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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-7460-0006-9Robyn Gee · Susan MeredithEntertaining and Educating Babies and Toddlers (Parents' Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0010-6Cheryl Evans · Anne MillardNorse Myths and Legends (Usborne Myths & Legends)
1995978-0-7460-0012-0Gaby Waters · Graham RoundCurse of the Lost Idol (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1996978-0-7460-0014-4Jenny Tyler · etc.Solve Your Own Mystery Stories (Puzzle Adventures)
1988978-0-7460-0016-8Helen DaviesBeginner's French Dictionary (Usborne Beginner's Language Dictionaries)
1989978-0-7460-0018-2Helen DaviesBeginner's German Dictionary (Usborne Beginner's Language Dictionaries)
1996978-0-7460-0020-5   ''Beginner's Spanish Dictionary (Usborne Beginner's Language Dictionaries)
1987978-0-7460-0050-2Moira ButterfieldBook of London (The Usborne book of London)
1995978-0-7460-0054-0Angela WilkesFrench for Beginners: Internet Linked (Usborne Language Guides)
1986978-0-7460-0055-7Angela WilkesFrench for Beginners (Usborne Language Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0056-4Angela Wilkes · John ShackellGerman for Beginners (Language for Beginners)
1987978-0-7460-0058-8Angela Wilkes · John ShackellSpanish for Beginners (Usborne Language Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0067-0Judy Tatchell · Graham RoundHow To Draw Cartoons And Caricatures :
  ''978-0-7460-0091-5Kate LittleThings on Wheels (Usborne Explainers)
1987978-0-7460-0103-5Annabel ThomasThings That Float (Usborne Explainers)
1986978-0-7460-0111-0C. J. Rawson · etc.Usborne Guide to Riding and Pony Care (Riding & pony care)
1989978-0-7460-0122-6Angela WilkesGrowing Things (Simple activities)
1987978-0-7460-0133-2Robyn Gee · Susan MeredithEntertaining and Educating Your Preschool Child (Usborne Parent's Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0135-6Susan CaldwellUsborne Guide to Playing Chess (Usborne Chess Guides)
1990978-0-7460-0139-4Angela Wilkes · J ShackellItalian for Beginners: Internet Linked (Usborne Language Guides)
1995978-0-7460-0141-7Martin OliverAgent Arthur's Jungle Journey (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
  ''978-0-7460-0143-1Martin OliverAgent Arthur on the Stormy Seas (Puzzle Adventure S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0145-5   ''Agent Arthur's Arctic Adventure (Usborne Puzzle Adventures: 12)
1991978-0-7460-0147-9Martin Oliver · Gaby WatersAgent Arthur's Puzzle Adventures
1995978-0-7460-0149-3Karen DolbyThe Incredible Dinosaur Expedition (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1988978-0-7460-0155-4Karen DolbyThe Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures: No. 1
1987978-0-7460-0167-7Paula WoodsImprove Your Soccer Skills (Usborne Superskills S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0177-6Anita Ganeri · Judy TatchellHow to Draw Animals
1995978-0-7460-0179-0Karen DolbyDanger at Demon's Cove (Usborne Puzzle Adventures: 7)
1988978-0-7460-0181-3Iain AshmanMake This Model Town (Usborne Cut Out Models)
1988978-0-7460-0193-6Louisa Somerville · T. PellsLearn to Play Guitar
  ''978-0-7460-0199-8Susan MeredithTeach Your Child to Swim (Usborne Parent's Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0224-7Betty RootHelp Your Child Learn to Read (Parents' guides)
1992978-0-7460-0240-7Cheryl Evans · Anne MillardUsborne Illustrated Guide to Greek and Norse Legends (Myths & legends)
1988978-0-7460-0253-7Anne CivardiGoing to the Doctor: First Experiences Sticker Book
  ''978-0-7460-0256-8No author.Make This Roman Fort (Usborne Cut-out Models)
1989978-0-7460-0263-6Heather AmeryFarmyard Tales
