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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-86565-012-1Jean ClayRomanticism
  ''978-0-86565-015-2Jeffrey FinestoneThe Last Courts of Europe: A Royal Family Album, 1860-1914
1987978-0-86565-016-9George BehrendLuxury Trains: From the Orient to the Tgv
1982978-0-86565-019-0Robert MassieThe Romanov Family Album
1983978-0-86565-028-2Anka MuhlsteinBaron James: The Rise of the French Rothschilds
  ''978-0-86565-036-7Daniel WheelerThe Chateaux of France
1984978-0-86565-046-6Sylvia MathesonRajasthan, Land of Kings
1988978-0-86565-067-1Peter Mallary · Frances MallaryA Redoute Treasury: 468 Watercolours from Les Liliacees of Pierre-Joseph Redoute
1958978-0-86565-073-2Charles FlowersThe Tall Ships: A Salute to Liberty July 4, 1986 (The Official Book of Operation Sail, 1986)
1987978-0-86565-089-3John Culme · Nicholas RaynerThe Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor
1988978-0-86565-094-7Palmer WhiteHaute Couture Embroidery: The Art of Lesage
1989978-0-86565-115-9A. E. HotchnerHemingway and His World
1990978-0-86565-118-0Robert Harling · Leonie Highton · John BridgesThe House and Garden Book of Classic Rooms
1991978-0-86565-125-8Leonie Highton · Robert Harling · John BridgesThe House & Garden Book of Living-Rooms
1992978-0-86565-137-1Stephane YerasimosTurkish Style
1993978-0-86565-145-6Yves St. Laruent · Bob Colacello · Sonia Rykiel · Fran Lebowitz · Karl LagerfeldMoments: Roxanne Lowit Photographs
  ''978-0-86565-146-3Richard BerenholtzPanoramic New York
2003978-0-86565-147-0David KroyankerJerusalem Architecture
1998978-0-86565-150-0Jean Pierre Babelon · Claire ConstansVersailles: Absolutism and Harmony
2001978-0-86565-154-8David PearceThe Great Houses of London
2002978-0-86565-156-2Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd · Christopher Simon SykesManor Houses of England
2005978-0-86565-158-6Farid ChenouneCarried Away: All About Bags
  ''978-0-86565-159-3Edmonde Charles-RouxChanel and Her World
2005978-0-86565-160-9Marie-Pierre ColleGuadalupe: Body and Soul
  ''978-0-86565-161-6Angus Wilkie · Simon ParkesSummer Places: Eastern Long Island and New England
  ''978-0-86565-162-3Marylou Luther · Laura Jacobs · Pamela A. ParmalBeene by Beene
  ''978-0-86565-163-0Martin Eidelberg · Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen · Nancy McClelland · Lars RachenThe Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  ''978-0-86565-164-7Eric BomanEric Boman's Dames
2005978-0-86565-165-4Ric Burns · Alan FeuerStill New York
  ''978-0-86565-166-1Elisabeth LanglePierre Cardin
2006978-0-86565-168-5Kimberley SevcikAngels in Africa: Profiles of Seven Extraordinary Women
  ''978-0-86565-169-2Gita MehtaEternal Ganesha
  ''978-0-86565-170-8Alexis GregoryPrivate Splendor: Great Families at Home
  ''978-0-86565-171-5Prince Michael Of GreeceJewels of the Tsars: The Romanovs and Imperial Russia
2006978-0-86565-172-2Suzanne Tennenbaum · Janet ZapataJeweled Garden: A Colorful History of Gems, Jewels, and Nature
  ''978-0-86565-173-9Catherine DonzelLuxury Liners: Life on Board
  ''978-0-86565-174-6Amin JafferMade for Maharajas: A Design Diary of Princely India
2011978-0-86565-175-3Christian BrandstatterVienna 1900: Art, Life & Culture
2006978-0-86565-176-0Alberto ManguelMagic Land of Toys
  ''978-0-86565-177-7Jack ZieglerYou Had Me at Bow Wow
  ''978-0-86565-178-4Paulo Thiago de Mello · Reto GuntliAt Home in Rio
2006978-0-86565-179-1Sarah MowerGucci by Gucci
2001978-0-86565-180-7Alexis GregoryFamilies of Fortune
2007978-0-86565-181-4Patricia G. BermanIn Another Light: Danish Painting in the Nineteenth Century
  ''978-0-86565-182-1Florence MullerCostume Jewelry for Haute Couture
  ''978-0-86565-183-8Gabriel Badea-PäunThe Society Portrait: From David to Warhol
2008978-0-86565-184-5John E. BowltMoscow & St. Petersburg 1900-1920: Art, Life, & Culture of the Russian Silver Age
  ''978-0-86565-185-2Natasha KuzmanovicYard: The Life and Magnificent Jewelry of Raymond C. Yard
2007978-0-86565-186-9Pierre BorhanMan to Man: A History of Gay Photography (Male Photography)
  ''978-0-86565-187-6Odon ValletHeavenly Bodies: Photographs by Pierre & Gilles
2007978-0-86565-188-3Patrick Poivre d'ArvorFirst Class: Legendary Train Journeys Around the World
  ''978-0-86565-189-0Astrid Kirchherr · Max SchelerYesterday: The Beatles Once Upon a Time
2008978-0-86565-190-6Nicky AdamsGlass House: Building for Open Living
  ''978-0-86565-192-0Carter Ratcliff · John RavenalDonald Sultan: Theater of the Object
  ''978-0-86565-193-7Diana Scarisbrick · Christophe Vachaudez · Jan WalgraveRoyal Jewels: From Charlemagne to the Romanovs
  ''978-0-86565-194-4Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery · Bernard TouillonThe French Country House
2008978-0-86565-195-1Jean-Marie Pérouse de MontclosParis: City of Art: Expanded Edition
  ''978-0-86565-196-8Marc Walter · Bernard ChevallierEmpire Splendor: French Taste in the Age of Napoleon
  ''978-0-86565-197-5Aman NathMonumental India
2009978-0-86565-199-9Filippo Pedrocco · Massimo Favilla · Ruggero RugoloFrescoes of the Veneto: Venetian Palaces and Villas
2003978-0-86565-200-2Ken KincaidChateaux of the Medoc
2004978-0-86565-204-0Gilles De Brissac · Gabrielle Van ZuylenApremont (Small Books of Great Gardens)
1999978-0-86565-205-7MarchettiNinfa: A Roman Enchantment (Small Books of Great Gardens)
  ''978-0-86565-206-4Claire de VirieuAlhambra: A Moorish Paradise (Small Books of Great Gardens)
  ''978-0-86565-207-1Uwe AlbrechtGerman Castles and Palaces
1999978-0-86565-209-5Katya GalitzineSt. Petersburg: The Hidden Interiors
  ''978-0-86565-210-1Madison Cox · Pierre BergéMajorelle: A Moroccan Oasis (Small Books of Great Gardens)
2002978-0-86565-214-9Dominique ClevenotSplendors of Islam: Architecture, Decoration and Design
2000978-0-86565-215-6Berenice Geoffroy-SchneiterTribal Art: Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia
2001978-0-86565-216-3Jean-Pierre Babelon · Mic Chamblas-PlotonThe French Garden
2000978-0-86565-217-0Christiane de Nicolay-MazeryThe Finest Houses Of Paris
2002978-0-86565-222-4Sharada DwivediMaharaja: Princely States
  ''978-0-86565-223-1John StefanidisStefanidis Designs: Creating Atmosphere, Effect and Comfort
1999978-0-86565-224-8Caterina Virdis Limentani · Mari PietogiovannaGreat Altarpieces: Gothic and Renaissance
2004978-0-86565-225-5Oleg NeverovGreat Private Collections of Imperial Russia
2003978-0-86565-226-2Jean-Marie Perouse De MontclosParis, City of Art
2004978-0-86565-227-9Dominic BradburyAmerican Designers' Houses
  ''978-0-86565-228-6Jérôme CoignardDream Palaces: The Last Royal Courts of Europe
2003978-0-86565-229-3Peter SchlesingerCheckered Past: A Visual Diary Of The 60's And 70's
