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1997978-0-536-00246-4Daryl A. HellmanEconomics of Crime
  ''978-0-536-00292-1Lester F Goodchild · Edward R Hines · Judith I GillPublic Policy and Higher Education (ASHE Reader)
  ''978-0-536-00373-7Gary R. WeaverCulture, Communication and Conflict: Readings in Intercultural Relations
1967978-0-536-00510-6William ShakespeareThe Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  ''978-0-536-00521-2George Lyman [ed.] Ribner, Irving [rev.] KittredgeWilliam Shakespeare the Tragedy of Macbeth
2005978-0-536-00797-1Charles SuberDictionary for Artists and Performers and Managers
1999978-0-536-00968-5John M. BlairAmerican Poetry Since 1865: English 2360
  ''978-0-536-01054-4Joyce Bishop · Sarah Lyman Kravits · Carol CarterKeys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals - Devry Institute of Technology
1998978-0-536-01065-0Kenneth A. Feldman · Michael B. Paulson · Michael B. PaulsenTeaching and Learning in the College Classroom: Teaching and Learning in the College Classroom (Ashe Reader Series)
  ''978-0-536-01419-1Jim Grout · Anna DewdneyBack Pocket Adventure
  ''978-0-536-01580-8Barnes · FormanExploring Diversity: Readings in Sociology
  ''978-0-536-01650-8Ralph C. HancockJust and Holy Principles: Latter-Day Saint Readings on America and the Constitution
  ''978-0-536-01829-8California Year Book PrintYour Business Plan: A Workbook for Owners of Small Businesses
1999978-0-536-01853-3Association for the Study of Higher Education · James L. BessFoundations of American Higher Education (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-536-01857-1John SakerisBang Bang, Shoot Shoot! Essays on Guns and Popular Culture
1999978-0-536-01874-8George-Harold JenningsPassages Beyond the Gate: A Jungian Approach to Understanding the Nature of American Psychology at the Dawn of the New Millennium
1998978-0-536-01907-3Paul T. HeyneMicroeconomics: Economic Way of Thinking
1999978-0-536-02198-4michael allenFrontiers of Western History: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Western History
1999978-0-536-02256-1Robert W. SussmanPrimate Ecology and Social Structure: Lorises, Lemurs, Tariers
1998978-0-536-02514-2PearsonExperiments in Electric Circuit Fundamentals:Custom Edition for Technical Career Institutes
1999978-0-536-02678-1Robert (editor) (University Of Houston) BuzzancoVietnam and America: Readings and Documents
  ''978-0-536-02728-3Gary DaynesFulfilling the Founding: A Reader for American Heritage
2001978-0-536-02865-5Gary R. Kirby · Jeffery R. Goodpaster · Marvin LevineCritical Thinking (UOP Custom)
1985978-0-536-04830-1G. PotterCity and the Syndicate
1957978-0-536-04949-0John A .OesterleEthics: The Introduction to Moral Science
2009978-0-536-05116-5Editior Richard M. BuschLaboratory Manual in Physical Geology
1991978-0-536-05445-6Charles KyriakosMaterials for Music Fundamentals
2008978-0-536-07293-1Strayer UniversityMath090 Fund. of Mathematics (Custom Package)
  ''978-0-536-07678-6HUNT & RUTLEDGECalifornia Criminal Law Concepts, 2008 edition
  ''978-0-536-08131-5Laura E. BerkRio Salado PSY 240 Exploring Lifespan Development (Psychology)
2007978-0-536-08184-1ENG 240 Communications for Business and the Professions
2008978-0-536-08188-9IR The New World of Interitonal RelationsContemporary International Problems (International Relations, Pol 300)
2002978-0-536-08258-9David L. CarterThe Police and the Community,Custom Edition
2007978-0-536-08448-4John R BoatrightStrayer Business Ethics Second Custom Edition 2007
2012978-0-536-09023-2Association for the Study of Higher EducationCollege & University Curriculum: Placing Learning at the Epicenter of Courses, Programs and Institutions (Ashe Reader)
978-0-536-09357-8Pamela ArlovWordsmith: A guide to Paragraphs and Short Essays Eng 071
2009978-0-536-09425-4Josh GerowBasic Psychology, 2nd Edition
2008978-0-536-09490-2P.H. Gurn · D.L. Hendrickson · E.M. SynnottBiology: a multimedia approach
2005978-0-536-10137-2Association for the Study of Higher Education · Barbara T. TownsendASHE Reader on Community Colleges (3rd Edition)
2014978-0-536-10337-6Abour H Cherif · Dianne M Jedlicka · Sujata Verma · Robert D Aron · Bashar W HannaNutrition, Health & Wellness: An Applied Approach
2005978-0-536-10439-7Philip Kotler · Kevin Lane KellerMarketing Management
2006978-0-536-10484-7Michael R. Solomon · Greg W. Marshall · Elnora W. StuartMarketing: Real People, Real Choices (Fisher College of Business M&L Introduction to Marketing)
  ''978-0-536-10661-2Daryl A Hellman · Neil O AlperEconomics of Crime: Theory and Practice
2006978-0-536-10672-8Pearson Custom PublishingWorld History Atlas- Auburn University
