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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-85296-000-4Tony BennSocial and Political Implications of Automation (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
2001978-0-85296-013-4Mike H. WestbrookThe Electric Car: Development and future of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell cars (Energy Engineering)
2002978-0-85296-029-5Paul AcarnleyStepping Motors: A guide to theory and practice (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
  ''978-0-85296-038-7M. Osman Tokhi · Sandor VeresActive Sound and Vibration Control: Theory and applications (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
  ''978-0-85296-084-4Rodney Vaughan · Jorgen Bach-AndersonChannels, Propagation and Antennas for Mobile Communications (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-0-85296-102-5Les Barclay · M. P.M. Hall · K. H. Craig · D. F. Bacon · M. T. HewittPropagation of Radiowaves (Electromagnetic Waves)
2001978-0-85296-103-2Science MuseumSir Charles Wheatstone (IEE History of Technology) (IEE History of Technology)PBHT0290 (History and Management of Technology)
  ''978-0-85296-104-9John SmithTroubled IT Projects: Prevention and Turnaround (IEE Professional Applications of Computing)PBPC0030 (Computing and Networks)
2002978-0-85296-106-3Neville R. Watson · Jos ArrillagaPower Systems Electromagnetic Transients Simulation (Energy Engineering)
2004978-0-85296-107-0Stan StewartDistribution Switchgear (Energy Engineering)
2002978-0-85296-137-7Ken ParkerElectrical Operation of Electrostatic Precipitators (Energy Engineering)
2004978-0-85296-158-2Manu Haddad · Doug WarneAdvances in High Voltage Engineering (Power & Energy)
2002978-0-85296-172-8Richard A. KlemmPrinciples of Space-time Adaptive Processing (Radar, Sonar, Navigation and Avionics)
2002978-0-85296-214-5Ray Morrison · Carl EricssonDeveloping Effective Engineering Leadership (History and Management of Technology)
  ''978-0-85296-218-3John BrayInnovation and the Communications Revolution: From the Victorian pioneers to broadband Internet (History and Management of Technology)
  ''978-0-85296-230-5J.B. BillingsleyLow-angle Radar Land Clutter PBRA1020
1982978-0-85296-260-2International Conference on Electrical Machines--Design and ApplicationsElectrical Machines: Design and Application (Iee Conference Publication)
1984978-0-85296-295-4International Broadcasting ConventionInternational Broadcasting Convention: 10th: Conference Proceedings (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
1987978-0-85296-347-0Antennas and Propagation 1987: International Conference Proceedings (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION//ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION)
  ''978-0-85296-356-2NAElectrical Machines and Drives: International Conference Proceedings (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
1988978-0-85296-368-5International Broadcasting Convention Ibc 1988 (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
  ''978-0-85296-387-64th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives 13-15 September 1989 (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
2002978-0-85296-417-0Paul AcarnleyStepping Motors: A guide to theory and practice (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
2004978-0-85296-431-6Patrick GaydeckiFoundations of Digital Signal Processing: Theory, algorithms and hardware design (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
1989978-0-85296-480-4Institution of Electrical EngineersProperties of Amorphous Silicon (EMIS Datareviews)
1991978-0-85296-491-0InspecProperties of Indium Phosphide (EMIS Datareviews) (EMIS Datareviews) PBEM0060
1991978-0-85296-512-2Television Measurements: 4th: International Conference Proceedings (I E E CONFERENCE PUBLICATION)
1992978-0-85296-528-3Institution of Electrical EngineersRecommendations for the Electrical and Electronic Equipment of Mobile and Fixed Offshore Installations (Conference Publication,)
  ''978-0-85296-553-5Radar '92 (Conference Publication S.)
1993978-0-85296-558-0Sadao AdachiProperties of Aluminium Gallium Arsenide (EMIS Datareviews) (EMIS Datareviews) PBEM0070
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  ''978-0-85296-594-8European Conference on Radio Relay Systems: 4th (Conference Publication S.)
  ''978-0-85296-596-2Electrical Machines and Drives: 6th: International Conference Proceedings (Conference Publication S.)
1995978-0-85296-637-2Institution of Electrical EngineersNinth International Conference on Antennas and Propagation (Conference Publication S.)
1995978-0-85296-644-0Institution of Electrical EngineersInternational Broadcasting Convention: IBC '95 16th, 1995: Conference Proceedings (Conference Publication S.)
  ''978-0-85296-648-8   ''Electrical Machines and Drives: 7th: International Conference Proceedings (Conference Publication S.)
1996978-0-85296-668-6   ''UKACC International Conference on Control 1996 (Conference Publication S.)
1997978-0-85296-674-7   ''CIRED: 14th: International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (Conference Publication S.)
  ''978-0-85296-686-0   ''Antennas and Propagation 1997,10th: International Conference Proceedings (Conference Publication S.)
1997978-0-85296-692-1Institution of Electrical EngineersSixth International Conference on Image Processing and Its Applications (Conference Publication S.)
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2003978-0-85296-710-2Mohammed GhanbariStandard Codecs: Image Compression to Advanced Video Coding (Telecommunications)
1999978-0-85296-719-5Institution of Electrical EngineersEleventh International Symposium on High-voltage Engineering (ISH 99): Vol.1 (Conference Publication S.)
  ''978-0-85296-721-8   ''Ninth International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 99) (Conference Publication S.)
2000978-0-85296-730-0   ''International Conference on Dielectric Materials, Measurements and Applications: 8th (IEE Conference Publication S.)
2001978-0-85296-738-6CIRED: 16th International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (IEE conference publication)
2002978-0-85296-750-8Institution of Electrical EngineersRadar 2002 (IEE conference proceedings)
1999978-0-85296-763-8Tullio Rozzi · Marco FarinaAdvanced Electromagnetic Analysis of Passive and Active Planar Structures (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-0-85296-765-2David LindsleyPower Plant Control and Instrumentation: The control of boilers and HRSG systems: The Control of Boilers and Heat-recovery Steam Generator Systems (HRSGs) (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
  ''978-0-85296-766-9Roger W. PrattFlight Control Systems: Practical issues in design and implementation (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
  ''978-0-85296-771-3Yong-Hua Song · A. T. JohnsFlexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) (Energy Engineering)
1999978-0-85296-773-7R.W. BurnsThe Life and Times of Alan Dower Blumlein (IEE History of Technology) (IEE History of Technology)PBHT0240 (History and Management of Technology)
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2001978-0-85296-775-1Hugh M. RyanHigh Voltage Engineering and Testing (Energy Engineering)
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1999978-0-85296-787-4Institution of Electrical EngineersSafety, Competency and Commitment
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2003978-0-85296-990-8   ''Guidance Notes: Isolation and Switching No 2 (IEE Wiring Regulations)
2002978-0-85296-991-5   ''Guidance Note 3 to IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671: Inspection and Testing (Guidance Notes for Bs 7671)
2003978-0-85296-992-2Institution of Electrical EngineersGuidance Notes: Protection from Fire No 4 (IEE Wiring Regulations)
  ''978-0-85296-993-9Institution ofGuidance Notes: Protection Against Electrical Shock No. 5 (Guidance Note 5)
  ''978-0-85296-994-6Institution of Electrical EngineersGuidance Notes: Protection against Overcurrent No 6 (IEE Wiring Regulations)
  ''978-0-85296-995-3   ''Guidance Notes: Special Locations No 7 (IEE Wiring Regulations)