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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-534-00017-2John H BraceyAmerican slavery: The question of resistance (A Wadsworth series: explorations in the Black experience)
  ''978-0-534-00043-1Francis L. K HsuThe challenge of the American dream: The Chinese in the United States (Minorities in American life series)
  ''978-0-534-00059-2Albert MehrabianSilent messages
  ''978-0-534-00137-7James McMichaelJust what the country needs, another poetry anthology,
1973978-0-534-00238-1Herbert ZettlSight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics
1974978-0-534-00309-8Kent BachExit Existentialism: A Philosophy of Self Awareness
  ''978-0-534-00312-8Charles C CaricoAlgebraic expressions (Wadsworth precalculus mathematics series)
1977978-0-534-00494-1Donald N WoodEducational telecommunications
1980978-0-534-00758-4Donald E. HallMusical Acoustics
1980978-0-534-00782-9Arthur P ColadarciElementary descriptive statistics: For those who think they can't
  ''978-0-534-00910-6Albert MehrabianSilent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes
1981978-0-534-00951-9Meredith B McGuireReligion, the social context
  ''978-0-534-00953-3Mary Ann LamannaMarriages and families: Making choices throughout the life cycle
1982978-0-534-00960-1N. Finizio · G. LadasAn Introduction to Differential Equations: With Difference Equations, Fourier Series, and Partial Differential Equations
  ''978-0-534-01027-0Richard H. Robinson · Willard L. JohnsonThe Buddhist Religion: A Historical Introduction, 3rd Edition (Religious life of Man)
  ''978-0-534-01028-7H. Byron EarhartJapanese Religion: Unity and Diversity (A volume in the Wadsworth Religious Life in History Series)
1982978-0-534-01035-5Alden WillisElementary Algebra
  ''978-0-534-01057-7Sanford GumInvitation to Fly Basics for the Private Pilot
  ''978-0-534-01080-5Wolfram EberhardChina's Minorities: Yesterday and Today (The Wadsworth civilization in Asia series)
  ''978-0-534-01138-3Gordon FullerCollege algebra
  ''978-0-534-01173-4Roger E. KirkExperimental Design
1983978-0-534-01184-0Charles E MortimerChemistry, Fifth Edition
1983978-0-534-01204-5John E. McMurryOrganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-534-01215-1Blaine GossCommunication in Everyday Life
1982978-0-534-01231-1Sydney SiemensMaking sexual decisions: A guide to understanding your sexuality
1984978-0-534-01259-5Charles S. Bullock · Charles M. LambImplementation of Civil Rights Policy (The Brooks/Cole Series on Public Policy)
1982978-0-534-01265-6Dennis O. Harper · James H. StewartRun: Computer Education (Brooks/Cole series in computer education)
1983978-0-534-01284-7Louise G WhitePolitical analysis: Technique and practice
  ''978-0-534-01320-2Armen A. Alchian · William R. AllenExchange and Production: Competition, Coordination, and Control
1984978-0-534-02814-5John Lofland · Lyn H. LoflandAnalyzing Social Settings: A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis
  ''978-0-534-02820-6Leroy G BaruthAn introduction to marital theory and therapy
  ''978-0-534-02877-0Donald I. Smith · John D. Odegard · William SheaAirport Planning and Management
1984978-0-534-02879-4Douglas M. Campbell · John C. HigginsMathematics: People, Problems, Results
  ''978-0-534-03034-6R.A. BarrettCulture and Conduct: Excursion in Anthropology
  ''978-0-534-03093-3Charles O. JonesAn Introduction to the Study of Public Policy
  ''978-0-534-03099-5James M. Gere · Stephen P. TimoshenkoMechanics of Materials
  ''978-0-534-03199-2Douglas & Higgins, John C. (editors) CampbellMathematics: People / Problems / Results
1984978-0-534-03201-2Douglas M. Campbell · John C. HigginsMathematics: people, problems, results
