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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-0-85720-628-2Penny HancockTideline
2011978-0-85720-630-5talkSPORT · Gershon PortnoiThe Story of talkSPORT: Inside the Wacky World of Britain's Wildest Radio Station
2013978-0-85720-635-0David ReynoldsThe Long Shadow: The Great War and the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-85720-636-7David ReynoldsThe Long Shadow: The Great War and the Twentieth Century
2011978-0-85720-639-8Tom WatsonThe Timeless Swing: Learn at any age from his lessons of a lifetime
  ''978-0-85720-640-4Tom Rob SmithAgent 6 (Child 44 Trilogy 3)
  ''978-0-85720-641-1Tom Rob SmithAgent 6 (Child 44 Trilogy 3)
2013978-0-85720-650-3Carol RiversCockney Orphan
2012978-0-85720-652-7Jimmy BurnsLa Roja: A Journey Through Spanish Football
  ''978-0-85720-657-2Jane CostelloAll the Single Ladies
2011978-0-85720-659-6Nicholson BakerHouse of Holes
2012978-0-85720-661-9Nicholson BakerHouse of Holes
2012978-0-85720-665-7Jeffrey Deaver · David Baldacci · Alexander McCall Smith · Kathy Reichs · Peter James · Tess Gerritsen · Jeff LindsayNo Rest for the Dead
2011978-0-85720-668-8talkSPORT · Gershon PortnoiWho Are Ya?: The TalkSport Book of Football's Best Ever Chants
2012978-0-85720-670-1Heidi MurkoffWhat to Expect: The Second Year
2011978-0-85720-673-2Chris BohjalianThe Night Strangers
  ''978-0-85720-676-3Dale Carnegie TrainingStand and Deliver: How to become a masterful communicator and public speaker
  ''978-0-85720-679-4Dale Carnegie TrainingMake Yourself Unforgettable: How to become the person everyone remembers and no one can resist
978-0-85720-683-1Some Unholy War
2011978-0-85720-684-8Gideon HaighSphere of Influence: Writings on Cricket and its Discontents
  ''978-0-85720-685-5Debrett'sDebrett's: A Modern Royal Marriage
2012978-0-85720-689-3Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Cook Smart Nice & Spicy
  ''978-0-85720-690-9Ariana BundyPomegranates and Roses: My Persian Family Recipes
2012978-0-85720-693-0Kresley ColeLothaire (Immortals After Dark)
  ''978-0-85720-695-4Benjamin WoodThe Bellwether Revivals
  ''978-0-85720-696-1Benjamin WoodThe Bellwether Revivals
2011978-0-85720-702-9Mike MorenoThe 17 Day Diet
2013978-0-85720-707-4James AndersonJimmy: My Story
2011978-0-85720-709-8Henry KissingerWhite House Years: The First Volume of His Classic Memoirs (Kissinger Memoirs Volume 1)
  ''978-0-85720-711-1Jaycee DugardA Stolen Life
  ''978-0-85720-712-8Jaycee DugardA Stolen Life
2012978-0-85720-713-5   ''A Stolen Life
2011978-0-85720-715-9Joseph GallianoDear Me: More Letters to My Sixteen Year Old Self
2011978-0-85720-717-3Henry KissingerYears of Upheaval: The Second Volume of His Classic Memoirs (Kissinger Memoirs Volume 2)
2012978-0-85720-719-7   ''Years of Renewal: The Concluding Volume of His Classic Memoirs (Kissinger Memoirs Volume 3)
2011978-0-85720-721-0Dannii MinogueDannii: My Style
2012978-0-85720-723-4Karen Thompson WalkerThe Age of Miracles
2011978-0-85720-727-2Dale Carnegie TrainingHow to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age
2012978-0-85720-730-2Mike Parker PearsonStonehenge: Exploring the Greatest Stone Age Mystery
2013978-0-85720-732-6Mike Parker PearsonStonehenge: Exploring the greatest Stone Age mystery
2012978-0-85720-738-8Andrew GimsonBoris: The Rise of Boris Johnson
  ''978-0-85720-746-3Philippa GregoryThe Kingmaker's Daughter (Cousins War 4)
  ''978-0-85720-747-0Philippa GregoryThe Kingmaker's Daughter: 4 (COUSINS' WAR)
2013978-0-85720-748-7   ''The Kingmaker's Daughter (COUSINS' WAR)
  ''978-0-85720-749-4   ''The Kingmaker's Daughter: 4 (COUSINS' WAR)
2013978-0-85720-751-7Philippa GregoryThe White Princess (COUSINS' WAR)
2014978-0-85720-753-1   ''The White Princess (COUSINS' WAR)
  ''978-0-85720-754-8   ''The White Princess: 5 (COUSINS' WAR)
  ''978-0-85720-756-2   ''The King's Curse (COUSINS' WAR)
2015978-0-85720-758-6   ''The King's Curse (COUSINS' WAR)
2015978-0-85720-759-3Philippa GregoryThe King's Curse (COUSINS' WAR)
2011978-0-85720-762-3Alex & RoryWill and Kate's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Photos from our big day, like
  ''978-0-85720-763-0James RobinsonThe Larry Diaries: Downing Street - The First 100 Days
2012978-0-85720-764-7Dom JolyScary Monsters and Super Creeps: In Search of the World's Most Hideous Beasts
2013978-0-85720-765-4Dom JolyScary Monsters and Super Creeps: In Search of the World's Most Hideous Beasts
2012978-0-85720-781-4James LeightonDuncan Edwards: The Greatest (MUFC)
2013978-0-85720-782-1James LeightonDuncan Edwards: The Greatest (MUFC)
2012978-0-85720-786-9Virginia AndrewsFamily Storms (Storms 1)
  ''978-0-85720-789-0Virginia AndrewsCloudburst (Storms 2)
2013978-0-85720-790-6   ''Cloudburst
2012978-0-85720-792-0Stephen M. R. CoveySmart Trust
  ''978-0-85720-797-5Kresley ColeLothaire (Immortals After Dark 12)
2011978-0-85720-803-3Chris AshtonSplashdown: The Story of My World Cup Year
2012978-0-85720-806-4Michael DobbsThe Lords' Day (Harry Jones)
2011978-0-85720-807-1Condoleezza RiceNo Higher Honour
2012978-0-85720-808-8Condoleezza RiceNo Higher Honour
2011978-0-85720-811-8Jennifer WeinerThen Came You
2012978-0-85720-812-5Jennifer WeinerThen Came You
  ''978-0-85720-813-2   ''Then Came You
2012978-0-85720-816-3Jennifer WeinerThe Next Best Thing
2011978-0-85720-824-8Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Cook Smart Simply Suppers
2012978-0-85720-827-9Laurie MatthewGroomed: An uncle who went too far. A mother who didn't care. A little girl who waited for justice.
