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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-85124-001-5Laurie AaronsA strategy for the left ('Spokesman' pamphlet, no.1)
1971978-0-85124-008-4Sheila RowbothamWomen's liberation & the new politics ('Spokesman' pamphlets No. 17)
1972978-0-85124-048-0Fred BranfmanThird Indo-China War ('Spokesman' pamphlet)
1974978-0-85124-084-8Mihailo MarkovicContemporary Marx (European socialist thought series)
1975978-0-85124-090-9James F. Petras · Morris H. MorleyHow Allende Fell: Study in United States-Chilean Relations
  ''978-0-85124-118-0Frank Field · Steve WinyardLow Wages Councils ('Spokesman' pamphlet)
  ''978-0-85124-127-2Zhores MedvedevNational Frontiers and International Scientific Cooperation ('Spokesman' university paperback)
  ''978-0-85124-128-9Zhores A. MedvedevSecrecy of Correspondence is Guaranteed by Law ('Spokesman' university paperback)
2012978-0-85124-129-6Mihailo Markovic · Robert S. CohenYugoslavia: The Rise and Fall of Socialist Humanism: A History of the Praxis Group
1976978-0-85124-150-0Roy MedvedevLet History Judge: Origins and Consequences of Stalinism (European socialist thought series)
  ''978-0-85124-154-8Henry N. Brailsford · Christopher HillLevellers and the English Revolution (Socialist Classics)
1977978-0-85124-165-4Frank FieldAre Low Wages Inevitable?
1977978-0-85124-186-9Gavan McCormackCrisis in Korea
  ''978-0-85124-197-5Fred Halliday · Bertrand Russell Peace FoundationMercenaries: "Counter-insurgency" in the Gulf: "Counter-insurgency" in the Gulf
1978978-0-85124-201-9Noam ChomskyHuman Rights and American Foreign Policy
2012978-0-85124-207-1HodgsonSocialism and Parliamentary Democracy
1977978-0-85124-211-8Alan RobertsHazards of nuclear power
1979978-0-85124-248-4Noam Chomsky · Ed HermanPolitical Economy of Human Rights: The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism v. 1
1980978-0-85124-272-9Noam Chomsky · Ed HermanThe Political Economy of Human Rights: After the Cataclysm - Post-war Indo-China and the Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology v. 2
  ''978-0-85124-286-6Eduard BernsteinCromwell and Communism: Socialism and Democracy in the Great English Revolution
1981978-0-85124-288-0Benjamin FarringtonGreek Science
2012978-0-85124-338-2Kurt Vonnegut · Bertrand Russell Peace FoundationFates Worse Than Death (Spokesman Pamphlet)
1982978-0-85124-344-3Enrico BerlinguerAfter Poland
1983978-0-85124-349-8David Scott Bell · Eric ShawThe Left in France: Towards the Socialist Republic
2012978-0-85124-375-7Ken Coates · Richard SilburnPoverty: The Forgotten Englishmen
1984978-0-85124-393-1Johan GaltungThere are Alternatives: Four Roads to Peace and Security
  ''978-0-85124-406-8Ken CoatesThe Most Dangerous Decade: World Militarism and the New Non-aligned Peace Movement (Spokesman University Paperback)
1988978-0-85124-463-1Lionel Cliffe · Basil DavidsonThe Long Struggle of Eritrea for Independence and Constructive Peace
2012978-0-85124-481-5Peter HainA Putney Plot?
1993978-0-85124-544-7W.Paul Cockshott · Allin CottrellTowards a New Socialism
  ''978-0-85124-545-4W. Paul CockshottTowards a New Socialism
1994978-0-85124-565-2Ken Coates · Tony TophamThe Making of the Labour Movement: The Formation of the Transport and General Workers' Union, 1870-1922
2000978-0-85124-570-6Bertrand RussellGerman Social Democracy
2000978-0-85124-571-3Bertrand RussellGerman Social Democracy
2001978-0-85124-630-7Eduard BernsteinCromwell and Communism: Socialism and Democracy in the Great English Revolution (Socialist Classics)
2000978-0-85124-631-4Benjamin FarringtonGreek Science: Its Meaning for Us
2001978-0-85124-638-3Bertrand RussellHas Man a Future?
