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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-7474-0019-6David PickeringDictionary of Theatre
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1988978-0-7474-0097-4Roger ZelaznySign Of Chaos
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1989978-0-7474-0100-1Stephen KingDark Tower 1:Gunslinger: The Gunslinger v. 1
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1988978-0-7474-0114-8Daniel J. BoorstinAmericans Vol1:Colonial Exper: The Colonial Experience Vol 1
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1989978-0-7474-0119-3Sheila HockenAfter Emma
1988978-0-7474-0120-9Mike MarquseeSlow Turn
1988978-0-7474-0126-1Marion Zimmer BradleyFirebrand
1989978-0-7474-0128-5Dorothy SimpsonSuspicious Death (Inspector Thanet S.)
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1988978-0-7474-0144-5Budd HopkinsIntruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods
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1988978-0-7474-0152-0William GauntThe Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy
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1990978-0-7474-0162-9x AnonymousDame Jenny Everleigh Volume 07: Vol 7
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1990978-0-7474-0176-6Robert van GulikChinese Nail Murders
1990978-0-7474-0186-5Bernard CornwellSea Lord
1991978-0-7474-0188-9Sam LlewellynDeadeye
1990978-0-7474-0189-6   ''Death Roll
1989978-0-7474-0195-7Robert CarterGentlemen of Fortune
1988978-0-7474-0220-6Jenny LevinDivorce (Rights Guides)
1989978-0-7474-0242-8Gordon R. DicksonThe Earth Lords
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1989978-0-7474-0282-4Tom PhilbinUnder Cover
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1989978-0-7474-0318-0Muriel SparkMary Shelley
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1988978-0-7474-0332-6Russell MillerBare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard
1989978-0-7474-0333-3Jack McDevittA Talent For War
1989978-0-7474-0336-4Peter JamesPossession
1988978-0-7474-0347-0John MastersThe Deceivers
1989978-0-7474-0353-1John MichellEccentric Lives And Peculiar Notions
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1988978-0-7474-0376-0Colin ShindlerBuster: A Novel Based On His Own Original Screenplay
1989978-0-7474-0386-9Charles SheffieldThe Web Between the Worlds
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1989978-0-7474-0530-6Rob MacGregorIndiana Jones And the Last Crusade: Novel
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