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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-8423-0000-1G. Frederick OwenAbraham Lincoln: The Man & His Faith
1996978-0-8423-0007-0Kenneth N. TaylorEverything a Child Should Know about God
1986978-0-8423-0008-7Jayne GarrisionA-Z Guide for New Mothers
1996978-0-8423-0010-0M NeffHearts Cry
1995978-0-8423-0011-7Grace Livingston HillApril Gold (Grace Livingston Hill #27)
1986978-0-8423-0014-8Gordon MacDonaldAction Plan for Great Dads (Pocket Guide)
1996978-0-8423-0015-5Nancy S. HillActual Factuals for Kids #1 (Actual Factuals #1)
1979978-0-8423-0016-2Jayne GarrisonThe ABC's of Christian mothering: A guide for the baby's first year
1996978-0-8423-0018-6Grace Livingston HillAll Through the Night (Grace Livingston Hill #6)
1985978-0-8423-0019-3Christin RickleyAlive (Campus Life Series)
1986978-0-8423-0020-9Margaret GrahamAnna
  ''978-0-8423-0021-6Josh D. McDowell · Don StewartAnswers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About the Christian Faith
1996978-0-8423-0022-3Nancy S. HillActual Factuals for Kids #2 (Actual Factuals #2)
1986978-0-8423-0023-0Laurie CliffordApril in Love
1991978-0-8423-0025-4Larry BurkettAnswers to Your Family's Financial Questions
1985978-0-8423-0027-8Stephen R. LawheadAfter you graduate
1987978-0-8423-0029-2Ann Kiemel AndersonAnd With the Gift Came Laughter
1985978-0-8423-0030-8Marilyn Kunz · Catherine SchellThe Acts of the Apostles: 18 Discussions for Group Bible Study
1997978-0-8423-0031-5David R. VeermanEdge Devotional Bible for Students
1991978-0-8423-0032-2Elizabeth R. SkoglundAlfred Macduff Is Afraid of War (An Eager Reader)
1984978-0-8423-0034-6Paul E. BillheimerAdventure in Adversity
1997978-0-8423-0035-3Nancy S. HillActual Factuals: With Verses from the Bible
1986978-0-8423-0036-0Bill StaffordAdventure in Giving
1979978-0-8423-0037-7Dick Ewing · Ron WilsonThe Adventure of the Iron Camels
1997978-0-8423-0041-4Francine RiversThe Atonement Child
1987978-0-8423-0042-1Larry BurkettAnswers to Your Family's Financial Questions
1980978-0-8423-0043-8James I WilsonAgainst the powers
1984978-0-8423-0044-5Constance HeadAhaz: The Possessor
1978978-0-8423-0045-2Angus KinnearAgainst the Tide: The Story of Watchman Nee
1984978-0-8423-0047-6Grace Livingston HillThe Angel of His Presence
1983978-0-8423-0048-3John AvanziniAlways Abounding
1980978-0-8423-0049-0Richard G KorthalsAgape evangelism: Roots that reach out
1983978-0-8423-0051-3J. I. PackerThe Apostles' Creed
1997978-0-8423-0052-0Francine RiversThe Atonement Child
1981978-0-8423-0053-7Ray BurwickAnger: Defusing the bomb
1975978-0-8423-0054-4Dale E. GallowayDream a New Dream - After Divorce
1979978-0-8423-0056-8LeRoy PattersonAfter you've said, "I believe"
1999978-0-8423-0058-2Danae DobsonThe Best of Woof
978-0-8423-0060-5Kenneth N. TaylorAlmost Twelve
1982978-0-8423-0061-2George ShinnThe American Dream Still Works
1976978-0-8423-0062-9Katie Funk WiebeAlone: A widow's search for joy
2001978-0-8423-0063-6Tyndale House PublishersAre You Prepared for Desecration? Bookmarks
1979978-0-8423-0064-3John Richard PriceAmerica at the crossroads (Living books)
1985978-0-8423-0067-4Marilyn Kunz · Catherine SchellAmos: A Prophet of Life - Style
1979978-0-8423-0069-8Bill R AustinAnd stumbled on a morning
  ''978-0-8423-0071-1Jan MarkellAngels in the camp: A remarkable story of peace in the midst of the holocaust
1996978-0-8423-0075-9Tyndale House Publishers · Terry HallBig Book of Bible Puzzles
  ''978-0-8423-0077-3Tyndale House PublishersBible Crossword Puzzles: 200 Crossword Puzzles to Enhance Your Bible Knowledge
1982978-0-8423-0078-0Fred FosterAlcohol Trap
1983978-0-8423-0083-4Other Contributor-Charles E. CerlingAssertiveness & the Christian
1974978-0-8423-0085-8Allan PetersenArt of Being a Man
1977978-0-8423-0087-2David A. RayThe Art of Christian Meditation: A Guide to Increase Your Personal Awareness of God
1982978-0-8423-0088-9R. Gene ReynoldsAssurance: You can know you're a Christian
1973978-0-8423-0090-2NAAttack from the spirit world: A compilation
1985978-0-8423-0091-9Jim BossAmbush at Vermejo
1980978-0-8423-0092-6James RobisonAttack on the Family
1982978-0-8423-0095-7American Reform Tract and Book SocietyAunt Sally: A Narrative of the Slave life and Purchase of the Mother of Rev. Isaac Williams of Detroit, Michigan
1983978-0-8423-0096-4Bill AustinAustins Topical History of Christianity
1999978-0-8423-0098-8Jerry B. Jenkins · Tim LaHayeAre We Living in the END TIMES?
