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2013978-1-4722-0031-0Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
  ''978-1-4722-0032-7Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
2014978-1-4722-0034-1   ''The Ocean at the End of the Lane
2013978-1-4722-0045-7Beth KeryParadise Rules
  ''978-1-4722-0047-1Beth KeryRelease
  ''978-1-4722-0051-8   ''Addicted To You: One Night of Passion Book 1
  ''978-1-4722-0057-0   ''Exposed To You: One Night of Passion Book 4
2013978-1-4722-0066-2Beth KeryBecause You Are Mine Complete Novel
2012978-1-4722-0068-6Anne RiceInterview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story: A dark and beautiful graphic novel adaptation of a cult classic
  ''978-1-4722-0070-9October JonesTexts From Dog
  ''978-1-4722-0074-7Sylvia DayA Touch of Crimson (A Renegade Angels Novel): 1
  ''978-1-4722-0076-1Sylvia DayA Hunger So Wild (A Renegade Angels Novel): 2
  ''978-1-4722-0090-7J.D. TylerBlack Moon: Alpha Pack Book 3
2014978-1-4722-0095-2Martina ColeThe Good Life: A powerful crime thriller about a deadly love
2015978-1-4722-0097-6Martina ColeThe Good Life: A powerful crime thriller about a deadly love
2016978-1-4722-0101-0   ''Get Even: A dark thriller of murder, mystery and revenge
2017978-1-4722-0105-8Martina ColeBetrayal: A gripping suspense thriller testing family loyalty
  ''978-1-4722-0108-9   ''Damaged
2018978-1-4722-0109-6   ''Damaged (Di Kate Burrows 4)
2014978-1-4722-0121-8BatemanFire and Brimstone
2015978-1-4722-0125-6BatemanThe Dead Pass (Dan Starkey 9)
2013978-1-4722-0133-1   ''Wild About Harry
2012978-1-4722-0155-3Tulisa ContostavlosHonest - Signed Edition
2013978-1-4722-0156-0Janet EvanovichTakedown Twenty (Stephanie Plum)
2014978-1-4722-0159-1Janet EvanovichTakedown Twenty: A laugh-out-loud crime adventure full of high-stakes suspense (Stephanie Plum 20)
2001978-1-4722-0165-2Harry StylesTricky Twenty-Two
2013978-1-4722-0172-0Janet Evanovich · Lee GoldbergThe Heist
2015978-1-4722-0185-0Janet Evanovich · Lee GoldbergThe Scam: (Fox & O'Hare)
2013978-1-4722-0190-4Simon ScarrowSword and Scimitar
2014978-1-4722-0226-0Nevada BarrDestroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 18): A suspenseful thriller of the American wilderness
2015978-1-4722-0228-4Nevada BarrDestroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 18): A suspenseful thriller of the American wilderness
2013978-1-4722-0385-4Jennifer E SmithThis Is What Happy Looks Like
2014978-1-4722-0390-8Janet Evanovich · Lee GoldbergThe Heist (Fox & O'Hare)
2013978-1-4722-0418-9Beth KeryWhen I'm With You Complete Novel (Because You Are Mine Series #2)
2018978-1-4722-0427-1Katherine ClementsThe Coffin Path: 'The perfect ghost story'
  ''978-1-4722-0428-8   ''The Coffin Path
2015978-1-4722-0450-9Ann GrangerThe Testimony of the Hanged Man (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 5): A Victorian crime mystery of injustice and corruption (Lizzie Martin 5)
2014978-1-4722-0468-4Stephen Lloyd JonesThe String Diaries
  ''978-1-4722-0470-7Stephen Lloyd JonesWritten in the Blood
2015978-1-4722-0529-2Patrick GaleA Place Called Winter
  ''978-1-4722-0531-5Patrick GaleA Place Called Winter: Costa Shortlisted 2015
2013978-1-4722-0593-3Colette McBethPrecious Thing
2013978-1-4722-0594-0Colette McBethPrecious Thing
2015978-1-4722-0599-5Colette McBethThe Life I Left Behind: A must-read taut and twisty psychological thriller
