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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-7221-8399-1Derek TangyeGull On The Roof
  ''978-0-7221-8401-1Derek TangyeQuiet Year
  ''978-0-7221-8403-5   ''Cherry Tree
  ''978-0-7221-8419-6Nancy ThayerStepping
1989978-0-7221-8437-0June ThomsonSound Evidence
1988978-0-7221-8438-7June ThomsonTo Make A Killing
  ''978-0-7221-8440-0   ''A Dying Fall
1988978-0-7221-8443-1Craig ThomasThe Bear's Tears
  ''978-0-7221-8451-6Craig ThomasJade Tiger
1987978-0-7221-8453-0   ''Sea Leopard
  ''978-0-7221-8454-7   ''Snow Falcon
1988978-0-7221-8517-9Patrick TilleyAmtrak Wars Vol.2: FIRST FAMILY: First Family Bk. 2
1987978-0-7221-8723-4A.E. Van VogtTyranopolis
1976978-0-7221-8730-2Jack VanceTo Live Forever (Sphere science fiction)
1977978-0-7221-8733-3A. E. van VogtUniverse Maker (Sphere science fiction)
1970978-0-7221-8764-7A. E. van Vogt · E.Mayne HullWinged Man
1972978-0-7221-8766-1A. E. van VogtThe Pawns of Null-A (Sphere science fiction classics)
1988978-0-7221-8781-4Karl E WagnerConan: The Road of Kings
1991978-0-7221-8783-8L. Sprague De CampConan And the Spider God
1985978-0-7221-8841-5A. E. van VogtNull-A Three
  ''978-0-7221-8845-3Penny VincenziThere's One Born Every Minute: A Survival Guide for Parents
1987978-0-7221-8864-4Irving WallaceThe Seventh Secret
1988978-0-7221-8905-4Philip WarnerAuchinleck: The Lonely Soldier
1987978-0-7221-8906-1Philip WarnerHorrocks: The General Who Led from the Front
1988978-0-7221-8910-8Philip WarnerThe SAS: The Official History
1976978-0-7221-8978-8H. G. WellsMen Like Gods (Sphere science fiction)
1987978-0-7221-8982-5W.J. WeatherbyConversations with Marilyn: Portrait of Marilyn Monroe
1976978-0-7221-9208-5Robert Shea · Robert Anton WilsonIlluminatus!: The Eye in the Pyramid Bk. 1
1977978-0-7221-9209-2Robert Shea · Robert Anton WilsonIlluminatus!: The Golden Apple Bk. 2
  ''978-0-7221-9211-5   ''Illuminatus!: Leviathan Bk. 3
1987978-0-7221-9216-0   ''Illuminatus!: Part 3: Leviathan
  ''978-0-7221-9219-1   ''Illuminatus 1: The Eye in the Pyramid
  ''978-0-7221-9222-1   ''Illuminatus!: Part 2: the Golden Apple
1975978-0-7221-9373-0Angus WellsThe Best of John Wyndham, 1932-1949
1977978-0-7221-9374-7Angus WellsThe Best of John Wyndham, 1951-1960
1988978-0-7221-9379-2Richard WoodmanThe Bomb Vessel: Number 4 in series (Nathaniel Drinkwater)
  ''978-0-7221-9410-2Roger ZelaznyTrumps of Doom (Sphere science fiction)
1988978-0-7221-9415-7Roger ZelaznyUnicorn Variation (Sphere Science Fiction)
1979978-0-7221-9419-5Roger ZelaznyHand Of Oberon (Sphere Science Fiction)
1987978-0-7221-9421-8   ''My Name Is Legion (Sphere science fiction)
1973978-0-7221-9423-2   ''Damnation Alley
1988978-0-7221-9439-3   ''Nine Princes In Amber
  ''978-0-7221-9440-9   ''Guns Of Avalon (Sphere Science Fiction)
1984978-0-7221-9442-3Roger ZelaznyEye Of Cat