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2004978-0-566-08566-6Peter TicknerFraud and Corruption in Public Services: A Guide to Risk and Prevention
  ''978-0-566-08579-6Elizabeth OrnaInformation Strategy in Practice
2003978-0-566-08582-6Alan WrenThe Project Management A-Z: A Compendium of Project Management Techniques and How to Use Them
2005978-0-566-08583-3Rob Paton · Scott Taylor · John Storey · Geoff PetersHandbook of Corporate University Development: Managing Strategic Learning Initiatives in Public and Private Domains
2004978-0-566-08594-9Shan PreddyHow to Market Design Consultancy Services: Finding, Winning, Keeping and Developing Clients: Finding, Winning and Keeping Clients
2003978-0-566-08595-6Nigel HillHow to Measure Customer Satisfaction
  ''978-0-566-08596-3Mandy WebsterData Protection for the HR Manager
2009978-0-566-08597-0Rachel BurnettOutsourcing IT - The Legal Aspects: Planning, Contracting, Managing and the Law
2005978-0-566-08598-7David WealleansThe Quality Audit for ISO 9001:2000: A Practical Guide
2004978-0-566-08599-4Iain Ballantyne · Nigel PovahAssessment and Development Centres
  ''978-0-566-08600-7Ian StokesMicro-Projects: Six Exercises for Developing Project and Team Skills
2006978-0-566-08603-8Geoff Reiss · Malcolm Anthony · John Chapman · Geof Leigh · Paul Rayner · Adrian PyneGower Handbook of Programme Management
2005978-0-566-08607-6Tom Olavi BangemannShared Services in Finance and Accounting
2004978-0-566-08612-0Dennis LockProject Management in Construction (The Leading Construction Series)
2005978-0-566-08614-4Brian ThorpeQuality Management in Construction (THE LEADING CONSTRUCTION SERIES)
  ''978-0-566-08619-9Hamid GhodseAddiction at Work: Tackling Drug Use and Misuse in the Workplace
2005978-0-566-08621-2Benny K.B. KwokAccounting Irregularities in Financial Statements: A Definitive Guide for Litigators, Auditors and Fraud Investigators
2006978-0-566-08625-0Ian Hunter · Jane Saunders · Simon ConstanceHR Business Partners: Emerging Service Delivery Models for the HR Function
2004978-0-566-08636-6Michael J. Comer · Timothy E. StephensDeception at Work: Investigating and Countering Lies and Fraud Strategies
2009978-0-566-08638-0Jenny Davenport · Simon BarrowEmployee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions
2005978-0-566-08640-3Mike Woodcock · Dave FrancisTeam Metrics: Resources for Measuring and Improving Team Performance
2006978-0-566-08642-7Tom CrawfordEmployer Branding
  ''978-0-566-08643-4Gunter UmbachSuccessfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business
  ''978-0-566-08644-1Adrian DaviesBest Practice in Corporate Governance: Building Reputation and Sustainable Success
2005978-0-566-08648-9Jeff Slawsky · Samee ZafarDeveloping and Managing a Successful Payment Cards Business
2006978-0-566-08651-9Peter HowsonCommercial Due Diligence: The Key to Understanding Value in an Acquisition
2005978-0-566-08652-6Phil GriffithsRisk-Based Auditing
  ''978-0-566-08653-3Marc B. LambrechtThe Basel II Rating: Ensuring Access to Finance for Your Business
2006978-0-566-08656-4Paul ShermanUsability Success Stories: How Organizations Improve By Making Easier-To-Use Software and Web Sites
2011978-0-566-08657-1Peter WhatesCommunicating Corporate Social Responsibilty
2006978-0-566-08659-5Janet MacDonaldBlended Learning and Online Tutoring: A Good Practice Guide
2005978-0-566-08660-1Walter Reid · D R MyddeltonThe Meaning of Company Accounts
2004978-0-566-08665-6Eliyahu M. GoldrattThe Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
2008978-0-566-08668-7Geoffrey Laycock · Graham Roberts-PhelpsOccupational Health and Safety Games for Trainers
2005978-0-566-08670-0Brian ThorpeHealth and Safety in Construction Design (Leading Construction S.)
