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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-536-98574-3SullivanMath 163/165 Custom Edition for CCBC Essex
2005978-0-536-98578-1John C. MacionisIntroduction to Sociology for Arizona State University
2004978-0-536-98584-2Problem Solving Using Computer Software
2006978-0-536-98590-3Akst · BtaggIntermediate Algebra Math 82 - Custom Edition for Baltimore City Community College
2005978-0-536-98594-1Jessica BaackGeneral Biology I-Lab. Exercises (Custom)
  ''978-0-536-98596-5Martin-GayPrealgebra & Introductory Algebra (Math 092 Custom Edition University of Cincinnati)
2006978-0-536-98599-6Precalculus: for Montgomery College (Volume 2)
2005978-0-536-98600-9Walter T. Harrison Jr.Financial Accounting - Second Custom Edition for the University of Central Florida
  ''978-0-536-98614-6Nicole Fouletier - SmithCahier D' Activite's Paralleles
  ''978-0-536-98627-6Jenn Fishman · Stacey Pigg · Devon AsdellSelf, Community & Culture: Readings in Multiple Literacies
  ''978-0-536-98634-4Garland E. Allen Jeffrey J.W. BakerMatter, Energy, and Life an Introduction to Chemical Concepts (Custom Edition for Oakton Community College)
2005978-0-536-98646-7Masterworks: A Musical Discovery (UC Davis Custom Edition)
  ''978-0-536-98654-2Title: APPLIED STATISTICS-W/CD >CUSTO
  ''978-0-536-98655-9Patricia AustinContemporary Voices
  ''978-0-536-98662-7Margaret LialCollege Albebra (McNeese State University Custom Edition, 716 pgs)
  ''978-0-536-98663-4Michael SullivanCollege Algebra I (Custom)
2005978-0-536-98669-6Petrucci, McCreary, Perry HillGeneral Chemistry (Volume 1)
2004978-0-536-98671-9HarrisScope of Human Services (HS 818 Capella University)
978-0-536-98673-3Capella University/Pearson EducationTheories of Psychotherapy HS839
2003978-0-536-98677-1Norma Carr-RuffinoCapella University HS 8300 Diversity in the Workplace, taken from: Managing Diversity...sixth edition
2006978-0-536-98694-8AngelQuantitative Methords for Business Decisions (Custom Textbook for Monroe College)
2003978-0-536-98698-6Robert BlitzerThinking Mathematically - Custom Edition for the University of Massachusetts (UMass)
2005978-0-536-98701-3Rubenstein JamesThe Cultural Landscape
  ''978-0-536-98713-6MBA Accounting & Finance 5502
2004978-0-536-98715-0Physiology of Behaviour: Third Edition (Third edition)
2012978-0-536-98716-7SCHAETZLMichigan Geography and Geology
2005978-0-536-98720-4Janice Thompson · Melinda ManoreNutrition Supplement for Biology 121 (Custom Edition for Drexel University)
2006978-0-536-98727-3Gary, Trefzger, Colley EwenTechnical Calculus (Special Edition for the University of Toledo)
2005978-0-536-98728-0Marketing: Armstrong & Kotler. Management Robbins & CoulterMBA Management & Marketing 5504 (Taken From: Marketing: An Introduction, 7th Edition. Management, 8th Edition)
  ''978-0-536-98736-5Bradshaw MartinEGN 3000 Foundations of Engineering University of South Florida
  ''978-0-536-98745-7John BoeFairy Tales & Parables
  ''978-0-536-98749-5Richard M. Caron · Barry J. GriffithsThe Finite Companion A Workbook for Finite Mathematics MGF 1106. Custom edition for Univerversity off Central Florida
2006978-0-536-98753-2Exploring Diversity, Custom Edition for the University of South Florida
2006978-0-536-98759-4Susannah ChewningIntroduction to Literature: Pearson Custom Library (Eng 102 English Composition II)
2008978-0-536-98760-0Raymond M. BrooksFinancial Management: A Modern Approach ((Preliminary Edition))
2002978-0-536-98765-5Ford/Teorey/TysonPractical Debugging in C++