2013978-1-4722-0602-2Victoria HislopThe Last Dance and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4722-0605-3J. KennerRelease Me
  ''978-1-4722-0607-7J. KennerClaim Me: Stark Series Book 2
  ''978-1-4722-0609-1   ''Complete Me: Stark Series Book 3
2012978-1-4722-0619-0Koontz DeanIntensity P
2016978-1-4722-0660-2Jonathan KellermanThe Murderer's Daughter
2014978-1-4722-0680-0J.T. BrannanExtinction
2013978-1-4722-0704-3Debra WebbRage (The Faces of Evil 4)
  ''978-1-4722-0761-6Simon Scarrow · T. J. AndrewsArena (gladiator)
2016978-1-4722-0769-2Sarah HilarySomeone Else's Skin (D.I. Marnie Rome 1): Winner of the Crime Novel of the Year
2013978-1-4722-0793-7Neil GaimanMake Good Art
2016978-1-4722-0801-9   ''The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
2013978-1-4722-0807-1Tara Sue MeThe Submissive: Submissive 1: 1/3
2014978-1-4722-0820-0Matthew QuickForgive Me, Leonard Peacock
2016978-1-4722-0845-3Tasmina PerryThe House on Sunset Lake: A breathtaking novel of secrets, mystery and love
2016978-1-4722-0846-0Tasmina PerryThe House on Sunset Lake: A breathtaking novel of secrets, mystery and love
2018978-1-4722-0852-1   ''The Pool House: Someone lied. Someone died.
  ''978-1-4722-0856-9   ''Friend of the Family: You invited her in. Now she wants you out.
2014978-1-4722-0866-8Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
2015978-1-4722-0886-6Jill MansellThree Amazing Things About You: A touching novel about love, heartbreak and new beginnings
2017978-1-4722-0891-0Jill MansellMeet Me at Beachcomber Bay: The feel-good bestseller to brighten your day
2014978-1-4722-0932-0Kimberley WalshA Whole Lot of History
2013978-1-4722-0933-7Alex BerensonThe Night Ranger (John Wells 7)
2014978-1-4722-0940-5Seth CasteelUnderwater Puppies
2013978-1-4722-1002-9Beth KeryBecause We Belong (Because You Are Mine Series #3)
2014978-1-4722-1067-8Ian Buxton101 Legendary Whiskies You're Dying to Try But (Possibly) Never Will (101 Whiskies)
2017978-1-4722-1075-3Sheila O'FlanaganThe Missing Wife: The Unputdownable Bestseller
2014978-1-4722-1100-2Beth KerySince I Saw You (Because You Are Mine Series #4)
  ''978-1-4722-1106-4Andrea LevySmall Island
  ''978-1-4722-1111-8Jen WilliamsThe Copper Promise (complete novel) (Copper Cat Trilogy)
2013978-1-4722-1134-7October JonesTexts From Dog: The Dog Delusion
  ''978-1-4722-1174-3Seth CasteelUnderwater Dogs
1999978-1-4722-1207-8Koontz DeanSeize the Night
978-1-4722-1216-0Playfair Cricket Annual 2014
2014978-1-4722-1217-7Ian MarshallPlayfair Cricket Annual 2014
2015978-1-4722-1218-4Ian MarshallPlayfair Cricket Annual 2015
2015978-1-4722-1226-9Anne BakerWartime Girls: As the Liverpool Blitz rages, a family struggles to survive
2014978-1-4722-1251-1HeadlineSky Sports Football Yearbook 2014-2015
2014978-1-4722-1252-8HeadlineSky Sports Football Yearbook 2014-2015 (Sky Sports Football Yearbook (Hardback) (Ex 'Rothmans'))
  ''978-1-4722-1275-7Sue Monk KiddThe Invention of Wings
  ''978-1-4722-1277-1Sue Monk KiddThe Invention of Wings
  ''978-1-4722-1285-6Carol O'ConnellWinter House (Kathy Mallory 6)
  ''978-1-4722-1289-4Carol O'ConnellDead Famous (Kathy Mallory 7)
2014978-1-4722-1293-1Carol O'ConnellCrime School (Kathy Mallory 6)
2007978-1-4722-1306-8Patterson and PeterBeach Road P
2016978-1-4722-1330-3Simon ScarrowBritannia (Eagles of the Empire 14)
2015978-1-4722-1332-7   ''Britannia (Eagles of the Empire 14) (Roman Legion 13)
