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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-7570-0001-0Helene CiaravinoHow to Publish Your Poetry, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Finding the Right Publishers for Your Work (Square One Writer's Guide)
2001978-0-7570-0002-7Lydia Wilen · Joan WilenHow to Sell Your Screenplay: A Realistic Guide to Getting a Television or Film Deal (Square One Writers Guide)
2000978-0-7570-0003-4Paul G. IrwinLosing Paradise: The Growing Threat to Our Animals, Our Environment,
2003978-0-7570-0004-1James Harris · Emanuel MarrittThe Hair Replacement Revolution: A Consumer's Guide to Effective Hair Replacement Techniques
  ''978-0-7570-0007-2Gabriel GraysonTalking with Your Hands, Listening with Your Eyes: A Complete Photographic Guide to American Sign Language
2002978-0-7570-0008-9Louis R. FranziniKids Who Laugh: How to Develop Your Child's Sense of Humor
2001978-0-7570-0012-6Helene CiaravinoHow to Pray: Tapping into the Power of Divine Communication
  ''978-0-7570-0017-1Arthur Conan DoyleThe New Revelation: My Personal Investigation of Spiritualism (Square One Classics)
  ''978-0-7570-0018-8James AllenAs a Man Does: Morning and Evening Thoughts (Square One Classics)
  ''978-0-7570-0020-1Marie Nadine AntolConfessions of a Coffee Bean: The Complete Guide to Coffee Cuisine (Square One Classics)
2001978-0-7570-0021-8George J. LankevichThe Wit & Wisdom of the Talmud: Proverbs, Sayings and Parables for the Ages (Square One Classics)
2004978-0-7570-0024-9Marie Nadine AntolThe Sophisticated Olive: The Complete Guide to Olive Cuisine
2002978-0-7570-0025-6Justin F. StoneThe Joy of Meditation: An Introduction to Meditation Techniques (Square One Classics)
2001978-0-7570-0026-3Tsunetomo YamamotoBushido: The Way of the Samurai (Square One Classics)
2008978-0-7570-0027-0Howard BerenbonDesktop Handicapping for Thoroughbred Racing: Gaining the Winning Edge With Your PC
2004978-0-7570-0028-7John Belleme · Jan BellemeThe Miso Book: The Art of Cooking with Miso
2001978-0-7570-0029-4Lao TzuTao Te Ching: The Way of Virtue (Square One Classics)
  ''978-0-7570-0030-0Fred BohenskyPhoto Manual & Dissection Guide of the Fetal Pig: With Sheep Heart Brain Eye
2005978-0-7570-0031-7Fred BohenskyPhoto Manual & Dissection Guide of the Cat: With Sheep Heart Brain Eye
  ''978-0-7570-0032-4   ''Photo Manual & Dissection Guide of the Shark
2004978-0-7570-0036-2Liza N. BurbyHow to Publish Your Children's Book: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes (Square One Writer's Guides)
2002978-0-7570-0037-9Thomas W. McKnight · Robert H. PhillipsLove Tactics: How to Win the One You Want
  ''978-0-7570-0038-6Joe FranklinJoe Franklin's Great Entertainment Trivia (Buzztime Trivia Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0039-3Ernest S. HolmesCreative Mind: Tapping the Power Within (Square One Classics)
2002978-0-7570-0041-6Fred EnghWhy Johnny Hates Sports: Why Organized Youth Sports Are Failing Our Children
2005978-0-7570-0043-0Robert W. Schachner · John PhillipsHow & When to Sue Your Lawyer: What You Need to Know
2006978-0-7570-0045-4Carol Luers EymanHow to Publish Your Newsletter: A Complete Guide to Print and Electronic Newsletter Printing (Square One Writer's Guides)
2002978-0-7570-0046-1Lonnette ParksThe Mason Jar Cookie Cookbook (Marson Jar Cookbook)
2006978-0-7570-0047-8Marie Nadine AntolThe Salt Book: The Complete Guide to the Salts of the World
2005978-0-7570-0048-5Mike "Bootlegger" TurnerBootlegger's 200 Proof Blackjack: A Survival Guide for Playing the Tables
  ''978-0-7570-0049-2Ken AtchityHow to Publish Your Novel: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes (Squareone Writer's Guide)
