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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-84983-010-2Theresa CheungAn Angel Healed Me: True Stories of Heavenly Encounters
  ''978-1-84983-011-9Theresa CheungAn Angel Changed My Life
2011978-1-84983-012-6   ''Angel Spoke to Me: True Stories of Messages from Heaven
  ''978-1-84983-014-0Ian HoldingOf Beasts and Beings
2014978-1-84983-015-7Miranda SeymourNoble Endeavours: The life of two countries, England and Germany, in many stories
2010978-1-84983-018-8Jane ShawTalking to Zeus: My Year in a Greek Garden
  ''978-1-84983-025-6Mary Higgins ClarkJust Take My Heart
2011978-1-84983-026-3Mary Higgins ClarkShadow of Your Smile
2010978-1-84983-027-0Kevin J. AndersonWinds of Dune
2015978-1-84983-029-4Kevin J. Anderson · Brian HerbertMentats of Dune (Dune Schools of Dune Trilogy 2)
2011978-1-84983-030-0Kevin J. Anderson · Brian HerbertHellhole
2010978-1-84983-033-1Vince FlynnPursuit of Honour
2011978-1-84983-034-8Vince FlynnAmerican Assassin (Volume 1) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2010978-1-84983-035-5Thomas GreaniasPromised War
  ''978-1-84983-036-2Kresley ColePleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark 9)
2010978-1-84983-037-9Kresley ColeDemon From the Dark (Immortals After Dark 10)
2011978-1-84983-038-6   ''Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark 11)
2013978-1-84983-039-3   ''Untitled 3
2010978-1-84983-040-9David A. AakerBuilding Strong Brands
  ''978-1-84983-042-3Chris BohjalianSecrets of Eden
2012978-1-84983-056-0Simon DayComedy and Error: They Really Were Marvellous Times
2011978-1-84983-058-4Tom BromleyAll in the Best Possible Taste: Growing Up Watching Telly in the Eighties
  ''978-1-84983-060-7Patrick BuryCallsign Hades
  ''978-1-84983-066-9David GrannThe Devil and Sherlock Holmes: Tales of Murder, Madness and Obsession
2010978-1-84983-068-3John RectorCold Kiss
2011978-1-84983-072-0John RectorAlready Gone
  ''978-1-84983-074-4Sig Hansen · Mark SundeenDeadliest Waters: A Story of Survival on Alaskan Seas
2012978-1-84983-075-1Chris EvansAshes of a Black Frost: Book Three of The Iron Elves
2012978-1-84983-077-5Adriana TrigianiThe Shoemaker's Wife
2011978-1-84983-079-9Adriana TrigianiEncore Valentine
  ''978-1-84983-080-5   ''Encore Valentine
  ''978-1-84983-081-2Laura BushSpoken From the Heart
  ''978-1-84983-082-9Michael JecksThe Oath (Knights Templar Mystery)
2010978-1-84983-085-0Sarah-Jane Le BlancPet Whisperer: My Life as an Animal Healer
2011978-1-84983-099-7Lynda La PlanteBlind Fury
  ''978-1-84983-100-0Sean SmithRobbie
2013978-1-84983-105-5Santa MontefioreThe Summer House
2012978-1-84983-106-2Santa MontefioreThe House By the Sea
2011978-1-84983-125-3Chris CarterThe Executioner
2011978-1-84983-126-0Paige ToonBaby Be Mine
2012978-1-84983-128-4Paige ToonOne Perfect Summer
  ''978-1-84983-130-7Kristina OhlssonUnwanted (by Kristina Ohlsson English)
2013978-1-84983-131-4Kristina OhlssonSilenced (Bergman & Recht 2)
2011978-1-84983-134-5Urban WaiteThe Terror of Living
  ''978-1-84983-136-9Mark WatsonEleven
2013978-1-84983-137-6Donald McRaeUnder Our Skin: A White Family's Journey through South Africa's Darkest Years
  ''978-1-84983-142-0Jackie CollinsThe Power Trip
2012978-1-84983-144-4Jackie CollinsGoddess of Vengeance (Lucky Santangelo 8)
2012978-1-84983-145-1Jackie CollinsGoddess of Vengeance
2011978-1-84983-155-0Elizabeth StroutOlive Kitteridge: A Novel in Stories
2010978-1-84983-156-7Faith ScottI Won't Forgive What You Did: A little girl's suffering. A mother who let it happen
  ''978-1-84983-158-1J. L. BourneDay By Day Armageddon
