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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-7490-8216-1Daniel BlytheI Hate Christmas: A Manifesto for the Modern-day Scrooge
  ''978-0-7490-8218-5Graeme McLaganGUNS AND GANGS: The Inside Story of the War on Our Streets
  ''978-0-7490-8219-2Rupert HolmesWhere the Truth Lies
2005978-0-7490-8220-8Deryn LakeThe Governor's Ladies
  ''978-0-7490-8221-5Mary Jane ClarkDancing in the Dark
2006978-0-7490-8223-9Victoria LeathamBloodletting: A True Story of Secrets, Self-harm and Survival
  ''978-0-7490-8224-6Michael WaleView from a Shed: Four Seasons as an Urban Farmer
2005978-0-7490-8225-3Mike RipleyAngel in the House
2005978-0-7490-8226-0Maxim JakubowskiThe Best British Mysteries: v. 3 (Best British Mysteries (Hardcover))
  ''978-0-7490-8227-7Priscilla MastersA Plea of Insanity
2006978-0-7490-8228-4Clare CurzonThe Glass Wall
2005978-0-7490-8230-7Janet NeelTicket to Ride
2006978-0-7490-8233-8Deryn LakeThe Governor's Ladies
  ''978-0-7490-8234-5Hazel HoltNo Cure for Death (A Sheila Malory Mystery)
2005978-0-7490-8235-2Patricia HallFalse Witness
  ''978-0-7490-8236-9Robert BarnardDying Flames
2006978-0-7490-8237-6Edward MarstonThe Excursion Train (The Railway Detective Series)
  ''978-0-7490-8238-3Alex GrayShadows of Sounds (DCI Lorimer)
2006978-0-7490-8239-0Marjorie EcclesShadows and Lies
2005978-0-7490-8240-6Robert BarnardThe Graveyard Position
  ''978-0-7490-8241-3David DonachieA Shot Rolling Ship (John Pearce)
2006978-0-7490-8242-0Beryl KingstonGATES OF PARADISE, THE
  ''978-0-7490-8243-7Alex WheatleIsland Songs
  ''978-0-7490-8244-4Alanna KnightDangerous Pursuits (Rose McQuinn Mysteries)
2005978-0-7490-8245-1Stuart PawsonOver the Edge (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mystery) (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8246-8Judith CutlerDrawing the Line
2006978-0-7490-8248-2Tom PerrottaLittle Children
2006978-0-7490-8249-9June FrancisA Dream to Share
  ''978-0-7490-8250-5Stuart PawsonDeadly Friends: The engrossing Yorkshire crime series (DI Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8251-2Ken McClurePast Lives
2005978-0-7490-8252-9Cath StaincliffeHit and Run
2006978-0-7490-8253-6Maxim JakubowskiThe Best British Mysteries III: v. 3 (Best British Mysteries (Paperback))
  ''978-0-7490-8255-0Stuart PawsonSome By Fire (DI Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8258-1Judith CutlerThe Food Detective (Josie Welford Series)
2005978-0-7490-8259-8Maxim JakubowskiBest British Mysteries
2004978-0-7490-8260-4David DonachieBy the Mast Divided (John Pearce)
2005978-0-7490-8261-1Jonathan GashThe Year of the Woman
2006978-0-7490-8263-5Francine ProseA Changed Man
2005978-0-7490-8265-9Tony HillermanSKELETON MAN
2005978-0-7490-8266-6Alanna KnightGhost Walk (Rose McQuinn)
2006978-0-7490-8267-3Stuart PawsonSHOOTING ELVIS: (Formerly The Executionist) (DI Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8268-0Rebecca TopeA Cotswold Ordeal (Cotswold Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8269-7Tony HillermanSkeleton Man (Joe Leaphorn & Jim Chee)
2005978-0-7490-8272-7Brian EastmanThe Tree of Death
2006978-0-7490-8273-4Gerald HammondCold Relations
  ''978-0-7490-8274-1Deryn LakeThe King's Women
2005978-0-7490-8275-8Patricia HallSins of the Father
  ''978-0-7490-8276-5Judith CutlerLife Sentence (Chief Superintendent Frances Harman)
2006978-0-7490-8277-2Michael BondMonsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives: The witty crime romp (Monsieur Pamplemousse Series)
2006978-0-7490-8278-9Penelope EvansFatal Reunion
  ''978-0-7490-8279-6Elizabeth CorleyGrave Doubts: The compelling crime series (DCI Andrew Fenwick)
  ''978-0-7490-8282-6Jo BannisterRequiem for a Dealer
  ''978-0-7490-8283-3Gwendonline ButlerDREAD MURDER
  ''978-0-7490-8284-0Laurie R. KingLocked Rooms (Mary Russell Mystery)
2006978-0-7490-8285-7Edward MarstonThe Parliament House: The thrilling historical whodunnit (Christopher Redmayne)
2005978-0-7490-8286-4Martin EdwardsThe Cipher Garden: A Lake District Mystery
2006978-0-7490-8287-1Clare CurzonEDGE, THE
  ''978-0-7490-8288-8H.R.F. KeatingOne Man and His Bomb
  ''978-0-7490-8289-5Patricia HallSins of the Fathers (Thackeray & Ackroyd)
2005978-0-7490-8290-1Deryn LakeDeath in the Setting Sun: A John Rawlings Mystery
  ''978-0-7490-8291-8Martin EdwardsThe Coffin Trail: You can never bury the past... (Lake District Cold-Case Mysteries)
2006978-0-7490-8292-5Catherine AirdA Hole in One (Sloan and Crosby)
  ''978-0-7490-8293-2Catherine ShawThe Library Paradox (Vanessa Duncan)
2006978-0-7490-8294-9Margaret ThorntonAbove the Bright Blue Sky
2005978-0-7490-8295-6Marjorie EcclesShadows and Lies
2006978-0-7490-8296-3Deryn LakeDeath and the Cornish Fiddler
  ''978-0-7490-8298-7Jo BannisterBreaking Faith
  ''978-0-7490-8299-4John GardnerTroubled Midnight
2004978-0-7490-8300-7Maxim JakubowskiThe Best British Mysteries
  ''978-0-7490-8301-4Alanna KnightGhost Walk
  ''978-0-7490-8302-1Stuart PawsonOver the Edge (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mystery) (DI Charlie Priest Mysteries)
2005978-0-7490-8304-5Tom PerrottaLittle Children
2004978-0-7490-8305-2Max Wallace · Ian HalperinLove and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain: The Music of Kurt Cobain
2007978-0-7490-8306-9Jonathan FryerRonald Firbank: A Life
2004978-0-7490-8307-6Patricia HallFalse Witness
2004978-0-7490-8311-3Daniel BlytheThe Encyclopaedia of Classic 80's Pop
2005978-0-7490-8314-4Stuart PawsonThe Judas Sheep (DI Charlie Priest Mystery)
2004978-0-7490-8317-5Joyce HolmsHidden Depths (Fizz & Buchanan Mystery)
2005978-0-7490-8318-2Jo BannisterDepths of Solitude
  ''978-0-7490-8319-9Stuart PawsonLast Reminder (DI Charlie Priest Mystery)
2004978-0-7490-8321-2Jonathan GashThe Ten Word Game
  ''978-0-7490-8322-9Peter TurnbullHopes and Fears
2005978-0-7490-8323-6Judith CutlerScar Tissue
  ''978-0-7490-8324-3June FrancisA Place to Call Home
2004978-0-7490-8325-0Alex GrayA Small Weeping (DCI Lorimer)
  ''978-0-7490-8326-7Robert BarnardThe Graveyard Position
2004978-0-7490-8327-4Gerald HammondDead Letters
2005978-0-7490-8328-1Judith CutlerThe Food Detective
2007978-0-7490-8329-8June FrancisStep by Step
2004978-0-7490-8330-4Alex GrayA Small Weeping (DCI Lorimer)
  ''978-0-7490-8331-1Robert BarnardCRY FROM THE DARK, A
2005978-0-7490-8332-8Molly IvinsWHO LET THE DOGS IN?: A Personal History of America's Most Incredible Political Animals
  ''978-0-7490-8333-5Penelope EvansA Fatal Reunion
  ''978-0-7490-8334-2Ken McClureThe Eye of the Raven
2004978-0-7490-8335-9Cath StaincliffeBlue Murder: Cry Me a River
  ''978-0-7490-8336-6Maxim JakubowskiThe Best British Mysteries 2005 (Best British Mysteries (Hardcover))
2005978-0-7490-8337-3Priscilla MastersA Plea of Insanity (Crime Collection)
2005978-0-7490-8338-0Jo BannisterBREAKING FAITH
2004978-0-7490-8341-0Brian EastmanAnd No Birds Sing: 'Rosemary & Thyme': "Rosemary & Thyme"
2005978-0-7490-8342-7Priscilla MastersRiver Deep
  ''978-0-7490-8343-4Catherine AirdA Hole in One (Sloan and Crosby)
  ''978-0-7490-8344-1Roy LewisEmbers of the Dead (Eric Ward Mystery S.)
