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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-689-87822-0Francine PascalLive Bait (2) (Fearless FBI)
2006978-0-689-87823-7Francine PascalAgent Out (Fearless FBI)
  ''978-0-689-87824-4   ''Naked Eye (Fearless FBI)
2005978-0-689-87825-1Pete SeegerAbiyoyo (Stories to Go!) Paperback
  ''978-0-689-87826-8Berta Hader · Elmer HaderThe Big Snow (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87827-5Fred GwynneA Chocolate Moose for Dinner (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87828-2Laura NumeroffDogs Don't Wear Sneakers (Stories to Go!)
2005978-0-689-87829-9Deborah WilesFreedom Summer
  ''978-0-689-87830-5Tony DiTerlizziJimmy Zangwow's Out-of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87831-2Lisa Campbell ErnstLittle Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87833-6Eric CarlePancakes, Pancakes! (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87834-3Beatrice GormleyPresident George W. Bush: Our Forty-third President
2005978-0-689-87835-0Stephen CraneThe Red Badge of Courage (Aladdin Classics)
  ''978-0-689-87836-7Marcia BrownStone Soup (Stories to Go!)
  ''978-0-689-87837-4Ellen Datlow · Terri WindlingSwan Sister: Fairy Tales Retold
  ''978-0-689-87838-1Wendy Cheyette LewisonThe Princess and the Potty (Stories to Go!)
2004978-0-689-87839-8Richard ScarryThe Best Story Collection EVER! (Busy World of Richard Scarry)
2006978-0-689-87841-1Steve ColeRiddle of the Raptors (Astrosaurs)
  ''978-0-689-87842-8Steve ColeThe Hatching Horror (Astrosaurs)
2006978-0-689-87843-5Steve ColeThe Seas of Doom
2007978-0-689-87844-2   ''The Mind-Swap Menace (Astrosaurs, Book 4)
2005978-0-689-87845-9Justin Richardson · Peter ParnellAnd Tango Makes Three
  ''978-0-689-87846-6Alison Inches · Dave AikinsBig Sister Dora! (Dora the Explorer 8x8 (Quality))
  ''978-0-689-87847-3John LithgowMarsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake": Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake"
2008978-0-689-87848-0John LithgowMarsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake"
2005978-0-689-87849-7Sandra BarkTake This Advice: The Most Nakedly Honest Graduation Speeches Ever Given
  ''978-0-689-87852-7Micol OstowChangeling Places (Charmed)
  ''978-0-689-87853-4Emma HarrisonSlipping Away (Everwood)
2005978-0-689-87854-1Laura J. Burns · Melinda MetzWorlds Apart (Everwood)
  ''978-0-689-87855-8Tamora PierceAlanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness, Book 1)
  ''978-0-689-87856-5Tamora PierceIn the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness)
  ''978-0-689-87857-2   ''Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness)
  ''978-0-689-87858-9   ''The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (The Song of the Lioness)
2008978-0-689-87859-6Rachel CohnYou Know Where to Find Me
2009978-0-689-87860-2Rachel CohnYou Know Where to Find Me
2008978-0-689-87861-9Catherine Lukas · Entara Ltd.What's Hatching? (Jakers! (8x8))
2006978-0-689-87863-3Carolyn KeeneFramed (Nancy Drew: All New Girl Detective #15)
2005978-0-689-87864-0R. L. StineMoonlight Secrets (Fear Street Nights #1)
2005978-0-689-87865-7R. L. StineMidnight Games (Fear Street Nights #2)
2005978-0-689-87866-4R. L. StineDarkest Dawn (Fear Street Nights #3)
  ''978-0-689-87869-5Charles M. SchulzA Peanuts Valentine
  ''978-0-689-87874-9David LewmanFairly Odd Excuses (Fairly Oddparents)
  ''978-0-689-87875-6David LewmanBikini Bottom Riddles (Spongebob Squarepants)
  ''978-0-689-87876-3Laura J. Burns · Micol Ostow · Greg Elliot · Paul Ruditis · Erica Pass · Cameron Dokey · Diana G. GallagherThe Warren Witches (Charmed)
2005978-0-689-87877-0Meghann MarcoField Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World
978-0-689-87878-7Under Pressure (Everwood)
978-0-689-87879-4Change of Plans (Everwood)
2005978-0-689-87880-0Lauryn SilverhardtThe Haunted Halloween Carnival (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  ''978-0-689-87883-1Carolyn KeeneBad Times, Big Crimes (Nancy Drew: All New Girl Detective #14)
  ''978-0-689-87884-8Dan GutmanBack in Time with Benjamin Franklin: A Qwerty Stevens Adventure
  ''978-0-689-87885-5Cynthia RylantGive Me Grace: Give Me Grace
  ''978-0-689-87886-2Rachel FieldPrayer for a Child
2004978-0-689-87888-6Lauren BrownLindsay Lohan: The "It" Girl Next Door
2005978-0-689-87889-3Kristina GrishBoy Vey! The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men
2008978-0-689-87896-1Phil BildnerTurkey Bowl
2006978-0-689-87910-4Sharon M. DraperThe Buried Bones Mystery (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs)
2006978-0-689-87912-8Sharon M. DraperLost in the Tunnel of Time (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs)
  ''978-0-689-87913-5   ''Shadows of Caesar's Creek (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs)
  ''978-0-689-87914-2   ''The Space Mission Adventure (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs)