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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-582-00037-7J.L. FerrierArt of Our Century
1987978-0-582-00243-2Aminata Sow FallThe Beggars' Strike: Or, the Dregs of Society (Longman African classics)
  ''978-0-582-00244-9Ama Ata Aidoo'The Dilemma of a Ghost' and 'Anowa' [Two Plays] (Longman African Classics)
1988978-0-582-00258-6David CrystalRediscover Grammar
1989978-0-582-00265-4Eric EvansBritain Before the Reform Acts: Politics & Society 1815-1832: Politics and Society, 1815-1832 (Seminar Studies In History)
1993978-0-582-00322-4Neil CorcoranEnglish Poetry Since 1940 (Longman Literature In English Series)
1990978-0-582-00324-8Paul DukesThe Making of Russian Absolutism 1613-1801 (Longman History of Russia)
1988978-0-582-00328-6Raman SeldenThe Theory of Criticsm: From Plato to the Present - A Reader
1990978-0-582-00329-3Jacques DurandGenerative and Non-Linear Phonology (Longman Linguistics Library)
1998978-0-582-00353-8Martin ClarkThe Italian Risorgimento (Seminar Studies In History)
1993978-0-582-00354-5Brian QuintrellCharles I 1625-1640 (Seminar Studies In History)
1996978-0-582-00355-2William MarshallPeter the Great (Seminar Studies In History)
1991978-0-582-00379-8D. G. WrightRevolution & Terror in France 1789-1795 (Seminar Studies In History)
1988978-0-582-00393-4Ama Ata AidooNo Sweetness Here (Longman African classics)
  ''978-0-582-00406-1Prof P.M. Holt · Prof M.W. DalyThe History of the Sudan: From the Coming of Islam to the Present Day
1995978-0-582-00408-5D. KirbyThe Baltic World 1772-1993: Europe's Northern Periphery in an Age of Change
  ''978-0-582-00409-2David KirbyThe Baltic World 1772-1993: Europe's Northern Periphery in an Age of Change (Athene)
1990978-0-582-00410-8D.G. KirbyNorthern Europe in the Early Modern Period: Baltic World, 1492-1772
  ''978-0-582-00411-5D. G. KirbyNorthern Europe in the Early Modern Period: Baltic World, 1492-1772
1987978-0-582-00420-7Robert BakkerThe dinosaur heresies: a revolutionary view of dinosaurs
1994978-0-582-00459-7Helen JonesHealth and Society in Twentieth Century Britain (Themes In British Social History)
1990978-0-582-00466-5L. J. Mason · L. P. HughstonFurther Advances in Twistor Theory: The Penrose Transform and Its Applications v. 1 (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series)
1989978-0-582-00473-3K. Theodore HoppenIreland Since 1800: Conflict and Conformity (Studies in Modern History)
1987978-0-582-00520-4Robert Paisley · John QuillfeldtG.C.S.E Economics Paper (GCSE PASS PACKS)
1988978-0-582-00534-1Christopher HaighElizabeth I (Profiles in Power)
1988978-0-582-00544-0Mack ChahinYour Child at Primary School (Successful parenting guides)
  ''978-0-582-00648-5Linda Cookson · Bryan LoughreyHamlet, William Shakespeare (Critical Essays)
1989978-0-582-00649-2Linda Cookson · Bryan LoughreyKing Lear, William Shakespeare (Critical Essays S.)
