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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-688-00005-9Margaret TrumanHarry S. Truman
1981978-0-688-00017-2Nicholas MonsarratThe Master Mariner, Book 2: Darken Ship, The Unfinished Novel
1973978-0-688-00020-2Kathleen KinkadeA Walden Two experiment;: The first five years of Twin Oaks Community
  ''978-0-688-00040-0G. & S. Chelminski SymondsShrub Identification Book
1972978-0-688-00054-7Alan Gabriel. BarnsleyNew Queens for Old: A Novella and Nine Stories
  ''978-0-688-00079-0Eleazar. LipskyMalpractice
  ''978-0-688-00100-1Vincent. CroninNapoleon Bonaparte: An Intimate Biography.
1981978-0-688-00122-3Erle Stanley GardnerThe Human Zero: The Science Fiction Stories of Erle Stanley Gardner
1985978-0-688-00123-0Robert O. Becker · Gary SeldenThe Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
1981978-0-688-00129-2James L StokesburyA Short History of World War I
  ''978-0-688-00133-9Douglas ReemanTorpedo Run
1981978-0-688-00135-3A. A. AttanasioRadix
1984978-0-688-00136-0Sam JanusThe Death of Innocence
1973978-0-688-00141-4Hugh KennerBucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller
  ''978-0-688-00148-3Lately ThomasWhen even angels wept;: The Senator Joseph McCarthy affair--a story without a hero
  ''978-0-688-00156-8Jacqueline SusannOnce Is Not Enough
  ''978-0-688-00166-7David HamiltonSisters
  ''978-0-688-00175-9Steven GoldbergThe inevitability of patriarchy
1973978-0-688-00179-7Mary StewartThe Hollow Hills
1981978-0-688-00188-9Catherine CooksonTilly Wed
1973978-0-688-00194-0Morris WestThe Salamander
  ''978-0-688-00200-8Grace HalsellBessie Yellowhair
1981978-0-688-00207-7Joseph WambaughThe Glitter Dome
1973978-0-688-00209-1Dell ShannonSpring of violence
  ''978-0-688-00218-3Henri CharriereBanco: The Further Adventures of Papillon
1974978-0-688-00220-6Sidney SheldonThe Other Side of Midnight
  ''978-0-688-00226-8Edith PargeterCity of Gold and Shadows
1973978-0-688-00228-2John Buchanan-BrownCassell's Encyclopaedia of World Literature.
1974978-0-688-00230-5Robert M PirsigZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
  ''978-0-688-00233-6Victor CanningThe Finger of Saturn
1974978-0-688-00256-5George Wolf · Joseph DiMonaFrank Costello: Prime Minister of the Underworld
  ''978-0-688-00257-2Ray MillandWide-Eyed in Babylon: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-688-00266-4Rachele MussoliniMussolini: An Intimate Biography by His Widow, Rachele Mussolini
  ''978-0-688-00268-8Dell ShannonCrime File
  ''978-0-688-00271-8Wiley SwordShiloh: bloody April
1974978-0-688-00273-2Marty ReismanThe money player;: The confessions of America's greatest table tennis champion and hustler
  ''978-0-688-00286-2Laurens Van der PostA far-off place
  ''978-0-688-00304-3Hilma WolitzerEnding
  ''978-0-688-00305-0Jacqueline SusannEvery night, Josephine!