1995978-0-7460-0274-2Susan Mayes · Richard DeverellWhat Makes it Rain? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
  ''978-0-7460-0275-9Susan MayesWhat Makes a Flower Grow? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1988978-0-7460-0285-8J. MilesShips, Sailors and the Sea (Beginner's Knowledge)
1988978-0-7460-0287-2Richard SpurgeonEcology (Usborne Science & Experiments)
1995978-0-7460-0289-6Corinne Stockley · Chris OxladeThe World of the Microscope (Science & experiments)
  ''978-0-7460-0304-6Martin OliverSearch for the Sunken City (Puzzle Adventure S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0308-4Susannah LeighJourney to the Lost Temple (Puzzle Adventures)
1990978-0-7460-0310-7Karen DolbyPuzzle Adventures II: three adventure stories with puzzles to solve (The second Usborne book of Puzzle Adventures): No. 2
1989978-0-7460-0314-5Susan Meredith · Francis MosleyHelp Your Child Learn Number Skills (Usborne Parent's Guides)
1995978-0-7460-0318-3Nicole Irving · Leslie ColvinEssential German (Usborne Essential Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0330-5Sarah DixonVanishing Village (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1990978-0-7460-0331-2Sarah DixonVanishing Village (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1989978-0-7460-0332-9Susannah LeighThe Haunted Tower (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1998978-0-7460-0334-3Karen DolbyGhost in the Mirror (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1990978-0-7460-0336-7Karen Dolby · etc.Ghost Puzzle Adventures (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0340-4Anthony Marks · Graham I. F. TingayThe Romans (Usborne Illustrated World History)
1990978-0-7460-0342-8Susan Peach · Anne MillardThe Greeks (The Usborne Illustrated World History)
1989978-0-7460-0357-2Susan MayesWhat's Under the Ground? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1995978-0-7460-0358-9   ''Where Does Electricity Come from? (Usborne Starting Point Science S.)
1988978-0-7460-0365-7Heather Amery · Stephen CartwrightFirst Hundred Words in German (Usborne First Hundred Words)
2000978-0-7460-0366-4Heather Amery · Stephen CartwrightFirst Hundred Words in Spanish (Usborne First Hundred Words)
1989978-0-7460-0383-1Angela Wilkes · John ShackellIrish for Beginners
  ''978-0-7460-0385-5Angela WilkesWelsh for Beginners (Language for Beginners)
  ''978-0-7460-0391-6Heather Amery · Yaffa HaronHebrew (Usborne First 1000 Words)
  ''978-0-7460-0392-3Anne CivardiEnglish (Word Finder)
1988978-0-7460-0399-2Heather AmeryWord Detective
1990978-0-7460-0428-9Sophy TahtaWhy is Night Dark? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
  ''978-0-7460-0434-0Heather AmeryA. B. C.
1990978-0-7460-0457-9Philip HawthornEasy Recorder Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks)
1989978-0-7460-0459-3Philip Hawthorn · Jenny TylerThe Usborne Book of Easy Piano Tunes
  ''978-0-7460-0481-4Susan MayesUsborne Starting Point Science: v. 1
  ''978-0-7460-0484-5Peter Holden · etc.Spotter's Guide to Wild Life (Usborne spotter's guides)
1992978-0-7460-0506-4Justin SomperThe Pyramid Plot (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1995978-0-7460-0508-8Mark FowlerEmerald Conspiracy (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0510-1Mark FowlerInvisible Spy (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
1993978-0-7460-0512-5Mark Fowler · Justin SomperThird Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1991978-0-7460-0514-9Felicity Everett · S. Reid · E. EverottUsborne Book of Explorers: From Columbus to Armstrong (Famous Lives)
1992978-0-7460-0532-3Nicole IrvingLearn French (Learn Languages S.)