2004978-0-536-10714-5Patrick ReganWide Area Networks
2005978-0-536-10726-8david engleLinux Fundamentals and Certification
2006978-0-536-10750-3PTECIntroduction to Process Technology (Ptec) Student Textbook
2008978-0-536-10947-7Amy GalvinThe Prentice Hall: Custom Program for CIS (The Prentice Hall: Custom Program for CIS)
2005978-0-536-12032-8Mark McCombs & Michael SullivanRevised Student Solutions Manual-Precalculus- custom edition for U. of Florida
2007978-0-536-12037-3Pearson Custom PublishingThe Pearson Custom Publishing Guide to Research Navigator
2006978-0-536-12048-9Robert Crooks · Karla BaurHuman Sexuality
  ''978-0-536-12070-0Richard JanaroThe Art of Being Human: Custom Edition for Miami Dade College
  ''978-0-536-12216-2Georgia Institute of Technology David SmithConcepts in Computer Science Implemented in MATLAB (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-536-12535-4Derek J. Paulsen · Matthew B. RobinsonSpatial Aspects of Crime: Theory and Practice
2006978-0-536-12543-9Jules TygielRonald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism (Library of American Biography Series) (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-536-12590-3Long Beach City College Life Science DepartmentScripts for Contemorary Biology - Long Beach City College Life Science Department Custom Edition (2nd Edition)
2008978-0-536-12594-1Norman L. SieverElementary Algebra
  ''978-0-536-12596-5Teresita LampeLaboratory Manual For Introductory Chemistry 2nd Edition (Pearson Custom)
2006978-0-536-12598-9Classroom Handbook Culinary Baking (Florida Culinary Institute)
2005978-0-536-12602-3CARR-RUFFINOManaging Diversity, People Skills for a Multicultural Workplace (7th Edition)
2006978-0-536-12912-3Elayn Martin-GayBasic College Mathematics-W/CD + CD Lecture
2005978-0-536-12983-3Frederick E. GieseckeTitle: INTRO.ENGINEERING DRAWING MAE CUSTOM
2006978-0-536-13453-0Longman Custom Comparative Politics: Politics of the World's Nations
2010978-0-536-14359-4Mark KishlanskyWESTERN WORLD >CUSTOM<
2006978-0-536-14641-0Emily GreenwaldRetrieving the American Past
978-0-536-15055-4Engr 162
2005978-0-536-15295-4White & CollinsThe United States Department of Homeland Security: An Overview
2006978-0-536-15412-5LitwackAmerican Perspectives - Readings in American History Volume 2 (Custom Edition for the Houston Commun
2005978-0-536-15524-5Harry Edwin EissMetaesthetics
2002978-0-536-16947-1Paul M Maniscalco · Hank T Christen Jr.Emergency Procedures: Taken From: Understanding Terrorism and Managing the Consequences, by Paul M. Maniscalco and Hank T. Christen; Mass Casualty and ... by Hank Christen and Paul M. Maniscalco
2006978-0-536-16988-4ashford-universityAdult Development (Adult Development: Custom Edition for Ashford University)
  ''978-0-536-17501-4Center for the Advancement of Process TechnoloCARPIntroduction to Process Technology
2005978-0-536-17830-5Kip Irvine · Bruce Denton · Tony GaddisIntroduction to Computer Programming (with CD rom) (Starting Out With Visual Basics.NET)
2009978-0-536-17998-2Scott LilienfeldPsychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (Custom Edition for Okaloosa-Walton College)
2010978-0-536-19326-1Moorpark College Biology DepartmentSYMBIOSIS: The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program for the Biological Sciences, Biology 2A Moorpark College
2002978-0-536-19365-0Monty J. Strauss2nd Custom Edition for Math 135 Rutgers University Calculus Volume 1 (Calculus, Volume 1)
2006978-0-536-20138-6Scott E. CasperFive Hundred Years: America in the World
  ''978-0-536-20201-7Juan R. AbascalEssential Elements for Effectiveness
2007978-0-536-20928-3Jerry WilsonCollege Physics - Part 1 (Custom for New England Institute of Technology)
  ''978-0-536-21009-8Paul Allen"...That Is the Question", Answers From the Humanities
2009978-0-536-21105-7Murray Pomerance · John SakerisPopping Culture (4th Edition)
2007978-0-536-21307-5Bill Jordan Tom Carson Ellyn GillespieElementry and Intermediate Algebra (Custom Edition for East Los Angeles College Math 115/Math 125)
2006978-0-536-21370-9Howard HandelmanSociology of Developing Countries (SOC 300, Second Custom Edition)
2006978-0-536-21629-8Charles and Others FunderburkPolitical Ideologies: Left, Center, Right
  ''978-0-536-21767-7Lester FaigleyPenguin Handbook (Custom Edition)
2007978-0-536-22023-3Marvin L. BittingerIntermediate Algebra (for the University of Akron)
2006978-0-536-22036-3Denise Boyd · Helen BeeDevelopment Through the Lifespan Second Custom Edition for Montana State University
2007978-0-536-22041-7John MartinTitle: COLLEGE ALGEBRA-STUD.SOLN.MAN.