  ''978-1-84983-160-4J. L. BourneBeyond Exile: Day by Day Armageddon
  ''978-1-84983-162-8Z. A. RechtPlague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain
2011978-1-84983-175-8Susan FindenCasper the Commuting Cat: The True Story of the Cat who Rode the Bus and Stole our Hearts
  ''978-1-84983-202-1Sidney KirkpatrickHitler's Holy Relics: A True Story of Nazi Plunder and the Race to Recover the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire
2011978-1-84983-203-8Milly JohnsonAn Autumn Crush
  ''978-1-84983-205-2Milly JohnsonHere Come the Girls
2013978-1-84983-207-6Mark WatsonThe Knot
2011978-1-84983-214-4Sean SlaterThe Survivor
  ''978-1-84983-220-5Bob WoodwardObama's Wars
2014978-1-84983-221-2Julie SummersJambusters: The remarkable story which has inspired the ITV drama Home Fires
2011978-1-84983-223-6Dannii MinogueDannii: My Story
  ''978-1-84983-233-5Lynda La PlanteDeadly Intent
2010978-1-84983-234-2Harold RobbinsTycoon
  ''978-1-84983-235-9Harold RobbinsThe Predators
2010978-1-84983-236-6Harold RobbinsThe Raiders
  ''978-1-84983-237-3   ''The Stallion
  ''978-1-84983-238-0   ''The Secret
2011978-1-84983-239-7Michael ByrnesThe Genesis Plague: An Ancient Myth, A Deadly Curse, a perfect thriller for fans of Dan Brown
2010978-1-84983-245-8Michael JecksThe Oath (Knights Templar Mysteries (Simon & Schuster))
  ''978-1-84983-249-6Barney StinsonThe Playbook: Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome
2011978-1-84983-250-2Harry Keeble · Kris HollingtonLittle Victim: The real story of Britain's vulnerable children and the people who rescue them
2010978-1-84983-262-5Lynda La PlanteCold Shoulder: A Lorraine Page Thriller
  ''978-1-84983-264-9   ''Cold Blood: A Lorraine Page Thriller
2010978-1-84983-266-3Lynda La PlanteCold Heart
2013978-1-84983-268-7Christopher Martin-JenkinsCMJ: A Cricketing Life
2012978-1-84983-279-3Jude DeverauxScarlet Nights
2011978-1-84983-286-1N. J. CooperFace of the Devil
  ''978-1-84983-288-5Rachel HoreA Gathering Storm
2013978-1-84983-290-8Rachel HoreThe Silent Tide
  ''978-1-84983-292-2Catharine ArnoldUnderworld London: Crime and Punishment in the Capital City
2012978-1-84983-296-0Alexandra FullerCocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness
2011978-1-84983-297-7Jesse PetersenMarried with Zombies (Living with the Dead)
  ''978-1-84983-299-1Brian MooreThe Thoughts of Chairman Moore: The Wit and Wisdom of Brian Moore
  ''978-1-84983-301-1Geneen RothWomen Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
2011978-1-84983-303-5Monique RoffeySun Dog
  ''978-1-84983-304-2Elizabeth StroutAmy & Isabelle
  ''978-1-84983-319-6Mary Buffett · David ClarkWarren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements: The Search for the Company with a Durable Competitive Advantage
2012978-1-84983-321-9Tony IommiIron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath
  ''978-1-84983-322-6Lisa AbendThe Sorcerer's Apprentices: A Season at el Bulli
  ''978-1-84983-323-3Mary Buffett · David ClarkWarren Buffett's Management Secrets: Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success
2012978-1-84983-326-4Simon KuperThe Football Men: Up Close with the Giants of the Modern Game
  ''978-1-84983-327-1Giles WhittellBridge of Spies
2010978-1-84983-330-1Carol Higgins Clark · Mary Higgins ClarkMary & Carol Higgins Clark Christmas Collection: The Christmas Thief, Deck the Halls, He Sees You When You're Sleeping
2012978-1-84983-334-9Philippa Gregory · David Baldwin · Michael JonesThe Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen and the King's Mother
  ''978-1-84983-335-6Lynda La PlanteBlood Line
