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1994978-0-671-88986-9Jenny CockellAcross Time And Death: A Mother's Search For Her Past Life Children
  ''978-0-671-88991-3Hayim BaltsanWebster's New World Hebrew Dictionary: Hebrew/English-English/Hebrew (Transliterated)
1995978-0-671-89007-0Denny Martin FlinnThe Fearful Summons
1994978-0-671-89008-7George TakeiTo the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu
1995978-0-671-89009-4George TakeiTo the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu
1997978-0-671-89017-9Harold CoyleUntil the End
1995978-0-671-89026-1Charles HighamRose: The life and times of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
1994978-0-671-89033-9Thomas H. Martinson · David P. WaldherrGetting into Law School Today
1993978-0-671-89034-6Mike JudgeBEAVIS AND BUTT HEAD THIS BOOK SUCKS MTV'S (Mtv's Beavis and Butt-Head)
  ''978-0-671-89075-9Bill WallaceWatchdog and the Coyotes
  ''978-0-671-89077-3Edward JackowskiHold It! You're Exercising Wrong: Your Prescription for First-Class Fitness Fast!
1994978-0-671-89078-0Simon & SchusterStar Trek the Next Generation Cd Rom
1995978-0-671-89081-0Paxton QuigleyNot an Easy Target: Paxton Quigley's Self-Protection for Women
  ''978-0-671-89084-1Todd BrownEntries from a Hot Pink Notebook
1995978-0-671-89085-8Jonathan DeeThe Liberty Campaign
1994978-0-671-89091-9Cornelius RyanThe Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day
1996978-0-671-89092-6Robert GoddardClosed Circle
1994978-0-671-89101-5Cynthia GilesThe Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore
  ''978-0-671-89102-2David ComfortThe First Pet History of the World
  ''978-0-671-89104-6Anthony RobbinsGiant Steps: Author Of Awaken The Giant And Unlimited Power
1998978-0-671-89108-4Jude DeverauxThe Blessing
1999978-0-671-89109-1Jude DeverauxThe Blessing
1994978-0-671-89120-6Allan BloomLove and Friendship
  ''978-0-671-89125-1H. M. GoushaGousha New Deluxe Road Atlas United States, Canada, Mexico/1995 (Road Atlases of North America)
1995978-0-671-89146-6Elizabeth ChandlerThe Power of Love (Kissed by an Angel, No. 2)
  ''978-0-671-89147-3Elizabeth ChandlerSOULMATES (KISSED BY AN ANGEL 3)
1995978-0-671-89151-0Peter DavidQ-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
1994978-0-671-89152-7Peter DavidQ-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  ''978-0-671-89153-4Gwen HunterBetrayal
  ''978-0-671-89163-3Peter LynchBeating the Street
  ''978-0-671-89165-7Larry McMurtry · Diana OssanaPretty Boy Floyd
1995978-0-671-89167-1Larry McMurtry · Diana OssanaPretty Boy Floyd
1994978-0-671-89180-0Peter DavidQ-Squared (Star Trek-the Next Generation) [U.S. audiocassette edition]
  ''978-0-671-89182-4Dafydd Ab HughSTAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE FALLEN HEROES (Star Trek Deep Space 9)
1995978-0-671-89186-2Penny ThorntonWith Love from Diana: the Princess of Wales' Personal Astrologer Shares Her First-Hand Account of Diana's Turbulent Years
1994978-0-671-89197-8E. P. SteinbergSpecial Agent/Treasury Enforcement Agent (SPECIAL AGENT DEPUTY US MARSHAL)
1994978-0-671-89201-2Neil Clark WarrenFinding the Love of Your Life: Ten Principles for Choosing the Right Marriage Partner
  ''978-0-671-89206-7Simon BeckettFine Lines
  ''978-0-671-89208-1Mariana GosnellZero 3 Bravo: Solo Across America in a Small Plane
  ''978-0-671-89222-7Michael VenturaThe ZOO WHERE YOU'RE FED TO GOD: A NOVEL
  ''978-0-671-89223-4Frank SlocumBaseball Cards of the Sixties: The Complete Topps Cards 1960-1969
1994978-0-671-89224-1Frank SlocumBaseball Cards of the Fifties: The Complete Topps Cards 1950-1959
1995978-0-671-89225-8Susan PowterFood
1994978-0-671-89230-2Eve P. SteinbergCorrection Officer
  ''978-0-671-89231-9Hugh E. O'Neill · Hy Hammer · E.P. Steinberg · Hugh O'Neill · Eve P. SteinbergPolice Officer (Peterson's Master the Police Officer Exam)
  ''978-0-671-89239-5Christopher AndersenMichael Jackson Unauthorized