2007978-0-7570-0058-4William G. CrookThe Yeast Connection and Women's Health (The Yeast Connection Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0059-1Marjorie Hurt Jones · William G. CrookThe Yeast Connection Cookbook: A Guide to Good Nutrition, Better Health and Weight Management (The Yeast Connection Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0060-7William G. CrookThe Yeast Connection Handbook: How Yeasts Can Make You Feel "Sick All Over" and the Steps You Need to Take to Regain Your Health (The Yeast Connection Series)
2002978-0-7570-0062-1   ''Yeast Connection Success Stories: A Collection of Stories from People Who Are Winning the Battle Against Devastating Illness
2007978-0-7570-0063-8   ''Tired--So Tired! and the Yeast Connection (The Yeast Connection Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0064-5Jack RennertPosters of the Belle Epoque The Wine Spectaculor Collection
2002978-0-7570-0078-2Shalom YoranThe Defiant: A True Story of Escape, Survival & Resistance
2004978-0-7570-0079-9Sylvia Goldfarb · Roberta W. WaddellRelieving Pain Naturally: Safe and Effective Alternative Approach to Treating and Overcoming Chronic Pain
2004978-0-7570-0090-4Michael ChaplanThe Urban Treasure Hunter: A Practical Handbook for Beginners
2003978-0-7570-0094-2Patrick W. RiceIRA Wealth: Revolutionary IRA Strategies for Real Estate Investment
2004978-0-7570-0095-9Bernice LiftonBug Busters: Poison-Free Pest Controls for Your House and Garden
2002978-0-7570-0098-0Ruth A. DrayerNumerology: The Power of Numbers
2001978-0-7570-0102-4Robynn Clairday · Matt ClairdayPostcards from World War II: Sights and Sentiments from the Second World War (Postcards From...Series)
2007978-0-7570-0104-8George J. LankevichPostcards from Washington, D.C.: Sights And Sentiments from the Nation's Capital (Postcards From...)
2001978-0-7570-0105-5Robert C. HoffmanPostcards from Santa Claus: Sights and Sentiments from the Last Century (Postcards From...Series)
2003978-0-7570-0125-3Larry P. Credit · Sharon G. Hartunian · Margaret J. NowakYour Guide to Alternative Medicine: Understanding, Locating, and Selecting Holistic Treatments and Practitioners
  ''978-0-7570-0129-1Lonnette ParksThe Mason Jar Soup-to-Nuts Cookbook (Mason Jar Cookbook)
2004978-0-7570-0131-4John M. FinkThird Opinion, Fourth Edition: An International Resource Guide to Alternative Therapy Centers for Treating and Preventing Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, MS, CFS, and Other Diseases
  ''978-0-7570-0134-5Rick BarryRick Barry's Super Sports Trivia (Buzztime Trivia Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0135-2James A. MiskoHow to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time: Strategies That Work (SquareOne Finance Guides)
  ''978-0-7570-0136-9Monica MorrisFalling in Love Again: The Mature Woman's Guide to Finding Romantic Fulfillment
2003978-0-7570-0137-6Elaine NussbaumRecovery from Cancer: The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Struggle with Cancer
2004978-0-7570-0140-6Bob DeMateisFrom Patent to Profit: Secrets & Strategies for the Successful Inventor
2003978-0-7570-0141-3Ray SahelianNatural Sex Boosters: Supplements that Enhance Stamina, Sensation, and Sexuality for Men and Women
2007978-0-7570-0142-0Geoff BondDeadly Harvest: The Intimate Relationship Between Our Health and Our Food
2005978-0-7570-0144-4Leslie TaylorThe Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs: A Guide to Understanding and Using Herbal Medicinals
2006978-0-7570-0145-1Merle Cantor Goldberg · George Cowan Jr. · William Y. MarcusWeight Loss Surgery: Is It Right for You?
