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titleISBN-13year of publication
Air Ministry Pilot's Notes: Supermarine Spitfire VA, VB and VC and Seafire IB, IIB and III978-0-85979-044-41972
Auster Mk 6, T7 and T10 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-000-01972
British Aviation Colours of World War Two: The Official Camouflage, Colours & Markings of RAF Aircraft, 1939-1945978-0-85368-271-41986
Chipmunk Pilots Notes978-0-85979-023-91973
Halifax Pilots Notes978-0-85979-031-41972
Harvard Pilots Notes978-0-85979-069-71972
Hawker Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV978-0-85979-032-11972
Meteor 111 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-029-11972
Mosquito 38 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-075-81976
Mustang Pilots Notes978-0-85979-068-01972
Pilots and Flight Engineers Notes: Lancaster Mark I, III, VII & X: Avro Lancaster I, III and X978-0-85979-006-21972
Seafire 45 & 46 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-077-21976
Sea Fury Mk X Pilots Notes978-0-85979-035-21972
Spitfire 14 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-047-51973
Spitfire II Pilots Notes: Supermarine Spitfire978-0-85979-043-71972
Spitfire IX, XI & XVI Pilots Notes: Supermarine Spitfire IX, XI and XVI978-0-85979-046-81972
Spitfire V Manual: Official Air Publication for the Spitfire F.VA, F.VB, F.VC, LF.VB and LF.VC, 1941-45978-0-85368-420-61976
Stirling 1, 111 & 1V Pilots Notes978-0-85979-042-01972
Sunderland V Pilots Notes978-0-85979-083-31976
Tempest 11 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-034-51972
Tempest V Pilots Notes978-0-85979-084-01976
The Lancaster Manual: The Official Air Publication for the Lancaster Mk I and III 1942-1945978-1-85367-568-32003
The Spitfire V Manual: Official Air Publication for the Spitfire F.VA, F.VB, F.VC, LF.VB and LF.VC, 1941-45978-0-946627-26-41988
Tiger Moth978-0-85979-088-81985
Typhoon 1A & 1B Pilots Notes978-0-85979-033-81972
Wellington Pilots Notes978-0-85979-053-61972
Whirlwind 1 Pilots Notes978-0-85979-056-71972

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