2013978-1-84983-336-3   ''Backlash
2004978-1-84983-337-0Bob DylanChronicles: v. 1
2012978-1-84983-340-0Lynda La PlanteBlood Line
2013978-1-84983-341-7Lynda La PlanteBacklash
2011978-1-84983-344-8Roxy FreemanLittle Gypsy: A Life of Freedom, A Time of Secrets
  ''978-1-84983-351-6Chris MooneyDeviant Ways
2012978-1-84983-352-3Chris MooneyWorld Without End
2010978-1-84983-359-2Virginia AndrewsDaughter of Darkness
2013978-1-84983-360-8Peter HookUnknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division
2011978-1-84983-362-2Bob ShepherdThe Infidel
  ''978-1-84983-363-9Philippa GregoryThe Red Queen: The Cousins War Book Two: 2
  ''978-1-84983-364-6Carrie FisherPostcards From the Edge
2013978-1-84983-366-0Ruth CowenA Nurse at the Front: The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton
2011978-1-84983-372-1Casey HillTaboo (Reilly Steel 1)
  ''978-1-84983-374-5Bill TarmeyJack Duckworth and Me: My Life on the Street and Other Adventures
2012978-1-84983-375-2Mary Higgins ClarkI'll Walk Alone
2015978-1-84983-378-3Brian MooreWhat Goes on Tour Stays on Tour: Great Tales from My Rugby Travels
2012978-1-84983-379-0Casey HillTorn (Reilly Steel 2)
2010978-1-84983-384-4Robin SharmaThe Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life
2011978-1-84983-386-8Jesse PetersenFlip This Zombie
2010978-1-84983-389-9Jeremy RobertsRey Mysterio: Behind the Mask (WWE)
2010978-1-84983-390-5Aron Ralston127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
2012978-1-84983-393-6Tom BromleyWired for Sound: Now That's What I Call an Eighties Music Childhood
2011978-1-84983-400-1Jennifer WeinerGood In Bed
  ''978-1-84983-401-8Jennifer WeinerIn Her Shoes
978-1-84983-403-2Big Cherry Holler
2011978-1-84983-409-4Milly JohnsonThe Birds and the Bees
  ''978-1-84983-410-0   ''The Yorkshire Pudding Club
  ''978-1-84983-414-8Kresley ColeWicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
  ''978-1-84983-415-5   ''Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark)
2011978-1-84983-416-2Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark)
  ''978-1-84983-417-9   ''Kiss of a Demon King (Immortals After Dark)
  ''978-1-84983-418-6   ''A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark)
2011978-1-84983-419-3Kresley ColeNo Rest For The Wicked (Immortals After Dark)
  ''978-1-84983-420-9   ''Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark 9)
  ''978-1-84983-421-6Jackie CollinsLethal Seduction
  ''978-1-84983-432-2Tony Schwartz · Catherine McCarthy · Jean GomesBe Excellent at Anything
  ''978-1-84983-433-9Lynda La PlanteAbove Suspicion
2011978-1-84983-434-6Lynda La PlanteThe Red Dahlia
  ''978-1-84983-435-3   ''Clean Cut
  ''978-1-84983-437-7Rebecca ChanceDivas
  ''978-1-84983-442-1Jackie CollinsMarried Lovers
  ''978-1-84983-443-8Tom Rob SmithAgent 6
2011978-1-84983-464-3Mary Higgins ClarkJust Take My Heart
  ''978-1-84983-473-5Vince FlynnTransfer Of Power (Volume 3) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-1-84983-475-9Eileen MacKenneyBorstal Girl
  ''978-1-84983-479-7John SandfordWinter Prey (Prey Novels)
  ''978-1-84983-481-0John SandfordMortal Prey (Prey Novels)
2011978-1-84983-485-8Tom Rob SmithChild 44
  ''978-1-84983-486-5   ''The Secret Speech
2012978-1-84983-490-2Angela PatrickThe Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers
2008978-1-84983-494-0Between The Sheets
2011978-1-84983-513-8Liza MarklundPrime Time
  ''978-1-84983-522-0Jackie CollinsHollywood Wives: The New Generation
  ''978-1-84983-528-2John SandfordBad Blood
  ''978-1-84983-529-9Jesse PetersenEat, Slay, Love
2012978-1-84983-531-2Rachel HoreThe Dream House