  ''978-0-534-03202-9   ''Mathematics: People, Problems, Results (3 Volumes)
  ''978-0-534-03303-3John Wilder Tukey · William S. ClevelandThe Collected Works of John W. Tukey. Volume I: Time Series, 1949-1964 (Wadsworth Statistics/Probability Series)
1985978-0-534-03304-0John Wilder Tukey · William S. ClevelandThe Collected Works of John W. Tukey. Volume II: Times Series 1965-1984 (Tukey, John Wilder//Collected Works of John W Tukey)
1986978-0-534-03305-7John Wilder TukeyThe Collected Works of John W.Tukey: Philosophy and Principles of Data Analysis 1949-1964 v. 3 (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
1984978-0-534-03396-5H.D. LechnerComputer Chronicles (The Wadsworth continuing education professional series)
1985978-0-534-03624-9Gerard EganChange Agent Skills in Helping and Human Service Settings
  ''978-0-534-03630-0Richard A. KalishDeath, Grief, and Caring Relationships (Psychology)
1984978-0-534-03699-7Frederick J. StrengUnderstanding Religious Life (RELIGIOUS LIFE OF MAN)
1985978-0-534-03723-9Jean A. DieudonneHistory of Algebraic Geometry (The Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series)
  ''978-0-534-04410-7Leonard CarganMarriage and Family: Coping with Change
1985978-0-534-04566-1Gary S. PopkinIntroductory Structured Cobol Programming
  ''978-0-534-04932-4S. Don SwensonTroubleshooting and servicing air conditioning equipment
1987978-0-534-05101-3L.V. JonesThe Collected Works of John W. Tukey: Philosophy and Principles of Data Analysis 1965-1986, Volume IV
1988978-0-534-05102-0William S. ClevelandThe Collected Works of John W. Tukey: Graphics: 1965-1985
1991978-0-534-05103-7John Wilder TukeyThe Collected Works of John W.Tukey: More Mathematical, 1938-84 v. 6 (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
1992978-0-534-05104-4   ''The Collected Works of John W. Tukey, Volume VII: Factorial & Anova (1949-1962)
978-0-534-05428-1WARNER · SECCOMBECme,Marriage and Fam-CD/Info
1985978-0-534-05442-7Richard L. DeniProgramming Microcomputers for Psychology Experiments
978-0-534-05443-4JEWLER · GARDNERCme,Your Coll Exp W/CD-Infotr
978-0-534-05444-1JEWLER · GARDNERCme,Your Coll Exp W/CD-Infotr
978-0-534-05446-5WINSTON · ZAPPE · ALBRIGHTCme,Data Anal F/MGR-CD-Info 2e
978-0-534-05447-2WINSTON · ZAPPE · ALBRIGHTCme,Data Anal F/MGR-CD-Info 2e
1986978-0-534-05568-4J.P. Romano · Andrew F. SiegelCounter-examples in Probability and Statistics (The Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole statistics/probability series)
  ''978-0-534-05652-0Howard KahaneLogic and philosophy: A modern introduction
1985978-0-534-06054-1K M Verreault · D A VerreaultManagerial Accounting Applications and Extensions Using Spreadsheets - for the HP-150
1986978-0-534-06205-7JANNAEngineer Heat Transfer Sol
  ''978-0-534-06216-3PopkinComprehnsv Struct Cobol Ed2
  ''978-0-534-06360-3Raymond W. ProutyHelicopter Performance, Stability, and Control
1986978-0-534-06498-3James B. PickComputer Systems in Business: An Introduction
  ''978-0-534-06540-9Gerald Corey · Marianne Schneider CoreyGroups: Process and Practice (Counseling Series)
1987978-0-534-06624-6Elliott MendelsonIntroduction to Mathematical Logic, Third Edition
1986978-0-534-06672-7Louis P. PojmanPhilosophy of Religion
1988978-0-534-06692-5James Stewart · Barbara FrankCalculus: Student Solutions Manual, Vol. 2
2003978-0-534-06698-7DruC.GladneyEthnic Identity in China
1987978-0-534-06828-8Jay L. DevoreProbability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
1986978-0-534-06846-2David P. BarashThe Arms Race and Nuclear War
2002978-0-534-07187-5John R. Gordon · Charles Teague · Raymond A. SerwayStudent Solutions Manual and Study Guide