2018978-1-4722-1338-9   ''Day of the Caesars (Eagles of the Empire 16)
2017978-1-4722-1339-6   ''Day of the Caesars (Eagles of the Empire 16)
2015978-1-4722-1376-1Barbara NadelLand of the Blind (Inspector Ikmen Mystery 17): A fast-paced Istanbul-based crime thriller
2014978-1-4722-1398-3Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard: My Liverpool Story (Campbell and Carter)
  ''978-1-4722-1406-5Chris KuzneskiThe Einstein Pursuit (Payne & Jones 8)
2015978-1-4722-1458-4Deborah HarknessThe Book of Life: (All Souls 3)
2013978-1-4722-1464-5Nolan Bushnell · Gene StoneFinding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent
2014978-1-4722-1473-7Mary BerryCook Now, Eat Later
  ''978-1-4722-1481-2Octavia E. ButlerKindred: The ground-breaking masterpiece
2015978-1-4722-1503-1Karen MaitlandThe Vanishing Witch: A dark historical tale of witchcraft and rebellion
  ''978-1-4722-1504-8Karen MaitlandThe Raven's Head: A gothic tale of secrets and alchemy in the Dark Ages
2014978-1-4722-1511-6J. KennerWanted: Most Wanted Book 1
  ''978-1-4722-1513-0   ''Heated: Most Wanted Book 2
2014978-1-4722-1515-4J. KennerIgnited: Most Wanted Book 3
  ''978-1-4722-1533-8Olivia WilliamsGin Glorious Gin: How Mother's Ruin Became the Spirit of London
2008978-1-4722-1593-2Patterson With MichStep on a Crack P
2014978-1-4722-1612-0Jill MansellThe Unpredictable Consequences of Love: A feel-good novel filled with seaside secrets
2015978-1-4722-1769-1Neil GaimanTrigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
2015978-1-4722-1772-1Neil GaimanTrigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
  ''978-1-4722-1880-3Nicola DohertyGirls on Tour: A deliciously fun laugh-out-loud summer read
2016978-1-4722-1895-7David ArnoldKids of Appetite
2015978-1-4722-1896-4Jenny BlackhurstHow I Lost You: The Number 1 Ebook Bestseller
2014978-1-4722-1908-4Tony SinghTasty
2015978-1-4722-1936-7Anne PerryA New York Christmas (Christmas Novella 12): A festive mystery set in New York
  ''978-1-4722-1944-2Anne PerryThe Angel Court Affair (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 30): Kidnap and danger haunt the pages of this gripping mystery
  ''978-1-4722-1947-3   ''Corridors of the Night (William Monk Mystery, Book 21): A twisting Victorian mystery of intrigue and secrets
2016978-1-4722-1953-4   ''Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 31): Anarchy and corruption stalk the streets of Victorian London
  ''978-1-4722-1956-5   ''Revenge in a Cold River (William Monk Mystery, Book 22): Murder and smuggling from the dark streets of Victorian London
2014978-1-4722-2041-7David HansonChildren of the Mill: True Stories From Quarry Bank
2014978-1-4722-2053-0Jessica FellowesA Year in the Life of Downton Abbey (companion to series 5)
  ''978-1-4722-2054-7Carnival Productions · Mr CarsonThe Downton Abbey Rules for Household Staff
  ''978-1-4722-2084-4General Sir David RichardsTaking Command
2015978-1-4722-2087-5   ''Taking Command
2016978-1-4722-2100-1Jonathan Kellerman · Jesse KellermanThe Golem of Paris: A gripping, unputdownable thriller
2014978-1-4722-2107-0Neil GaimanThe Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains
  ''978-1-4722-2110-0Maya BanksLetting Go: Surrender Trilogy Book 1
  ''978-1-4722-2112-4Maya BanksGiving In: Surrender Trilogy Book 2
2014978-1-4722-2114-8Maya BanksTaking It All: Surrender Trilogy Book 3