1980978-0-8423-0099-5Hudson T ArmerdingA word to the wise
1974978-0-8423-0100-8GodThe Living New Testament Paraphrased
1978978-0-8423-0101-5Arthur P JohnstonThe battle for world evangelism
1972978-0-8423-0103-9Francis SchaefferBasic Bible Studies
1994978-0-8423-0104-6J. Allan PetersenBefore You Marry: bible studies for singles
1972978-0-8423-0105-3Tim F LaHayeThe beginning of the end,
  ''978-0-8423-0106-0Tim F LaHayeThe beginning of the end,
1978978-0-8423-0109-1Arthur P JohnstonThe battle for world evangelism
1975978-0-8423-0111-4Stanley A. EllisenBiography of a Great Planet
1976978-0-8423-0112-1Rick YohnBeyond spiritual gifts
1976978-0-8423-0113-8Rick YohnBeyond spiritual gifts
1991978-0-8423-0114-5Tim LaHayeThe Beginning of the End
1980978-0-8423-0115-2Bill R AustinThe back of God: Signs of his presence
1981978-0-8423-0116-9Donald McGavran · Win ArnBack to Basics in Church Growth
1979978-0-8423-0117-6Laurel LeeBarnaby Frost
1980978-0-8423-0118-3Laurel LeeBarnaby Frost Plants a Seed
1996978-0-8423-0119-0David VeermanBeside Still Waters
1978978-0-8423-0120-6Paul A CedarBecoming a lover (A Tyndale treasure)
1984978-0-8423-0122-0Wightman WeeseBack in Touch
1997978-0-8423-0123-7Sarah Peterson Hage · Sarah M. PetersonThe Book of Names
1983978-0-8423-0127-5Larry JonesBeginnings of hope
1982978-0-8423-0128-2John Allan LavenderBeat the blues: Help in combating "the common cold of emotional dis-ease"
978-0-8423-0129-9Barney Buck and the Buck of Goober Holler (Barney Buck Series #1)
1979978-0-8423-0130-5Joyce M. SmithBecoming God's Woman (New Life Bible Studies)
1985978-0-8423-0131-2Gilbert MorrisBarney Buck and the Flying Solar-Cycle (Barney Buck Series, Book 2)
  ''978-0-8423-0132-9Gilbert MorrisBarney Buck and the Phantom of the Circus (Barney Buck Series, Book 2)
1980978-0-8423-0133-6joyce marie smithBecoming the Parent Your Child Needs (new life bible studies)
978-0-8423-0134-3Barney Buck and the Rough Rider Special (Barney Buck Series, Book 5)
1984978-0-8423-0135-0Mari HanesBeyond Heartache
1982978-0-8423-0137-4Barbara RobinsonThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever
1997978-0-8423-0140-4Being Made Whole---Prayers and Promises for Hospital Patients
1979978-0-8423-0143-5William F. DankenbringBeyond Star Wars
1982978-0-8423-0144-2Donald AndersonBetter Than Blessed
1979978-0-8423-0145-9William F Dankenbring.Beyond Star Wars
1998978-0-8423-0146-6Bible Brain Busters: A Bible Trivia Book You Can't Put Down
1982978-0-8423-0147-3Chip RicksBeyond the Clouds
1998978-0-8423-0148-0xBible Brain Teasers: A Bible trivia book you can't put down!