2005978-0-536-98774-7Jay LehmannElementary Algebra Graphs and Authentic Applications Revised Preliminary Edition (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-536-98777-8Jay LehmannElementary Algebra Graphs and Authentic Applications Revised Preliminary Edition (Volume 2)
2006978-0-536-98795-2Randall D KnightPhysics Volume 1: For Scientists and Engineers
2004978-0-536-98801-0Brian K. SaltzerFundamentals of Mathematics (Second Custom Edition)
2006978-0-536-98803-4Randall D. KnightPhysics for Scientists and Engineers - A Strategic Approach, Volume 2 (Washington State University Custom Edition)
  ''978-0-536-98805-8Roger Leroy MillerPrinciples of Macroeconomics, ECON 240, Columbus State Community College
2005978-0-536-98815-7Government by the People/ National, State, and Local Version/ Custom Edition for Texas Southern University/ contains Student Access Kit
2006978-0-536-98817-1Jelena RadosavljevicThe Balkans Mosaic of the Centuries: Where Peace Has No Place
  ''978-0-536-98821-8Bryan GThe Evolving Earth Geology 106
  ''978-0-536-98822-5Christina StricklandIntroductory Microbiology an Active Learning Guide
2005978-0-536-98834-8Biology (a custom edition for Walla Walla Community College)
2005978-0-536-98835-5Marla Wagner JonesThe Instructional Value of Teaching and Learning: Traits of a Scientist
2004978-0-536-98839-3Hornsby, McGinnis LialBeginning Algebra, 9th Edition - Custom Version for Troy University
2005978-0-536-98840-9Abbott, Runde AngelFinite Mathematics - Custom Version taken from "Survey of Mathematics, Expanded 7th Edition
2006978-0-536-98859-1Clarence M BatieThe Economists: Profiles & Careers
  ''978-0-536-98861-4Victor C.X. WangEssential Elements for Andragogical Styles and Methods (How to Create Andragogical Modes in Adult Education)
978-0-536-98875-1C. David Mead Melinda Kra Glenn LeggettPrentice Hall Handbook for Writers
2005978-0-536-98878-2Scott FreemanOrganismal Biology (Biological Science)
  ''978-0-536-98915-4HORNGRENACCT-203 Survey of Accounting with Study Guide and OneKey
2004978-0-536-98941-3Edward Kuvlesky · Craig StoryPrehospital Emergency Care Workbook 2nd Custom Edition for Medix Schools
  ''978-0-536-98942-0Bernard W. Taylor IIIIntroduction to Management Science, MBA 542, Baker University
2006978-0-536-98947-5Lynn DuckwallAmerican Sign Language and the Deaf Community (Lecture notes by Lynn Duckwall)
1997978-0-536-98954-3OuelletteIntroduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry, Custom for Ohio State University.
2006978-0-536-98956-7N/AIntermediate Algebra, Raritan Valley Community College
  ''978-0-536-98957-4Richard Oliver CollinWhole Earth Life and Politics on a Small Planet
2006978-0-536-98961-1Luke LeFebvreA Speechmaker's Reference
2003978-0-536-98963-5Lawrence C. Metzelaar, Linda Bird, Keith Mulbery, Dawn Parrish Wood Marianne FoxEssentials Microsoft Office XP Enhanced Color Edition
2004978-0-536-98971-0Barbara McEwan Landau, And M.D. RoblyerClassroom Management,instructional Strategies,technology,and the Teaching and Learning Process. (COU
2005978-0-536-98981-9Suzanne F. Peregoy · Owen F. Boyle · Barbara McEwan Landau · Jesus Garcia · Elizabeth Spalding · Richard R. Powell · H. James McLaughlin · Tom V. SavageClassroom Management Prepared Exclusively for California State University, Chico
2006978-0-536-99000-6Rolland C. PetrelloWinning Speeches
2005978-0-536-99007-5Runde Angel AbottFinite Mathematics Custom Version for Troy University
  ''978-0-536-99120-1Integrate The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program for Anatomy & Physiology Human Anatomy and Physiology (Mountain State University)
  ''978-0-536-99130-0Susan PitchfordIntersections Readings in Sociology