2004978-0-7570-0146-8Ellen G. WhiteGod's Nutritionist: Pearls of Wisdom from Ellen G. White (Squareone Classics)
2004978-0-7570-0148-2Nancy AppletonStopping Inflammation: Relieving the Cause of Degenerative Diseases
2003978-0-7570-0154-3Thomas E. GriessThe Wars of Napoleon (The West Point Military History Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0155-0Thomas E. GriessWest Point Atlas for the Wars of Napoleon (The West Point Military History Series)
2002978-0-7570-0156-7   ''The American Civil War (West Point Millitary History Series)
2002978-0-7570-0157-4Thomas E. GriessWest Point Atlas for the American Civil War (The West Point Military History Series)
2003978-0-7570-0158-1   ''The Great War: Strategies & Tactics of the First World War (The West Point Military History Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0159-8   ''West Point Atlas for the Great War: Strategies and Tactics Of The First World War (The West Point Military History Series)
2002978-0-7570-0160-4   ''The Second World War: Europe and the Mediterranean (The West Point Military History Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0161-1   ''The Second World War: Europe and the Mediterrean Atlas (The West Point Military History Series)
2002978-0-7570-0162-8Thomas E. GriessThe Second World War: Asia and the Pacific (The West Point Military History Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0163-5   ''The Second World War Asia and the Pacific Atlas (West Point Millitary History Series)
2006978-0-7570-0175-8Bob Dematteis · Andy GibbsAnatomy of a Patent: How to Read, Understand and Research Patents
  ''978-0-7570-0176-5Bob DeMatteis · Andy Gibbs · Michael NeustelThe Patent Writer: How to Write Successful Patent Applications (Patents in Commerce)
2005978-0-7570-0179-6Gloria AmbrosiaThe Complete Muffin Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Great Muffins
2006978-0-7570-0180-2Katie WarrenPotty Training Your Baby: A Practical Guide for Easier Toilet Training
2007978-0-7570-0181-9Linda GoldbergPea in a Pod: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth & Beyond
2006978-0-7570-0182-6Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0183-3Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2005978-0-7570-0184-0   ''How to Teach Your Baby Math (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2006978-0-7570-0185-7   ''How to Teach Your Baby to Read (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2005978-0-7570-0186-4Glenn DomanWhat To Do About Your Brain-injured Child
  ''978-0-7570-0188-8Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow to Teach Your Baby to Read (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2005978-0-7570-0189-5Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow to Teach Your Baby Math (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0190-1   ''How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2005978-0-7570-0191-8Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2006978-0-7570-0192-5Glenn Doman · Douglas Doman · Bruce HagyHow to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0193-2Janet DomanEnough, Inigo, Enough (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0194-9Glenn Doman · Janet DomanHow Smart Is Your Baby?: Develop and Nurture Your Newborn's Full Potential (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0195-6   ''How Smart Is Your Baby?: Develop and Nurture Your Newborn's Full Potential (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2007978-0-7570-0196-3Georges M. HalpernHealing Mushrooms: Effective Treatments for Today's Illnesses
2006978-0-7570-0197-0Douglas DomanHow to Teach Your Baby to Swim: From Birth to Age Six (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0198-7   ''How to Teach Your Baby to Swim: From Birth to Age Six (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2006978-0-7570-0200-7National Alliance For YouthYour First Coaching Book: A Practical Guide for Volunteer Coaches
  ''978-0-7570-0204-5National Alliance for Youth SportsA Parent's Guide To Basketball: Maximizing Your Child's Sports Experience
