. RichardsPractical Criticism
2007978-0-7658-0846-2William Hurrell MallockThe Limits of Pure Democracy (Library of Conservative Thought)
2004978-0-7658-0847-9Kenneth MinogueThe Concept of a University
2005978-0-7658-0848-6Rita J. SimonSporting Equality
2001978-0-7658-0855-4A. James GregorPhoenix: Facism in Our Time
  ''978-0-7658-0856-1Jr RollinsRoosevelt and Howe
  ''978-0-7658-0860-8James O'ConnorThe Fiscal Crisis of the State
  ''978-0-7658-0862-2Robert NisbetConservatism (Library of Conservative Thought)
2000978-0-7658-0863-9David KelleyThe Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand: Truth and Toleration in Objectivism
2001978-0-7658-0868-4Hans-Hermann HoppeDemocracy - The God That Failed (Perspectives on Democratic Practice)
2001978-0-7658-0870-7Anthony S. WohlThe Eternal Slum: Housing and Social Policy in Victorian London
  ''978-0-7658-0872-1Robert BalesSocial Interaction Systems: Theory and Measurement
  ''978-0-7658-0880-6Irving Louis HorowitzTaking Lives: Genocide and State Power
2002978-0-7658-0881-3Yair AuronThe Banality of Indifference (Zionism and the Armenian Genocide)
  ''978-0-7658-0883-7Anton PelinkaThe Haider Phenomenon
2001978-0-7658-0886-8David P. BarashGender Gap
2002978-0-7658-0887-5Jessica Milner DavisFarce (Transaction Series in Humor)
  ''978-0-7658-0890-5Peter LiJapanese War Crimes
2002978-0-7658-0894-3Ernest DichterThe Strategy of Desire (Classics in Communication and Mass Culture Series)
2001978-0-7658-0895-0Charles Homer HaskinsThe Rise of Universities (Foundations of Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7658-0897-4Adrian Karatnycky · Alexander Motyl · Amanda SchnetzerNations in Transit 2001
2002978-0-7658-0898-1James WirtzStrategic Denial and Deception
2001978-0-7658-0900-1Travis HirschiCauses of Delinquency
  ''978-0-7658-0901-8Robert TrundleFrom Physics to Politics
  ''978-0-7658-0902-5Aaron WildavskyAssimilation versus Separation: Joseph the Administrator and the Politics of Religion in Biblical Israel
2002978-0-7658-0909-4Nicolai HartmannMoral Phenomena (Ethics, Vol. 1) (v. 1)
2001978-0-7658-0910-0David StoveAgainst the Idols of the Age
  ''978-0-7658-0912-4Waldemar A. NielsenGolden Donors
2003978-0-7658-0914-8Virginia LulingSomali Sultanate: The Geledi City-State over 150 Years
2002978-0-7658-0918-6H. Stuart HughesConsciousness and Society
2002978-0-7658-0922-3Samuel FinerThe Man on Horseback
  ''978-0-7658-0923-0Eugene BardachGoing by the Book
  ''978-0-7658-0926-1Shmuel N. EisenstadtMultiple Modernities
  ''978-0-7658-0932-2Charles A. BeardThe Economic Basis of Politics
  ''978-0-7658-0934-6Denis Tilden LynchBoss Tweed: The Story of a Grim Generation
2002978-0-7658-0935-3Margaret MeadCooperation and Competition Among Primitive Peoples
  ''978-0-7658-0944-5Marie JahodaMarienthal
  ''978-0-7658-0952-0R. WeaverThink Tanks and Civil Societies
  ''978-0-7658-0960-5Aaron WildavskyThe Revolt Against the Masses
2003978-0-7658-0963-6David BarashRevolutionary Biology
2002978-0-7658-0964-3Steven StarkerOracle at the Supermarket: The American Preoccupation with Self-Help Books
2003978-0-7658-0970-4Anton PelinkaThe Dollfuss/Schuschnigg Era in Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies)
2002978-0-7658-0972-8William FortenbaughOn Stoic and Peripatetic Ethics (Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities)
  ''978-0-7658-0975-9Clinton RossiterConstitutional Dictatorship
2003978-0-7658-0979-7Geoff DenchMinorities in the Open Society
2003978-0-7658-0980-3Michael LeslieMedia and Democracy in Africa
2002978-0-7658-0981-0Daniel PipesIn the Path of God
  ''978-0-7658-0982-7Eda SagarraA Social History of Germany, 1648-1914
2003978-0-7658-0986-5Ioan M. LewisSocial and Cultural Anthropology in Perspective: Their Relevance in the Modern World
  ''978-0-7658-0987-2Eviatar ZerubavelTerra Cognita
  ''978-0-7658-0991-9James D. ThompsonOrganizations in Action: Social Science Bases of Administrative Theory (Classics in Organization and Management Series)
  ''978-0-7658-0992-6Georgia A. PersonsRace and Democracy in the Americas (National Political Science Review Series)
2002978-0-7658-0993-3Carl H. BuilderThe Icarus Syndrome (Role of Air Power Theory in the Evolution and Fate of the U.)
2002978-0-7658-0994-0James M. O'KaneThe Crooked Ladder
2003978-0-7658-0995-7James E. KatzConnections
  ''978-0-7658-0996-4Daniel PipesThe Rushdie Affair
  ''978-0-7658-0997-1James BurnhamCongress and the American Tradition (Library of Conservative Thought)
  ''978-0-7658-0998-8Charles BeardPresident Roosevelt and the Coming of the War, 1941