1987978-0-534-07422-7Stanley I GrossmanElementary linear algebra
  ''978-0-534-07602-3Edward D. GaughanIntroduction to Analysis
1988978-0-534-07740-2Joseph G. Louderback · Geraldine F. DominiakManagerial Accounting (Watts Library)
  ''978-0-534-07741-9Geraldine F DominiakStudy guide: Managerial accounting
1987978-0-534-07788-4Gary S. PopkinAdvanced Structured Cobol
  ''978-0-534-07968-0John McMurryOrganic Chemistry
1987978-0-534-07998-7A. Jerome Jewler · John N. GardnerStep by Step to College Success
1989978-0-534-08010-5Donelson R. ForsythGroup Dynamics (Psychology)
978-0-534-08036-5KUBY · JOHNSONCme, Just Essential-CD-Info 3e
978-0-534-08100-3KUBY · JOHNSONCme, Elementary Stat W/CD Info
1987978-0-534-08118-8Lars AhlforsLectures on Quasiconformal Mappings (Wadsworth & Brooks-Cole Mathematics Series)
1988978-0-534-08247-5John A. RiceMathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (The Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole statistics/probability series)
  ''978-0-534-08310-6James R. SmartModern Geometries (Contemporary undergraduate mathematics series)
  ''978-0-534-08508-7Paul ChanceLearning and behavior
1987978-0-534-08694-7Trudy GovierSelected Issues in Logic and Communication
1988978-0-534-08874-3Roger SchmidtExploring Religion
1987978-0-534-08928-3Patrick J. HurleyA Concise Introduction to Logic
2003978-0-534-09052-4Frances Sienkiewicz Sizer · Eleanor Noss WhitneyNutrition: Concepts and Controversies (with CD-ROM, Dietary Reference Intakes Supplement, and InfoTrac)
1988978-0-534-09072-2Garvin McCain · Erwin M. SegalGame of Science
  ''978-0-534-09174-3Vicki L Spandel · Michael D HiscoxPortrait of a Family: Telecourse Guide Southern California Consortium
2003978-0-534-09368-6James StewartCalculus
1988978-0-534-09420-1William DuckworthA Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals (3)
  ''978-0-534-09492-8Judith M. Tanur · Frederick Mosteller · William H. Kruskal · Erich L. Lehmann · Richard F. LinkStatistics: A Guide to the Unknown (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
1988978-0-534-09540-6Lewis B. O'Donnell · Carl Hausman · Philip BenoitRadio Station Operations: Management and Employee Perspectives (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
1989978-0-534-09576-5William K HartmannAstronomy: The cosmic journey
  ''978-0-534-09672-4E. Bruce GoldsteinSensation and Perception
1988978-0-534-09690-8Barbara J. Risman · Pepper SchwartzGender in Intimate Relationships: A Micro-Structural Approach
2005978-0-534-09941-1Eleanor Noss Whitney · Sharon Rady RolfesUnderstanding Nutrition With Infotrac
1989978-0-534-09972-5Therold E. Bailey · Kris LundgaardProgram Design With Pseudocode (Computer Program Language)
  ''978-0-534-10158-9Judson R LandisSociology: Concepts and characteristics
  ''978-0-534-10344-6Paul B. GarrettHolomorphic Hilbert Modular Forms (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series)
1990978-0-534-10530-3Thomas R. FrazierAfro-American History: Primary Sources
978-0-534-10544-0KILGORE · TREVATHAN · JURMAINCme,Intro Phys Anthro W/Info
978-0-534-10620-1TREICHEL · KOTZCme,Chem/Chemical React W/CD
1990978-0-534-10645-4Bernard KnappHistory and Culture of Ancient Western Asia and Egypt
1996978-0-534-10768-0Robert PlominNature and Nurture: An Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics
1989978-0-534-10801-4Brian RedheadPolitical Thought from Plato to NATO (Political Science)
1974978-0-534-10825-0Robert Jones ShaferA Guide to Historical Method
1988978-0-534-10915-8Stephen NissenbaumSex, Diet, and Debility in Jacksonian America: Sylvester Graham and Health Reform
1985978-0-534-11259-2Daniel C. GoldbergContemporary Marriage: Special Issues in Couples Therapy
