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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-671-00000-4William ShakespeareTake All My Loves Prepack 4 Counter Cassette
1939978-0-671-00007-3Emily BrontëWuthering Heights (Pocket Books, No. 7)
1996978-0-671-00021-9Jennifer SaundersAbsolutely Fabulous 2
1999978-0-671-00022-6Ethan Phillips · William J. BirnesStar Trek Cookbook
1997978-0-671-00023-3Richard RosenthalK-9 Cops
1996978-0-671-00024-0Elizabeth Jane HowardThe LONG VIEW
  ''978-0-671-00025-7Elizabeth Jane HowardOdd Girl Out
1997978-0-671-00026-4A.M. MatthewsThe SEVEN KEYS TO CALM: Essential Steps for Staying Calm Under Any Circumstances
1997978-0-671-00028-8Daniel WoodrellGive Us a Kiss
1996978-0-671-00029-5Keay DavidsonTwister: The Science of Tornadoes and the Making of an adventure Movie
  ''978-0-671-00030-1Clive CusslerShock Wave (Dirk Pitt Adventure)
1998978-0-671-00031-8Clive CusslerFlood Tide
1996978-0-671-00032-5HigginsThe VALHALLA EXCHANGE
1997978-0-671-00033-2Jack HigginsConfessional
1996978-0-671-00034-9HigginsExocet: Exocet
  ''978-0-671-00036-3Richard LedererFractured English
  ''978-0-671-00038-7Melissa RossiCourtney Love: The Queen of Noise
1997978-0-671-00039-4Judith O'BrienTo Marry a British Lord
1998978-0-671-00040-0Judith O'BrienOne Perfect Knight
1999978-0-671-00041-7   ''The Forever Bride (Sonnet Books)
1996978-0-671-00042-4Mary Higgins ClarkSilent Night
1997978-0-671-00044-8Sue RichAmber
1997978-0-671-00045-5Sue RichJade
1998978-0-671-00046-2   ''Velvet
1996978-0-671-00047-9Tad SzulcPope John Paul II
1997978-0-671-00048-6Carolyn KeeneThe Riddle Of The Ruby Gazelle Nancy Drew 135 (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories)
  ''978-0-671-00049-3Carolyn KeeneThe Legend of the Lost Gold (Nancy Drew)
  ''978-0-671-00050-9   ''The Wedding Day Mystery (Nancy Drew #136)
1997978-0-671-00051-6Carolyn KeeneIn Search of the Black Rose (Nancy Drew No. 137)
  ''978-0-671-00052-3   ''The Secret of Candlelight Inn (Nancy Drew Mystery #139)
  ''978-0-671-00053-0   ''The DOOR TO DOOR DECEPTION NANCY DREW 140
  ''978-0-671-00055-4Franklin W. DixonThe Giant Rat of Sumatra (The Hardy Boys #143)
  ''978-0-671-00056-1Franklin W. DixonThe SECRET OF SKELETON REEF THE HARDY BOYS 144
1997978-0-671-00057-8Franklin W. DixonTerror at High Tide (The Hardy Boys #145)
  ''978-0-671-00058-5   ''The Mark of the Blue Tattoo (The Hardy Boys #146)
  ''978-0-671-00059-2   ''Trial and Terror (The Hardy Boys #147)
1998978-0-671-00063-9Connell CowanThe ART OF WAR FOR LOVERS
  ''978-0-671-00067-7Richard MarcinkoRogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha- From Vietnam's Phoenix Program to Central America's Drug Wars
1999978-0-671-00068-4Richard Marcinko · John WeismanOPTION DELTA: ROGUE WARRIOR (Rogue Warrior Series)
2000978-0-671-00070-7Richard Marcinko · John WeismanEcho Platoon (Rogue Warrior)
2001978-0-671-00071-4Richard Marcinko · John WeismanDetachment Bravo (Rogue Warrior Series)
1999978-0-671-00072-1   ''SEAL FORCE ALPHA
2000978-0-671-00073-8   ''Option Delta
2001978-0-671-00074-5   ''Echo Platoon (Rogue Warrior)
2002978-0-671-00075-2   ''Detachment Bravo (Rogue Warrior #10)
1997978-0-671-00076-9Arnold M. PatentYou Can Have It All
1996978-0-671-00077-6Diane CareyCadet Kirk: Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #3
  ''978-0-671-00078-3Brad Strickland · Barbara StricklandCrisis on Vulcan (STAR TREK: STAR FLEET ACADEMY)
  ''978-0-671-00079-0John VornholtAftershock (STAR TREK: STAR FLEET ACADEMY)
1998978-0-671-00085-1Judith McNaughtNight Whispers
1997978-0-671-00086-8Connie FletcherBreaking and Entering