2003978-0-85124-649-9V.Gordon ChildeMan Makes Himself (New Thinker's Library)
2001978-0-85124-654-3Benjamin FarringtonHead and Hand in Ancient Greece: Four Studies in the Social Relations of Thought (New Thinker's Library)
  ''978-0-85124-660-4Arundhati Roy · Noam Chomsky · Harold Pinter · Johan GaltungWar is Peace (Spokesman) (The Spokesman)
2003978-0-85124-677-2Bertrand RussellLet the People Think: A Selection of Essays (New Thinker's Library)
  ''978-0-85124-678-9Ken Coates · etc. · et alConfessions of a Terrorist (The Spokesman)
  ''978-0-85124-682-6Ken CoatesWorkers Control: Another World is Possible
  ''978-0-85124-685-7Anne GuttDepleted Uranium - Deadly, Dangerous and Indiscriminate: The Full Picture
2004978-0-85124-687-1Kurt VonnegutKurt Vonnegut on Mark Twain, Lincoln, Imperialist Wars and the Weather
2012978-0-85124-691-8   ''America's Gulag: Full Spectrum Dominance Versus Universal Human Rights
2004978-0-85124-694-9Ken CoatesEmpire No More: The Lion and Wolf Small Cease
2004978-0-85124-695-6Trevor GriffithsThese Are the Times: A Life of Thomas Paine
2012978-0-85124-697-0Kenneth Coates · Joseph Rotblat · Noam ChomskyAlbert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Manifesto 50 (The Spokesman)
  ''978-0-85124-699-4Ken Coates · Tony TophamWorkers' Control: A Book of Readings and Witnesses for Workers' Control
2004978-0-85124-702-1Ken CoatesFrom Tom Paine to Guantanamo Bay (The Spokesman)
  ''978-0-85124-704-5Glen RangwalaA Case to Answer
2005978-0-85124-705-2Bertrand RussellJustice in Wartime
2012978-0-85124-713-7Ken Coates · Arundhati Roy · John BergerThe Suicide Bombers (The Spokesman)
2006978-0-85124-714-4Bertrand RussellRoads to Freedom
2005978-0-85124-716-8Ken Coates · Robert FiskInside the Crusader Fortress (Spokesman) (The Spokesman)
2007978-0-85124-717-5Richard FletcherThe CIA and the Labout Movement
2006978-0-85124-718-2Donald Newton WilberRegime Change in Iran
2009978-0-85124-719-9Mordechai VananuIsrael's Bomb - The First Victim: The Case of Mordechai Vanunu
2006978-0-85124-726-7Christopher GiffordNuclear Reactors: Do We Need More? (Socialist Renewal)
  ''978-0-85124-729-8Ken Coates · Noam Chomsky · Harold PinterThe Carnage Continues - And Now for Trident! (The Spokesman)
2008978-0-85124-730-4Keith PoppleCommunity Development in Theory and Practice: An International Reader
2007978-0-85124-732-8Ken Coates · Richard SilburnSt Ann's: Poverty, Deprivation and Morale in a Nottingham Community
2012978-0-85124-733-5Robert Fisk · Jean-Paul Sartre · Hans BlixGenocide Old and New (The Spokesman)
2007978-0-85124-734-2Bertrand RussellLogic and Knowledge
  ''978-0-85124-735-9   ''Mysticism and Logic
2007978-0-85124-736-6Bertrand RussellMy Philosophical Development
  ''978-0-85124-737-3   ''An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth
  ''978-0-85124-738-0   ''Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
2007978-0-85124-740-3Bertrand RussellThe Analysis of Matter
  ''978-0-85124-741-0   ''The Analysis of Mind
  ''978-0-85124-742-7   ''The Philosophy of Leibniz
  ''978-0-85124-745-8Ken Coates · Alice Mahon · Adam PriceWar Crimes (The Spokesman)
  ''978-0-85124-748-9George FarebrotherFreedom from Nuclear Weapons: World Court Coalition
2008978-0-85124-756-4Vere Gordon ChildeThe Prehistory of European Society
2009978-0-85124-765-6Ken Coates · Noam Chomsky · Richard FalkUnholy Land (Spokesman): 103 (The Spokesman)
2009978-0-85124-767-0Nathaniel MehrConstructive Bloodbath in Indonesia: The United States, Great Britain and the Mass Killings of 1965-1966
2010978-0-85124-775-5Ken Coates · John Berger · Noam Chomsky · Lord GoldsmithRegime Changers Anonymous (The Spokesman)
2012978-0-85124-777-9Ken Coates · Kurt Vonnegut · Bertrand RussellA Special Relationship ... with Truth? (The Spokesman)
2011978-0-85124-788-5J. A. HobsonImperialism: A Study
  ''978-0-85124-795-3Walter BrierleyMeans-test Man
  ''978-0-85124-799-1Raymond WilliamsThe Country and the City
2013978-0-85124-823-3Ayse Berktay · Stephane Hessel · Trevor GriffithsOn Palestine and Prisoners (The Spokesman)