1991978-0-7460-0538-5Philip HawthornThe Usborne Book of Bedtime Stories
1987978-0-7460-0544-6Waters GRobin & His Outlaws
1990978-0-7460-0563-7Rosamund Kidman Cox · etc.Usborne Complete First Book of Nature (Usborne First Nature)
  ''978-0-7460-0570-5Le monde du microscope
1990978-0-7460-0583-5Angela Wilkes · John ShackellGerman for Beginners (Language Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-0596-5Susannah LeighPuzzle Island (Usborne Young Puzzles)
  ''978-0-7460-0601-6Susan MayesHow Do Animals Talk? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1995978-0-7460-0602-3Susan MeredithWhat's Inside You? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1998978-0-7460-0607-8Iain AshmanMake This Wizard's Castle (Usborne Cut-out Models)
1990978-0-7460-0608-5Felicity BrooksProtecting Endangered Species (Usborne Conservation Guides)
1995978-0-7460-0617-7David NorwoodAdvanced Chess (Usborne Chess Guides)
1990978-0-7460-0620-7Bridget GibbsBird Facts (Usborne Facts & Lists)
1995978-0-7460-0643-6Philip HawthornEasy Piano Classics (Usborne Learn to Play)
  ''978-0-7460-0660-3Anthony AllenMystery on Main Street (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1992978-0-7460-0671-9Caroline YoungTractors (Usborne Big Machines)
1995978-0-7460-0677-1Phil Roxbee CoxGhost Train to Nowhere (Usborne Illustrated Spinechillers)
  ''978-0-7460-0679-5Karen Dolby · A. KernHouse of Shadows (Usborne Illustrated Spinechillers)
1991978-0-7460-0681-8Susannah LeighPuzzle Town (Young Puzzles)
1995978-0-7460-0688-7Sarah DixonCodename Quicksilver (Usborne Advanced Puzzle Adventures)
1991978-0-7460-0690-0Susan MeredithWhere Do Babies Come from? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1996978-0-7460-0692-4Mike Unwin · Kate WoodwardWhat Makes You Ill? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1995978-0-7460-0694-8Kate NeedhamHow Does a Bird Fly? (Usborne Starting Point Science S.)
1992978-0-7460-0698-6Helen Edom · Kate WoodwardScience Activities: v. 1 (Usborne Science Activities)
1992978-0-7460-0699-3Cheryl Evans · Lucy SmithActing and Theatre (Acting & Theatre)
1991978-0-7460-0704-4Philippa WingateEssential Physics: Key Laws and Uses Summarized (Essential Guides)
1992978-0-7460-0708-2Susan MayesThe Usborne Book of Kites (How to Make)
1991978-0-7460-0712-9Susannah LeighPuzzle Farm (Young Puzzles)
1995978-0-7460-0729-7Gaby Waters · Ann Johns · Paddy MounterThe Usborne Book of Whodunnits
1991978-0-7460-0731-0Susannah LeighPuzzle World: Island/Farm/Town (Young Puzzles)
1992978-0-7460-0747-1Pam BeasantHow to Draw Buildings (Young Artist S.)
1995978-0-7460-0748-8Pam BeasantHow to Draw Buildings (Young Artist)
  ''978-0-7460-0751-8Sarah DixonCobra Consignment (Usborne Advanced Puzzle Adventures S.)
1996978-0-7460-0764-8Helen Davies · Giovanna Iannaco · John Shackell · Nicole IrvingUsborne Internet-Linked Italian Dictionary For Beginners (Usborne Beginner's Dictionaries)
1990978-0-7460-0794-5Heather Amery · Peter FirminThen and Now (Talkabout books)
  ''978-0-7460-0798-3Angela WilkesWild Places: Mountains, Jungles and Deserts (Usborne Explainers)
1991978-0-7460-0806-5Jane M. BinghamScience Experiments (Usborne Science & Experiments S.)
1992978-0-7460-0819-5Angela Wilkes · M. Gomez · John ShackellSpanish for Beginners (Usborne Internet-linked)
1995978-0-7460-0830-0Jane Chisholm · etc.Usborne Book of Science (Usborne Introductions S.)
1994978-0-7460-0848-5Philip Hawthorn · Jenny TylerWho's Making That Mess? (Usborne Lift-the-Flap-Books)
1995978-0-7460-0850-8   ''Who's Making That Noise? (Usborne Lift-the-Flap-Books)
1997978-0-7460-0953-6Dowswell PHuman Behavious
1992978-0-7460-0960-4Philip Hawthorn · Anthony MarksUsborne Book of Easy Keyboard Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks)
  ''978-0-7460-0962-8Anthony Marks · Kim BlundellFirst Book of the Keyboard (Usborne First Music)
1995978-0-7460-0966-6Caroline YoungRound the World Cookbook (Usborne Round the World)
  ''978-0-7460-0968-0Sophy TahtaWhat's Under the Sea? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1992978-0-7460-0972-7Helen Edom · Moira ButterfieldScience with Air (Usborne Science Activities S.)