2016978-1-4722-2133-9Harriet EvansThe Butterfly Summer: Dark family secrets hide in the shadows of a forgotten Cornish house
2015978-1-4722-2201-5Frank TurnerThe Road Beneath My Feet
2014978-1-4722-2218-3Sue Monk KiddThe Invention of Wings
2015978-1-4722-2264-0Mary Berry · Lucy YoungThe Complete Aga Cookbook
2014978-1-4722-2276-3Paul Fraser CollardUntitled Jack Lark e-short 1
2015978-1-4722-2360-9Anne ShooterSesame & Spice: Baking from the East End to the Middle East
2016978-1-4722-2367-8Judith LennoxThe Jeweller's Wife: A compelling tale of love, war and temptation
2014978-1-4722-2368-5Jo ThomasThe Oyster Catcher: A warm and witty novel filled with Irish charm
2016978-1-4722-2372-2Jo ThomasLate Summer in the Vineyard: A gorgeous read filled with sunshine and wine in the South of France
2015978-1-4722-2395-1Michael AshcroftSpecial Ops Heroes
2014978-1-4722-2396-8Michael AshcroftSpecial Ops Heroes
2015978-1-4722-2415-6HeadlineSky Sports Football Yearbook 2015-2016
2015978-1-4722-2416-3HeadlineSky Sports Football Yearbook 2015-2016
  ''978-1-4722-2437-8Royal Botanic Gardens Kew · Raymond BlancKew on a Plate with Raymond Blanc (Kew Gardens)
  ''978-1-4722-2528-3Andrew ShanahanMan v Fat: The Weight-Loss Manual
  ''978-1-4722-2546-7Janet Evanovich · Phoef SuttonWicked Charms: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel
  ''978-1-4722-2591-7David DuchovnyHoly Cow
2015978-1-4722-2624-2Anna RichardsonMind Over Fatter: See Yourself Slim, Think Yourself Slim, Eat Yourself Slim
  ''978-1-4722-2628-0J. KennerSay My Name: Stark International 1 (Stark International Series)
  ''978-1-4722-2630-3   ''On My Knees: Stark International 2 (Stark International Series)
  ''978-1-4722-2633-4   ''Under My Skin: Stark International 3 (Stark International Series)
  ''978-1-4722-2652-5Tara Sue MeThe Collar: Submissive 5 (The Submissive Series)
2015978-1-4722-2660-0Lisa GardnerCrash & Burn
  ''978-1-4722-2680-8Jonathan Kellerman · Jesse KellermanThe Golem of Hollywood: A terrifying mystery of the supernatural
2014978-1-4722-2690-7Josephine CoxWhistledown Woman: An evocative saga of family, devotion and secrets
2015978-1-4722-2695-2Jill MansellThree Amazing Things About You: A touching novel about love, heartbreak and new beginnings
2014978-1-4722-2698-3Laurell K. HamiltonJason (An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novella) (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)
2016978-1-4722-2804-8Chris AndersonTED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking
2018978-1-4722-2806-2Chris AndersonTED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking
2015978-1-4722-2840-6Fleur De ForceThe Glam Guide
  ''978-1-4722-2842-0Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
2016978-1-4722-2870-3Hank PaulsonDealing with China
2015978-1-4722-2872-7Henry M. PaulsonDealing with China
2016978-1-4722-2897-0Dan CarterDan Carter: The Autobiography of an All Blacks Legend
  ''978-1-4722-2927-4Mary BerryMary Berry's Family Sunday Lunches
2014978-1-4722-2950-2Patterson JamesCross.
2015978-1-4722-2966-3Charlotte CrosbyME ME ME
  ''978-1-4722-2995-3Kathryn HughesThe Letter: The No. 1 ebook bestseller
2016978-1-4722-2999-1Kathryn HughesThe Secret: A gripping novel of how far a mother would go for her child from the #1 author of The Letter
2015978-1-4722-3007-2Marcus ButlerHello Life!
2017978-1-4722-3015-7Emma HanniganThe Wedding Promise: Can a rambling Spanish villa hold the key to love?
