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001: Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions: Marriage & SexualityPaperback978-0-8423-1106-91992
1: El Dr Dobson Contesta Sus Preguntas / Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions: Matrimonio Y Sexualidad   "978-0-7899-0031-91997
002: Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions: Confident Families   "978-0-8423-1105-21992
2: El Dr. Dobson Contesta Sus Preguntas: Familias Confiadas   "978-0-7899-0030-21997Spanish House Inc
003: Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions: Raising Children   "978-0-8423-1104-51992
5 Essentials for Lifelong IntimacyHardcover978-1-4143-1740-32007
7 Solutions for Burned-Out Parents   "978-1-4143-1741-02007
A Family Christmas   "978-1-4143-1742-72007
A Father, A Hero   "978-1-4143-1743-42007
Amor deber ser Firme, ElPaperback978-0-8297-0394-81990
A Place Called HomeCalendar978-0-8423-8920-41994
At Home 2004 PPD Calendar: 365 reflections from America's favorite family ...   "978-0-8423-8158-12003
Atrévete a disciplinarPaperback978-0-8297-1950-51993
Baby & Child Care: From Pre-Birth through the Teen YearsHardcover978-1-4143-1305-42007Paul C. Reisser
Bringing Up Boys 2003 Calendar: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of MenCalendar978-0-8423-7235-02002
Bringing Up BoysPaperback978-1-4143-9133-52014
Bringing Up Boys   "978-1-4143-0450-22005
Bringing Up Boys   "978-1-58997-137-02002
Bringing Up BoysAudio CD978-0-8423-2297-32001Wayne Whepherd
Bringing Up BoysPaperback978-0-8423-5617-62001Wayne Shepherd
Bringing Up Boys Endcap Kit: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men978-0-8423-2313-02001
Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of MenHardcover978-0-8423-5266-62001
Bringing Up Boys Special Signage Kit with Sticker and Other and Bookmark978-0-8423-2314-72001
Bringing Up Boys: Video Seminar WorkbookPaperback978-1-58997-101-12002
Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women   "978-1-4143-9132-82014
Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women   "978-1-4143-3649-72012
Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of WomenHardcover978-1-4143-0127-32010
Bringing Up Girls : Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of WomenAudio CD978-1-4143-0128-02010
Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women   "978-1-4143-3650-32010
Cal 99 Coming Home CalendarCalendar978-0-8423-6482-91998
Co kazda zona chcialaby aby jej maz wiedzial o kobiecieTaschenbuch978-83-85435-04-41999
Co kazdy maz chcialby aby jego zona wiedziala o mezczyznie   "978-83-85435-48-82001
Coming Home: Timeless Wisdom for FamiliesHardcover978-0-8423-1442-81998
Cómo criar a las hijas: Estímulo y consejo práctico para los que están formando nuestra próxima generación de mujeresPaperback978-1-4143-3603-92011
Cómo criar a las hijas: Estímulo y consejo práctico para los que están formando nuestra próxima generación de mujeresHardcover978-1-4143-2062-52010
Como Criar a los VaronesPaperback978-0-7899-1000-42002
Como Criar a Los Varones / Bringing Up Boys: Consejos Practicos Y Aliento Para Aquellos Que Estan Formando a LA Proxima Generacion De HombresHardcover978-0-7899-1043-12002
Controle Las Rabietas de Su Hijo = Temper Your Childs TantrumPaperback978-0-8423-6514-7
Criemos Ninos Seguros De Si Mismos / Hide or Seek   "978-0-88113-919-82005
Cuando lo que Dios hace no tiene sentidoCalendar978-0-7899-0485-02000
Cuando Lo Que Dios Hace No Tiene SentidoTaschenbuch978-1-56063-458-41993
Dads and DaughtersHardcover978-1-4143-8822-92014
Dads and Sons   "978-1-4143-8821-22014
Dare to DisciplinePaperback978-0-553-22841-01977