2009978-0-536-99227-7Survey Mathematics With Application >NCC Edition< (Math 100 - Nassau Community College Edition, Custom Edition - Nassau Community College)
2008978-0-536-99232-1werbelIntoduction to Marketing Bus 130 (Prentice Hall Custom Business Resource San Jose State In
978-0-536-99233-8Introductory Chemistry (Second Custom Edition for Lone Star College Montgomery)
2009978-0-536-99236-9Trigonometry (9th Edition)
2008978-0-536-99239-0Nancy M. KremlThe User's Guide to College Writing
2009978-0-536-99242-0Denny, Hofrichter, Jacobs, Rober DaviesJanson's History of Art - The Western Tradition
  ''978-0-536-99243-7Michael Kimmel · Amy AronsonSociology Now (Custom Edition for Cuesta College)
2007978-0-536-99270-3Elayn Martin-GayPrealgebra and Introductory Algebra (Custom Edition for Palm Beach Community College, MAT 0012 & MAT 0020)
2008978-0-536-99283-3Principles of Microeconomics ECON 102 (Prentice Hall Custom Business Resources. Millersville University, ECON 102)
2005978-0-536-99301-4Jim ButcherJim Butcher the Dresden Files Series Set (Book 1-12): Storm Front, Full Moon, Grave Peril, Summer Knight, Death Masks, Blood Rites, Dead Beat, Proven Guilty, White Night, Small Favor, Turn Coat, Changes,
  ''978-0-536-99303-8Introduction to Comparative Politics Political Science 291 (Longman Custom Comparative Politics)
2007978-0-536-99318-2Prentice Hall Nursing Custom Case Studies Community Health Nursing (University of Mobile School of Nursing)
2008978-0-536-99321-2Earth: Introduction to Physical Geology-GEOS:ERTH 101 LAB-CUSTOM
2008978-0-536-99323-6Compiled by: Dr. Jerry EstensonPrentice Hall Custom Business Resources - Dessler/Estenson HR Fundamentals for Sacramento State University HROB 158 Fall 2008
2007978-0-536-99330-4Prentice Hall Custom Business Resources (MKT 631 Customer Value & Service Excellence)
  ''978-0-536-99335-9Prentice Hall Custom Business Resources
2005978-0-536-99356-4Lynne NolanThe Mercury Reader Customized for Clark College English 101
2012978-0-536-99365-6CATALYST the prentice hall custom laboratory program for chemistry
2002978-0-536-99375-5Rosemary MooreThe Western World - Custom Publication - First Edition
2009978-0-536-99384-7Wael IbrahimPearson Custom Electronics Technology
2006978-0-536-99392-2Introduction to Literature Pearson Custom Library
2005978-0-536-99482-0Prentice-Hall editorsSymbiosis the Prentice-hall Custom Laboratory Program for the Biological Sciences Biology 3 Suny Oneonta
2009978-0-536-99517-9On Campus an Interactive Guide to College Custom Edition for Ashland University
2007978-0-536-99525-4Paul A LeBlanc · Lucie S. HeathSymbiosis: The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program for the Biology Sciences (University of Alabama)
2009978-0-536-99530-8Introductory Chemistry: Custom Edition For Lincoln Land Community College
  ''978-0-536-99534-6Elayn Martin-GayIntermediate Algebra [Book + CD]
2007978-0-536-99557-5Integrate (The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program For Anatomy & Physiology, Experiments in Physiology)
2006978-0-536-99565-0The Prentice Hall Grammar Workbook (Custom Edition for Tri-County Technical College)
2007978-0-536-99568-1Pearson Custom PublishingReading Women's Lives
2004978-0-536-99580-3The Pearson Custom Library of American Literature
2008978-0-536-99603-9Edward GinesSymbiosis the Benjamin Cumming Custtom Laboratory Program for the Biological Sciences
978-0-536-99607-7Trigonometry A Right Triangle Approach (Custom Edition for Sierra College)
2005978-0-536-99619-0John J. MacionisSociology Tenth Edition (Introduction to Sociology Soc. 100 Purdue University Sociology and Anthropology)
2008978-0-536-99625-1Samuel E. Wood · Ellen Green Wood · Denise BoydWorld of Psychology, The, 6/e (Custom for Sam Houston State University)