  ''978-0-671-00105-6Jane HollemanKiller Gorgeous
1998978-0-671-00106-3Jane HollemanHELLS BELLE
1996978-0-671-00113-1Ann RuleDead by Sunset
  ''978-0-671-00114-8Bill WallaceJourney into Terror (Hardcover)
  ''978-0-671-00116-2Larry McMurtryDead Man's Walk (Lonesome Dove)
1998978-0-671-00117-9Greg CoxAssignment: Eternity (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  ''978-0-671-00120-9Carolyn KeeneThe Wild Cat Crime (Nancy Drew Digest #141)
  ''978-0-671-00121-6   ''The E-Mail Mystery (Nancy Drew Digest #144)
1998978-0-671-00122-3Franklin W. DixonThe Ice Cold Case (The Hardy Boys #148)
  ''978-0-671-00123-0   ''The CHASE FOR THE MYSTERY TWISTER THE HARDY BOYS 149
  ''978-0-671-00127-8Geralyn DawsonThe Wedding Ransom
2000978-0-671-00129-2Taylor McCaffertyFunny Money (Haskell Blevins Mysteries)
1997978-0-671-00130-8Robert KeppelSignature Killers
1998978-0-671-00135-3Daniel WoodrellThe Ones You Do
  ''978-0-671-00137-7   ''Muscle for the Wing
  ''978-0-671-00138-4   ''Under the Bright Lights
1997978-0-671-00150-6David Niall WilsonChrysalis (Star Trek Voyager, No 12)
1997978-0-671-00157-5Jillian HunterFairy Tale
1998978-0-671-00158-2Jillian HunterDaring
1997978-0-671-00159-9Sarah HinzeComing From The Light
  ''978-0-671-00170-4Jude DeverauxLegend
1996978-0-671-00171-1Dean Wesley Smith · Kristine Kathryn RuschThe Rings of Tautee (Star Trek, No. 78)
  ''978-0-671-00179-7Janet EvanovichTwo for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, No. 2) (Stephanie Plum Novels)
1997978-0-671-00180-3Clive CusslerThe Sea Hunters
  ''978-0-671-00182-7James W. WestThe Betty Ford Center Book of Answers
1996978-0-671-00185-8R.L. StineHow to Be a Vampire: R L Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #13
  ''978-0-671-00186-5Nina Kiriki HoffmanBody Switchers from Outer Space: R L Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #14 (Ghosts of Fear Street)
1996978-0-671-00187-2R.L. StineFright Christmas RL Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street 15 (Ghosts of Fear Street)
1997978-0-671-00191-9R.L. StineCamp Fear Ghouls Rl Stines Ghosts of Fear Street
  ''978-0-671-00194-0Jackie French KollerDRAGONS OF KRAD (DRAGONLING 4)
2000978-0-671-00195-7Stephen ChboskyPieces: A Collection of New Voices
1998978-0-671-00198-8Michael NewtonWaste Land: The Savage Odyssey Of Charles Starkweather And Caril Ann Fugate
  ''978-0-671-00200-8Dean Wesley Smith · Kristine Kathryn Rusch · Nina Kiriki HoffmanEchoes (Star Trek Voyager, No 15)
2000978-0-671-00203-9Jude DeverauxTemptation
1997978-0-671-00204-6Stef Ann HolmForget Me Not
  ''978-0-671-00205-3Stef Ann HolmHarmony (Brides for All Seasons)
1996978-0-671-00206-0J.M. DillardStar Trek: Where No One Has Gone Before (A History in Pictures)
1997978-0-671-00219-0Herbert F. Solow · Yvonne Fern SolowThe Star Trek Sketchbook
1996978-0-671-00220-6Thomas WhartonIcefields
  ''978-0-671-00221-3James Gunn · Theodore SturgeonThe Joy Machine (Star Trek, Book 80)
1996978-0-671-00225-1Stephen McCauleyThe Man of the House
1997978-0-671-00226-8Bobbi J.G. Weiss · David Cody WeissBreakaway (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: STARFLEET ACADEMY)
  ''978-0-671-00227-5Susan WrightThe Tempest (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 19)
1996978-0-671-00236-7Bruce BethkeRebel Moon
1997978-0-671-00237-4Pamela Sargent · George ZebrowskiHeart of the Sun (Star Trek, No. 83)
  ''978-0-671-00238-1Diane CareyAncient Blood: Day of Honor #1 (Star Trek The Next Generation)
1996978-0-671-00239-8John Gregory BetancourtThe Heart of the Warrior (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, No 17)
