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1980978-0-8264-0003-1Mohandas K. GandhiAll Men Are Brothers
1974978-0-8264-0007-9Paulo FreireEducation for Critical Consciousness (English, Portuguese and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-8264-0009-3Max HorkheimerEclipse of Reason
1986978-0-8264-0047-5Paulo FreirePedagogy of the Oppressed
1982978-0-8264-0059-8Daniel Lawrence O'KeefeStolen Lightning: The Social Theory of Magic
1981978-0-8264-0062-8Sean CroninIrish nationalism: A history of its roots and ideology
1982978-0-8264-0063-5Werner HeisenbergTradition in Science
1983978-0-8264-0064-2Fred HoyleIce: The Ultimate Human Catastrophe
1975978-0-8264-0083-3Max HorkheimerCritical Theory: Selected Essays
1969978-0-8264-0093-2Max Horkheimer · Theodor W. AdornoDialectic of Enlightenment
1976978-0-8264-0122-9Dennis J., McKennaThe Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching
1981978-0-8264-0132-8Theodor W. Adorno · Theodor Wiesengrund AdornoNegative Dialectics (Negative Dialectics Ppr)
1980978-0-8264-0138-0Theodor W. AdornoPhilosophy of Modern Music (Philosophy of Modern Music Ppr) (English and German Edition)
1976978-0-8264-0169-4Paul Rhymer · Mary F. RhymerVic and Sade: The Best Radio Plays of Paul Rhymer
1982978-0-8264-0190-8Karin ObholzerWolfman: Conversations With Freud's Patient Sixty Years Later (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8264-0191-5Barbara L. PackerEmerson's Fall: A New Interpretation of the Major Essays
  ''978-0-8264-0194-6Andrew Arato · Eike GephardtThe Essential Frankfurt School Reader
2010978-0-8264-0198-4Donna T. Haverty-Stacke · Daniel J. WalkowitzRethinking U.S. Labor History: Essays on the Working-Class Experience, 1756-2009
1982978-0-8264-0226-4Jonathan KozolAlternative Schools: A Guide for Educators and Parents
1983978-0-8264-0230-1Richard B. Cheney · Lynne V. CheneyKings of the Hill: Power and Personality in the House of Representatives
  ''978-0-8264-0233-2Erwin J. HaeberleThe Sex Atlas: New Popular Reference Edition
1983978-0-8264-0242-4Harold BloomKabbalah & Criticism (Kabbalah & Criticism Paper)
1984978-0-8264-0243-1Claudia TateBlack Women Writers at Work (Black Women Writers at Work, Paper)
1982978-0-8264-0251-6Reinhard Paul Becker · Roland BaintonGerman Humanism and Reformation: Erasmus, Luther, Muntzer, and others (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0252-3A. Leslie Willson · Volkmar Sander · Ernst BehlerGerman Romantic Criticism (The German Library, Volume 21) (English and German Edition)
1998978-0-8264-0254-7Victor LangeE.T.A. Hoffman: Tales (German Library)
1982978-0-8264-0256-1Frank G. RyderStories: Gottfried Keller (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0257-8Volkmar SanderFriedrich Durrenmatt Plays and Essays (German Library Vol 89) (English and German Edition)
1987978-0-8264-0260-8Peter DemetzShort Novels and Other Writings: Theodor Fontane (German Library)
1982978-0-8264-0261-5Reinhard Paul BeckerGerman Humanism and Reformation: Erasmus, Luther, Muntzer, and others (German Library)
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1982978-0-8264-0263-9Heinrich von KleistPlays: Heinrich von Kleist (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0265-3Jost Hermand · Robert C. HolubPoetry & Prose
  ''978-0-8264-0266-0Frank G. RyderStories: Gottfried Keller (German Library)
1982978-0-8264-0267-7Friedrich DürenmattPlays and Essays (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0271-4Egon SchwarzPlays and Stories: Arthur Schnitzler (German Library)
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1984978-0-8264-0282-0Robert M. BrowningGerman Poetry from 1750 to 1900: Goethe, Holderlin, Nietzsche, and Others (German Library) (German and English Edition)
  ''978-0-8264-0283-7   ''German Poetry from 1750 to 1900: Goethe, Holderlin, Nietzsche and others (German Library)
2001978-0-8264-0285-1Dieter P. Lotze · Volkmar SanderGerman Satirical Writings: Wilhelm Busch and others (German Library)
1986978-0-8264-0291-2Jost Hermand · Robert C. HolubThe Romantic School and Other Essays: Heinrich Heine (German Library)
1985978-0-8264-0294-3Heinrich Von KleistGerman Romantic Novellas (German Library)
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1987978-0-8264-0310-0Gottfried Benn · Volkmar SanderProse, Essays, Poems (German Library) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8264-0311-7Gottfried BennProse Essays Poems: Gottfried Benn (German Library)
1988978-0-8264-0312-4Frank G. Ryder · Gordon BirrellGerman Romantic Stories: Eichendorff, Brentano, Chamisso, and others (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0313-1Frank G. RyderGerman Romantic Stories: Eichendorff, Brentano, Chamisso, and others (German Library)
1988978-0-8264-0314-8Gottfried · Gottfried Von Strassburg · Francis G. GentryTristan and Isolde (German Library) (English and Middle High German Edition)
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  ''978-0-8264-0319-3   ''German Novellas of Realism: Ebner-Eschenbach, Heyse, Raabe, Storm, Meyer, Hauptmann (German Library)
  ''978-0-8264-0320-9   ''German Novellas of Realism: Ebner-Eschenbach, Heyse, Raabe, Storm, Meyer, Hauptmann: Volume Two (German Library) (v. 2)
  ''978-0-8264-0326-1Peter DemetzDelusions, Confusions, and the Poggenpuhl Family: Theodor Fontane (German Library)
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1990978-0-8264-0332-2Egon SchwarzNineteenth Century German Plays (German Library)
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1985978-0-8264-0364-3Anna RussellI'm Not Making This Up, You Know: An Autobiography of the Queen of Musical Parody
1992978-0-8264-0391-9Paul QuinnettSuicide: The Forever Decision for Those Thinking About Suicide and for Those Who Know, Love and Counsel Them
2009978-0-8264-0396-4Paul E. LovejoyIdentity in the Shadow of Slavery (The Harriet Tubman Series on the African Diaspora)
1989978-0-8264-0401-5Hans Georg GadamerTruth and method
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  ''978-0-8264-0407-7Maureen T. ReddySisters in Crime: Feminism and the Crime Novel
1989978-0-8264-0417-6Jennifer S. Uglow · Frances HintonThe Continuum Dictionary of Women's Biography
  ''978-0-8264-0420-6David GeherinElmore Leonard (Literature & Life)
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1994978-0-8264-0589-0Ian CameronThe Book of Film Noir
1994978-0-8264-0590-6Paulo Freire · Ana Maria Araujo FreirePedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed
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