  ''978-0-688-00309-8Morris WestHarlequin: A Novel
1974978-0-688-00310-4Hans FantelWilliam Penn: Apostle of dissent
  ''978-0-688-00315-9Donald Clark HodgesThe Latin American revolution;: Politics and strategy from Apro-Marxism to Guevarism
1981978-0-688-00316-6Peggy ParishAmelia Bedelia and the Baby
1974978-0-688-00320-3Ellis PetersThe horn of Roland
1981978-0-688-00322-7Duane ElginVoluntary simplicity: Toward a way of life that is outwardly simple, inwardly rich
1975978-0-688-00334-0Taylor CaldwellThe Romance of Atlantis
1976978-0-688-00342-5Desi ArnazA Book
2004978-0-688-00347-0Mary StewartThe Merlin Trilogy
1981978-0-688-00364-7Leonard WibberleyThe Mouse That Saved the West
  ''978-0-688-00396-8Lillian FadermanSurpassing the Love of Men: Romantic Friendship and Love between Women from the Renaissance to the Present
  ''978-0-688-00398-2Fred Mustard StewartCentury
1980978-0-688-00402-6David HamiltonDavid Hamilton's Private Collection
1981978-0-688-00412-5John T. MolloyMolloy's Live for Success
  ''978-0-688-00449-1Morris WestThe Clowns of God
1981978-0-688-00452-1Ellis PetersMonk's-Hood: The Third Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
1982978-0-688-00455-2Catherine CooksonTilly Alone
1998978-0-688-00471-2Beverly Hungry WolfThe Ways of My Grandmothers
1981978-0-688-00474-3Erle Stanley GardnerWhispering Sands: Stories of Gold Fever and the Western Desert
2014978-0-688-00477-4Beverly ClearyRamona Quimby, Age 8
1983978-0-688-00479-8Helen Roney SattlerThe Illustrated Dinosaur Dictionary
  ''978-0-688-00487-3Loup DurandThe Angkor Massacre (English and French Edition)
1968978-0-688-00511-5Morris L. WestThe Tower of Babel
1982978-0-688-00539-9Anne WillanThe La Varenne Cooking Course: The Complete Basic Course from the Prestigious French Cooking School in Paris
1987978-0-688-00544-3Leonard B. LubinSing a Song of Sixpence: A Favorite Mother Goose Rhyme
1982978-0-688-00566-5Barbara TroppThe Modern Art of Chinese Cooking: Including an Unorthodox Chapter on East-West Desserts and a Provocative Essay on Wine
1981978-0-688-00592-4Selina HastingsSir Gawain and the Green Knight
  ''978-0-688-00620-4Hilda SimonMagic of Color
  ''978-0-688-00626-6F. Paul WilsonThe Keep
  ''978-0-688-00627-3Harry KemelmanConversations With Rabbi Small
1982978-0-688-00628-0Larry SlomanThin ice: A season in hell with the New York Rangers
1985978-0-688-00629-7Saul KentYour Personal Life Extension Program: A Practical Guide to the New Science That Can Make You Stronger, Smarter, Sexier, More Energetic & More Youthfl
1981978-0-688-00630-3Robert M. QuackenbushPete Pack Rat's Christmas Eve Surprise
1982978-0-688-00640-2Helen E. FisherThe Sex Contract: The Evolution of Human Behavior
1983978-0-688-00645-7Bertell OllmanClass Struggle is the name of the game: True confessions of a Marxist businessman
1982978-0-688-00646-4A. J. QuinnellThe Mahdi
1981978-0-688-00657-0L S StavrianosGlobal Rift: The Third World Comes of Age
1981978-0-688-00665-5Bruce HolbrookThe Stone Monkey: An Alternative, Chinese-Scientific, Reality
  ''978-0-688-00666-2Peter Jenkins · Barbara JenkinsThe Walk West: A Walk Across America 2
  ''978-0-688-00692-1Stephen GammellWake-Up, Bear--It's Christmas!
1982978-0-688-00728-7Alain Senderens · Eventhia SenderensThe Three-Star Recipes of Alain Senderens: The Extraordinary Cuision of L'Archestrate, The Most Prestigious Restaurant in All of Paris
1981978-0-688-00746-1Christopher HibbertThe Days of the French Revolution
  ''978-0-688-00751-5Erich HarthWindows on the Mind: Reflection on the Physical Basis of Consciousness
  ''978-0-688-00756-0Jean PelletierThe Canadian caper
1981978-0-688-00757-7Dougal ButlerFull Moon: The Amazing Rock and Roll Life of the Late Keith Moon
1982978-0-688-00776-8Gwenyth HoodThe Coming of the Demons
1981978-0-688-00793-5Margaret MillarMermaid
1983978-0-688-00794-2Norm SchachterClose calls: The confessions of a NFL referee
1998978-0-688-00796-6Bob BrierAncient Egyptian Magic
1982978-0-688-00816-1George EellsMae West
  ''978-0-688-00820-8William BoydA Good Man in Africa
1984978-0-688-00842-0Phil HardyScience Fiction: Complete Film Source Book [The Film Encyclopedia, Vol Two]
1982978-0-688-00848-2Shirley HughesAlfie Gets in First
  ''978-0-688-00850-5John Russell BrownShakespeare and His Theatre
  ''978-0-688-00859-8Jessie HaasKeeping Barney
  ''978-0-688-00879-6Arnold AdoffAll the Colors of the Race: Poems
2003978-0-688-00906-9Molly BangTen, Nine, Eight
1983978-0-688-00907-6Molly BangTen, Nine, Eight
1982978-0-688-00914-4Vera B WilliamsA Chair for My Mother
1981978-0-688-00933-5David LodgeSouls and Bodies
1982978-0-688-00938-0Robin McKinleyThe Blue Sword
1984978-0-688-00946-5Phil HardyThe Western (The Film Encyclopedia)
1982978-0-688-00961-8Henrik DrescherThe Strange Appearance of Howard Cranebill, Jr.