1992978-0-7460-0974-1Rebecca HeddleScience in the Kitchen (Usborne Science Activities)
  ''978-0-7460-0976-5Mike UnwinScience with Plants (Usborne Science Activities S.)
  ''978-0-7460-0978-9Helen Edom · etc.Science Activities: v. 2 (Usborne Science Activities)
1993978-0-7460-0984-0Fiona WattEarthquakes and Volcanoes (Usborne Understanding Geography S.)
1995978-0-7460-0988-8Phil Roxbee Cox · Max ParsonageAtoms and Molecules (Usborne Understanding Science S.)
1993978-0-7460-0994-9Peter Adamczyk · Paul-Francis LawElectricity and Magnetism (Usborne Understanding Science)
1992978-0-7460-1000-6Lucy SmithHow to Draw Horses (Usborne How to Draw)
1995978-0-7460-1009-9Struan Reid · Patricia FaraUsborne Book of Scientists (Famous Lives)
  ''978-0-7460-1013-6Sophy Tahta · Colin KingUsborne First Book of Britain (Usborne First Countries)
1992978-0-7460-1014-3Susan MeredithWhy are People Different? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
1993978-0-7460-1025-9Rebecca TreaysBook of Europe (Usborne Guides)
1992978-0-7460-1096-9Caroline YoungDiggers (Usborne Machine Board Books)
1995978-0-7460-1097-6Caroline YoungTractors (Usborne Machine Board Books)
1992978-0-7460-1098-3   ''Trucks (Usborne Machine Board Books)
1991978-0-7460-1109-6Helen Edom · Felicity BrooksLiving Long Ago: "Clothes and Fashion", "Travel and Transport", "Food and Eating" and "Houses and Homes" (Usborne Explainers)
  ''978-0-7460-1137-9Caroline YoungLa calligraphie
  ''978-0-7460-1211-6Iain AshmanMake This Model Lost Temple (Usborne Cut Out Models)
1992978-0-7460-1233-8Jane Chisholm · Anne MillardAncient World (Illustrated World History)
  ''978-0-7460-1256-7Angela Wilkes · John ShackellWelsh for Beginners (Language Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-1257-4   ''Irish for Beginners (Language Guides)
1992978-0-7460-1259-8Helen EdomScience with Magnets (Usborne Science Activities S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1261-1   ''Science with Water (Usborne Science Activities S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1284-0Susannah LeighPuzzle Castle (Usborne Young Puzzles)
1993978-0-7460-1286-4   ''Puzzle Planet (Young Puzzles)
1993978-0-7460-1288-8Susannah LeighPuzzle Mountain (Young Puzzles)
1995978-0-7460-1300-7Mike UnwinWhy Do Tigers Have Stripes? (Usborne Starting Point Science S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1309-0Ray GibsonUsborne Book of Fancy Dress (How to Make)
  ''978-0-7460-1323-6Jenny TylerAnimal Mazes (Usborne Maze Fun S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1325-0   ''Monster Mazes (Maze fun)
1992978-0-7460-1329-8Emma DanesUsborne First Book of Music (Usborne First Music S.)
1993978-0-7460-1339-7Phil Roxbee CoxWho Were the Romans? (Usborne Starting Point History)
1994978-0-7460-1343-4Phil Roxbee Cox · L.S. ReidWho Were the First People (Usborne Starting Point History S.)
1995978-0-7460-1355-7Karen DolbyDragon in the Cupboard (Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures)
1993978-0-7460-1374-8Karen Bryant-Mole · Graham RoundDot-to-dot Dinosaurs (Usborne Dot-to-dot)
1995978-0-7460-1377-9Karen Bryant- MoleUsborne Big Dot to Dot Book: v. 2 (Usborne Dot-to-dot)
  ''978-0-7460-1386-1Harriet CastorStarting Chess (Usborne First Skills)
1992978-0-7460-1393-9Anya SuschitzkyMore Easy Recorder Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks)
1993978-0-7460-1395-3Anya Suschitzky · Philip Hawthorn · Jenny Tyler100 Easy Piano Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks)
1995978-0-7460-1398-4Philippa Wingate · Anne MillardViking World (Illustrated World History)
1994978-0-7460-1406-6Martin OliverAgent Arthur's Desert Challenge (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
1996978-0-7460-1408-0   ''Agent Arthur's Mountain Mission (Puzzle Adventure S.)