  ''978-0-671-89245-6Marcus SchneckCreating a Hummingbird Garden
  ''978-0-671-89246-3Marcus SchneckCreating a Butterfly Garden
1994978-0-671-89247-0Master Lam Kam-ChuenStep-By-Step Tai Chi
  ''978-0-671-89248-7William PfaffThe Wrath of Nations: Civilizations and the Furies of Nationalism
1995978-0-671-89258-6Mortimer FeinbergWhy Smart People Do Dumb Things: The Greatest Business Blunders - How They Happened, and How They Could Have Been Prevented
  ''978-0-671-89260-9Terry KayShadow Song: A Novel
  ''978-0-671-89267-8Sandra BenitezA Place Where the Sea Remembers (Scribner's Paperback Fiction)
1994978-0-671-89286-9Robert AckermanSilent Sons: A Book for and About Men
  ''978-0-671-89287-6Jeffry D. WertGeneral James Longstreet: The Confederacy's Most Controversial Soldier
1994978-0-671-89289-0Richard ReevesPresident Kennedy: Profile of Power
  ''978-0-671-89307-1Sam LlewellynRip Tide
  ''978-0-671-89422-1Judith Reeves-Stevens · Garfield Reeves-StevensFederation (Star Trek)
1995978-0-671-89423-8Judith Reeves-Stevens · Garfield Reeves-StevensFederation (Star Trek)
  ''978-0-671-89424-5R. L. StineBad Moonlight (Fear Street Super Chillers, No. 8)
  ''978-0-671-89425-2R. L. StineThe New Year's Party (Fear Street Super Chillers, No. 9)
1995978-0-671-89426-9R. L. StineThe Stepsister 2 (Fear Street, No. 33) (No. 2)
1996978-0-671-89427-6   ''What Holly Heard (Fear Street, No. 34)
  ''978-0-671-89428-3   ''The Face (Fear Street, No. 35)
  ''978-0-671-89429-0   ''Secret Admirer (Fear Street, No. 36)
  ''978-0-671-89430-6   ''The Perfect Date (Fear Street, No. 37)
1996978-0-671-89431-3R. L. StineThe Confession (Fear Street, No. 38)
  ''978-0-671-89432-0   ''The Boy Next Door (Fear Street, No. 39)
1995978-0-671-89433-7   ''The Evil Moon (Fear Street: Cataluna Chronicles, No. 1)
  ''978-0-671-89434-4   ''The Dark Secret (Fear Street: Cataluna Chronicles, No. 2)
  ''978-0-671-89435-1   ''The Deadly Fire (Fear Street: Cataluna Chronicles, No. 3)
1994978-0-671-89439-9Bruce BawerPlace at the Table: The Gay Individual in American Society
  ''978-0-671-89440-5Bob Woodward · Carl BernsteinThe Final Days
1994978-0-671-89441-2Bob Woodward · Carl BernsteinAll the President's Men
  ''978-0-671-89445-0Winston GroomForrest Gump (Movie Tie in)
1993978-0-671-89451-1Kenneth M. Morris · Alan M. SiegelThe Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing
1994978-0-671-89452-8McginnissThe Last Brother: The Rise and Fall of Teddy Kennedy
1995978-0-671-89453-5Gene DeWeeseInto the Nebula (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 36)
1994978-0-671-89456-6Susan PowterPocket Powter: Questions and Answers to Help You Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever
  ''978-0-671-89468-9Mary Higgins ClarkRemember Me (Large Print Edition)
1998978-0-671-89471-9Annette B. NatowEating Out Food Counter
1994978-0-671-89476-4Judith McNaughtUntil You
  ''978-0-671-89478-8Stephen E. AmbroseD- Day: June 6, 1944 - The Climactic Battle of WWII
  ''978-0-671-89480-1Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiFlow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience
1994978-0-671-89482-5Michael Jan FriedmanSTAR TREK NEXT GENERATION ALL GOOD THINGS (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  ''978-0-671-89484-9J.j. MolloyStar Trek Cd Cacophony A Captain Sulu Adventure (Star Trek on Compact Disc)
  ''978-0-671-89485-6Westwood oneElvis an Audio Scrapbook
  ''978-0-671-89487-0Charles FaulknerSuccess Mastery With NLP/Cassettes
  ''978-0-671-89521-1Michael Jan FriedmanSTAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION ALL GOOD THINGS
1996978-0-671-89545-7SlusherButcher of the Noble
1995978-0-671-89546-4SlusherSHEPHERD OF THE WOLVES
1994978-0-671-89558-7Nicolaus MillsArguing Immigration: The Debate Over the Changing Face of America
1995978-0-671-89559-4Richard DonleyEverything Has Its Price: The Indispensible Price Guide for Anyone Who Ever Wondered, "How Much Does that Cost?"