1982978-0-688-01000-3Bea TerrySouthfork Ranch Cookbook
  ''978-0-688-01025-6Ronald BassLime's crisis: A novel
  ''978-0-688-01065-2Thomas J. DygardQuarterback Walk-On
  ''978-0-688-01097-3Ellis PetersLeper of Saint Giles
  ''978-0-688-01111-6Caroline SuttonHow Do They Do That?
1987978-0-688-01116-1Mike Wallace · Gary Paul GatesClose Encounters: Mike Wallace's Own Story
1982978-0-688-01125-3Simon WiesenthalMax and Helen: A Remarkable True Love Story (English and German Edition)
1982978-0-688-01131-4André Philippus BrinkA Chain of Voices
  ''978-0-688-01136-9Griffin B BellTaking care of the law
  ''978-0-688-01141-3Mauro TalocciGuide to the Flags of the World
  ''978-0-688-01150-5Ken FollettThe Man from St. Petersburg
1985978-0-688-01158-1Jon BradshawDreams That Money Can Buy: The Tragic Life of Libby Holman
1982978-0-688-01173-4Bert SternThe Last Sitting
  ''978-0-688-01181-9C. W. NicolMoving Zen: Karate As a Way to Gentleness
1982978-0-688-01198-7Tom McNabFlanagan's Run
  ''978-0-688-01213-7James StevensonWe Can't Sleep
  ''978-0-688-01226-7Mario Bigon · Guido RegazzoniThe Morrow Guide to Knots: for Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Climbing
  ''978-0-688-01253-3Kenneth RingLife at Death
  ''978-0-688-01262-5Aram SaroyanLast Rites: The Death of William Saroyan
1982978-0-688-01263-2Barbro LindgrenSam's Car (English Edition) (English and Swedish Edition)
  ''978-0-688-01267-0Barbro LindgrenSam's Cookie
1969978-0-688-01276-2Erle Stanley GardnerThe Case of the Fabulous Fake
1982978-0-688-01288-5Leon GarfieldKing Nimrod's Tower
1980978-0-688-01297-7Toshi MarukiHiroshima No Pika
2004978-0-688-01312-7James S. Freemantle · Stephen FreemantleThe Psalms of David
1982978-0-688-01321-9Ian CarrMiles Davis
  ''978-0-688-01338-7Gyles BrandrethMore Joy of Lex
  ''978-0-688-01349-3David McClintickIndecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street
1983978-0-688-01363-9Danny SugermanThe Doors: The Illustrated History
1982978-0-688-01365-3Sidney SheldonMaster of the Game
  ''978-0-688-01384-4Myra Lewis · Murray SilverGreat Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis
1984978-0-688-01394-3Sophia LorenWomen & Beauty
1983978-0-688-01397-4Gyles BrandrethThe Joy of Lex: How to Have Fun With 860,341,500 Words
1970978-0-688-01398-1Mary StewartThe Crystal Cave
1982978-0-688-01400-1Philip MasonThe English Gentleman: The Rise and Fall of an Ideal
2003978-0-688-01429-2Kenneth H. Blanchard · Spencer JohnsonThe One Minute Manager
1953978-0-688-01448-3Annemarie SelinkoDesiree
2014978-0-688-01452-0Beverly ClearyRalph S. Mouse (Ralph Mouse)
1959978-0-688-01453-7Morris L. WestThe Devil's Advocate.
