Marshall Pickering

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-551-00006-3Basilea SchlinkAnd none would believe it: An answer to the new morality (Lakeland series)
1967978-0-551-00007-0Gordon Jaeck · Dorothea JaeckI Take Thee (Lakeland series;no.104)
1981978-0-551-00008-7Basilea SchlinkRealities - The Miracles of God Experienced Today
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1967978-0-551-00011-7Keith BillSeeking stars (Lakeland series)
1968978-0-551-00012-4Eileen N. MitsonBeyond the Shadows
1967978-0-551-00014-8Dick van DykeAltar Egos
  ''978-0-551-00015-5David WilkersonBorn Old
1968978-0-551-00016-2Andrew MurrayAbide in Christ
  ''978-0-551-00017-9Marcus L. LoaneHill of the Cross
1965978-0-551-00018-6Billy GrahamFreedom from the Seven Deadly Sins
1968978-0-551-00019-3Charles F. Pfeiffer · etc.Wycliffe Historical Geography of Bible Lands
1966978-0-551-00021-6Sim Isocrates McMillenNone of These Diseases (Lakeland series)
1968978-0-551-00022-3Keith BillNeedle, the Pill, and the Saviour
1966978-0-551-00024-7Lilian A. WalshMy Hand in His
1970978-0-551-00025-4Andrew MurrayThe Full Blessing of Pentecost (Lakeland)
1968978-0-551-00026-1Frank WilsonMicroscope on Bondage
1920978-0-551-00027-8Andrew MurrayPrayer Life
1948978-0-551-00028-5R.A. TorreyNew Topical Text Book
1968978-0-551-00029-2Eric W. GosdenUpon This Rock: Sacrifices of a Japanese Nurse for a Young Church
1969978-0-551-00030-8HOLY BIBLE: The New Berkeley Version in Modern English (Revised Edition)
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1968978-0-551-00037-7   ''Paul
1971978-0-551-00039-1C.A. JoyceThoughts of a Lifetime
1972978-0-551-00040-7   ''Thought for the Week: Bk. 1
1968978-0-551-00041-4J. HinesThis is My Story, This is My Song
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1970978-0-551-00045-2Vivian SymonsDaily Devotions from the Jerusalem Bible
1969978-0-551-00048-3David WilkersonPurple Violet Squish
1971978-0-551-00049-0Valerie TomsettReleased from the Watchtower
1960978-0-551-00051-3Eleanor DoanSpeaker's Sourcebook
1962978-0-551-00053-7Frank JenningsEyes Right to Jesus
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1971978-0-551-00059-9Basilea SchlinkFather of Comfort
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1971978-0-551-00069-8Oliver StewartDivorce-Vatican Style
1968978-0-551-00070-4E. JealousGold in the Morning Sun
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978-0-551-00074-2Peter Wagner · J.S. McCulloughCondor of the Jungle
1970978-0-551-00087-2B. MillikenTough Love
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1974978-0-551-00089-6Andrew MurrayLet Us Draw Nigh
1967978-0-551-00090-2Jean A. ReesGod Wondered
1964978-0-551-00092-6Eugenia PriceGod Speaks to Women Today
1969978-0-551-00097-1Kneeling Christian
1971978-0-551-00099-5John Eugene KellerMinistering to Alcoholics
1968978-0-551-00102-2Eugenia PriceMake Love Your Aim
1963978-0-551-00103-9Paul TaineLazarus, Come Forth
1969978-0-551-00106-0David WilkersonHey Preach, You're Comin' Through
1970978-0-551-00107-7E.H. CobbChrist Healing
1971978-0-551-00109-1Andrew CruickshankInfinite Guarantee
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1970978-0-551-00138-1E.M. BlaiklockZondervan Pictorial Bible Atlas
1961978-0-551-00141-1R. Jamieson · etc.Commentary on the Whole Bible
1965978-0-551-00142-8Eugenia PriceWomen to Women
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1970978-0-551-00147-3Clyde M. NarramoreHow to Handle Feelings of Depression (Christian Psychology)
  ''978-0-551-00148-0Bob CombsGod's Turf
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1970978-0-551-00157-2Clyde M. NarramoreHow to Help Your Child Develop Faith in God (Christian Psychology)
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1968978-0-551-00171-8Paul TaineIs Christianity Bankrupt?