1979978-0-8423-0149-7Chip RicksBeyond the Clouds
1996978-0-8423-0151-0William Carmichael · Nancie CarmichaelThe Best Things Ever Said about Parenting
  ''978-0-8423-0152-7Bill Carmichael · Nancie CarmichaelThe Best Things Ever Said about Parenting-16 Copy Prepak
978-0-8423-0153-4The Best Things Ever Said about Parenting-8 Copy Prepak
1982978-0-8423-0154-1Mawii PudaiteBeyond the next mountain: The story of Rochunga Pudaite
1997978-0-8423-0155-8J. Stephen LangAnother Big Book of American Trivia
1996978-0-8423-0157-2Tyndale · LivingstoneWorship (LAB Topical Studies)
1991978-0-8423-0158-9Gene EdwardsThe Birth (Chronicles of the Door #2)
1996978-0-8423-0159-6Tyndale House PublishersWork (Life Application Bible Studies)
  ''978-0-8423-0160-2Tyndale · LivingstoneParenting (LAB Topical Studies)
  ''978-0-8423-0161-9   ''Character (LAB Topical Studies)
1996978-0-8423-0162-6Tyndale · LivingstonePriorities (LAB Topical Studies)
  ''978-0-8423-0163-3   ''Friendship (LAB Topical Studies)
1990978-0-8423-0164-0Kenneth N. TaylorBig Thoughts for Little People
1996978-0-8423-0165-7Tyndale · LivingstoneStress (LAB Topical Studies)
  ''978-0-8423-0167-1   ''Money (LAB Topical Studies)
1982978-0-8423-0169-5Catherine WeinaugBoats, Birds, Beasts and Believers
1996978-0-8423-0171-8David R. Veerman · Timothy R. BottsBeside Still Waters-16 Copy Prepak
  ''978-0-8423-0174-9David R. Veerman · Timothy R. BottsBeside Still Waters-8 Copy Prepak
2000978-0-8423-0175-6Meg AshleyMeg
1998978-0-8423-0176-3Ron DiCianniBeyond Words: A Treasury of Paintings and Devotional Writings
1984978-0-8423-0178-7Bernard PalmerBreck's Choice
1982978-0-8423-0179-4Danita DyerBrother of the Bride
1978978-0-8423-0180-0Marjorie PalmerThe Bride's Book of Ideas
978-0-8423-0181-7Bittersweet Love
1998978-0-8423-0182-4Tyndale House PublishersBible Brain Busters
1986978-0-8423-0183-1LeRoy PattersonThe best is yet to be
1980978-0-8423-0184-8Brother AndrewBuilding in a Broken World
1978978-0-8423-0185-5Donald L. Bubna · Sarah M. RickettsBuilding People, Through a Caring, Sharing Fellowship
1997978-0-8423-0186-2Ramona Cramer TuckerThe Busy Woman's Guide to a Balanced Life
1982978-0-8423-0187-9Donald Bubna · Sarah RickettsBuilding People Through a Caring Sharing Fellowship
  ''978-0-8423-0188-6William A ShellLeader's guide for Building people, through a caring, sharing fellowship (Living studies)
1983978-0-8423-0189-3Larry JonesBuild a Brand New You
1998978-0-8423-0190-9Charles W. ColsonBurden of Truth: Defending Truth in an Age of Unbelief
1998978-0-8423-0191-6Ron DicianniBeyond Words Deluxe Edition
1985978-0-8423-0194-7Gilbert MorrisBarney Buck and the Kamikaze Charger (Barney Buck Series, Book 3)
1972978-0-8423-0195-4Joy P GageBut you don't know Harry (A Tyndale treasure)
1998978-0-8423-0196-1Gary R. CollinsBreathless: Transform Your Time-Starved Days/Life Well Lived
1985978-0-8423-0197-8Donita DyerBrother of The Bride / The Bride's Escape (Two Books in One)
1997978-0-8423-0198-5J. Stephen LangAnother Big Book of American Trivia (Big Book of Series)
  ''978-0-8423-0199-2   ''Another Big Book of American Trivia (Big Book of Series)
1973978-0-8423-0200-5Cameos: Women Fashioned By God
1983978-0-8423-0201-2Helen KooimanCameos
1985978-0-8423-0202-9William J. PetersenC.S. Lewis Had a Wife
  ''978-0-8423-0203-6Matthew · Mark · Luke · John · Timothy · JamesThe Book in Dramatic Stereo: The New Testament
1986978-0-8423-0204-3William J. PetersenCatherine Marshall Had a Husband
1973978-0-8423-0205-0Hazel B. GoddardCan We Love Again?