2005978-0-86565-230-9Gérard-Georges LemaireArtists' Houses
2003978-0-86565-231-6Henri-Paul Pellaprat · Jeremiah TowerThe Great Book of French Cuisine: Revised Edition
  ''978-0-86565-233-0Gerard Gengembre · Pierre-Jean Chalencon · David ChanteranneNapoleon: The Immortal Emperor
2003978-0-86565-234-7Christiane De Nicolay-MazeryThe French Country House
  ''978-0-86565-235-4David TurnleyBaghdad Blues: A War Diary
2004978-0-86565-236-1Marie-Angelique Ozanne · Frederique De JodeTheo: The Other Van Gogh
  ''978-0-86565-237-8Paolo CesarettiTheodora: Empress of Byzantium
  ''978-0-86565-239-2Amanda Vaill · Janet ZapataSeaman Schepps: A Century of New York Jewelry Design
  ''978-0-86565-240-8Antonio Martinelli · George MichellPrincely Rajasthan: Rajput Palaces and Mansions
2004978-0-86565-241-5Pierre AssoulineDiscovering Impressionism: The Life of Paul Durand-Ruel (Mark Magowan Books)
  ''978-0-86565-242-2Michele K. SpikeTuscan Countess: The Life and Extraordinary Times of Matilda of Canossa (Mark Magowan Books)
2003978-0-86565-243-9Carlo CrestiVillas of Tuscany
2002978-0-86565-245-3Lionello PuppiStones of Venice
  ''978-0-86565-246-0Beatrix SauleVersailles Gardens
2001978-0-86565-248-4Stephen BrookWine People
  ''978-0-86565-249-1Esmeralda de Rethy · Jean-Louis PerreauChristian Dior: The Early Years 1947-1957
2009978-0-86565-251-4Robert MurphyThe Private World of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge
2010978-0-86565-252-1Gérard Durozoi · Vincent BouvetParis 1919-1939: Art, Life & Culture
2009978-0-86565-253-8Robert A. M. Stern · Dan CooperNew Classic American Houses: The Architecture of Albert, Righter & Tittmann
  ''978-0-86565-255-2Peter WebbSphinx: The Life and Art of Leonor Fini
2009978-0-86565-256-9Gérard PiouffreFirst Class: Legendary Ocean Liner Voyages Around the World
  ''978-0-86565-257-6Jill BobrowOutrageous Yachts
2010978-0-86565-258-3Heather Smith MacIsaac · Lars BolanderLars Bolander's Scandinavian Design
  ''978-0-86565-261-3Desmond FitzGerald Knight of Glin · James PeillThe Irish Country House
2011978-0-86565-262-0Helen Ibbitson JessupTemples of Cambodia: The Heart of Angkor
2010978-0-86565-263-7Melissa Müller · Monika TatzkowLost Lives, Lost Art: Jewish Collectors, Nazi Art Theft, and the Quest for Justice
2011978-0-86565-264-4Jan WhitakerThe World of Department Stores
  ''978-0-86565-265-1Dominique NahasThe Worlds of Hunt Slonem
2010978-0-86565-266-8John T. SpikeYoung Michelangelo: The Path to the Sistine: A Biography
  ''978-0-86565-267-5Ruth PeltasonLiving Jewels: Masterpieces from Nature: Coral, Pearls, Horn, Shell, Wood & Other Exotica
2010978-0-86565-268-2Anne Walker · Robert A.M. SternPeter Pennoyer Architects: Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses
2011978-0-86565-272-9Heather MacIssacKatie Ridder Rooms
  ''978-0-86565-273-6Emmanuelle GaillardExotic Taste: Orientalist Interiors
  ''978-0-86565-275-0Lindsay McCrumChicks With Guns
  ''978-0-86565-276-7Gerard-Georges LemaireArtists' Houses: New, smaller format
2012978-0-86565-282-8Desmond FitzGerald Knight of Glin · James PeillThe Irish Country House: (new smaller format)
  ''978-0-86565-284-2Michael D CoeRoyal Cities of the Ancient Maya
2012978-0-86565-288-0James KnoxThe Scottish Country House
2013978-0-86565-289-7Howard SlatkinFifth Avenue Style
2012978-0-86565-290-3Carol Woolton · David Warren · Janet ZapataSymphony of Jewels: Anna Hu Opus 1
