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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-7515-0000-4Larry BondVortex
1992978-0-7515-0004-2Shaun HutsonCaptives
2007978-0-7515-0020-2Jonathan KellermanPrivate Eyes
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  ''978-0-7515-0028-8Bill WattersonThe Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes: Calvin & Hobbes Series: Book Eleven
1993978-0-7515-0035-6Richard WoodmanFlying Squadron: Number 11 in series (Nathaniel Drinkwater)
  ''978-0-7515-0045-5Elizabeth WaiteSkinny Lizzie
1992978-0-7515-0048-6Andrew YuleAl Pacino: A Life On The Wire
1993978-0-7515-0056-1Lena KennedyKate Of Clyve Shore
  ''978-0-7515-0058-5Cynthia Harrod-EaglesThe Reckoning: The Morland Dynasty, Book 15
1994978-0-7515-0080-6Cynthia Harrod-EaglesThe Devil's Horse: The Morland Dynasty, Book 16
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1993978-0-7515-0086-8Tanith LeeDark Dance (Blood Opera Sequence)
1993978-0-7515-0087-5Mark WallingtonMissing Postman
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2000978-0-7515-0109-4David L. LindseyBody Of Truth
1992978-0-7515-0111-7Ellis PetersThe Third Cadfael Omnibus: The Sanctuary Sparrow, The Devil's Novice, Dead Man's Ransom: "Sanctuary Sparrow", "Devil's Novice" and "Dead Man's Ransom"
  ''978-0-7515-0121-6Peter LoveseyThe Last Detective: 1 (Peter Diamond Mystery)
1997978-0-7515-0125-4Shaun HutsonStolen Angels
1998978-0-7515-0126-1   ''Knife Edge
1994978-0-7515-0133-9   ''Deadhead
1993978-0-7515-0136-0   ''Heathen
  ''978-0-7515-0142-1Dorothy SimpsonWake The Dead (Inspector Thanet)
  ''978-0-7515-0144-5Edith PargeterMost Loving Mere Folly
1992978-0-7515-0152-0Christopher FowlerSharper Knives
1994978-0-7515-0153-7Dorothy SimpsonNo Laughing Matter (Inspector Thanet)
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1993978-0-7515-0160-5Peter LoveseyDiamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond Mystery)
1994978-0-7515-0168-1Patricia D. CornwellCruel and Unusual
1988978-0-7515-0171-1Graham MastertonCharnel House
1993978-0-7515-0175-9Sarah HarrisonForeign Parts
1995978-0-7515-0178-0Lena KennedyQueenie's Castle
1990978-0-7515-0197-1Shaun HutsonAssassin
1989978-0-7515-0199-5Ben EltonStark
1992978-0-7515-0213-8Ellis PetersMonk's-Hood: 3
1989978-0-7515-0231-2Jonathan KellermanThe Butcher's Theatre
1987978-0-7515-0233-6Sarah HarrisonA Flower That's Free
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1984978-0-7515-0235-0Gary LarsonThe Far Side
1989978-0-7515-0236-7   ''The Far Side Gallery: No.1
1989978-0-7515-0237-4Gary LarsonThe Far Side Gallery 2: No.2
1990978-0-7515-0238-1   ''The Far Side Gallery 3
1999978-0-7515-0239-8David L. LindseyMercy
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1994978-0-7515-0245-9Alan HoeDavid Stirling: Founder Of The Sas: The Authorised Biography of the Founder of the SAS
1988978-0-7515-0246-6Tony HillermanPeople Of Darkness
1993978-0-7515-0248-0Judith MichaelSleeping Beauty
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  ''978-0-7515-0252-7Carol Higgins ClarkDecked (Regan Reilly series)
  ''978-0-7515-0286-2John McDermott · Eddie KramerHendrix: Setting the Record Straight
1988978-0-7515-0296-1Craig ThomasFirefox Down
  ''978-0-7515-0298-5Clive CusslerRaise the Titanic (Dirk Pitt)
1990978-0-7515-0300-5Ralph Storer100 Best Routes On Scottish Mountains
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1992978-0-7515-0409-5Shaun HutsonDeath Day
1991978-0-7515-0418-7Gary LarsonUnnatural Selections: A Far Side Collection
1991978-0-7515-0419-4Gary LarsonPreHistory Of The Far Side: 10th Anniversary Exhibit
1992978-0-7515-0420-0   ''In Search Of The Far Side
1988978-0-7515-0421-7   ''It Came From The Far Side
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1983978-0-7515-0464-4Lena KennedyLizzie
1999978-0-7515-0465-1Pat BoothSparklers
1996978-0-7515-0466-8Richard WoodmanWaterfront
1997978-0-7515-0467-5Barbara WoodProphetess
1994978-0-7515-0468-2Barbara WoodVirgins Of Paradise
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1992978-0-7515-0509-2Bill WattersonCalvin And Hobbes Volume 2: One Day the Wind Will Change: The Calvin & Hobbes Series: One Day the Wind Will Change v. 2
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1988978-0-7515-0513-9Gary LarsonHound Of The Far Side
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1994978-0-7515-0519-1Emma BlairA Most Determined Woman
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1979978-0-7515-0550-4   ''Now And Forever
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1980978-0-7515-0560-3   ''Summer's End
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1986978-0-7515-0563-4   ''Wanderlust
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