2006978-0-566-08674-8Peter Reilly · Tony WilliamsStrategic HR: Building the Capability to Deliver
  ''978-0-566-08675-5Arthur G. CookForecasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry
2006978-0-566-08676-2David S. ZuckermanPharmaceutical Metrics: Measuring and Improving R & D Performance
2007978-0-566-08679-3David BirchDigital Identity Management: Technological, Business and Social Implications
2006978-0-566-08681-6Arnold KransdorffCorporate DNA: Using Organizational Memory to Improve Poor Decision-Making
  ''978-0-566-08684-7Stuart Emmett · Barry CrockerThe Relationship-Driven Supply Chain: Creating a Culture of Collaboration throughout the Chain
  ''978-0-566-08685-4Edward WildingInformation Risk and Security: Preventing and Investigating Workplace Computer Crime
  ''978-0-566-08687-8Gerald L. BradleyBenefit Realisation Management: A Practical Guide to Achieving Benefits Through Change
2005978-0-566-08688-5Aneace HaddadA New Way to Pay: Creating Competitive Advantage Through the EMV Smart Card Standard
2009978-0-566-08689-2Ian P. BuckinghamGower Handbook of Internal Communication
2010978-0-566-08695-3Rob WhewellSupply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry
2006978-0-566-08700-4Ian MacDonald · Catherine Burke · Karl StewartSystems Leadership: Creating Positive Organisations: Creating Positive Organizations
2005978-0-566-08702-8John CutlerThe Cross-Cultural Communication Trainer's Manual: v. 2
2007978-0-566-08704-2Tracy Bhamra · Vicky LofthouseDesign for Sustainability: A Practical Approach (Design for Social Responsibility)
  ''978-0-566-08706-6Jean BinderGlobal Project Management: Communication, Collaboration and Management Across Borders
2007978-0-566-08707-3Roger Coleman · John Clarkson · Hua Dong · Julia CassimDesign for Inclusivity: A Practical Guide to Accessible, Innovative and User-Centred Design (Design for Social Responsibility)
2005978-0-566-08711-0Nicholas BealeConstructive Engagement: Directors and Investors in Action
2009978-0-566-08714-1Jane LambertEnforcing Intellectual Property Rights: A Concise Guide for Businesses, Innovative and Creative Individuals
2007978-0-566-08717-2Joan F. Bachenheimer · Bonnie A. BresciaReinventing Patient Recruitment: Revolutionary Ideas for Clinical Trial Success
2005978-0-566-08721-9Steve MantonIntegrated Intellectual Asset Management: A Guide to Exploiting and Protecting your Organization's Intellectual Assets
2007978-0-566-08725-7Tim Parkman · Gill PeelingCountering Terrorist Finance: A Training Handbook for Financial Services
  ''978-0-566-08726-4Michael WellinManaging the Psychological Contract: Using the Personal Deal to Increase Business Performance: Using the Personal Deal to Increase Performance
  ''978-0-566-08731-8Tony Davis · Maggie Cutt · Neil Flynn · Peter MowlTalent Assessment: A New Strategy for Talent Management
2012978-0-566-08732-5Paul HorlickFraud and Financial Crime Risk: Applying the Principles of Law Enforcement to Financial Crime
2006978-0-566-08734-9Sarah Leberman · Lex McDonaldThe Transfer of Learning: Participants' Perspectives of Adult Education and Training
2007978-0-566-08736-3Andrew SparrowFilm and Television Distribution and the Internet: A Legal Guide for the Media Industry
  ''978-0-566-08738-7Florence KennedyKennedys' Simulations for Negotiation Training
  ''978-0-566-08739-4Florence KennedyKennedys' Simulations for Negotiation Training
2008978-0-566-08740-0David HutchinsHoshin Kanri: The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement: The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement
2008978-0-566-08741-7Kaye Remington and Julien PollackTools for Complex Projects
2006978-0-566-08744-8Nigel Hill · Jim AlexanderThe Handbook of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
