Donald Newton Wilber

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Iran, Past and PresentPaperback978-0-691-00021-31976
Iran, past and presentHardcover978-0-691-03108-81976
Iran, past and present   "978-0-691-03102-61975
Iran: Past and Present   "978-0-691-03028-91967
Iran, Past and Present: From Monarchy to Islamic RepublicPaperback978-0-691-61439-72014
Iran, Past and Present: From Monarchy to Islamic RepublicHardcover978-0-691-03130-91982
Persepolis: The Archaeology of Parsa, Seat of the Persian Kings   "978-0-87850-062-81989
Persepolis: The Archaeology of Parsa Seat of the Persian Kings   "978-0-304-93403-41969
Persian Gardens and Garden Pavilions   "978-0-88402-082-01979
Regime Change in IranPaperback978-0-85124-718-22006
The Timurid Architecture of Iran and Turan: Two volumesHardcover978-0-691-03587-11988Lisa Golombek

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