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A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring the Power and Energy of Modern SystemsHardcover978-1-138-62961-52021Jee Whan Choi · Kirk Cameron
Black WaterPaperback978-0-689-86911-22004D.J. MacHale
Child Development: Giftedness   "978-0-7492-7541-91996
Children's Cognitive and Language Development   "978-0-631-19428-61995Prajna Das Gupta
Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy   "978-0-8400-8510-81999Jerry Pipes
Notes To My Older Self: A Young Man Questions The Values of His Misguided Generation   "978-967-10961-0-92012
Oxford Student Texts: Geoffrey Chaucer: The Miller's Tale   "978-0-19-832577-22007Peter Mack · Chris Walton
Oxford Student Texts: Geoffrey Chaucer: The Nun's Priest's Tale   "978-0-19-832548-22006Peter Mack · Andy Hawkins
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Reconceptualizing Libraries: Opportunities from the Information and Learning SciencesHardcover978-1-138-30955-52018Abigail Phillips
Reconceptualizing Libraries: Opportunities from the Information and Learning SciencesPaperback978-1-138-30956-22018   "
The Guide to the Territories of Halla   "978-1-4169-0014-62005D.J. MacHale
The Merchant of Death   "978-1-4169-0526-42005   "
The Merchant of Death   "978-0-7434-3731-82002   "
The Never War   "978-0-7434-3733-22003   "
The Reality Bug   "978-0-7434-3734-92003   "
The Rivers of ZadaaHardcover978-1-4169-0710-72005   "

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