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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84709-000-3David CohenHow to Succeed in Psychometric Tests
  ''978-1-84709-004-1Susan Elliot-WrightOvercoming Emotional Abuse
2006978-1-84709-005-8Margaret HillsTreating Arthritis: The Drug Free Way
2007978-1-84709-006-5Neel Burton · Phil DavisonLiving with Schizophrenia
1985978-1-84709-008-9Don GaborHow to Start a Conversation and Make Friends
2008978-1-84709-009-6Gordon LamontLiving with Birthmarks and Blemishes
2007978-1-84709-010-2Ruth SearleCoping with Compulsive Eating: Support for All Those Concerned About Their Eating Habits
  ''978-1-84709-017-1Christine Craggs-HintonCoping with Tinnitus
2008978-1-84709-020-1Renee ByrneStammering: Advice For All Ages (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-021-8Terry PriestmanReducing Your Risk of Cancer: 1
2007978-1-84709-022-5Rosemary WellsHelping Children Cope with Grief: Facing a death in the family
2008978-1-84709-023-2Malcolm H. LaderComing Off Tranquillizers and Antidepressants
  ''978-1-84709-024-9Neville ShoneThe Chronic Pain Diet Book (Overcoming Common Problems)
2007978-1-84709-025-6Donna AndronicosCoping with Burnout
2007978-1-84709-028-7ClaytonCoping with Cystitis
2008978-1-84709-030-0Melissa MurphyOvercoming Agoraphobia
2009978-1-84709-038-6Alison FrithCoping with Headaches and Migraine (Overcoming Common Problems)
2008978-1-84709-039-3Lucy JolinCoping with Birth Trauma and Postnatal Depression
  ''978-1-84709-041-6Colin Sutherland · Margaret SutherlandFree Yourself from Depression: Be Your Own Therapist
  ''978-1-84709-044-7Christine Craggs-HintonCoping with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Overcoming Common Problems)
2009978-1-84709-048-5Terry PriestmanCancer Survivors Handbook
  ''978-1-84709-054-6Neel BurtonLiving with Bipolar Disorder
2008978-1-84709-062-1Christine Craggs-HintonThe Fibromyalgia Healing Diet New Edition
2010978-1-84709-064-5   ''How to Manage Chronic Fatigue (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-069-0Ruth SearleAsperger Syndrome in Adults: A Guide To Realising Your Potential (Overcoming Common Problems)
2009978-1-84709-070-6Jill EckersleyCoping When Your Child has Cerebral Palsy (Overcoming Common Problems)
2009978-1-84709-071-3Shirley TrickettCoping Successfully with Panic Attacks: Reissue (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-074-4Windy DrydenOvercoming Anxiety
2010978-1-84709-077-5Craig WhiteLiving With a Stoma: New Edition
  ''978-1-84709-078-2Dinah Bradley · Tania Clifton-SmithDynamic Breathing: how to manage your Asthma
2009978-1-84709-080-5Terry J. PriestmanCoping with Chemotherapy
2010978-1-84709-081-2Barbara BakerHow to Live with a Control Freak
2009978-1-84709-082-9Robert BorOvercome Your Fear of Flying: A Spiritual System To Create Inner Alignment Through Dreams (Overcoming Common Problems)
2010978-1-84709-083-6David BaguleyLiving With Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
2009978-1-84709-086-7Windy DrydenSelf-Discipline: How to get it and how to keep it
  ''978-1-84709-089-8Frank TallisHow to Stop Worrying: New Edition
2010978-1-84709-091-1Rolande AndersonLiving With a Problem Drinker
  ''978-1-84709-092-8Mary WelsteadDivorce and Separation: A Legal Guide for all Couples
2010978-1-84709-097-3Robert BorCoping with the Psychological Effects of Cancer (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-099-7Philip MawerOvercoming Problem Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers
  ''978-1-84709-100-0Christine Craggs-HintonLiving with Fibromyalgia: New Edition (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-104-8Tom SmithCoping Successfully with Prostate Cancer: Early Diagnosis Saves Lives (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-128-4Jill EckersleyCoping with Dyspraxia (Overcoming Common Problems)
2011978-1-84709-133-8Windy DrydenHow to Develop Inner Strength
2012978-1-84709-134-5   ''Transforming Eight Deadly Emotions into Healthy Ones (Overcoming Common Problems)
2011978-1-84709-142-0Neville ShoneThe Pain Management Handbook: Your Personal Guide: Your Personal Guide
2011978-1-84709-145-1Tom Smith101 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  ''978-1-84709-148-2Christine Craggs-HintonCoping With Gout: How to Beat the Disease of Kings (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-152-9Tom SmithCoping with Bronchitis and Emphysema (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-153-6David OliverMotor Neurone Disease: A Family Affair: A Family Afair (Overcoming Common Problems)
2012978-1-84709-154-3Sallie BaxendaleEpilepsy: Complementary And Alternative Treatments: Complementary and Alternative Treatments
2011978-1-84709-161-1Margaret HillsTreating Arthritis Exercise Book: Reissue (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-162-8Tom SmithCoping Successfully with Your Hiatus Hernia reissue
2011978-1-84709-176-5Tim CantopherDying for a Drink: New Edition
2012978-1-84709-193-2Julia DaviesTreating Arthritis: The Supplements Guide: The Supplements Guide
  ''978-1-84709-235-9Tim CantopherDepressive Illness: The Curse Of The Strong: The Curse of the Strong (3rd Edition) (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-1-84709-237-3Margaret HillsTreating Arthritis: The Drug Free Way (Overcoming Common Problems)
2013978-1-84709-244-1Christine Craggs-HintonFibromyalgia: Your Treatment Guide
  ''978-1-84709-276-2Jane McGregor · Tim McGregorThe Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities: Understanding Antisocial Personalities
  ''978-1-84709-297-7Alison WainesThe Self-Esteem Journal
978-1-84709-339-4Tom SmithCoping Successfully with Hiatus Hernia: New Edition
2016978-1-84709-386-8Mark GreenerThe Sheldon Short Guide to Liver Disease
2016978-1-84709-445-2Luke BeardonAutism & Asperger Syndrome in Adults (Overcoming Common Problems)
2019978-1-84709-467-4Kevin GournayHope and Healing After Stillbirth And New Baby Loss
2018978-1-84709-469-8Sarah VohraMental Health in Children and Young People: Spotting Symptoms and Seeking Help Early
2019978-1-84709-477-3Emma WoolfWellbeing: Body confidence, health and happiness
  ''978-1-84709-479-7Phil SizerChronic Pain The Drug-Free Way
  ''978-1-84709-498-8Tim CantopherOvercoming Anxiety Without Fighting It: The powerful self help book for anxious people from Dr Tim Cantopher, bestselling author of "Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong"