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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1991978-962-359-039-6LongmanLongman English Chinese Illustr Biology
1990978-962-359-041-9Pearson Education Australia StaffLongman English-Chinese Dictionary of Common Errors
2004978-962-359-043-3Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English (English-Chinese)
1989978-962-359-048-8David BatesonCommercial arbitration in Hong Kong (A Longman business guide)
  ''978-962-359-052-5Stephen Terry and Scott BrodskyEstablishing a Company in Hong Kong (A Longman Business Guide)
1992978-962-359-053-2Longman LongmanLongman English-Chinese Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry
  ''978-962-359-054-9Longman PublishingLongman English-Chinese Illustrated Dictionary of Botany
1989978-962-359-073-0G. BalkeHong Kong Voices
1995978-962-359-117-1LongmanLongman English Chinese Photo Dictionary
978-962-359-118-8Longman English/Chinese (Hanyu Pinyin) Photo Dictionary
1989978-962-359-163-8NanmingziShi jie min zhu yun dong (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1990978-962-359-190-4Robert Lloyd GeorgeA Guide to Asian Stock Markets
1992978-962-359-244-4Langwen Qinghua Ying-Han diannao cihui =: Longman- Tsinghua English-Chinese dictionary of computer terms
1990978-962-359-250-5Jerome Alan CohenInvestment law and practice in Vietnam (Longman professional intelligence reports)
  ''978-962-359-251-2Stephen Leung Sze-WingA guide to public flotation in Hong Kong (Longman professional intelligence reports)
2001978-962-359-272-7Longman Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary for Beginners (2nd Impression)
2002978-962-359-273-4LongmanLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English-Chinese): Large Print Edition
1992978-962-359-362-5Librarie Du LibanLongman English-chinese Illustrated Dictionary of Geology
1988978-962-359-366-3No Author ListedLongman English-Chinese Dictionary of Contemporary English
978-962-359-367-0Active Study Chinese Dictionary
1992978-962-359-397-7New Trends in English 5
1994978-962-359-399-1Longman New Junior English-Chinese Dictionary
1991978-962-359-427-1C. W ChiuLegal systems of the PRC
1990978-962-359-430-1Gary N HeilbronnCriminal procedure in Hong Kong (China & Hong Kong law studies)
2003978-962-359-435-6Handy learner's dictionary english/chinese
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1993978-962-359-475-2Gerard McMahonThe essential guide to the Hong Kong takeovers and share repurchase codes
1994978-962-359-479-0Cathy · Elaine Mac Taggart LeeLongman Everyday Picture Dictionary: English-Chinese
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1992978-962-359-489-9Nigel BaconConveyancing (Hong Kong Legal Practice Manuals)
1995978-962-359-494-3Joseph and Linda. BoyleCOMMON SPOKEN ENGLISH ERRORS IN HONG KONG.
1991978-962-359-507-0Longman Group (Far East) LtdLongman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary
  ''978-962-359-550-6Taxation in Hong Kong, 1991/92
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1993978-962-359-562-9Longman GroupLongman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary (Pocket edition)
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1991978-962-359-583-4Longman English-Chinese Dictionary of Common Errors - Pocket Edition
1992978-962-359-588-9Youth Advertising HouseVietnam opportunities: The official Vietnamese business guide
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1993978-962-359-622-0LANCASTER · JobberSelling and Sales Management in Hong Kong
  ''978-962-359-640-4Rosemary (Author) CourtneyLongman English-Chinese Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
1991978-962-359-643-5Robert Lloyd GeorgeA guide to Asian stock markets
1992978-962-359-672-5Robert FellCrisis and change: The maturing of Hong Kongs financial markets, 1981-1989
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1993978-962-359-691-6Common Spoken English Errors of Chinese Students
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