1983978-0-8423-0207-4Earl RadmacherCan We Trust the Bible
1981978-0-8423-0208-1Chip RicksCarol's story
1979978-0-8423-0210-4Fay AngusThe catalyst
1984978-0-8423-0212-8Allan StewartRick Shannon the Case at the Missing Pilot
1980978-0-8423-0213-5Bob ErlerThe Catch Me Killer
  ''978-0-8423-0214-2Bob Erler · John C. SouterThey Called Me the Catch Me Killer
1985978-0-8423-0215-9Harold C. LyonChasing After the Wind
1991978-0-8423-0216-6Mike BellahBaby Boom Believers in the 90s
1993978-0-8423-0218-0Celebrate (Neighborhood Bible Studies)
1983978-0-8423-0219-7Mari HanesThe Child Within
1979978-0-8423-0220-3Peter J. BrashlerChange
1981978-0-8423-0221-0Richard WalshThe Chase
1991978-0-8423-0223-4Anne CourtneyCorey's Dad Drinks Too Much (An Eager Reader)
1996978-0-8423-0227-2Calvin Miller · Angela Elwell Hunt · Walt Wangerin · Max Lucado · Bodie Thoene · Francine Rivers · Michael Car · Gilbert MorrisChristmas by the Hearth: A Treasury of Stories Celebrating the Meaning of and Mystery of Christmas (Tyndale Living Audio)
1978978-0-8423-0228-9Watchman NeeChanged into His Likeness
1977978-0-8423-0229-6Rick YohnCharacter Growth: Priority for Christian Living
1979978-0-8423-0231-9Rod HuronCheckpoint
1970978-0-8423-0233-3n/aChildren's Living Bible
1972978-0-8423-0235-7Mary Wang · Gwen and Edward EnglandThe Chinese Church That Will Not Die
1978978-0-8423-0237-1RenichChristian Husband
1977978-0-8423-0238-8John C SouterThe Christian in today's society: Living Bible studies in Thessalonians
1996978-0-8423-0239-5Angela Elwell Hunt · Bodie Thoene · Calvin Miller · Francine Rivers · Gilbert Morris · Michael Card · Walt WangerinChristmas by the Hearth
1972978-0-8423-0240-1Rosemary HarrisChristian Prisoners in Russia
1980978-0-8423-0241-8Douglas D WebsterChristian living in a pagan culture
1977978-0-8423-0242-5Edith SchaefferChristianity Is Jewish
1975978-0-8423-0243-2Edith SchaefferChristianity is Jewish
1981978-0-8423-0244-9William MillerA Christian's Response to Islam
1975978-0-8423-0246-3Colin Gilbert ChapmanChristianity on trial
1982978-0-8423-0247-0David CookChristianity Confronts: Communism / Humanism / Materialism / Existentialism
1981978-0-8423-0248-7Harold MyraThe Choice: The Powerful Story of Innocence Lost
1980978-0-8423-0249-4Harold MyraThe Choice
1981978-0-8423-0251-7Samuel PestesChristian, be free
1984978-0-8423-0253-1R. Kent HughesThe Christian Wedding Planner
1985978-0-8423-0254-8Joyce M. SmithCelebration of Womanhood
1987978-0-8423-0255-5CBNChristian Counselors Handbook
1981978-0-8423-0256-2Michael BraunThe Christian in an age of sexual eclipse
1986978-0-8423-0258-6Jayne GarrisonChristian Working Mother's Handbook
  ''978-0-8423-0259-3Marvin D. Hinten · William LawChristian Perfection (Living Classics)
1982978-0-8423-0260-9Robert G FloodThe Christian's vacation & travel guide
1986978-0-8423-0263-0Glenn BlandChart Your Way to Success (Pocket Guides Ser.)
1991978-0-8423-0264-7Tim F. LaHayeThe Beginning of the End
1998978-0-8423-0267-8Lori CopelandFaith (Brides of the West #1) (HeartQuest)
1999978-0-8423-0268-5Lori CopelandJune (Brides of the West #2) (HeartQuest)
1999978-0-8423-0269-2Lori CopelandHope (Brides of the West #3) (HeartQuest)
1985978-0-8423-0271-5Lowell BrownThe church computer manual (Church leadership library)
1987978-0-8423-0272-2Lynn R. Buzzard · Thomas BrandonChurch Discipline and the Courts (Pressure point books)
1988978-0-8423-0273-9Nancy L. NehmerCelebrating Our Wedding
1974978-0-8423-0275-3Orlando E CostasThe church and its mission: A shattering critique from the Third World
1978978-0-8423-0276-0Orlande E. CostasThe Church and Its Mission: a Shattering Critique from the Third World
  ''978-0-8423-0277-7Michael R TuckerThe church, change or decay
1977978-0-8423-0278-4Paul B. SmithThe Church On The Brink
1982978-0-8423-0279-1Charles L ChaneyChurch planting at the end of the twentieth century
1975978-0-8423-0280-7Michael R TuckerThe church that dared to change
1982978-0-8423-0281-4Patricia McKenna SeraydarianChurch Secretary's Handbook
1986978-0-8423-0282-1R. C. SproulChosen by God
1997978-0-8423-0283-8Francine RiversThe Atonement Child