2012978-1-84983-532-9Rachel HoreThe Memory Garden
2011978-1-84983-544-2Jackie CollinsDrop Dead Beautiful (Lucky Santangelo 6)
  ''978-1-84983-545-9   ''Deadly Embrace
2011978-1-84983-546-6Jackie CollinsPoor Little Bitch Girl (Lucky Santangelo 7)
  ''978-1-84983-547-3   ''Hollywood Divorces
  ''978-1-84983-548-0Michael JecksKing's Gold (Knights Templar)
2012978-1-84983-558-9Lynda La PlanteSilent Scream
2011978-1-84983-561-9Vince FlynnThe Third Option (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-1-84983-562-6   ''Executive Power (Volume 6) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-1-84983-563-3   ''Separation Of Power (Volume 5) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2012978-1-84983-566-4Michael DobbsThe Edge of Madness (Harry Jones)
2012978-1-84983-567-1Alexandra HorowitzInside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
2011978-1-84983-572-5Lisa GenovaLeft Neglected
2012978-1-84983-576-3Vince FlynnConsent to Kill (Volume 8) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-1-84983-577-0   ''Act of Treason (Volume 9) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2012978-1-84983-578-7Vince FlynnProtect and Defend (The Mitch Rapp Series)
2011978-1-84983-581-7   ''Memorial Day (Volume 7) (The Mitch Rapp Series)
  ''978-1-84983-606-7Philippa GregoryThe Lady of the Rivers (COUSINS' WAR)
2013978-1-84983-610-4Jackie CollinsChances (Lucky Santangelo 1)
  ''978-1-84983-614-2   ''Lucky (Lucky Santangelo 2)
2012978-1-84983-619-7   ''The World is Full of Divorced Women
  ''978-1-84983-621-0   ''Hollywood Kids
2012978-1-84983-623-4Jackie CollinsHollywood Husbands
  ''978-1-84983-625-8   ''Hollywood Wives
  ''978-1-84983-627-2   ''Lady Boss (Lucky Santangelo 3)
  ''978-1-84983-629-6   ''Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge (Lucky Santangelo 4)
  ''978-1-84983-631-9   ''Dangerous Kiss (Lucky Santangelo 5)
2012978-1-84983-633-3Jackie CollinsThe Love Killers
2012978-1-84983-635-7Jackie CollinsLovers & Gamblers
  ''978-1-84983-637-1   ''Rock Star
  ''978-1-84983-639-5   ''American Star
  ''978-1-84983-641-8   ''Thrill!
  ''978-1-84983-643-2   ''L.A. Connections
2013978-1-84983-646-3Jackie CollinsThe Stud
  ''978-1-84983-648-7   ''The Bitch
2012978-1-84983-652-4Philippa GregoryThe Lady of the Rivers: 3 (COUSINS' WAR)
2011978-1-84983-653-1Kim McCosker4 Ingredients: Christmas: The easiest Christmas cookbook you will ever own
2012978-1-84983-688-3Thomas AsbridgeThe Crusades: The War for the Holy Land
2011978-1-84983-689-0AnonDo You Still Throw Spears At Each Other?: 90 Years of Glorious Gaffes from the Duke (Humour)
  ''978-1-84983-692-0Brendon BurchardThe Millionaire Messenger
2012978-1-84983-695-1Martin Sheen · Emilio EstevezAlong the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son
  ''978-1-84983-701-9Brendon BurchardThe Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive
2014978-1-84983-707-1Mary Higgins ClarkDaddy's Gone A-Hunting
  ''978-1-84983-708-8   ''Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
2012978-1-84983-710-1   ''The Lost Years
2012978-1-84983-711-8Mary Higgins ClarkThe Lost Years
2013978-1-84983-712-5   ''The Lost Years
2012978-1-84983-713-2Mary Higgins ClarkThe Lost Years
2013978-1-84983-722-4Sam TorranceOut of Bounds: Legendary Tales From the 19th Hole
2012978-1-84983-724-8Jake HumphreyThe Inside Track: Paddocks, Pit Stops and Tales of My Life in the Fast Lane
  ''978-1-84983-732-3MUFCFight to the Finish: The Inside Story of our Rollercoaster 2011-2012 Season (MUFC)
  ''978-1-84983-733-0Bob RotellaThe Unstoppable Golfer