Dare to Discipline   "978-0-8423-0522-81977
Dare to Discipline   "978-0-8423-0635-51977
Dare to discipline   "978-0-8423-0630-01970
Dare to Discipline   "978-0-8423-0631-71970
Discipline with Love   "978-0-8423-0665-21972
Dobson 2-in-1: Love Must Be Tough/straight TalkHardcover978-0-8499-1641-01996
Dr. Dobson Answers Your QuestionsPaperback978-0-8423-0580-81988
Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions about Feelings and Self-Esteem   "978-0-8423-0621-81986
Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions about Marriage and Sexuality   "978-0-8423-0622-51986
Dr. James Dobson's Bringing up Boys Parenting VideosDVD978-1-58997-040-32005
Dzieci i wychowanieTaschenbuch978-83-85435-90-72012
Dzieci w niebezpieczenstwie   "978-83-7146-009-81997Gary L. Bauer
El Amor Debe Ser FirmePaperback978-0-8297-5002-72006
El corazón del hogar: aliento para las familias   "978-0-7899-0328-01998
El Dr. Dobson Contesta Sus Preguntas   "978-0-7899-0032-61996
El Matrimonio Bajo Ataque/Marriage Under Fire: Por Que Debemos Ganar Esta Batalla   "978-0-7899-1301-22004
Emotions: Can You Trust Them?   "978-0-8307-3240-12003
Emotions: Can You Trust Them   "978-0-8307-1672-21995
Emotions Can You Trust Them?   "978-0-8423-0795-61992
Family Love 2001 CalendarCalendar978-0-8423-3764-92000
Family Love Calendar   "978-0-8423-3738-01999
Family Moments 2005 Calendar   "978-0-8423-6896-42004James Dobson · Tyndale House Publishers
Guan yu jiaoPaperback978-962-202-029-01972
Heart of the FamilyLoose Leaf978-5-504-40154-61993
Heart to Heart 2002 CalendarCalendar978-0-8423-5352-62001
Heart to Heart 2003 Calendar: 365 Insights for Families   "978-0-8423-5766-12002
Help for Home and FamilyPaperback978-0-8423-1318-61990
Home with a Heart   "978-0-8423-3513-31999
Home with a HeartHardcover978-0-8423-1443-51996
In the Arms of God   "978-0-8423-1826-61997
James Dobson--Coming HomeCalendar978-0-8423-3760-12000
Judicial Tyranny: The New Kings of America?Hardcover978-0-9753455-8-02005Mark I. Sutherland · William J. Federer · Roy Moore · Alan Keyes
Life on the Edge   "978-0-8499-0927-62000
Life On The Edge Finding God's Will For Your LifePaperback978-0-8499-4229-72001
Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future   "978-1-4143-1744-12007
Love for a LifetimeSpiral-bound978-5-504-40281-91998
Love Must Be ToughHardcover978-0-8499-1341-91996
Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Families in Crisis   "978-0-8499-0348-91983
Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in CrisisPaperback978-1-4143-1745-82007
Luz En LA Noche / Night LightHardcover978-0-7899-0996-12003Shirley Dobson
Marriage Under Fire: Why We Must Win This Battle   "978-1-4143-1756-42007
Milosc potrzebuje stanowczosciTaschenbuch978-83-85435-15-02005
New Hide or Seek: Building Confidence in Your ChildPaperback978-0-8007-5680-22001
Night Light: A Devotional for CouplesImitation Leather978-1-4143-4678-62011Shirley Dobson
Night Light: A Devotional for CouplesPaperback978-1-4143-2060-12008   "
Night Light: A Devotional for CouplesHardcover978-1-4143-1749-62007   "
Night Light: A Devotional for CouplesLeather Bound978-1-4143-1750-22007   "
Night Light for Parents: A DevotionalPaperback978-1-4143-2061-82011   "
Night Light for Parents: A DevotionalHardcover978-1-4143-1751-92007   "
Parables for KidsPaperback978-1-4143-0274-42005Danae Dobson · Carolyn Ewing
Parables for KidsHardcover978-0-8423-0637-91999Danae Dobson · Carolyn S. Ewing
Parables for KidsPaperback978-0-8423-3320-71999Danae Dobson
Parenting Isn't for Cowards: The 'You Can Do It' Guide for Hassled Parents from America's Best-Loved Family Advocate   "978-1-4143-1746-52007