1983978-0-534-11281-3Robert M. and Rodie Siegler PressmanThe Independent Practitioner, Practice Management For The Allied Health Professi
1990978-0-534-11958-4George Casella · Roger L. BergerStatistical Inference (The Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
  ''978-0-534-12078-8William A. GamsonThe Strategy of Social Protest
1989978-0-534-12150-1Richard De MilleThe Don Juan Papers: Further Castaneda Controversies (The Wadsworth modern anthropology library)
1990978-0-534-12192-1Kathleen L. BellDeveloping Arguments: Strategies for Reaching Audiences
1989978-0-534-12204-1Serena NandaNeither Man Nor Woman: The Hijras of India (A volume in the Wadsworth Modern Anthropology Library)
1990978-0-534-12210-2Richard T. GarnerSociety and the Individual: Readings in Political and Social Philosophy
1990978-0-534-12348-2Francesca M. CancianMaking War/Making Peace: The Social Foundations of Violent Conflict
  ''978-0-534-12570-7Philip R. DevitaThe Humbled Anthropologist: Tales from the Pacific (The Wadsworth Modern Anthropology Library)
978-0-534-12591-2STARKCme, Sociology W/Infotrac 9e
1990978-0-534-12594-3James W. Grimm · Paul R. WozniakBasic Social Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods: A Computer-Assisted Introduction
  ''978-0-534-12595-0James W. Grimm and Paul R. WozniakInstructor's Manual for Basic Social Statisitcs and Quantitative Research Methods
  ''978-0-534-12672-8Earl R. BabbieSurvey Research Methods, Second Edition
  ''978-0-534-12786-2Carl HausmanInstitutional Video: Planning, Budgeting, Production, and Evaluation (Wadsworth Series in Mass Communication)
1992978-0-534-12810-4Dave VieraLighting for Film and Electronic Cinematography
1990978-0-534-12840-1Jonathan BorweinA Dictionary of Real Numbers
2002978-0-534-12902-6Howard Myers · Jan PudlowThe Trial: A Procedural Description and Case Study [Paperback]
1999978-0-534-12912-5Michael Bentley · Christine Ebert · Edward EbertThe Natural Investigator: A Constructivist Approach to the Teaching of Elementary and Middle School Science
1990978-0-534-12960-6Melvin I. UrofskyContinuity of Change: The Supreme Court and Individual Liberties, 1953-1986
1991978-0-534-13014-5David R. Kincaid · E. Ward CheneyNumerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Computing
1990978-0-534-13206-4Richard DurrettProbability: Theory and Examples (Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
1992978-0-534-13344-3Pamela GayDeveloping Writers: A Dialogic Approach
1991978-0-534-13668-0David P. BarashIntroduction to Peace Studies
1990978-0-534-13782-3Gerald CoreyCase Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy
1991978-0-534-13832-5James StewartStudent solutions manual, Stewart's calculus, second edition
1990978-0-534-13842-4Jonathan TurnerStructure of Sociological Theory
1992978-0-534-14064-9Marcello Pagano · Kimberlee GauvreauPrinciples of Biostatistics
1991978-0-534-14100-4LaMar T. Empey · Mark C. StaffordAmerican Delinquency: Its Meaning and Construction
1992978-0-534-14190-5Andre L. YandlFinite Mathematics
1993978-0-534-14268-1Wesley R. Burr · Randal D. Day · Kathleen S. BahrFamily Science
2003978-0-534-14339-8Donald S. (editor) GochbergCLASSICS OF WEST.THOUGHT:20TH
2003978-0-534-14366-4Daryl CloseMorality in Criminal Justice: An Introduction to Ethics
1993978-0-534-14448-7Daniel F. Stubbs · Neil W. WebreData Structures With Abstract Data Types and Ada
1991978-0-534-14496-8Gary W. Peterson · James Sampson · Robert ReardonCareer Development and Services: A Cognitive Approach
1990978-0-534-14515-6Robert W. BurchStudy Guide to Accompany Hurley's A Concise Introduction to Logic, 4th Edition
  ''978-0-534-14526-2Ray, Jr. PerkinsThe ABCs of the Soviet-American Nuclear Arms Race