  ''978-0-536-22484-2South University UVC1000 Strategies for Success
2012978-0-536-22755-3CATALYST The Prentice Hall Custom Laboratory Program for Chemistry Chemistry 130L Organic and Biological Chemistry Lab San Diego Miramar College
2009978-0-536-22942-7Robert W. BaumanCustom Edition for Parkland College: Microbiology with Diseases by Body System (Textbook) and Techniques in Microbiology Student Handbook (2-Volume Set)
  ''978-0-536-23553-4Rebecca J. DonatelleHES 100: COURSE READING: Health, Fitness, and Wellness. A Custom Edition for Rio Salado College (Tak
2008978-0-536-24172-6Tarbuck / LutgensEarth: An Introduction to Physical Geology (A Custom Edition for Rio Salado College)
2007978-0-536-24831-2Gideon RoseAmong Nations: Readings in International Relations
2009978-0-536-24955-5Teresa AudesirkLife on Earth (Robert Morris College Second Custom Edition)
2007978-0-536-25461-0Carol R. EmberAnthropology Custom Book for the University of Montana
2006978-0-536-25495-5Georgia State UniversityFundamentals of speech communication
2006978-0-536-25505-1Ron LarsonElementary Statistics (Picturing the World, [BOOK & CD-ROM])
  ''978-0-536-25843-4Center for the Advancement of Process TechnoloCARPSafety, Health & Environment: Student Textbook
2002978-0-536-26071-0Monty StraussCALCULUS,VOL.1 >CUSTOM<
2007978-0-536-26359-9Professor of Philosophy John PrestonGo with Microsoft Office 2003: Brief
2005978-0-536-26492-3C. Henry Edwards and David E. PenneyDifferential Equations & Linear Algebra (Custom Edition for California Polytechnic State University,
2006978-0-536-26898-3Carol W. Dochen · Russ Hodges · Paul Wilson · Pam WuestenbergYour University Experience (The Next Step, Texas State University----Same for other Uiversity's just different Picture)
  ''978-0-536-27051-1Elementary Algebra
  ''978-0-536-27113-6John RuszzkiewiczFR Writer
2008978-0-536-27618-6Stuart RegesBuilding JAVA Programs
2007978-0-536-27810-4Lori A. SaltzerStatistics (The Book of Problems Series)
2005978-0-536-28239-2Neil R. CarlsonFoundations of Physiological Phychology and Student Guidebook to Resources and Citation
2006978-0-536-29337-4Brenda D. SmithBridging the Gap: College Reading (Second Custom Edition For San Jacinto College Central)
  ''978-0-536-29355-8Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual, Cat Version, Customized for Kingsboro Community College
2007978-0-536-29518-7Harry Edwin EissMetaesthetics (2nd edition)
2007978-0-536-29756-3Larry J. Goldstein · David I. Schneider · Martha J. Siegel · Michael Sullivan · Michael Sullivan IIIMath 112: Discrete Mathematics for BSIT
  ''978-0-536-30157-4Title: NEW HANDY COLLEGE DICTIONARY
  ''978-0-536-30216-8College Physics
2006978-0-536-30288-5ACC 350 Cost Accounting Custom for Strayer University
978-0-536-30726-2Sex Around the World: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human Sexuality
2001978-0-536-31399-7Grace A. LuppinoThe Paralegal's Guide to Family Law and Practice
2007978-0-536-31673-8J. David Bergeron · Gloria Bizjak · George W. Krause · Chris Le Baudour · Robert G. Nixon · Nina Beaman · Lorraine Fleming-McPhillips · Audrey J. BermanIntroduction to Healthcare for the Technical College System of Georgia
2006978-0-536-32264-7Catherine M. BanksThe Commonwealth: A History of the Government and Politics of Virginia
2007978-0-536-32418-4Nancy V. WoodCollege Reading: Purposes and Strategies
  ''978-0-536-32618-8John McMurry · Mary E. Castellion · David S. BallantineFundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
2006978-0-536-32958-5Y. M. ShimazuHandy Katakana Workbook: An Introduction to Japanese Writing KANA
978-0-536-33643-9Homeland Security: Responding to the Threat
2008978-0-536-33655-2Stuart RegesBuilding JAVA Programs