2009978-0-566-08745-5Ian GamblesMaking the Business Case: Proposals That Succeed for Projects That Work
2007978-0-566-08772-1Dennis LockProject Management
2008978-0-566-08773-8Ian MannHacking the Human: Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures
2007978-0-566-08775-2Rudy Kor59 Checklists for Project and Programme Managers
2008978-0-566-08780-6Bill QuirkeMaking the Connections: Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy into Action
  ''978-0-566-08781-3Martin AustinBusiness Development for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry
2007978-0-566-08783-7David BrooksbankSecurity Manual
2017978-0-566-08784-4Gloria MossPersonality, Design and Marketing: Matching design to customer personal preferences
2021978-0-566-08785-1Gloria MossDesign Psychology and Nationality
2009978-0-566-08786-8   ''Gender, Design and Marketing: How Gender Drives our Perception of Design and Marketing
  ''978-0-566-08790-5David HulettPractical Schedule Risk Analysis
2007978-0-566-08797-4Gavin KennedyStrategic Negotiation: An Opportunity for Change
  ''978-0-566-08798-1David HillsonUnderstanding and Managing Risk Attitude
2008978-0-566-08799-8Matthew LeitchIntelligent Internal Control and Risk Management: Designing High-Performance Risk Control Systems
2007978-0-566-08802-5Tony Buzan · Tony DottinoGrass Roots Leaders: The BrainSmart Revolution in Business
2021978-0-566-08804-9Val Jonas · Lauren BoneRisk and Earned Value
2007978-0-566-08805-6Dennis LockThe Essentials of Project Management
2008978-0-566-08806-3Rodney TurnerGower Handbook of Project Management
  ''978-0-566-08807-0Graham OakesProject Reviews, Assurance and Governance
2008978-0-566-08810-0Phil JonesCommunicating Strategy
2011978-0-566-08811-7Phil JonesStrategy Mapping for Learning Organizations: Building Agility into Your Balanced Scorecard
2009978-0-566-08812-4Adam Lindgreen · Martin K. Hingley · Joëlle VanhammeThe Crisis of Food Brands: Sustaining Safe, Innovative and Competitive Food Supply (Food and Agricultural Marketing)
2008978-0-566-08815-5Abby DayHow to Get Research Published in Journals
  ''978-0-566-08821-6Georg Wuebker · Martin Koderisch · Dirk Schmidt-Gallas · Jens BaumgartenPrice Management in Financial Services: Smart Strategies for Growth
2009978-0-566-08822-3John Gattorna · FriendsDynamic Supply Chain Alignment: A New Business Model for Peak Performance in Enterprise Supply Chains Across All Geographies
  ''978-0-566-08823-0Cat Rickard · Jodi Baker · Yonca CrewGoing Global: Managing the HR Function Across Countries and Cultures (Gower HR Transformation Series)
  ''978-0-566-08826-1Jane SaundersService Led Design (Gower HR Transformation Series)
  ''978-0-566-08827-8Allan BoroughsUsing Technology to Create Value (Gower HR Transformation Series)
2008978-0-566-08833-9Allan Boroughs · Les Palmer · Ian HunterHR Transformation Technology: Delivering Systems to Support the New HR Model
2008978-0-566-08837-7Daniel F. Oriesek · Jan Oliver SchwarzBusiness Wargaming: Securing Corporate Value
2009978-0-566-08840-7David CledenManaging Project Uncertainty (Advances in Project Management)
2008978-0-566-08841-4Janet MacdonaldBlended Learning and Online Tutoring: Planning Learner Support and Activity Design
  ''978-0-566-08847-6David NicksonThe Bid Manager's Handbook
2009978-0-566-08849-0Paul BarnesStock Market Efficiency, Insider Dealing and Market Abuse
2020978-0-566-08851-3Andrew HolmesBlowback in Business: How to Avoid Unintended and Undesired Consequences in Decision-Making
2010978-0-566-08854-4Jeremy Myerson · Jo-Anne Bichard · Alma ErlichNew Demographics New Workspace: Office Design for the Changing Workforce
  ''978-0-566-08858-2Jeff Gold · Richard Thorpe · Alan MumfordGower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development