2011978-0-536-99634-3Pearson Custom Library · Carey L. GoyetteIntroduction to Literature: Literature & Composition (Professor Goyette) (Clinton Community College)
2006978-0-536-99641-1Introduction To Drama - Oregon State University
2009978-0-536-99664-0Preble's Artforms Custom Edition for the University of South Alabama
2008978-0-536-99670-1Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences (3rd Special Edition for DePaul University)
2012978-0-536-99671-8Professor Andrew LamersMercury Reader (Expository Composition English B1A Bakersfield College)
2008978-0-536-99678-7FR Writer 2008-2009 Third Edition (Front Range Community College)
2009978-0-536-99682-4Tarbuck · LutgensEarth Science - Custom Edition for Hillsborough Community College
2007978-0-536-99702-9John J.MacionisSociology for Dr. Martin Monto Intro Sociology SOC 101 University of Portland
2008978-0-536-99724-1Dina PinskyThe Intersections Collection (Pearson Custom Sociology) (Pearson Custom Sociology)
2005978-0-536-99731-9Payne - Wilbur - KenneySymbiosis: The benjamin cummings custom laboratory program for the Biological Sciences
2006978-0-536-99732-6Introduction to Literature, Women's Literature (Pearson Custom Library)
2005978-0-536-99747-0Michael RosenbaumIntersections: Readings in Sociology (Course Reader for Introductory Sociology Class, Indiana Univer
2008978-0-536-99756-2Carte Engel: History 105: American History to 1877Retrieving The American Past: A Customized U.S. History Reader
2007978-0-536-99772-2Crossroads Readings in Social Problems
  ''978-0-536-99808-8San Diego Miramar CollegeCatalyst: The Prentice Hall Custom Laboratory Program for Chemistry
2005978-0-536-99809-5Jr. and Kathleen A. Tiemann Ralph B. McNealSocial Science Reader (Coppin State University)
2007978-0-536-99832-3Theresa Lant, Robert Plant, Karl Majeske, Steven Kursh James OlverPrentice Hall Custom Business Resources BA 510 Penn State University
  ''978-0-536-99838-5BednarskiIntegrate (The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program for Anatomy & Physiology, Experiments in Physiology) Oakland Univ BIO 322
2005978-0-536-99840-8Holly M. Cullom · Richard Rodríguez · Alberto Manguel · Judith Ortíz Cofer · Wayson Coy · Zikala-Sa · Raymond Carver · Sissela BokThe Mercury Reader, A Custom Publication
  ''978-0-536-99844-6John MaasRetrieving the American Past
  ''978-0-536-99860-6Caryn NeumannRetrieving the American Past: A Customized U.S. History Reader
2008978-0-536-99888-0MICHAEL PAYNEPrinciples of Chemistry Che 120 ~ Catalyst ~ Reading Area Community College (THE PRENTICE HALL CUSTOM LABORATORY PROGRAM FOR CHEMISTRY)
2013978-0-536-99910-8Sally N Vaughn ProfessorMeridians: Sources in World History
2011978-0-536-99939-9Professor Clare BrownMercury Reader (Custom Publication)
2008978-0-536-99945-0Integrate: The Benjamin Cummings Custom Laboratory Program for Anatomy Physiology, Introductory Anatomy Laboratory Manual, the Ohio State University (EEOB 235)
2010978-0-536-99949-8Linsun ChengMeridians Sources in World History Chinese Civilization and Culture
2008978-0-536-99967-2Introduction to Literature for Wayne County Community College
  ''978-0-536-99984-9Lauren J. BattistaMercury Reader (Freshman Composition COM122) (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University)
2006978-0-536-99993-1reece, taylor, simon campbellBiology Concepts and Connections
2005978-0-536-99994-8McCreary, Perry Hill PetrucciGeneral Chemistry, Volume 2, Custom Edition for City College New York (Volume 2)
2006978-0-536-99997-9James J. RutledgeMath is Everywhere! Explore and Discover It!