2007978-0-536-33782-5Devallis RutledgeCriminal Investigations and Evidence: Constitutional Principles for Searches, Seizures, Interrogation & ID
2008978-0-536-34178-5CFA instituteEthical and Professional Standards and Quantitative Methods
  ''978-0-536-34182-2CFA instituteCorporate Finance and Portfolio Management Level 1, 2008, CFA vol. 4
2008978-0-536-34228-7CFA InstituteDerivatives and Alternative Investments Level 1 2008 Vol. 6
2007978-0-536-35130-2Sean Nicholson-CrottyReadings in American Government (University of Missouri - Columbia Department of Political Science)
  ''978-0-536-35756-4Farlow · Hall · McDill · WestDifferential Equations & Linear Algebra (2nd. Custom Edition for The University of California at Santa Barbara)
  ''978-0-536-35758-8Frank SchmallegerCriminal Justice Today an Introductory Text for the 21st Century
  ''978-0-536-35778-6Danny Arnold · Ahmad Tootoonchi101 Leadership Tips (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-536-35845-5Montclair State University department ofHumanities and the classical tradition Use, Influence, Transmission, and Critics
2007978-0-536-36289-6Frederic S. MishkinMoney and Banking ECO 320 (Second Custom Edition for Strayer University)
  ''978-0-536-36580-4Ralph B. and Kathleen A. Tiemann McNeilIntersections Readings in Sociology
2008978-0-536-36718-1Pearson Custom PublishingIntroduction to Engineering Technology, DeVry University: BMET, CET, EET
  ''978-0-536-36861-4Paul G. HewittTitle: CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS FUND.>CUSTO
2006978-0-536-37016-7TobeyBeginning algebra custom editon for Heald College
2007978-0-536-37265-9Pearson Anthology
  ''978-0-536-37733-3Professor Ann Frazier and Baltimore City Community College English DepartmentThe Mercury Reader: A Custom Publication for Baltimore City Community College
  ''978-0-536-38612-0Judith Nadell · John Langan · Eliza A. ComodromosThe Longman Reader: Central Texas College Edition
2007978-0-536-38623-6James M. HenslinSociology: A Down to Earth Approach, 8th Edition
  ''978-0-536-38687-8Scott E. Casper · Richard O. DaviesOf Sagebrush & Slot Machines: This Curious Place Called Nevada (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-536-38803-2Eve KornfeldAmerica's Polyphonic Past
  ''978-0-536-38837-7john D. RamageAllyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (Custom Edition for Florida International University)
  ''978-0-536-38896-4William FullertonUnlocking the Mysteries of Life - Principles of Human Anatomy, Physiology and Disease
2007978-0-536-39513-9Warren Ruud · Terry ShellCOLLEGE ALGEBRA >CUSTOM<
  ''978-0-536-39743-0Hongren and Harrison · Helen Brubeck · Florence McGovernWorking Papers Chapters 1-12 A Custom Edition for College of Southern Nevada
  ''978-0-536-39856-7Calvin Boardman · Alan SandomirFoundations of Business Thought (7th Edition)
2008978-0-536-39981-6Hornsby, Angel, Abbot, and Runde HeerenAn Introduction to Mathematical Thought Custom Edition for Boise State University
2007978-0-536-40296-7Stanovich StanovichThinking About Modern Psychology
  ''978-0-536-41259-1Intersections Readings in Sociology (readings in sociology, Custom for Professor Joanne Nigg SOCI 201-013)
2008978-0-536-41745-9American Literature: Nature Writers
  ''978-0-536-41850-0John Janovy Jr.Outwitting College Professors: A practical Guide to Secrets of the System
2008978-0-536-41893-7Boundaries: Readings in Deviance, Crime, and Criminal Justice
  ''978-0-536-41910-1Janetta Rebold Benton · Robert DiYanniArts and Culture an Introduction to the Humanities (Combined Volume)
978-0-536-41916-3The Art of Being Human (Custom Edition for Robert Morris University)
2007978-0-536-42823-3Richard WhiteUnited States Homeland Defense: An Overview