  ''978-0-85720-829-3Carol RiversA Sister's Shame
2013978-0-85720-833-0   ''A Wartime Christmas
2011978-0-85720-835-4Ben Dirs · Barmy ArmyEverywhere We Went: Top Tales from Cricket's Barmy Army
2012978-0-85720-838-5Lisa Niemi SwayzeWorth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward
  ''978-0-85720-840-8Lisa Niemi SwayzeWorth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward
2011978-0-85720-842-2Mary Buffett · David ClarkThe Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio: Warren Buffett Stock Picks: Why and When He is Investing in Them
2013978-0-85720-843-9Mary Buffett · David ClarkThe Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio: Warren Buffett Stock Picks: Why and When He Is Investing in Them
2012978-0-85720-845-3Kevin J. Anderson · Brian HerbertSisterhood of Dune (Schools of Dune)
2011978-0-85720-846-0Wendy WatsonI'm Still Standing: My Fight Against Hereditary Breast Cancer
2012978-0-85720-848-4Harry Keeble · Kris HollingtonHurting Too Much: Shocking Stories from the Frontline of Child Protection
2011978-0-85720-850-7Spencer QuinnThe Dog Who Knew Too Much (Chet & Bernie 4)
  ''978-0-85720-852-1Spencer QuinnTo Fetch A Thief (Chet & Bernie 3)
2012978-0-85720-858-3Midge ThomasWomen's Institute: Homemade Jams & Chutneys
  ''978-0-85720-859-0Jessica SimmonsWomen's Institute: Vintage Teatime
2012978-0-85720-860-6Sara LewisWomen's Institute: Cooking from the Garden
  ''978-0-85720-864-4Carol RiversEast End Jubilee
  ''978-0-85720-866-8Vince FlynnKill Shot
  ''978-0-85720-867-5Vince FlynnKill Shot
  ''978-0-85720-868-2   ''Kill Shot (Volume 2) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2012978-0-85720-869-9Vince FlynnKill Shot (Volume 2) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2012978-0-85720-871-2Vince FlynnThe Last Man (Volume 13) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2013978-0-85720-873-6   ''The Last Man (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-0-85720-874-3   ''The Last Man (Volume 13) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2012978-0-85720-878-1Belinda AlexandraTuscan Rose
2011978-0-85720-880-4Bob ShepherdThe Good Jihadist
  ''978-0-85720-882-8Peter BergenThe Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al-Qaeda
2014978-0-85720-894-1Jeff GuinnManson
2012978-0-85720-896-5Milly JohnsonWhite Wedding
  ''978-0-85720-898-9Milly JohnsonA Winter Flame (THE FOUR SEASONS)
2017978-0-85720-902-3David GrannKillers of the Flower Moon: Oil, Money, Murder and the Birth of the FBI
2011978-0-85720-910-8John SandfordShock Wave (Virgil Flowers 5)
  ''978-0-85720-911-5John SandfordShock Wave
2011978-0-85720-915-3MUFCSir Alex Ferguson: The Official Manchester United Celebration of his Career at Old Trafford (MUFC)
2012978-0-85720-920-7Lynda La PlanteThe Little One (Quick Reads)
  ''978-0-85720-927-6Wendy WallaceThe Painted Bridge
  ''978-0-85720-931-3Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Mini Series: Rice & Noodles
  ''978-0-85720-932-0   ''Weight Watchers Mini Series: Winter Warmers
  ''978-0-85720-933-7   ''Weight Watchers Mini Series: Soups & Salads
2012978-0-85720-934-4Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Mini Series: Easy Italian
2012978-0-85720-935-1Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Mini Series: Chicken Favourites
  ''978-0-85720-936-8   ''Weight Watchers Mini Series: Weekends
  ''978-0-85720-937-5   ''Weight Watchers Mini Series: Weekdays
  ''978-0-85720-938-2   ''Weight Watchers Mini Series: Meat-free Meals
2011978-0-85720-939-9Mike MorenoThe 17 Day Diet Workbook
  ''978-0-85720-941-2Nicole 'Snooki' PolizziConfessions of a Guidette
2014978-0-85720-944-3Philipp MeyerThe Son
2013978-0-85720-974-0Rachel HoreThe Silent Tide