1994978-0-671-89560-0Charles DuerrSimon and Schuster's Fun With Crostics Treasury 1
1997978-0-671-89625-6Betty Carter · Joan PetersLove Honor and Negotiate: Building Partnerships that Last a Lifetime
1996978-0-671-89628-7Herbert F. Solow · Robert H. JustmanInside Star Trek: The Real Story
1995978-0-671-89631-7Carolyn G. Hart · Ralph McInerny · Rochelle Majer Krich · Carole Nelson Douglas · K. K. Beck · P. M. Carlson · Kathy Hogan Trocheck · Linda GrantCarolyn G. Hart presents Malice Domestic (4) (v. 4)
1996978-0-671-89632-4Phyllis A. WhitneyMalice Domestic 5
1997978-0-671-89633-1Martin H. GreenbergMalice Domestic 6
1995978-0-671-89650-8Catherine CooksonYear of the Virgins
1994978-0-671-89667-6Edward N. LuttwakEndangered American Dream
1995978-0-671-89671-3Richard Marcinko · John WeismanGreen Team (Rogue Warrior, Book 3)
1997978-0-671-89672-0Richard Marcinko · John WeismanTask Force Blue (Rogue Warrior)
  ''978-0-671-89673-7Richard MarcinkoDESIGNATION GOLD ROGUE WARRIOR
1998978-0-671-89674-4Richard Marcinko · John WeismanDesignation Gold (Rogue Warrior)
1996978-0-671-89676-8Michael Jan FriedmanCrossover (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
1995978-0-671-89677-5   ''Crossover (Star Trek The Next Generation)
  ''978-0-671-89697-3Charles KenneyHammurabi's Code
  ''978-0-671-89702-4Ben EltonThis Other Eden
1994978-0-671-89707-9Blake NelsonGirl: A Novel
  ''978-0-671-89709-3Eugene T. MaleskaSimon & Schuster Super Crossword Book #8: The Biggest And The Best (Simon & Schuster Super Crossword Books)
1994978-0-671-89714-7Roy Rogers · Dale EvansHappy Trails: Our Life Story
1995978-0-671-89716-1Debra MonroeSource of Trouble
1996978-0-671-89735-2Mike McalaryGOOD COP BAD COP JOSEPH TRIMBOLI VS MICHAEL DOWD AND THE NY POLICE DEPT: Joseph Trimboli vs Michael Dowd and the NY Police Department
1994978-0-671-89736-9Mike McAlaryGood Cop Bad Cop: Detective Joe Trimboli's Heroic Pursuit of NYPD Officer Michael Dowd
1995978-0-671-89737-6Chris CurryThunder Road: Thunder Road
  ''978-0-671-89745-1Kimberly CatesStealing Heaven
1996978-0-671-89746-8Kimberly CatesGather the Stars
1994978-0-671-89748-2Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's New Cake Decorating
  ''978-0-671-89781-9Alecia SwasySoap Opera: The Inside Story of Procter & Gamble
1996978-0-671-89786-4Jackie French KollerA Dragon in the Family
1994978-0-671-89794-9John KrukI Ain't an Athlete, Lady...