2008978-0-536-42851-6Henry R. CheesemanThe Paralegal Professional / Custom Edition for CCi, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-536-42861-5Elayn Martin-GayPrealgebra Custom Edition for Palm Beach Community College MAT 0012 with Chapter Test Prep Video CD
2007978-0-536-42989-6Lynn Quitman Troyka · Douglas HesseSimon & Schuster Handbook for Writers w/ Pearson Access Card (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-536-43673-3Amir afzalCIS 155 Unix Operating System Custom Edition Strayer University CIS155
2008978-0-536-44341-0Harold S Wechsler · Lester F Goodchild · Professor Linda EisenmannThe History of Higher Education (ASHE Reader)
2007978-0-536-45136-1John c. Bean Virginia A. chappell alicaReading Rhetorically Custom Georgia State University
  ''978-0-536-45185-9multiple Authors: Text derived from multiple sourcesManagement MGT 300 Second Edition (A Custom Edition for Arizona State University)
2007978-0-536-45379-2Elayn Martin-Gay · Robert BlitzerVoyaging Through Precalculus - Custom for Umass Amherst
  ''978-0-536-45498-0Dennis G. Zill and Jacqueline M. DewarPrecalculus
2006978-0-536-45800-1Miami Dade CollegeEnergy in the Natural Environment PSC 1515 (Energy in the Natural Environment PSC 1515)
2007978-0-536-46018-9Warren B. GordonApplied Calculus for Business, Economics and Finance
2008978-0-536-46027-1Null Pearson EducationCalculus - With CD
  ''978-0-536-46276-3Jane E. AaronLITTLE,BROWN ESSEN.HDBK...>CUS
  ''978-0-536-47309-7Castañeda, Gila, López, Olivares, Campillo RayaGramatica Basica Del Estudiante De Espanol
2007978-0-536-47733-0Hoffman · Slavin · Nitko · BrookhartLearning Theory and Assessment (Custom Ed. for UCF)
  ''978-0-536-47995-2GOVONIPerspectives on Teaching K-12 English Language Learners (2nd Edition)
978-0-536-48004-0Beecher et al.Algebra & Trigonometry (Custom Edition for University of Maryland University College: Math 107, Math 108, and Math 115)
2008978-0-536-48219-8Michael SullivanCollege Algebra Essentials: Custom Edition For East Carolina University
2007978-0-536-48248-8GreenbergWhich Side Are You On? The Struggle for Democracy Custom CSULB
2007978-0-536-48595-3Horngren HarrisionAccounting Chapters 1 - 13 ACC 100 - Strayer University
  ''978-0-536-48810-7John PrestonComputer Literacy
  ''978-0-536-48964-7Shaping of the Modern World (Brooklyn College CC 2.2 Reader)
  ''978-0-536-49443-6Nathan CrickRhetorical Public Speech: The Art of the Engaged Citizen
2008978-0-536-49832-8College Park University Of MarylandENGAGEMENT WITH RHETORIC >CUST
2014978-0-536-50253-7Louis GiannettiUnderstanding Movies
2008978-0-536-50289-6Human Anatomy & Physiology (Bio 201 & Bio 202, Custom Edition for Rio Salado College)
2007978-0-536-50291-9Elaine N. MariebBIO 160 Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (A Custom Edition for Rio Salado College)8th Editio
2008978-0-536-50321-3Basic Chemistry >CUSTOM<
  ''978-0-536-50898-0Gary Kotler Philip · ArmstrongPrinciples of Marketing -- Twelfth 12th Edition
2007978-0-536-51018-1Elaine N. MariebEssentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual (Rio Salado College) BIO 160
2008978-0-536-51133-1University StrayerIntroduction to Psychology
2008978-0-536-51353-3Jerry EvenskyEconomics: Ideas and Issues For a Sustainable World (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-536-51816-3The Reader
  ''978-0-536-53327-2Anita WoolfolkEDU 272 A Custom Edition for Rio Salado Salado. Taken from: Educational Psychology (MyLabSchool)10th Edition
2007978-0-536-53482-8HenslinEssentials of Sociology A Down-to-Earth Approach 7th Edition (SOC 101) Rio Salado College
2009978-0-536-53703-4CFA INSTITUTEEthical and Professional Standards and Quantitative Methods: Volume 1 - Level 1 - 2009 (CFA Program Curriculum - Volume 1)
  ''978-0-536-53704-1Pearson Custom PublishingEconomics Level 1 2009 (CFA Programa Curriculum Vol. 2, Volume 2 - Economics)