  ''978-0-7570-0205-2National Alliance for Youth SportsA Parent's Guide to Hockey: Maximizing Your Child's Sports Experience
2010978-0-7570-0208-3Glenn DomanNose Is Not Toes (The Gentle Revolution Series)
2009978-0-7570-0209-0Marcia Zimmerman7-Color Cuisine: A Cookbook and Nutrition Guide
2012978-0-7570-0210-6Martie WhittekinNatural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagament, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers: What to Use to Relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and Gastric Ailments
2008978-0-7570-0212-0Robert M. GrippoMacy's: The Store, The Star, The Story
2009978-0-7570-0213-7Brian JudHow to Make Real Money Selling Books: A Complete Guide to the Book Publishers' World of Special Sales
  ''978-0-7570-0215-1Meera Patricia KerrBig Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
  ''978-0-7570-0216-8Robert L. BlakesleeYour Time to Cook: A First Cookbook for Newlyweds, Couples & Lovers
2019978-0-7570-0224-3Andrew T. Walther · Maureen H. WaltherThe Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History
2010978-0-7570-0225-0Thomas P. TerryThe Western States, Hawaii, and Mexico: Includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, (Treasure Hunter's Atlases and Guides to North America and the World)
2007978-0-7570-0231-1Dick Van PattenDick Van Patten's Totally Terrific TV Trivia (Buzztime Trivia Series)
2007978-0-7570-0233-5M.D. Pamela Wartian SmithWhat You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More: Choosing the Nutrients That Are Right for You
2009978-0-7570-0236-6Helen IrlenThe Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing your Perception and Your Life
2007978-0-7570-0237-3Zalman VelvelMobile Home Wealth: How to Make Money Buying, Selling and Renting Mobile Homes
  ''978-0-7570-0240-3Osnat Teitelbaum · Philip TeitelbaumDoes Your Baby Have Autism?: Detecting the Earliest Signs of Autism
  ''978-0-7570-0244-1Mina DobicMy Beautiful Life: How I Conquered Cancer Naturally
2006978-0-7570-0245-8Shari LiebermanGlycemic Index Food Guide: For Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetic Management, and Maximum Energy
  ''978-0-7570-0250-2Nigey Lennon · Lionel RolfeHomeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature's Twelve Mineral Compounds
  ''978-0-7570-0252-6Linda BoydThe Video Poker Edge, Second Edition: How to Play Smart and Bet Right
2004978-0-7570-0255-7Jay S. CohenThe Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure (The Square One Health Guides)
2004978-0-7570-0256-4Jay S. CohenThe Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches
2005978-0-7570-0257-1   ''What You Must Know about Statin Drugs & Their Natural Alternatives: A Consumer's Guide to Safely Using Lipitor, Zocor, Mevacor, Crestor, Pravachol, or Natural Alternatives
2006978-0-7570-0261-8Kate WoodEat Smart, Eat Raw: Creative Vegetarian Recipes for a Healthier Life
  ''978-0-7570-0262-5Peter DesbergSpeaking Scared, Sounding Good: Public Speaking for the Private Person
  ''978-0-7570-0263-2Elaine Fogel SchneiderMassaging Your Baby: The Joy of Touch Time
  ''978-0-7570-0265-6Shari Lieberman · Alan XenakisMineral Miracle: Stopping Cartilage Loss & Inflammation Naturally
  ''978-0-7570-0266-3Steven Bailey · Larry TrivieriJuice Alive, Second Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Juicing Remedies
2006978-0-7570-0267-0Michio KushiYour Body Never Lies: The Complete Book Of Oriental Diagnosis
  ''978-0-7570-0268-7Michio KushiThe Do-In Way: Gentle Exercises to Liberate the Body, Mind, and Spirit
2007978-0-7570-0269-4   ''Macrobiotic Home Remedies: Your Guide to Traditional Healing Techniques
  ''978-0-7570-0270-0Wendy EskoIntroducing Macrobiotic Cooking: A Primer and Cookbook
2006978-0-7570-0272-4Bernice HuntWhere Should I Live When I Retire?: A Guide to Continuing-Care Communities
  ''978-0-7570-0273-1Nikki Goldbeck · David GolbeckEnemy Of The Steak: Vegetarian Recipes To Win Friends And Influence Meat-Eaters
  ''978-0-7570-0275-5Ursula HermancinskiThe Wine Lover's Guide to Auctions: The Art & Science of Buying and Selling Wines
2007978-0-7570-0276-2Edwin HaronianBack Surgery: Is It Right For You?