1997978-0-671-00240-4Michael Jan FriedmanHer Klingon Soul (Star Trek Voyager: Day of Honor, Book 3)
1999978-0-671-00250-3Denis Hamill3 Quarters
1997978-0-671-00251-0Mark GarlandTrial by Error (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, No. 21)
2004978-0-671-00252-7Michael McGarrityTularosa
  ''978-0-671-00253-4Michael McGarrityMexican Hat (Kevin Kerney Novel)
1996978-0-671-00254-1Keith William NolanSappers in the Wire
  ''978-0-671-00257-2Dean Wesley Smith · Kristine Kathryn Rusch · Hilary BaderKlingon: Star Trek
1997978-0-671-00258-9John VornholtMind Meld (Star Trek: The Original Series)
1999978-0-671-00259-6Dave Galanter · Greg BrodeurBattle Lines (Star Trek: Voyager)
1997978-0-671-00260-2Jerry OltionMudd in Your Eye (Star Trek, No. 81)
1997978-0-671-00277-0LarousseLarousse French English Dictionary Canadian Edition
1996978-0-671-00278-7Joan BradyGod on a Harley
1997978-0-671-00282-4Ann LinneaDeep Water Passage: A Spiritual Journey at Midlife
1996978-0-671-00290-9Vicki IovineThe Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy Daily Diary
  ''978-0-671-00291-6R. L. StineThe Sign of Fear (Fear Street, No. 4)
1997978-0-671-00292-3   ''The Hidden Evil (Fear Street, No. 5)
  ''978-0-671-00293-0   ''Daughters of Silence (Fear Street, No. 6)
  ''978-0-671-00294-7   ''Children of Fear (Fear Street, No. 7)
  ''978-0-671-00295-4   ''Dance of Death (Fear Street, No. 8)
1997978-0-671-00296-1R. L. StineHeart of the Hunter (Fear Street Sagas #9)
1997978-0-671-00297-8R. L. StineThe Awakening Evil (Fear Street, No. 10)
1996978-0-671-00298-5   ''The Betrayal/The Secret/The Burning (The Fear Street Saga 1-3)
  ''978-0-671-00301-2Howard BlattMagic! Against the Odds
1997978-0-671-00310-4Anna SalterShiny Water
1998978-0-671-00311-1Anna SalterShiny Water
  ''978-0-671-00312-8   ''Fault Lines
1999978-0-671-00313-5   ''Fault Lines
1996978-0-671-00316-6J. M. Dillard · Ronald D. Moore · Brannon Braga · Rick Berman · Judith Reeves-Stevens · Garfield Reeves-StevensStar Trek First Contact (Star Trek The Next Generation)
  ''978-0-671-00317-3J.M. DillardStar Trek Federation Passport: A Mini Travel Guide & Star Trek Passport
  ''978-0-671-00320-3MccayDEADLY CURE: SPIDER-MAN SUPER-THRILLER #2 (No 2)
1996978-0-671-00321-0Dean Wesley Smith · Christopher Schenck · Andrew PepoySTEEL TERROR: IRON MAN SUPER THRILLER
1997978-0-671-00329-6Eric LustbaderDark Homecoming
1998978-0-671-00330-2Eric LustbaderDark Homecoming
1997978-0-671-00333-3Julie GarwoodCome the Spring
1998978-0-671-00334-0Julie GarwoodCome the Spring (Clayborne Brothers)
1999978-0-671-00335-7   ''Ransom
1999978-0-671-00336-4Julie GarwoodRansom
1998978-0-671-00337-1Jerri WolfeI'm Three Years Old
  ''978-0-671-00338-8   ''I'm Two Years Old: Everything Your Two-Year-Old Wants You to Know About Parenting
  ''978-0-671-00346-3Jeri TaylorPathways (Star Trek Voyager)
1997978-0-671-00347-0Dale PeckThe Law of Enclosures
1996978-0-671-00351-7Julie GarwoodThe Bride
1997978-0-671-00352-4John DunningDeadline
  ''978-0-671-00353-1John DunningThe Holland Suggestions: A Novel
1998978-0-671-00355-5Leonard Foglia · David Adams Richards1 Ragged Ridge Road
  ''978-0-671-00359-3Jude DeverauxAn Angel for Emily
1997978-0-671-00363-0Diane UmanskyMy Secret Admirer (Full House: Stephanie)
1997978-0-671-00364-7Cathy East DubowksiThe Substitute Teacher (Full House, Michelle)
  ''978-0-671-00365-4Sarah J. VerneyCalling All Planets (Full House: Michelle)
  ''978-0-671-00366-1Cathy WestI've Got a Secret (Full House Michelle)
1996978-0-671-00368-5Jefferson GrahamFrasier
  ''978-0-671-00375-3Wally LambShe's Come Undone