1982978-0-688-01462-9Pascal LaineTender Cousins
1983978-0-688-01465-0George MartinMaking Music
1983978-0-688-01466-7George MartinMaking Music: The Guide to Writing, Performing & Recording
  ''978-0-688-01479-7Vincent CroninThe view from planet Earth: Man looks at the cosmos
1969978-0-688-01483-4Erle Stanley Gardner · Earle S. GardnerDrifting Down Delta
1982978-0-688-01485-8Johanna HurwitzTough-Luck Karen
  ''978-0-688-01506-0Michael ColganYr Prsnl Vitamin Pfl
1983978-0-688-01520-6Paul Grushkin · Cynthia Bassett · Jonas GrushkinGrateful Dead
1984978-0-688-01539-8Allegra KentDancers' Body Book
1983978-0-688-01545-9Immanuel VelikovskyStargazers and Gravediggers: Memoirs to Worlds in Collision
  ''978-0-688-01551-0Cary ReichFinancier, The Biography of Andre Meyer: A Story of Money, Power, and the Reshaping of American Business
  ''978-0-688-01557-2George Robert Bach · Laura TorbetThe Inner Enemy: How to Fight Fair With Yourself
1984978-0-688-01560-2Robert B. CialdiniInfluence: How and Why People Agree to Things
1983978-0-688-01590-9Marie Rudisill · James C. SimmonsTruman Capote: The Story of His Bizarre and Exotic Boyhood by an Aunt Who Helped Raise Him
1987978-0-688-01591-6Barry M. FarberMaking People Talk: You Can Turn Every Conversation into a Magic Moment
1983978-0-688-01599-2Helen E. FisherThe Sex Contract: The Evolution of Human Behavior
1984978-0-688-01611-1Peter BogdanovichThe Killing of the Unicorn: Dorothy Stratten, 1960-1980
1983978-0-688-01616-6Glenn PlaskinHorowitz: A Biography of Vladimir Horowitz
2009978-0-688-01620-3John CostelloThe Pacific War: 1941-1945
1983978-0-688-01622-7Fred Mustard StewartEllis Island
1983978-0-688-01645-6Bernard MontgomeryA History of Warfare: Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
  ''978-0-688-01646-3Sam T. CohenThe Truth About the Neutron Bomb, The Inventor of the Bomb Speaks Out
  ''978-0-688-01647-0Amy Wallace · David Wallechinsky · Irving WallacePeople's Almanac Presents the Book of Lists 3
1967978-0-688-01665-4Mary StewartThe Gabriel Hounds
1983978-0-688-01672-2Ellis PetersThe Virgin in the Ice: The Sixth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
1984978-0-688-01682-1Gerhard NeumannHerman the German: Enemy Alien U.S. Army Master Sergeant #10500000
1970978-0-688-01702-6Swami SivanandaGod: With the Words of Swami Sivananda, Himalayas
1983978-0-688-01703-3Jean Slaughter DotyDark Horse
  ''978-0-688-01756-9Geraldine HarrisThe Dead Kingdom: Seven Citadels, Part III
  ''978-0-688-01772-9Ann JonasRound Trip
1969978-0-688-01779-8Morris L. WestHeretic: A Play in Three Acts
1953978-0-688-01786-6Ernest K. GannThe High and the Mighty
1983978-0-688-01824-5David J. SchwartzThe Magic of Getting What You Want
2002978-0-688-01836-8Timothy FerrisThe Red Limit: The Search for the Edge of the Universe
1983978-0-688-01843-6Laurens Van der PostYet being someone other
1971978-0-688-01860-3Rene BarjavelThe Ice People
1983978-0-688-01881-8Selma BoydI met a polar bear
1983978-0-688-01885-6Selma Boyd · Pauline BoydI Met a Polar Bear
  ''978-0-688-01890-0Oliver StatlerJapanese Pilgrimage
  ''978-0-688-01891-7Thomas SowellThe Economics and Politics of Race: An International Perspective
1971978-0-688-01892-4Jim BoutonI'm Glad You Didn't Take It Personally.
1983978-0-688-01897-9Margaret MillarBanshee
1982978-0-688-01898-6A. J. QuinnellThe Snap
1980978-0-688-01901-3Mary StewartIvy Tree
1984978-0-688-01902-0John SteptoeThe Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American Legend
1983978-0-688-01904-4William BoydAn Ice-Cream War
1971978-0-688-01905-1David BergaminiJapan's Imperial Conspiracy
1983978-0-688-01912-9Joseph WambaughThe Delta Star
1984978-0-688-01936-5William A. RusherThe Rise of the Right
1983978-0-688-01952-5Saul KentThe Life Extension Revolution: The Source Book for Optimum Health and Maximum Life-Span
  ''978-0-688-01966-2David HamiltonA Summer in Saint Tropez
  ''978-0-688-01976-1Anthony StevensArchetypes: A Natural History of the Self
1970978-0-688-02010-1Max Peter · Swami SatchidanandaLove (With the Words of Swami Sivananda, Himalayas)
1994978-0-688-02013-2J.A. JanceLying in Wait: A J.P. Beaumont Mystery
1983978-0-688-02019-4Mary BancroftAutobiography of a Spy
1983978-0-688-02031-6Morris L. WestThe World Is Made of Glass
  ''978-0-688-02041-5A. E HotchnerPapa Hemingway: The ecstasy and sorrow
1968978-0-688-02061-3Richard HookerM*A*S*H
1984978-0-688-02132-0Douglas ReemanBadge of Glory

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