2004978-0-7490-8345-8Ruth SilvestreReflections of Sunflowers
  ''978-0-7490-8346-5Chris GordonThe Book of Weird Sex
2005978-0-7490-8347-2Catherine ShawThe Three-body Problem
  ''978-0-7490-8348-9Graeme McLaganGuns and Gangs
2005978-0-7490-8349-6Rebecca TopeA Cotswold Ordeal (Cotswold Mysteries)
2004978-0-7490-8350-2David DonachieBy the Mast Divided (John Pearce)
  ''978-0-7490-8351-9Ian ChristeSound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal
2005978-0-7490-8352-6Edward MarstonThe Railway Detective
  ''978-0-7490-8353-3Clare CurzonThe Glass Wall
2007978-0-7490-8354-0Peter Mayle · Angela MurrillsHOT SUN, COOL SHADOW: Savouring the Mystery of the Languedoc: Savouring the Food, History and Mystery of the Languedoc
2004978-0-7490-8355-7Peter GuttridgeCast Adrift
  ''978-0-7490-8356-4Judith CutlerDrawing the Line
2005978-0-7490-8357-1Carol Anne DavisCouples Who Kill: Profiles of Deviant Duos
  ''978-0-7490-8358-8John MalcolmRogues' Gallery
2004978-0-7490-8360-1Stuart PawsonLimestone Cowboy: A DI Charlie Priest Mystery (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
2005978-0-7490-8362-5Penelope EvansA Fatal Reunion (A&b Crime Collection)
2006978-0-7490-8363-2Clare CurzonThe Last to Leave (Superintendant Mike Yeadings Mystery)
2005978-0-7490-8364-9Hazel HoltNo Cure for Death
2004978-0-7490-8365-6Deryn LakeDeath in the Setting Sun (John Rawlings Mystery)
2005978-0-7490-8368-7Colin MacInnesThe London Novels
2005978-0-7490-8369-4Laurie R. KingLocked Rooms (Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes)
2004978-0-7490-8370-0Deryn LakeDeath in the Valley of Shadows (John Rawlings Mystery)
2005978-0-7490-8372-4Victoria LeathamBloodletting: A True Story of Secrets,Self-harm and Survival
  ''978-0-7490-8374-8Hazel HoltThe Silent Killer
2004978-0-7490-8376-2Patricia HallMASKS OF DARKNESS, THE
2005978-0-7490-8377-9Kate CharlesEvil Intent (Callie Anson)
  ''978-0-7490-8378-6Alex GrayShadows of Sounds: The compelling Glasgow crime series (DCI Lorimer)
  ''978-0-7490-8379-3Ken McClureThe Gulf Conspiracy
2004978-0-7490-8380-9Paul MagrsTO THE DEVIL - A DIVA!
  ''978-0-7490-8381-6Brian EastmanAnd No Bird Sings: "Rosemary & Thyme"
2008978-0-7490-8382-3Jerry StahlI, Fatty: A Novel
2005978-0-7490-8383-0Susan HepburnGhost of a Chance
2005978-0-7490-8384-7Laurie R. KingThe Game (Mary Russell Mystery)
2004978-0-7490-8385-4Stuart PawsonThe Mushroom Man (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7490-8387-8Bill NaughtonAlfie
2005978-0-7490-8388-5Alex GrayA Small Weeping: The compelling Glasgow crime series (DCI Lorimer)
  ''978-0-7490-8389-2Max Wallace · Ian HalperinLove and Death: A New and Explosive Investigation into the Murder of Kurt Cobain
2004978-0-7490-8390-8Stuart PawsonThe Picasso Scam (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
2005978-0-7490-8392-2Edward MarstonThe Excursion Train (Railway Detective)
  ''978-0-7490-8393-9Alex GrayShadows of Sounds (DCI Lorimer)
2004978-0-7490-8395-3Susan KellyDeath of a Ghost: A Superintendent Gregory Summers Mystery
  ''978-0-7490-8396-0Joyce HolmsHot Potato (Fizz & Buchanan Mystery)
2009978-0-7490-8397-7Edward MarstonSilver Locomotive Mystery, The (Railway Detective)
2005978-0-7490-8398-4Rebecca TopeA Cotswold Killing: Murder in the heart of the Cotswolds (Cotswold Mysteries)
2005978-0-7490-8399-1Marjorie EcclesThe Shape of Sand