1997978-0-671-00376-0Alice WalkerThe Temple of My Familiar
  ''978-0-671-00377-7Alice WalkerThe Same River Twice
1998978-0-671-00378-4James Byron HugginsCain
1997978-0-671-00380-7Annette B. Natow · Jo-Ann HeslinThe Pocket Protein Counter
1996978-0-671-00383-8Diane Carey · Brannon BragaFlashback (Star Trek: Voyager)
1997978-0-671-00385-2Ronald KesslerINSIDE CONGRESS: The Shocking Scandals, Corruption, and Abuse of Power Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill
1998978-0-671-00386-9Ronald KesslerInside Congress: The Shocking Scandals, Corruption, and Abuse of Power Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill
1997978-0-671-00390-6Rudy GalindoIcebreaker the Autobiography of Rudy Galindo
1999978-0-671-00393-7Eileen BehanThe Pregnancy Diet
1997978-0-671-00394-4John E. Douglas · Mark OlshakerJourney Into Darkness
1998978-0-671-00399-9Linda Lael MillerThe Vow: A Novel of the American West
2000978-0-671-00400-2Linda Lael MillerCourting Susannah
1998978-0-671-00401-9   ''Two Brothers: The Lawman/The Gunslinger
1997978-0-671-00410-1Carl SaganContact
1996978-0-671-00411-8John Douglas · Mark OlshakerUnabomber: On the Trail of America's Most-Wanted Serial Killer
1997978-0-671-00412-5Jill BarnettWonderful
1998978-0-671-00413-2Jill BarnettWild
1997978-0-671-00415-6Mariah StewartDevlin's Light (Enright Family Series)
1998978-0-671-00416-3Mariah StewartWonderful You
2009978-0-671-00422-4Richard Paul EvansThe Letter
2000978-0-671-00423-1Richard Paul EvansThe Locket
1997978-0-671-00424-8Kristine Kathryn Rusch · Dean Wesley SmithTreaty's Law (Star Trek: Day of Honor, Book 4)
1999978-0-671-00425-5Eric KotaniDeath of a Neutron Star (Star Trek Voyager, No 17)
1996978-0-671-00426-2Bobbi J.G, Weiss · David Cody WeissJINGLE ALL THE WAY MOVIE TIE IN (Minstrel Paperback Original)
1996978-0-671-00427-9Larry McMurtryThe Evening Star
1998978-0-671-00437-8Jill SmoloweAn Empty Lap: One Couple's Journey to Parenthood
1997978-0-671-00439-2Sarah Ferguson · Jeff CoplonMy Story (Sarah: The Duchess of York)
  ''978-0-671-00444-6Theresa L. CrenshawThe Alchemy of Love and Lust
1998978-0-671-00451-4Annette B. NatowThe Cholesterol Counter Revised And Updated Fifth Edition
1999978-0-671-00452-1Annette B. Natow · Jo-Ann HeslinThe Food Shopping Counter
2002978-0-671-00453-8Mary Higgins ClarkOn the Street Where You Live
1999978-0-671-00454-5   ''You Belong To Me
2000978-0-671-00456-9   ''We'll Meet Again
2001978-0-671-00457-6Mary Higgins ClarkBefore I Say Good-Bye
1998978-0-671-00459-0Garth SteinRaven Stole the Moon
1999978-0-671-00460-6Garth SteinRaven Stole the Moon
1997978-0-671-00461-3Col. Philip J. Corso · William J. BirnesThe Day After Roswell
1998978-0-671-00464-4LeAlan Jones · Lloyd NewmanOur America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago
1997978-0-671-00466-8John WagnerA History of Violence
1998978-0-671-00468-2Dafydd ab HughVengeance (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #22)
  ''978-0-671-00470-5Guy BellamyThe Power of Women
1997978-0-671-00476-7M. Scott PeckIn Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery
  ''978-0-671-00486-6R.L. StineNo Way Out: The Surprise Party/The Wrong Number/The Cheater (Fear Street Omnibus #4)
1998978-0-671-00495-8Mel Stein · Chris WaddleChris Waddle
  ''978-0-671-00496-5Nick PopeThe Uninvited
1997978-0-671-00504-7Mary Higgins ClarkMy Gal Sunday
1998978-0-671-00522-1Harold CoyleSavage Wilderness
1999978-0-671-00528-3Ken McClureDonor
1998978-0-671-00533-7Nicholas RedfernThe F. B. I. Files: F. B. I.'s UFO Top Secrets Exposed

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