1995978-0-671-89804-5Judith Reeves-Stevens · Garfield Reeves-StevensThe Art of Star Trek
  ''978-0-671-89811-3Carrie Latt WiattEating by design: The individualized food personality type nutrition plan
1996978-0-671-89824-3Carrie Latt WiattEating by Design
1995978-0-671-89826-7Banana YoshimotoNP
1994978-0-671-89843-4Paul KrassnerConfessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in Counter-Culture
  ''978-0-671-89845-8Jean-bernard Naudin · Jacqueline Saulnier · Jean-Michel CharbonnierRenoir's Table
1995978-0-671-89846-5Jeff GelbSEEDS OF FEAR (HOT BLOOD)
1995978-0-671-89849-6Jackie CollinsHollywood Kids
1994978-0-671-89853-3Betty FriedanThe Fountain of Age
  ''978-0-671-89858-8Jacqueline CarrollHere Comes the Brand-New Me (Full House Stephanie)
1995978-0-671-89860-1Lucindia ThomasDaddy's Not-So-Little Girl (Full House: Stephanie)
  ''978-0-671-89861-8Devra Newberger SperegenP.S. Friends Forever (Full House Stephanie)
1994978-0-671-89865-6ShaaraThe BROKEN PLACE
  ''978-0-671-89866-3Michael ShaaraThe Noah Conspiracy (The Herald)
1998978-0-671-89869-4Michael TierraThe Way of Chinese Herbs
1997978-0-671-89874-8Jeremiah HealyInvasion of Privacy (John Francis Cuddy Mystery)
1996978-0-671-89875-5Jeremiah HealyRescue
  ''978-0-671-89876-2   ''Invasion of Privacy: A John Cuddy Mystery (Terrific Series , No 11)
1995978-0-671-89884-7Jack FinneyFrom Time to Time: The Sequel to Time and Again
1994978-0-671-89891-5J. ProchaskaChanging for Good
2001978-0-671-89900-4Melba Pattillo BealsWarriors Don't Cry
1991978-0-671-89903-5Diane Johnston HammHow Many Feet in the Bed?
1994978-0-671-89905-9Anne Wescott DoddFootprints and Shadows
1995978-0-671-89908-0Chuck MurphyOne To Ten Pop-Up Surprises!
1995978-0-671-89933-2Shirlee Taylor HaizlipThe Sweeter the Juice: A Family Memoir in Black and White
2007978-0-671-89938-7Don YaegerUnder The Tarnished Dome: How Notre Dame Betrayd Ideals For Football Glory: How Notre Dame Betrayed Its Ideals for Football Glory
1994978-0-671-89940-0Moshe WaldoksBest American Humor 1994
  ''978-0-671-89942-4Susie BrightBest American Erotica 1994
  ''978-0-671-89946-2Walter B. Denny · Norma Jean Jourdenais · Sotheby'sSotheby's Guide to Oriental Carpets
  ''978-0-671-89948-6David LehmanBEST AMERICAN POETRY 1994
1995978-0-671-89952-3Janet NeelDEATH AMONG THE DONS
1994978-0-671-89954-7Judith MichaelDeceptions
  ''978-0-671-89956-1Judith MichaelPossessions
2001978-0-671-89958-5   ''A Ruling Passion
1994978-0-671-89959-2   ''Sleeping Beauty
1995978-0-671-89979-0Bruce LanskyGirls to the Rescue: Tales of clever, Courageous Girls from Around the World
1994978-0-671-89982-0Bruce Lansky · Stephen CarpenterA Bad Case Of The Giggles: Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, Book #2
1995978-0-671-89983-7Edward M. Hallowell · John J. RateyDriven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood
1994978-0-671-89987-5Tad TulejaThe New York Public Library Book of Popular Americana
1994978-0-671-89993-6Donald SpencerWebster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms
1995978-0-671-89994-3Gary PlayerFit for Golf
  ''978-0-671-89998-1Brendan DuboisDead Sand
2002978-0-671-90015-1Howard BlumGangland: How the FBI Broke the Mob
1990978-0-671-94826-9Jackie CollinsLady Boss: Prepak
1980978-0-671-95475-8Wilma RudolphWilma Rudolph on track
  ''978-0-671-95482-6Franklin W. DixonThe Apeman's Secret (Hardy Boys, No. 62)
1979978-0-671-95497-0Franklin W. DixonMystery of the Samurai Sword (The Hardy Boys #60)
  ''978-0-671-95512-0Carolyn KeeneThe Triple Hoax (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #57)
  ''978-0-671-95520-5Franklin W. · Morrill, Leslie H. DixonNight Of The Werewolf
1980978-0-671-95570-0Franklin W. DixonThe Pentagon Spy (Hardy Boys, No 61)
1980978-0-671-95601-1Carolyn KeeneThe Flying Saucer Mystery (Nancy Drew #58)
  ''978-0-671-96100-8Fred GwynneThe Sixteen Hand Horse
978-0-671-96201-2The Most Welcome Visitor
1992978-0-671-96978-3Harville HendrixKeeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles
1994978-0-671-99652-9J. M. DillardStar Trek Generations-12 Copy Dump