  ''978-0-86565-291-0Marcus FlacksClassical Chinese Furniture
2013978-0-86565-305-4Mimi ReadTom Scheerer Decorates
  ''978-0-86565-306-1James Peill · Julian FellowesThe English Country House
2014978-0-86565-312-2Markham RobertsDecorating the Way I See It
  ''978-0-86565-316-0Jack CarlsonRowing Blazers
  ''978-0-86565-317-7Hilhne FarnaultThe Haute Couture Atelier: The Artisans of Fashion
2015978-0-86565-319-1Jay WilliamsJohn Baeder's Road Well Taken
2016978-0-86565-329-0Peter Pennoyer · Katie Ridder · Anne WalkerA House in the Country
2016978-0-86565-330-6Paolo Moschino · Philip Vergeylen · Alexandra BlackSignature Spaces: The Well-Traveled Interiors of Paolo Moschino & Philip Vergeylen
  ''978-0-86565-335-1Nadine DescendrePierre Paulin: Life and Work
2017978-0-86565-336-8John Francis Torti · Thomas M. Gallas · Cheryl A. O'NeillTorti Gallas + Partners: Architects of Community
  ''978-0-86565-337-5Jennifer Ash RudickOut East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons
  ''978-0-86565-339-9Miguel Flores-ViannaHaute Bohemians
  ''978-0-86565-340-5Kirk Henckels · Anne WalkerLife at the Top: New York's Exceptional Apartment Buildings
2018978-0-86565-352-8Amanda LindrothIsland Hopping: Amanda Lindroth Design
2018978-0-86565-353-5Maureen FooterDior and His Decorators: Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy, and the New Look
  ''978-0-86565-356-6Jennifer BolesInspired Design: The 100 Most Important Designers of the Past 100 Years
  ''978-0-86565-358-0Martina Mondadori SartogoCabana Anthology
2019978-0-86565-363-4Tom ScheererTom Scheerer: More Decorating
  ''978-0-86565-364-1Bronwyn Cosgrave · Yana PeelFrancis Sultana: Designs & Interiors
  ''978-0-86565-365-8Lisa FineNear & Far
2019978-0-86565-368-9Celia Forner · Gianluca LongoBedtime: Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms & Boudoirs
  ''978-0-86565-369-6Robert StilinRobert Stilin: Interiors
  ''978-0-86565-372-6Rush Jenkins · Klaus BaerNatural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living
2020978-0-86565-378-8John E. BowltMoscow & St. Petersburg 1900-1920: Art, Life & Culture of the Russian Silver Age
1994978-0-86565-954-4Michel ButorEthnic Jewelry: Africa, Asia, And The Pacific
1995978-0-86565-956-8Timothy ShawWorld of Escoffier
  ''978-0-86565-961-2Leonie HightonThe House & Garden Book of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  ''978-0-86565-963-6Genevieve Bresc Bautier · Keiichi TaharaThe Louvre: An Architectural History
1995978-0-86565-964-3Francesca Premoli-DroulensWriters' Houses
  ''978-0-86565-965-0Nicholas Best · Jason HawkesHistoric Britain from the Air
1989978-0-86565-976-6Yvonne Brunhammer · Catherine Arminjon · Cooper-Hewitt MuseumL'Art De Vivre: Decorative Arts and Design in France 1789-1989
1996978-0-86565-977-3Thierry Beauvert · Jacques Moatti · Florian KleinefennOpera Houses of the World
  ''978-0-86565-978-0Martin HarrisonLisa Fonssagrives: Three Decades of Classic Fashion Photography
2002978-0-86565-980-3Valerie BerinstainCarpets of the World
1996978-0-86565-981-0Carol MannParis Between the Wars
2003978-0-86565-983-4Rio Helmi · Barbara WalkerBali Style
1997978-0-86565-987-2Geza Von HabsburgPrincely Treasures
2002978-0-86565-994-0Leonie HightonThe House & Garden Book of Country Rooms (House & Garden Series)
1997978-0-86565-996-4Carla CocoSecrets of the Harem