  ''978-0-582-00650-8   ''Macbeth, William Shakespeare (Critical Essays)
1988978-0-582-00651-5   ''The Tempest by William Shakespeare (Critical Essays)
  ''978-0-582-00652-2   ''Poems and Letters, John Keats (Critical Essays)
  ''978-0-582-00653-9   ''"Emma", Jane Austen (Critical Essays)
1989978-0-582-00654-6Linda Cookson · Bryan LoughreyWuthering Heights, Emily Bronte (Critical Essays)
1988978-0-582-00655-3   ''Waste Land, T.S.Eliot (Critical Essays)
1987978-0-582-00961-5A. DickasonThe Geometry of Sheet Metal Work
1991978-0-582-00964-6J. Barber · Mark HarrisonSoviet Home Front, The, 1914-1945: A Social and Economic History of the USSR in World War II
  ''978-0-582-00965-3J. Barber · Mark HarrisonSoviet Home Front, The, 1914-1945: A Social and Economic History of the USSR in World War II
1993978-0-582-00967-7Andrew ShennanDe Gaulle (Profiles In Power)
1988978-0-582-00971-4E. ReidUnderstanding Buildings a Multidisciplinary Approach
1989978-0-582-00976-9Norman FaircloughLanguage and Power (Language In Social Life)
1990978-0-582-00993-6M. WatkinsPractise Your Modal Verbs
  ''978-0-582-00994-3L KeanePractise Your Prepositions Paper (Practice Your)
1979978-0-582-01259-2B. HennesseyThe Gothic Novel (Writers & Their Work S.)
  ''978-0-582-01266-0Professor J. R. MulryneThomas Middleton (Writers & Their Work)
1980978-0-582-01273-8Tony TannerHenry James: Bk. 1 (Writers & Their Work S.)
1995978-0-582-01320-9Christopher R. FriedrichsThe Early Modern City 1450-1750 (A History of Urban Society in Europe)
1992978-0-582-01322-3D.M. PalliserThe Age of Elizabeth: England Under the Later Tudors, 1547-1603 (Social and Economic History of England)
1993978-0-582-01323-0Martin McCauleyThe Soviet Union 1917-1991 (Longman History of Russia)
1987978-0-582-01382-7Charles DickensA Christmas Carol (Longman Classics)
1988978-0-582-01384-1Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers (Longman Classics)
1990978-0-582-01392-6James Simpson"Piers Plowman": An Introduction to the B-text (Longman Mediaeval & Renaissance Library)
1988978-0-582-01404-6R. H. C. DavisA History of Mediaeval Europe: From Constantine to St. Louis
1989978-0-582-01406-0Nick DawsonSupplementary Grammar Exercises: Bk.2 (Strategies)
1988978-0-582-01407-7Brian Abbs · etc.Strategies: Opening Strategies - Suppty.Grammar Exercises 1 No. 5
1987978-0-582-01421-3Thomas L. GilchristHeterocyclic Chemistry
1989978-0-582-01439-8Clare Fletcher · Peter O'Connor · Joanne KenworthySounds English: Pronunciation Practice Book & Audio Tape (ELT Skills)
  ''978-0-582-01440-4Clare Fletcher · J D O'ConnorSounds English Cassette Set, 3 Cassettes (Skills)
1990978-0-582-01443-5D'Arcy Adrian-VallancePractise Your Comparatives
1990978-0-582-01446-6Donald AdamsonPractise Your Tenses Paper (Practice Your)
1989978-0-582-01526-5Malcolm Bradbury · Howard TemperleyIntroduction to American Studies
1995978-0-582-01565-4Daibhi O CroininEarly Medieval Ireland, 400-1200 (Longman History of Ireland)
  ''978-0-582-01566-1Daibhi O CroininEarly Medieval Ireland, 400-1200 (Longman History of Ireland)
1988978-0-582-01598-2David LodgeModern Criticism and Theory: A Reader
1992978-0-582-01601-9Gerald M. BerkowitzAmerican Drama of the Twentieth Century (Longman Literature In English Series)
1991978-0-582-01648-4Roger T. Bell · Christopher N. CandlinTranslation and Translating: Theory and Practice (Applied Linguistics and Language Study)
1990978-0-582-01650-7Michael Rost · Christopher N. CandlinListening in Language Learning (Applied Linguistics and Language Study Series)
1989978-0-582-01665-1A. HopkinsPerspectives (Intermediate Writing: Longman ELT Skills Series)
1990978-0-582-01675-0John MorrillOliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
1992978-0-582-01678-1David NicholasMedieval Flanders (The Medieval World)
1989978-0-582-01685-9M. GoddenThe Making of Piers Plowman
1990978-0-582-01714-6Elizabeth LairdABR3: Americans at School Stage 3. American English (Longman Readers)
1989978-0-582-01719-1Robert O'Neill · Patricia MugglestoneThird Dimension Course Book
1990978-0-582-01720-7Robert O'Neill · Patricia MugglestoneThird Dimension: Tchrs'
1993978-0-582-01721-4   ''Third Dimension
1989978-0-582-01727-6C.H. LawrenceMedieval Monasticism: Forms of Religious Life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages
  ''978-0-582-01736-8Anne Frank · Michael Marland · Christopher MartinThe Diary of Anne Frank (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
1993978-0-582-01770-2Peter Robert CampbellLouis XIV (Seminar Studies In History)
1989978-0-582-01775-7Agricultural Research Centres: A World Directory of Organisations and Programmes (Longman reference on research)
1992978-0-582-01806-8Roy Kingsbury · Felicity O'Dell · Guy WellmanCAE Advantage: Cassette Set
  ''978-0-582-01807-5Roy Kingsbury · Felicity O'Dell · Guy WellmanLongman Practice Exams for the Certificate in Advanced English
1991978-0-582-01809-9   ''Longman Practice Exams for the Certificate in Advanced English
1992978-0-582-01810-5   ''CAE Advantage
1992978-0-582-01811-2Roy Kingsbury · Felicity O'Dell · Guy WellmanCAE Advantage: Teachers' Guide
1989978-0-582-01820-4Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo (Longman Classics)
  ''978-0-582-01821-1H. Rider HaggardKing Solomon's Mines (Longman Classics)
  ''978-0-582-01822-8Emily BronteWuthering Heights (Longman Classics)
1988978-0-582-01838-9Peter BromheadLife in Modern America
1990978-0-582-01853-2Susan AxbeySoundtracks: Real-life Listening - A Variety of Subjects, Styles and Speakers (Longman advanced skills)
  ''978-0-582-01854-9Susan AxbeySoundtracks: Real-life Listening - A Variety of Subjects, Styles and Speakers (Longman advanced skills)
  ''978-0-582-01861-7Karl Heinz Hoffmann · Jurgen SprekelsFree Boundary Problems: v. 1: Theory and Applications - 1987 Colloquium (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series)
1990978-0-582-01869-3Richard MckinleyA History of British Surnames (Approaches To Local History)
1989978-0-582-01887-7R. RossnerThe Whole Story
  ''978-0-582-01888-4David FollContrasts: Developing Text Awareness (Longman advanced skills)
1998978-0-582-01901-0Steven G. EllisIreland in the Age of the Tudors, 1447-1603: English Expansion and the End of Gaelic Rule (Longman History of Ireland)
1989978-0-582-01971-3G. ForsterConstruction Site Studies: Production Administration and Personnel
1997978-0-582-01985-0John MiltonMilton: Complete Shorter Poems (Longman Annotated English Poets)
1988978-0-582-01989-8K.H. Bhaskara · K. ViswanathPoisson Algebras and Poisson Manifolds (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series)
1992978-0-582-02037-5Diana Webster · Anne WorrallEnglish Together Pupil's Book 2: Bk. 2
1991978-0-582-02038-2Diana Webster · Anne WorrallEnglish Together Pupil's Book 1: Bk. 1
1993978-0-582-02049-8   ''English Together Cassette Set 3, 2 Cassettes
1991978-0-582-02051-1   ''English Together Classwork Cassette
  ''978-0-582-02052-8   ''English Together Song and Story Cassette
1992978-0-582-02059-7   ''English Together Cassette Set 2, 2 Cassettes
1991978-0-582-02060-3Diana Webster · Anne WorrallEnglish Together Teacher's Guide 1: Tchrs' Bk. 1
1992978-0-582-02061-0   ''English Together Teacher's Guide 2: Teachers' Guide Bk. 2
1993978-0-582-02062-7   ''English Together Teacher's Guide 3: Teachers' Guide Bk. 3
1991978-0-582-02064-1   ''English Together Action Book 1: Action Bk. 1
1992978-0-582-02065-8   ''English Together Action Book 2: Action Bk. 2
1993978-0-582-02066-5Diana Webster · Anne WorrallEnglish Together Action Book 3: Action Bk. 3
  ''978-0-582-02067-2   ''English Together Pupil's Book 3: Bk. 3
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  ''978-0-582-02092-4G.D. KillamArnold Bennett,The Card: Notes (York Notes)
1990978-0-582-02093-1FowlesYork Notes.French Lieutenants.Woman (York Notes)
1988978-0-582-02094-8Antony Kamm · Willis HallYork Notes on The Long and the Short and the Tall by Willis Hall
1990978-0-582-02095-5Katie GrayYork Notes on J.B.Priestley's Inspector Calls
1989978-0-582-02129-7Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnBlueprint Intermediate Teacher's Book: Tchrs'.Bk
  ''978-0-582-02130-3Ms Elaine Walker · Steve ElsworthBlueprint Intermediate Workbook with Key: Workbk. with Key
  ''978-0-582-02131-0Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnBlueprint Intermediate, Student's Book
1989978-0-582-02134-1Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnBlueprint Intermediate: Students' Cassette (Blueprint Series)
  ''978-0-582-02135-8   ''Blueprint Intermediate Students' Book
1990978-0-582-02173-0George OrwellAnimal Farm (Literature Guidelines S.)