2008978-0-566-08862-9Peter HowsonChecklists for Due Diligence
  ''978-0-566-08863-6Mike PedlerAction Learning for Managers
2009978-0-566-08864-3Lynda BourneStakeholder Relationship Management: A Maturity Model for Organisational Implementation: 1
  ''978-0-566-08866-7Ralf MullerProject Governance (Fundamentals of Project Management)
2009978-0-566-08867-4David HillsonManaging Risk in Projects (Fundamentals of Project Management)
2014978-0-566-08880-3Michel ThiryProject-based Organizations
  ''978-0-566-08881-0Michel ThiryManaging Value in Projects (Advances in Project Management)
2010978-0-566-08882-7   ''Program Management (Fundamentals of Project Management)
2017978-0-566-08890-2Marc De GoeijControlling Success: How to Implement Project Portfolio Management
2009978-0-566-08901-5Ian StokesTraining for Project Management: Three Volume Set
2008978-0-566-08902-2   ''Training for Project Management
2011978-0-566-08920-6Anna Meroni · Daniela SangiorgiDesign for Services (Design for Social Responsibility)
2010978-0-566-08923-7Ralf MullerProject-Oriented Leadership (Advances in Project Management)
  ''978-0-566-08930-5Janet MacDonald · Linda CreanorLearning with Online and Mobile Technologies
2009978-0-566-08934-3Davide Giovanni Papa · Lorna ElliottInternational Trade and the Successful Intermediary
2010978-0-566-08981-7Ronald J. Burke · Edward C. Tomlinson · Cary L. CooperCrime and Corruption in Organizations: Why It Occurs and What To Do About It (Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk)
2011978-0-566-08983-1Ronald J. Burke · Sharon Clarke · Cary L. CooperOccupational Health and Safety (Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk)
  ''978-0-566-08988-6Philip UllahCollaborative Leadership in Financial Services
2009978-0-566-08995-4Garry HoneyA Short Guide to Reputation Risk (Short Guides to Business Risk)
  ''978-0-566-09157-5Doug HoptonMoney Laundering: A Concise Guide for All Business
2010978-0-566-09160-5Robert MckellarA Short Guide to Political Risk (Short Guides to Business Risk)
2011978-0-566-09166-7David HulettIntegrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis
2011978-0-566-09176-6Robert Hewison · John HoldenThe Cultural Leadership Handbook: How to Run a Creative Organization (Gower Applied Research)
  ''978-0-566-09183-4David TattamA Short Guide to Operational Risk (Short Guides to Business Risk)
  ''978-0-566-09189-6Shan PreddyHow to Run a Successful Design Business
  ''978-0-566-09190-2Kimberly GoetzAn Introduction to Internet-Based Financial Investigations: Structuring and Resourcing the Search for Hidden Assets and Information
2015978-0-566-09200-8Niall CookBusiness Marketeer's Guide to Social Media
2014978-0-566-09204-6Bikash ChatterjeeApplying Lean Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  ''978-0-566-09209-1Thomas NashOpportunities in the Financial Supply Chain
2011978-0-566-09210-7John TalbotTraining in Organisations: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
2009978-0-566-09213-8Anna TrifilovaThe Future of Innovation
2010978-0-566-09218-3Richard RussillA Short Guide to Procurement Risk (Short Guides to Business Risk)
2010978-0-566-09233-6Sue DrewThe Guide to Learning and Study Skills
2011978-0-566-09237-4David M. CurrieCountry Analysis: Understanding Economic and Political Performance (Gower Applied Research)
2010978-0-566-09240-4Alexander ManuDisruptive Business: Desire, Innovation and the Re-design of Business
  ''978-0-566-09242-8David HancockTame, Messy and Wicked Risk Leadership (Advances in Project Management)
2013978-0-566-09244-2Christian Conrad · Marjorie Ellis ThompsonThe New Brand Spirit: How Communicating Sustainability Builds Brands, Reputations and Profits