1996978-0-7460-1409-7Martin Oliver · Paddy MounterAgent Arthur's Mountain Mission (Puzzle Adventure S.)
1992978-0-7460-1412-7Heather AmerySilly Sheepdog (Farmyard Tales)
1993978-0-7460-1421-9Rebecca HeddleScience with Weather (Usborne Science Activities S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1422-6Rebecca Heddle · Paul Shipton · Kate DaviesScience with Weather (Usborne Science Activities)
  ''978-0-7460-1425-7Rebecca HeddleScience and Your Body (Usborne Science Activities S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1428-8Rebecca Heddle · Paul ShiptonScience Activities: v. 3 (Usborne Science Activities)
1995978-0-7460-1433-2Nicole Irving · Leslie ColvinEssential German (Usborne Essential Guides)
  ''978-0-7460-1443-1Ray Gibson · Paula BortonUsborne Book of Masks (Usborne How to Guides)
1993978-0-7460-1445-5Chris Caudron · Caro ChildsThe Usborne Book of Face Painting (Usborne How to Guides)
1995978-0-7460-1458-5Gaby WatersChocolate Island (Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures)
1993978-0-7460-1631-2Anya SuschitzkyMore Easy Keyboard Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks S.)
1992978-0-7460-1638-1Angela Wilkes · J ShackellLatin for Beginners: Internet Linked (Usborne Language Guides)
1992978-0-7460-1639-8Angela WilkesLatin for Beginners (Language Guides)
1997978-0-7460-1642-8Mark BurgessMutiny at Crossbones Bay (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
1995978-0-7460-1650-3Sophy TahtaWhat Makes a Car Go? (Usborne Starting Point Science)
  ''978-0-7460-1656-5Rebecca HeddlePuzzle Journey Through Time (Puzzle Journeys)
  ''978-0-7460-1662-6Alastair Smith · Judy TatchellUsborne Complete Book of Drawing (Usborne Activity Books)
1994978-0-7460-1666-4Lucy SmithThe Usborne Book of Horses and Ponies (Young Nature)
1995978-0-7460-1668-8Iain AshmanMake This Model Trojan Horse (Usborne Cut Out Models)
  ''978-0-7460-1669-5Paul DowswellUsborne Tales of Real Escape (Real Tales)
  ''978-0-7460-1674-9C. YoungBook of the Haunted World
1994978-0-7460-1679-4Susannah LeighPuzzle Dungeon (Young Puzzles)
1994978-0-7460-1681-7Philip HawthornWho's Making That Smell? (Usborne Lift-the-Flap-Books)
1995978-0-7460-1689-3Lisa WattsNatural World (Usborne Illustrated Encyclopaedias S.)
  ''978-0-7460-1690-9Lesley SimsVoyage to the Edge of the World (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
1998978-0-7460-1698-5Caroline PhippsMore Easy Piano Classics (Usborne Learn to Play)
1995978-0-7460-1703-6Caroline HooperUsborne Nursery Rhyme Songbook (Usborne Songbooks)
1994978-0-7460-1705-0Paul StewartCastle of Intrigue (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
1995978-0-7460-1707-4Sussannah LeighPuzzle Jungle (Young Puzzles)
  ''978-0-7460-1715-9Rebecca HeddlePuzzle Journey Into Space (Puzzle Journeys)
  ''978-0-7460-1717-3Clive GiffordCutaway Cars (Usborne Cutaways)
  ''978-0-7460-1736-4Katie Elliott · Emma DanesUsborne Book of Easy Flute Tunes (Usborne Tunebooks S.)
1995978-0-7460-1738-8Iain AshmanMake This Roman Amphitheatre (Usborne Cut Out Models)
1994978-0-7460-1739-5Caroline YoungThe Great Animal Search (Usborne Great Searches)
1998978-0-7460-1750-0Susan MeredithWorld Religions (Usborne Guides)
1995978-0-7460-1793-7Kamini KhanduriGreat History Search (Usborne Great Searches)
978-0-7460-1825-5Le piano
1993978-0-7460-1843-9Carol VarleyUsborne World of Knowledge Encyclopedia: Science, Geography and Nature Explained (Usborne Encyclopedias)