2015978-1-4722-3024-9Josephine CoxOutcast: The past cannot be forgotten… (Emma Grady trilogy, Book 1)
2015978-1-4722-3064-5Josephine CoxAlley Urchin: A thrilling saga of love, resilience and revenge (Emma Grady trilogy, Book 2)
  ''978-1-4722-3105-5Adam JonesBomb: My Autobiography
2016978-1-4722-3107-9Adam JonesBomb: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-4722-3198-7Charlotte CrosbyLive Fast, Lose Weight: Fat to Fit: 80 recipes for a healthy lifestyle
  ''978-1-4722-3206-9Fleur De ForceThe Luxe Life: Everyday Luxuries for Lovers of Beauty, Fashion & Food
  ''978-1-4722-3209-0Bryony GordonMad Girl
2016978-1-4722-3237-3Lisa GardnerFind Her (Detective D.D. Warren)
  ''978-1-4722-3254-0Ian MarshallPlayfair Cricket Annual 2016
2017978-1-4722-3256-4   ''Playfair Cricket Annual 2017
2016978-1-4722-3261-8Jonathan Kellerman · Jesse KellermanThe Golem of Paris: A gripping, unputdownable thriller
2015978-1-4722-3267-0Sam AllardyceBig Sam: My Autobiography
2016978-1-4722-3283-0Martina ColeUntitled Novel 3
978-1-4722-3336-3James PattersonThe lake house
2016978-1-4722-3369-1Paul DohertyDark Serpent (Hugh Corbett Mysteries, Book 18): A gripping medieval murder mystery (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 18)
2017978-1-4722-3372-1Paul DohertyDevil's Wolf (Hugh Corbett Mysteries, Book 19) (Hugh Corbett Medieval Mystery)
  ''978-1-4722-3373-8   ''Devil's Wolf
2018978-1-4722-3374-5Paul DohertyDevil's Wolf (Hugh Corbett Mysteries, Book 19)
2016978-1-4722-3386-8Simon ScarrowBritannia (Eagles of the Empire 14)
  ''978-1-4722-3394-3HeadlineSky Sports Football Yearbook 2016-2017
  ''978-1-4722-3395-0   ''Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2016-2017
2017978-1-4722-3396-7   ''Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2017-2018
  ''978-1-4722-3397-4   ''Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2017-2018
2015978-1-4722-3488-9Neil GaimanTrigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
2018978-1-4722-3507-7Daniela SacerdotiI Will Find You (Seal Island 2): Cosy up with this gorgeous love story
2015978-1-4722-3525-1Sarah WinmanA Year of Marvellous Ways: The Richard and Judy Bestseller
2016978-1-4722-3527-5Jenny BlackhurstBefore I Let You In: Thrilling psychological suspense from No.1 bestseller
2013978-1-4722-3531-2Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
2015978-1-4722-3532-9   ''How the Marquis Got His Coat Back
2018978-1-4722-3538-1Sheila O'FlanaganThe Hideaway: Escape for the summer with the riveting No. 1 bestseller
2016978-1-4722-3542-8Neil GaimanAnansi Boys
2016978-1-4722-3544-2Neil GaimanBlack Dog (American Gods Novella)
2017978-1-4722-3586-2Karen MaitlandThe Plague Charmer: A gripping novel of the plague
978-1-4722-3616-6Headline Publishing Group Kursk - The Greatest Battle
2016978-1-4722-3626-5John Chapman · Leon BustinThe Lean Machines: Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome
2017978-1-4722-3633-3Anne BakerA View Across the Mersey
  ''978-1-4722-3634-0   ''A View Across the Mersey
2015978-1-4722-3675-3Paul Fraser CollardThe Devil's Assassin (Jack Lark, Book 3): A Bombay-based military adventure of traitors, trust and deceit
2016978-1-4722-3713-2Simon ScarrowThe Generals (Wellington and Napoleon)
2018978-1-4722-3733-0Deborah HarknessTime's Convert
2016978-1-4722-3898-6J. KennerDirtiest Secret: Dirtiest 1 (Stark/S.I.N.) (Starks Sin 1)
2018978-1-4722-3906-8Paul Fraser CollardThe True Soldier (Jack Lark, Book 6): A gripping military adventure of a roguish British soldier and the American Civil War
2016978-1-4722-3922-8Janet EvanovichTricky Twenty-Two: A sassy and hilarious mystery of crime on campus