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1969978-0-551-00180-0Charles E. CowmanTravelling Toward Sunrise
1968978-0-551-00181-7Daily Bible Readings from the Revised Standard Version
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1970978-0-551-00187-9Lance R. ShiltonSpeaking from the Holy Land (Lakeland)
1970978-0-551-00188-6Harry YoungDuke Street Story
1967978-0-551-00192-3The Sacred Land
1990978-0-551-00193-0Martin H. ManserAmazing Book of Bible Facts
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1969978-0-551-00195-4J.Oswald SandersHeresies and Cults
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1970978-0-551-00197-8Basilea SchlinkWorld in Revolt
  ''978-0-551-00198-5Thomas Tavorn CrabtreeMinister's Annual 1971
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1962978-0-551-00201-2G. Campbell MorganFour Gospel Narratives
1971978-0-551-00203-6Marcus L. LoaneJohn the Baptist as Witness and Martyr
1969978-0-551-00205-0Eileen LageerNew life for all
  ''978-0-551-00206-7J.Ershine TuckArchbishop of the Gutter: Ernest Walton-Lewsey
1970978-0-551-00207-4Basilea SchlinkRuled by the Spirit (Lakeland)
  ''978-0-551-00208-1Haralan PopovTortured for His Faith
1972978-0-551-00209-8Barnabas LindarsGospel of John (New Century Bible)
1968978-0-551-00210-4David W. LambertOswald Chambers: Unbribed Soul
1969978-0-551-00215-9Enid BlytonStory Book of Jesus
1969978-0-551-00216-6Don SummersKneel to God Stand Up to Life
1970978-0-551-00217-3F.C. HodgkinsonAfter Our Pilgrimage (Lakeland)
1972978-0-551-00219-7Dale Evans RogersDale
978-0-551-00222-7J. EadieThompson Chain Reference Bible
1969978-0-551-00225-8Zondervan Expanded Concordance
  ''978-0-551-00226-5Douglas CrawfordHigh Tension
1964978-0-551-00227-2A. W. TozerDivine Conquest
1970978-0-551-00228-9Douglas HallNot Made for Defeat
1973978-0-551-00229-6Freddie GageCop Out on Pot
1990978-0-551-00233-3David WilkersonThe Cross and the Switchblade
1969978-0-551-00235-7J.Stuart BriscoeLiving Dangerously (Lakeland)
1970978-0-551-00236-4John NobleI Found God in Soviet Russia
  ''978-0-551-00237-1Bernard WatsonThe Ninth General
1972978-0-551-00238-8Fay InchfawnPicnic on the Hill
  ''978-0-551-00239-5Jack ClemoInvading Gospel
1974978-0-551-00241-8Andrew MurrayAids to Devotion
978-0-551-00242-5J. EadieThompson Chain Reference Bible
1969978-0-551-00245-6Basilea SchlinkRepentance-Joy Filled Life
1970978-0-551-00246-3Eugenia PriceJust as I am
1972978-0-551-00248-7Raymond E BrownSkilful hands: Studies in the life of David
  ''978-0-551-00249-4Hugh StevenManuel
1962978-0-551-00250-0M.R.De HaanAdventures in Faith
978-0-551-00252-4J. EadieThompson Chain Reference Bible
1965978-0-551-00253-1J. GartenhausUnto His Own (Lakelands)
1969978-0-551-00255-5Mary HarrisonMama Harri, and No Nonsense
1970978-0-551-00256-2Fay InchfawnThink of the Lilies (Lakeland)
1970978-0-551-00257-9Arthur Skevington WoodSigns of the Times: biblical prophecy and current events
1972978-0-551-00258-6David Wilkerson · Don WilkersonUntapped Generation
  ''978-0-551-00259-3David Wilkerson · Don WilkersonUntapped Generation