1989978-0-582-02182-2Tom KempIndustrialisation in the Non-Western World
1988978-0-582-02189-1George StanlakeStarting Economics
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1987978-0-582-02203-4L Dunkling · British Tourist AuthorityLondon [VHS]
1993978-0-582-02221-8Ruth LesserLinguistics and Aphasia: Psycholinguistic and Pragmatic Aspects of Intervention (Language In Social Life)
1992978-0-582-02244-7David W. EllwoodRebuilding Europe: Western Europe, America and Postwar Reconstruction (The Postwar World)
1988978-0-582-02257-7G. GreeneBrighton Rock (York Notes)
1991978-0-582-02260-7Brian LastYork Notes on Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (Longman Literature Guides)
  ''978-0-582-02269-0Hena Maes-JelinekYork Notes on Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
1988978-0-582-02275-1Peter C. BayleyYork Notes on John Milton's Selected Poems (Longman Literature Guides)
  ''978-0-582-02278-2J. OsborneLook Back in Anger (York Notes)
1991978-0-582-02280-5Alasdair D. F. MacraeYork Notes on William Shakespeare's Macbeth (Longman Literature Guides)
  ''978-0-582-02282-9Hilda D. SpearYork Notes on Thomas Hardy's "Mayor of Casterbridge" (Longman Literature Guides)
1988978-0-582-02286-7G. ChaucerThe Miller's Tale (York Notes)
1988978-0-582-02287-4V. WoolfMrs Dalloway (York Notes)
  ''978-0-582-02289-8Robert Welch · George Orwell1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four: York Notes
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1988978-0-582-02295-9J. SteinbeckThe Pearl (York Notes)
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1988978-0-582-02318-5S. BeckettWaiting for Godot (York Notes)
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1991978-0-582-02392-5S. WichertNorthern Ireland Since 1945 (The Postwar World)
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1999978-0-582-02655-1R. BronkHuman Metabolism: Functional Diversity and Integration
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1988978-0-582-02745-9Jeremy Harmer · S ElsworthMeridian Plus: Bk.1
1988978-0-582-02746-6Jeremy Harmer · S ElsworthMeridian Plus: Bk.2
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  ''978-0-582-02750-3   ''Meridian Plus: Workbk Bk.3
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  ''978-0-582-02752-7   ''Meridian Plus: Tchrs' Bk.2
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1988978-0-582-02763-3D'Arcy Adrian- Vallance · Jeremy Harmer · D'A Adrian-VallanceMeridian Plus: Oral Practice Cassette Set 2
1989978-0-582-02767-1   ''Meridian Plus: Oral Practice Cassette Set 3
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2000978-0-582-03134-0Prof A.J. PollardLate Medieval England 1399-1509 (Longman History of Medieval England)
  ''978-0-582-03135-7   ''Late Medieval England 1399-1509, (Longman History of Medieval England)
1989978-0-582-03148-7Stephen RableyMaisie and the Dolphin (Easy Starts)
1989978-0-582-03149-4Stephen RableyTinkers Island (Easy Starts)
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