  ''978-1-4722-3954-9J. KennerStark After Dark: A Stark Ever After Anthology (Take Me, Have Me, Play Me Game, Seduce Me) (Stark Series)
  ''978-1-4722-4071-2Anthony Middleton · Jason Fox · Matthew Ollerton · Colin MaclachlanSAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces
  ''978-1-4722-4072-9Anthony Middleton · Jason Fox · Matthew Ollerton · Colin MaclachlanSAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces
2017978-1-4722-4073-6   ''SAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces
2017978-1-4722-4087-3Sarah SchmidtSee What I Have Done: Longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2018
2016978-1-4722-4104-7Rob SheffieldOn Bowie
2017978-1-4722-4107-8Rob SheffieldOn Bowie
2016978-1-4722-4174-0Laurell K. HamiltonCrimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)
  ''978-1-4722-4175-7   ''Crimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)
2018978-1-4722-4178-8   ''Serpentine: Anita Blake 26 (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)
2018978-1-4722-4179-5Laurell K. HamiltonSerpentine: Anita Blake 26 (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)
2016978-1-4722-4234-1Zanna Van DijkSTRONG: Over 80 Exercises and 40 Recipes For Achieving A Fit, Healthy and Balanced Body
  ''978-1-4722-4247-1Ian Buxton101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die (Revised & Updated): Third Edition
  ''978-1-4722-4248-8Neil GaimanHow to Talk to Girls at Parties
2018978-1-4722-4253-2Graeme SounessGraeme Souness – Football: My Life, My Passion
2017978-1-4722-4331-7Charlotte CrosbyCharlotte Crosby’s 30-Day Blitz: Workouts, Tips and Recipes for a Body You’ll Love in Less than a Month
2018978-1-4722-4382-9Dan HardyPart Reptile: UFC, MMA and Me
2017978-1-4722-4444-4Chris AndersonTED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking
2016978-1-4722-4452-9Neil GaimanTroll Bridge
2017978-1-4722-4511-3Naomi DevlinFood for a Happy Gut: Recipes to Calm, Nourish & Heal
  ''978-1-4722-4554-0Neil GaimanAmerican Gods: TV Tie-In
  ''978-1-4722-4687-5   ''The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
978-1-4722-4743-8Martina ColeHeadline Two Women
2018978-1-4722-4789-6Zack ScottScrapers
2018978-1-4722-4813-8Rhys ThomasThe Unlikely Heroics of Sam Holloway: A feel-good love story with a twist
  ''978-1-4722-4885-5Kathryn HughesThe Key: The most gripping, heartbreaking book of the year
2017978-1-4722-4908-1Neil GaimanAmerican Gods: TV Tie-In
2019978-1-4722-4940-1Martina ColeNo Mercy: The brand new novel from the Queen of Crime
  ''978-1-4722-4981-4Ian MarshallPlayfair Cricket Annual 2019
2018978-1-4722-4982-1   ''Playfair Cricket Annual 2018
2019978-1-4722-5021-6Guy GunaratneIn Our Mad and Furious City: Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2018
2018978-1-4722-5039-1Jennifer HartThe Songbirds of Colliers Row
2017978-1-4722-5093-3Atticus PoetryLove Her Wild: Poetry
  ''978-1-4722-5182-4Clemency Burton-HillYEAR OF WONDER: Classical Music for Every Day
2018978-1-4722-5198-5Simon ScarrowDay of the Caesars (Eagles of the Empire 16)
  ''978-1-4722-5323-1Carl FogartyThe World According to Foggy
2019978-1-4722-5510-5Emily GunnisThe Girl in the Letter: The most gripping, heartwrenching page-turner of the year
2018978-1-4722-5981-3Luca Bonaccorsi · Marine Conservation SocietyHow to Live Plastic Free: a day in the life of a plastic detox
2018978-1-4722-6008-6Neil GaimanArt Matters
  ''978-1-4722-6105-2HeadlineThe Football Yearbook 2018-2019 in association with The Sun
2019978-1-4722-6136-6Steve McNeilHey! Listen!: A journey through the golden era of video games