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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-671-89869-4Michael TierraThe Way of Chinese Herbs
1997978-0-671-89874-8Jeremiah HealyInvasion of Privacy (John Francis Cuddy Mystery)
1996978-0-671-89875-5Jeremiah HealyRescue
  ''978-0-671-89876-2   ''Invasion of Privacy: A John Cuddy Mystery (Terrific Series , No 11)
1995978-0-671-89884-7Jack FinneyFrom Time to Time: The Sequel to Time and Again
1994978-0-671-89891-5J. ProchaskaChanging for Good
2001978-0-671-89900-4Melba Pattillo BealsWarriors Don't Cry
1991978-0-671-89903-5Diane Johnston HammHow Many Feet in the Bed?
1994978-0-671-89905-9Anne Wescott DoddFootprints and Shadows
1995978-0-671-89908-0Chuck MurphyOne To Ten Pop-Up Surprises!
  ''978-0-671-89933-2Shirlee Taylor HaizlipThe Sweeter the Juice: A Family Memoir in Black and White
1994978-0-671-89938-7Don YaegerUnder The Tarnished Dome: How Notre Dame Betrayd Ideals For Football Glory
  ''978-0-671-89940-0Moshe WaldoksBest American Humor 1994
  ''978-0-671-89942-4Susie BrightBest American Erotica 1994
1994978-0-671-89946-2Walter B. Denny · Norma Jean Jourdenais · Sotheby'sSotheby's Guide to Oriental Carpets
  ''978-0-671-89948-6David LehmanBEST AMERICAN POETRY 1994
1995978-0-671-89952-3Janet NeelDEATH AMONG THE DONS
1994978-0-671-89954-7Judith MichaelDeceptions
  ''978-0-671-89956-1Judith MichaelPossessions
2001978-0-671-89958-5   ''A Ruling Passion
1994978-0-671-89959-2   ''Sleeping Beauty
1995978-0-671-89979-0Bruce LanskyGirls to the Rescue: Tales of clever, Courageous Girls from Around the World
1994978-0-671-89982-0Bruce Lansky · Stephen CarpenterA Bad Case Of The Giggles: Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, Book #2
1995978-0-671-89983-7Edward M. Hallowell · John J. RateyDriven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood
1994978-0-671-89987-5Tad TulejaThe New York Public Library Book of Popular Americana
  ''978-0-671-89993-6Donald SpencerWebster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms
1995978-0-671-89994-3Gary PlayerFit for Golf
  ''978-0-671-89998-1Brendan DuboisDead Sand
2002978-0-671-90015-1Howard BlumGangland: How the FBI Broke the Mob
1990978-0-671-94826-9Jackie CollinsLady Boss: Prepak
1980978-0-671-95475-8Wilma RudolphWilma Rudolph on track
1980978-0-671-95482-6Franklin W. DixonThe Apeman's Secret (Hardy Boys, No. 62)
1979978-0-671-95497-0Franklin W. DixonMystery of the Samurai Sword (The Hardy Boys #60)
  ''978-0-671-95512-0Carolyn KeeneThe Triple Hoax (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #57)
  ''978-0-671-95520-5Franklin W. · Morrill, Leslie H. DixonNight Of The Werewolf
1980978-0-671-95570-0Franklin W. DixonThe Pentagon Spy (Hardy Boys, No 61)
  ''978-0-671-95601-1Carolyn KeeneThe Flying Saucer Mystery (Nancy Drew #58)
  ''978-0-671-96100-8Fred GwynneThe Sixteen Hand Horse
978-0-671-96201-2The Most Welcome Visitor
1992978-0-671-96978-3Harville HendrixKeeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles
1994978-0-671-99652-9J. M. DillardStar Trek Generations-12 Copy Dump