2006978-0-7570-0277-9Dirk BenedictConfessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy: A True Story of Discovery, Acting, Health, Illness, Recovery, and Life
2005978-0-7570-0278-6Carol SimontacchiNatural Alternatives to Vioxx, Celebrex & Other Anti-Inflammatory Prescription Drugs, Second Edition (The Square One Health Guides)
2006978-0-7570-0280-9Susan E. Brown · Larry Trivieri Jr.The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide: A Quick Reference to Foods & Their Effect on pH Levels
2005978-0-7570-0281-6Danine ManetteUltimate Betrayal: Recognizing, Uncovering, and Dealing with Infidelity
2006978-0-7570-0282-3Kevin F. Noon · Judith A. WardGreen Wealth: How to Turn Unusable Land Into Moneymaking Assets
2006978-0-7570-0285-4Omar PeriuInvestigative Selling: How to Master the Art, Science & Skills of Professional Selling
  ''978-0-7570-0286-1Jay S. CohenNatural Alternatives to Lipitor, Zocor & Other Statin Drugs (The Square One Health Guides)
  ''978-0-7570-0289-2Micky DolenzMicky Dolenz' Rock 'n Rollin' Trivia (Buzztime Trivia Series)
2009978-0-7570-0290-8Sandra Woodruff · Leah Gilbert-HendersonSoft Foods for Easier Eating Cookbook: Easy-to-Follow Recipes for People Who Have Chewing and Swallowing Problems
2007978-0-7570-0292-2Dawn MarieWild Wines: Creating Organic Wines from Nature's Garden
  ''978-0-7570-0293-9Elliot Tiber · Tom MonteTaking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life
2000978-0-7570-0295-3Lonnette ParksThe Mason Jar Dessert Cookbook (Mason Jar Cookbook)
2007978-0-7570-0300-4Janet TubbsCreative Therapy for Children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's: Using Artistic Creativity to Reach, Teach, and Touch Our Children
2011978-0-7570-0301-1Jeffrey Anshel ODSmart Medicine for Your Eyes: A Guide to Natural, Effective, and Safe Relief of Common Eye Disorders
2007978-0-7570-0302-8Dirk BenedictAnd Then We Went Fishing: A Story of Fatherhood, Fate and Forgiveness
2008978-0-7570-0304-2Barbara Jacobs · Leonard JacobsCooking with Seitan: The Complete Vegetarian "Wheat-Meat" Cookbook
  ''978-0-7570-0305-9Gerard I. Nierenberg · Henry H. CaleroThe New Art of Negotiating, Updated Edition: How to Close Any Deal
2008978-0-7570-0306-6Nancy Appleton · G. N. JacobsSuicide by Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction
  ''978-0-7570-0307-3Pamela Wartian SmithWhat You Must Know About Women's Hormones: Your Guide to Natural Hormone Treatments for PMS, Menopause, Osteoporis, PCOS, and More
2010978-0-7570-0311-0Fred WillardFred Willard's Magnificent Movie Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Movies, Actors, Facts & Firsts to the Test (Buzztime Trivia Series)
2011978-0-7570-0312-7Pamela Wartian SmithWhy You Can't Lose Weight: Why It's So Hard to Shed Pounds and What You Can Do About It
2009978-0-7570-0313-4Charles Gant · Greg LewisEnd Your Addiction Now: The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free
2010978-0-7570-0314-1Gerard I. Nierenberg · Henry H. Calero · Gabriel GraysonHow to Read a Person Like a Book: Observing Body Language to Know What People Are Thinking
2013978-0-7570-0315-8Jean MeyerLa Cristiada: The Mexican People's War for Religious Liberty
2010978-0-7570-0316-5Bonnie RossThe Amazing Acid-Alkaline Cookbook: Balancing Taste, Nutrition, and Your pH Levels
2009978-0-7570-0319-6W.E.B. Du BoisThe Gift of Black Folk: The Negroes in the Making of America
2010978-0-7570-0320-2Lisa MannThe World Goes Raw Cookbook: An International Collection of Raw Vegetarian Recipes
2009978-0-7570-0321-9James B. LaValleGreen Immunity Boosters: Bontanicals for Immunity
2010978-0-7570-0322-6Gene BrunoA Guide to Complementary Treatments for Diabetes: Using Natural Supplements, Nutrition, and Alternative Therapies to Better Manage Your Diabetes (Square One Health Guide)
2009978-0-7570-0324-0Gina M. MaisanoIntimacy After Breast Cancer: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Your Body, Relationships, and Sex
2010978-0-7570-0326-4Rich SnyderWhat You Must Know About Kidney Disease: A Practical Guide to Using Conventional and Complementary Treatments
2011978-0-7570-0328-8Ben JohnsonHealing Waters: The Powerful Health Benefits of Ionized H2O
  ''978-0-7570-0332-5William H. Philpott · Dwight K. Kalita · Linwood LothropMagnet Therapy, Second Edition: The Self-Help Guide to Magnets-Clinically Proven to Relieve 35 Health Problems
2009978-0-7570-0333-2Elliot TiberTaking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life
2011978-0-7570-0339-4Lucinda K. PorterFree from Hepatitis C: Your Complete Guide to Healing Hepatitis C
  ''978-0-7570-0346-2Judi Zucker · Shari ZuckerThe Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook: Delicious No-Sugar-Added Recipes for the Allergic Child
2013978-0-7570-0350-9James B. LaValleYour Blood Never Lies: How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life
2011978-0-7570-0351-6Elliot TiberPalm Trees on the Hudson: A True Story of the Mob, Judy Garland & Interior Decorating
  ''978-0-7570-0355-4Robert L. BlakesleeYour Time to Bake: A First Cookbook for the Novice Baker
2012978-0-7570-0370-7Roger MasonThe Natural Prostate Cure, Second Edition: A Practical Guide to Using Diet and Supplements for a Healthy Prostate
2012978-0-7570-0374-5Ernesto SirolliHow to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life: A Simple Guide to Combining Business Wisdom with Passion
  ''978-0-7570-0376-9Glenn Doman · Douglas Doman · Bruce HagyFit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!: From Birth to Age Six (The Gentle Revolution Series)
  ''978-0-7570-0380-6Amy Lee HawkinsWhat You Must Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Alternative Approach to Effectively Treating the Symptoms of Menopause
2013978-0-7570-0385-1Jay Kordich · Linda KordichLive Foods, Live Bodies!
2014978-0-7570-0386-8Pamela Wartian SmithWhat You Must Know About Memory Loss and How You Can Stop It: A Guide to Proven Techniques and Supplements to Maintain, Strengthen, or Regain Memory
2015978-0-7570-0388-2Stewart F. LaneBlack Broadway: African Americans on the Great White Way
2013978-0-7570-0391-2Dennis GoodmanMagnificent Magnesium: Your Essential Key to a Healthy Heart & More
  ''978-0-7570-0393-6Susan E. Brown · Larry Trivieri Jr.The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide - Second Edition: A Quick Reference to Foods and Their Effect on pH Levels
2014978-0-7570-0394-3Mark SircusSodium Bicarbonate: Nature's Unique First Aid Remedy
  ''978-0-7570-0395-0Barbara Albers HillBreaking Through: Using Educational Technology for Children with Special Needs
2018978-0-7570-0409-4Liza N. BurbyHow to Publish Your Children's Book, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes (Square One Writers Guide)
2015978-0-7570-0411-7Victoria L. Hulett · Jennifer L. WaybrightSmoothies for Kidney Health: A Delicious Approach to the Prevention and Management of Kidney Problems and So Much More
2015978-0-7570-0418-6Dennis GoodmanThe Thrill of Krill: What You Should Know About Krill Oil
2018978-0-7570-0433-9Sam MD SugarGuardianships and the Elderly: The Perfect Crime
  ''978-0-7570-0449-0Jeffrey Anshel OD · Laura Stevens M.SciWhat You Must Know About Age-Related Macular Degeneration: How You Can Prevent, Stop, or Reverse AMD
2017978-0-7570-0455-1Earl Mindell RPh MHHealing With Hemp CBD Oil: A Simple Guide to Using Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD
  ''978-0-7570-0462-9Sydney Ross Singer · Soma GrismaijerDressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (Second Edition)
978-0-7570-0463-6How to Publish Your Nonfiction Book: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes
2019978-0-7570-0465-0Jan YagerHow to Self-Publish Your Book: A Complete Guide to Writing, Editing, Marketing & Selling Your Own Book
2018978-0-7570-0469-8Jay S. CohenWhat You Must Know About the Hidden Dangers of Antibiotics: How the Side Effects of Six Popular Antibiotics Can Destroy Your Health
2019978-0-7570-0471-1Pamela Wartian SmithWhat You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and So Much More_SECOND EDITION: Choosing the Nutrients That Are Right for You
2018978-0-7570-0475-9Brittany Henderson · Allison FuttermanWhat You Must Know About Hashimoto's Disease: Restoring Thyroid Health Through Traditional and Complementary Medicine
2019978-0-7570-0478-0James TempletonI Used to Have Cancer: How I Found My Own Way Back to Health