1952978-0-551-00260-9M.R.De HaanFive Hundred and Eight Answers to Bible Questions
1960978-0-551-00261-6Andrew MurrayHoliest of All
1971978-0-551-00262-3Eugenia PriceMake Love Your Aim
1972978-0-551-00266-1Herbert J. MilesSexual Understanding Before Marriage
  ''978-0-551-00267-8A. A AndersonThe Book of Psalms Vol 1. (1-72) (New century Bible)
  ''978-0-551-00268-5A. A AndersonThe Book of Psalms: Volume 2 (New century Bible)
  ''978-0-551-00269-2Godfrey Clive RobinsonActive service: A revision of 'The King's business'
978-0-551-00270-8M.R.De HaanBread for Each Day
1957978-0-551-00272-2R.A. TorreyWhat the Bible Teaches
1971978-0-551-00276-0Arthur BlessittForty Days at the Cross
1972978-0-551-00277-7Stephen Benko · John J. O'RowkeEarly Church History
1972978-0-551-00279-1Charles Haddon SpurgeonHeavenly meanings. Sermons on the parables
1948978-0-551-00280-7M.R.De HaanBroken Things
1969978-0-551-00282-1W. E. VineExpository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1972978-0-551-00288-3Myrtle WatneyActivities for Bible lessons: Things to make with paper
1965978-0-551-00293-7A. van DeursenIllustrated Dictionary of Bible Manners and Customs
1962978-0-551-00300-2M.R.De HaanComing Events in Prophecy
1963978-0-551-00301-9Andrew MurraySpirit of Christ
1965978-0-551-00303-3   ''Humility
1969978-0-551-00305-7James C. HefleyPeril by Choice
1972978-0-551-00309-5Paul TaineLet's Stop Playing Around
978-0-551-00310-1M.R.De HaanDaniel the Prophet
1969978-0-551-00313-2John BentonDebs, Dolls and Dope: Its Application to Major Educational Problems in Sixteen Cities (Lakeland series)
1960978-0-551-00315-6D. KorkferMy Picture Story Bible
1972978-0-551-00316-3Jack BrownMonkey Off My Back
1973978-0-551-00317-0F.Roy JeremiahVenture into Healing
1990978-0-551-00318-7Basilea SchlinkYou Will Never be the Same
1972978-0-551-00319-4Frederick Henry WrintmoreGod changing men: Forty years of miracles in the London City Mission
1963978-0-551-00320-0M.R.De HaanDays of Noah
1968978-0-551-00321-7Andrew MurrayWaiting on God
  ''978-0-551-00322-4F. H. WrintmoreGOD LIFTING MEN.
1972978-0-551-00326-2DENA KORFKER.Can You Tell Me?
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1965978-0-551-00333-0W. E. VineNew Testament Greek Grammar
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1960978-0-551-00340-8M.R.De HaanGalatians
1962978-0-551-00341-5Clyde M. NarramorePsychology of Counselling
1972978-0-551-00347-7Bob StokesGems of grace
  ''978-0-551-00349-1Charles M. SchulzTeenager is Not a Disease
1962978-0-551-00350-7M.R.De HaanGenesis and Evolution
1968978-0-551-00352-1C.Peter WagnerDefeat of the Bird God
1965978-0-551-00353-8Leith SamuelStand Firm!
1969978-0-551-00355-2Maynard JamesI Believe in the Holy Ghost
1972978-0-551-00356-9Charles M. SchulzWhat Was Bugging Ol' Pharaoh?
1986978-0-551-00357-6F.B. MeyerElijah and the Secret of His Power
978-0-551-00358-3Israel: A Prince with God: The Story of Jacob re-told
1959978-0-551-00360-6M.R.De HaanHebrews
1968978-0-551-00362-0Keith BillPlug in for Life: Moreen Lewis' Story

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