Parents' Answer Book   "978-0-8423-8716-32003
Preparing for Adolescence   "978-0-8423-5037-21992
Preparing for Adolescence Growth Guide   "978-0-8307-1260-11999
Preparing for Adolescence Growth Guide   "978-0-88449-113-21979
Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change   "978-0-8307-3826-72005
Preparing For Adolescence: How to Survive The Coming Years of ChangeAudio CD978-0-8307-3830-42000
Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of ChangePaperback978-0-8307-2497-01999
Raising Teenagers Right   "978-0-8423-5139-31988
Romantic Love: How to Be Head Over Heels and Still Land on Your Feet   "978-0-8307-3238-82004
Solid AnswersHardcover978-0-8423-0613-31997
Solid Answers   "978-0-8423-0623-21997
Solid AnswersPaperback978-0-8423-5065-51997
Solid AnswersHardcover978-0-8423-0614-0
Stories of the Heart and HomePaperback978-1-4143-1747-22007
Straight Talk to Men   "978-0-8499-4210-52000
Straight Talk to Men: Timeless Principles for Leading Your Family   "978-1-4143-9131-12014
Straight Talk to Men: Timeless Principles for Leading Your Family   "978-1-4143-1748-92007
Temper Your Child's Tantrums   "978-0-8423-6994-71986
Temper Your Child's Tantrums: How Firm, Loving Discipline Will Lead to a More Peaceful Home   "978-1-4143-5952-62014
Tener hijos no es para cobardes   "978-0-8297-0395-51991
The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide   "978-0-8423-5267-32000
The Dr. James Dobson Parenting Collection   "978-1-4143-3726-52011
The Heart of the FamilyUnbound978-5-504-40280-21997Perpetual
The New Dare to DisciplinePaperback978-1-4143-9135-92014
The New Dare to Discipline   "978-0-8423-0506-81996
The New Dare to Discipline   "978-0-8423-7429-31993
The New Dare to DisciplineHardcover978-0-8423-0507-51992
The New Strong-Willed ChildPaperback978-1-4143-9134-22017
The New Strong-Willed Child   "978-0-8423-5620-62004
The NEW Strong-Willed Child: Birth Through Adolescence   "978-1-4143-1363-42007
The New Strong-willed Child Pack: Birth Throught AdolescenceHardcover978-1-4143-0725-12005
The New Strong-Willed Child WorkbookPaperback978-1-4143-0382-62005
The Strong-Willed Child   "978-0-8423-2335-21992
The Strong-Willed Child   "978-0-8423-6661-81985
The Strong-Willed Child/Birth Through AdolescenceTaschenbuch978-0-8423-5924-51992
The strong-willed child: Birth through adolescencePaperback978-0-8423-6655-71984
The Strong-Willed Child: Birth Through AdolescenceHardcover978-0-8423-0664-51978
The Wonderful World of Boys   "978-0-8423-8107-92003
Una Luz en la Noche   "978-0-7899-1126-12003Shirley Dobson
What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About WomenPaperback978-0-8423-7896-31981
What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women   "978-0-8423-7889-51977
When God Doesn't Make Sense   "978-1-4143-7115-32012
When God Doesn't Make Sense   "978-0-8423-7062-22001
When God Doesn't Make Sense   "978-0-8423-8237-31997
When God Doesn't Make SenseCalendar978-0-8423-8851-11996
When God Doesn't Make SenseHardcover978-0-8423-8242-71994
When God Doesn't Make SenseAudio CD978-0-8423-7430-91993
When God Doesn't Make Sense: A Study GuidePaperback978-0-8423-8239-71994
Your Child DVD Parenting Seminar: Essentials of Discipline with BookDVD978-1-58997-362-62005Focus on the Family
Your Child Video Seminar: Essentials of DisciplinePaperback978-1-58997-197-42005
Your Child Video Seminar Leader's Guide: Essentials of Discipline   "978-1-58997-190-52005
Your Child Video Seminar Participant's Guide: Essentials of Discipline; What's OK, What's Not and What Works   "978-1-58997-189-92005
Zycie na krawedziTaschenbuch978-83-7146-078-42000

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