2013978-1-84983-734-7Bob RotellaThe Unstoppable Golfer
2012978-1-84983-736-1Medieval MurderersThe First Murder
  ''978-1-84983-737-8Medieval MurderersThe First Murder (Medieval Murderers Group 8)
2011978-1-84983-749-1Kris JennerKris Jenner... and All Things Kardashian
2012978-1-84983-750-7Kris JennerKris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian
  ''978-1-84983-755-2Debrett'sDebrett's: The Queen - The Diamond Jubilee
2012978-1-84983-758-3Vaddey RatnerIn The Shadow Of The Banyan
2011978-1-84983-764-4Waitrose Cookery SchoolLove to Cook
2012978-1-84983-765-1Country LifeThe Glory of the Garden: A Horticultural Celebration (Country Life)
  ''978-1-84983-766-8Country LifeGentlemen's Pursuits: A Country Miscellany for the Discerning (Country Life)
  ''978-1-84983-767-5Vince FlynnTerm Limits
  ''978-1-84983-768-2Penny HancockTideline
  ''978-1-84983-774-3Dean WilliamsThe Tearaway
2012978-1-84983-776-7Jeremy VineIt's All News to Me
  ''978-1-84983-786-6Virginia AndrewsInto the Darkness
2013978-1-84983-793-4Kate LongBad Mothers United
2014978-1-84983-801-6Ian BothamBeefy's Cricket Tales: My Favourite Stories from On and Off the Field
2013978-1-84983-803-0Steve ThompsonAutobiography
2012978-1-84983-832-0Country LifeLetters to the Editor (Country Life)
  ''978-1-84983-839-9Rhonda ByrneThe Magic
  ''978-1-84983-842-9Lisa GenovaStill Alice
2013978-1-84983-860-3Lee WeeksCold as Ice (Dc Ebony Willis 2): Volume 2
2011978-1-84983-862-7Jennifer LynchThe Secret Diary of Laura Palmer: the gripping must-read for Twin Peaks fans
2012978-1-84983-875-7Monique RoffeyArchipelago
  ''978-1-84983-877-1Graham JohnsonHack: Sex, Drugs, and Scandal from Inside the Tabloid Jungle
2012978-1-84983-890-0Marc OstrofskyGet Rich Click: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet
  ''978-1-84983-900-6John SandfordBuried Prey (Lucas Davenport 21)
  ''978-1-84983-904-4Joan BradyThe Blue Death
  ''978-1-84983-912-9Michael FoleyEmbracing the Ordinary: Lessons from the Champions of Everyday Life
2013978-1-84983-913-6Michael FoleyEmbracing the Ordinary: Lessons From the Champions of Everyday Life
2012978-1-84983-915-0David B. AgusThe End of Illness: A New Perspective on Health That Changes Everything
  ''978-1-84983-921-1Pamela StephensonThe Varnished Untruth
2012978-1-84983-925-9Mike MorenoThe 17 Day Diet Cookbook
2013978-1-84983-927-3Jeremy DunsDead Drop: TheTrue Story of Oleg Penkovsky and the Cold War's Most Dangerous Operation
2011978-1-84983-932-7Storm Prey
2012978-1-84983-936-5Tim Harris · talkSPORTWho Invented the Header?: An Encyclopedia of Football Firsts
2013978-1-84983-939-6John SandfordStolen Prey (Lucas Davenport 22)
2012978-1-84983-947-1Adrian Besley · talkSPORTYou're Off!: The TalkSport Book of Red Cards
  ''978-1-84983-948-8Sonke Neitzel · Harald WelzerSoldaten - On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs
2013978-1-84983-949-5Sonke Neitzel · Harald WelzerSoldaten - On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs
  ''978-1-84983-955-6Robert RyanDead Man's Land (A Dr. Watson Thriller)
2012978-1-84983-956-3Robert RyanDead Man's Land (A Dr. Watson Thriller)
2013978-1-84983-957-0   ''Dead Man's Land (A Dr. Watson Thriller)
2014978-1-84983-965-5Karen KingsburyThe Chance
  ''978-1-84983-969-3Matthew HartGold: Inside the Race for the World's Most Seductive Metal
2012978-1-84983-971-6Arnold SchwarzeneggerTotal Recall
  ''978-1-84983-972-3Arnold SchwarzeneggerTotal Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story
2013978-1-84983-973-0   ''Total Recall
2012978-1-84983-975-4Alfie BoeAlfie: My Story
2012978-1-84983-978-5Sam FaiersLiving Life the Essex Way