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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1963978-0-7148-1259-5Oliver MillarTudor, Stuart, and Early Georgian Pictures (Royal Collection)
1968978-0-7148-1335-6Bernard BerensonItalian Painters of the Renaissance: Venetian and North Italian Schools v. 1
  ''978-0-7148-1336-3Bernard BerensonItalian Painters of the Renaissance: Florentine and Central Italian Schools v. 2
  ''978-0-7148-1339-4Henry-Russell HitchcockRococo Architecture in Southern Germany
1969978-0-7148-1380-6Kenneth ClarkPiero Della Francesca
1971978-0-7148-1417-9Nicolo RasmoMichael Pacher
1970978-0-7148-1443-8Seymour. SliveFRANS HALS: VOL I, II, III.
  ''978-0-7148-1465-0John Pope-HennessyItalian Gothic Sculpture (Introduction to Italian Sculpture)
1972978-0-7148-1499-5Aldo Rizzi · L. WildtEtchings of the Tiepolos
  ''978-0-7148-1504-6Pier Carlo SantiniModern Landscape Painting
1972978-0-7148-1516-9Martin DaviesRogier Van Der Weyden: An Essay with a Critical Catalogue of Paintings Assigned to Him and to Robert Campin
1973978-0-7148-1518-3Henri MatisseMatisse On Art
1977978-0-7148-1527-5Ann Sutherland HarrisAndrea Sacchi: Complete Edition of the Paintings
1974978-0-7148-1533-6William GauntTurner (Colour Plate Books)
1973978-0-7148-1557-2AnonDictionary of Twentieth-century Art
  ''978-0-7148-1590-9Philippe JullianThe Symbolists
1974978-0-7148-1613-5James B. PritchardSolomon and Sheba
1975978-0-7148-1636-4Elias BredsdorffHans Christian Andersen: Story of His Life and Work, 1805-75
  ''978-0-7148-1644-9William P. Cumming · Hugh RankinFate of a Nation: American Revolution Through Contemporary Eyes
  ''978-0-7148-1663-0Christopher BrownBruegel
  ''978-0-7148-1671-5Basil TaylorConstable: Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours
1976978-0-7148-1675-3Margaret MedleyChinese Potter: Practical History of Chinese Ceramics
1975978-0-7148-1687-6Gina PischelWorld History of Art
1975978-0-7148-1690-6John RowlandsBosch (Colour Plate Books)
1977978-0-7148-1712-5Philippe JullianMontmartre
1976978-0-7148-1721-7Desmond CollinsThe Human Revolution: From Ape to Artist
1979978-0-7148-1732-3Ernst H. GombrichSense of Order: Study in the Psychology of Decorative Art (Wrightsman lectures)
1977978-0-7148-1739-2Philippe JullianThe Symbolists
1976978-0-7148-1740-8David DaviesEl Greco (Colour Plate)
  ''978-0-7148-1743-9John RichardsonManet (Colour Plate)
1977978-0-7148-1756-9Ernst H. GombrichArt and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation
  ''978-0-7148-1766-8James Roose-EvansLondon Theatre: From the Globe to the National
  ''978-0-7148-1776-7Gerta CalmannEhret: Flower Painter Extraordinary
  ''978-0-7148-1803-0Douglas HallKlee (Colour Plate Books)
1978978-0-7148-1804-7Nicholas WatkinsMatisse (Colour Plate Books)
1977978-0-7148-1809-2John HouseMonet (Colour Plate Books)
1978978-0-7148-1820-7Ernst H. GombrichThe Story of Art
1978978-0-7148-1821-4Norman L. GoldbergJohn Crome the Elder
  ''978-0-7148-1822-1Twentieth Century ArtDictionary of Twentieth-century Art
  ''978-0-7148-1838-2Richard T GodfreyPrintmaking in Britain: A General History from Its Beginnings to the Present Day
  ''978-0-7148-1844-3Marco RosciHidden Leonardo Da Vinci
  ''978-0-7148-1849-8Michael WilsonNature and Imagination: The Work of Odilon Redon
1978978-0-7148-1864-1Robert SalviniHidden Michelangelo
  ''978-0-7148-1883-2Griselda Pollock · Fred OrtonVincent Van Gogh: Artist of His Time
1979978-0-7148-1885-6Catherine Atthill & othersPhaidon Book of the Opera
  ''978-0-7148-1889-4Philippe GarnerPhaidon Encyclopaedia of the Decorative Arts: 1890-1940
1978978-0-7148-1897-9Maurice Serullaz · Georges Pillement · Bertrand Marret · Francois Duret-Robert · E M A GrahamPhaidon Encyclopaedia of Impressionism
  ''978-0-7148-1898-6Rene PasseronEncyclopaedia of Surrealism
1979978-0-7148-1910-5Christopher LloydPicture History of Art
  ''978-0-7148-1923-5Mark JonesImpressionist Painting
1980978-0-7148-1932-7Michael Jacobs · Malcolm WarnerCompanion to Art and Artists in the British Isles
1979978-0-7148-1965-5Richard CalvocoressiMagritte (Colour Plate Books)
1979978-0-7148-1969-3Janet BackhouseThe Illuminated Manuscript
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1994978-0-7148-2011-8E.H. GombrichGombrich on the Renaissance, Vol. 3: The Heritage of Apelles: 003
1979978-0-7148-2017-0H. J. P. ArnoldImages from Space: Camera in Orbit
1980978-0-7148-2028-6Jan HulskerComplete Van Gogh: Paintings, Drawings, Sketches
1981978-0-7148-2032-3Christopher BrownCarel Fabritius: Complete Edition with a Catalogue Raisonne
1980978-0-7148-2041-5Peter ScottObservations of Wildlife
1980978-0-7148-2044-6Peter LeviAtlas of the Greek World
1981978-0-7148-2045-3Jocelyn MurrayCultural Atlas of Africa
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1980978-0-7148-2104-7John RuskinLamp of Beauty: Writings on Art by John Ruskin (Landmarks in art history)
  ''978-0-7148-2122-1Waldemar JanuszczakTechniques of the World's Great Painters (A QED book)
  ''978-0-7148-2133-7Philippe GarnerTwentieth Century Furniture
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1983978-0-7148-2298-3Belinda ThomsonPost-impressionists
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1985978-0-7148-2351-5Jacques-Louis DelpalFrance - A Phaidon Cultural Guide
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1985978-0-7148-2354-6F.N. MehlingGermany (Phaidon Cultural A-Z Country Guides)
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1988978-0-7148-2359-1Edmund KingMedieval England
1986978-0-7148-2361-4Christopher De HamelA History of Illuminated Manuscripts
1994978-0-7148-2362-1Jeffrey RudaFra Filippo Lippi: Life and Work, with a complete catalogue
1985978-0-7148-2376-8E.H. MehlingAustria (Cultural Guides)
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1992978-0-7148-2781-0James SteeleCalifornia Aerospace Museum: Los Angeles, 1982-4, Frank Gehry (Architecture in Detail)
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