2003978-0-534-14630-6C StarrBiology: The Unity and Diversity of Life (Custom Edition for Morgan State University)
  ''978-0-534-14695-5Katherine Van WormerSocial Welfare A World View (2003),
1990978-0-534-14724-2Richard A. BarrettCulture and Conduct: An Excursion in Anthropology (Anthropology Series)
1991978-0-534-14736-5L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz (American Society and Culture Series)
978-0-534-14807-2GILLIS · NACHTRIEB · OXTOBYCme, Princ Modern Chemistry 5e
1992978-0-534-14838-6Christine R. MarlowResearch Methods for the Generalist Social Worker
1991978-0-534-14874-4Harold J. Vetter · Gary R. PerlsteinPerspectives on Terrorism (CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN CRIME AND JUSTICE)
  ''978-0-534-14880-5Marcia AscherEthnomathematics: Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas
2003978-0-534-14993-2Robert E. Grubb Jr. · K. Virginia HembyEffective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals
1991978-0-534-15079-2Thomas William HeyckThe Peoples of the British Isles: A New History: From 1688 to 1870 (Wadsworth British History Series)
  ''978-0-534-15080-8Thomas William HeyckThe Peoples of the British Isles: A New History from 1870 to the Present - Volume 3 (Wadsworth British History)
1991978-0-534-15162-1Frank Salisbury · Cleon RossPlant Physiology
1992978-0-534-15331-1Richard B. Stalling · Ronald E. WasdenPsychology: Themes and Variations/Study Guide
1991978-0-534-15414-1Eric W. HickeySerial Murderers and Their Victims (Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice Series)
1990978-0-534-15630-5Russell G. GeenHuman Aggression (Mapping Social Psychology Series)
1991978-0-534-15900-9Lawrence C. HamiltonRegression with Graphics: A Second Course in Applied Statistics
1996978-0-534-15942-9Martin AgranStudent-Directed Learning: Teaching Self-Determination Skills
1991978-0-534-15978-8Erich L. LehmannTheory of Point Estimation (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Statistics/Probability Series)
2000978-0-534-16128-6James H. Dalton · Maurice J. Elias · Abraham WandersmanCommunity Psychology: Linking Individuals and Communities
1991978-0-534-16218-4John E. McMurryOrganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-534-16266-5Philip R. DevitaThe Naked Anthropologist: Tales from Around the World (Wadsworth Modern Anthropology Library)
1992978-0-534-16290-0A. Jerome JewlerCreative Strategy in Advertising (Mass Communication)
1993978-0-534-16332-7Rudolph F. VerderberChallenge of Effective Speaking (Speech & Theater)
1992978-0-534-16452-2Irwin L. GoldsteinTraining in Organizations (A volume in the Brooks/Cole Cypress Series in Work and Science)
1991978-0-534-16536-9Linda Brannon · Patty FeistHealth Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health, Second Edition
1992978-0-534-16566-6Cecie Starr · Ralph TaggartBiology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
  ''978-0-534-16567-3James W. Perry · David MortonBiology Laboratory Manual
  ''978-0-534-16569-7Cecie Starr · Ralph TaggartBiology: The Unity and Diversity of Life/Study Guide and Workbook
1994978-0-534-16656-4Sheldon L. GlashowFrom Alchemy to Quarks: The Study of Physics As a Liberal Art (Physics Series)
2000978-0-534-16703-5Fred S. Kleiner · Christin J. Mamiya · Richard G. TanseyGardner’s Art Through The Ages (with InfoTrac)
2001978-0-534-16708-0Robert C. SolomonBig Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy (with InfoTrac)
1999978-0-534-16770-7June BiggeCurriculum, Assessment and Instruction for Students with Disabilities (The Wadsworth Special Educator Series)
1993978-0-534-16854-4John A. LandgrebeTheory and Practice in the Organic Laboratory with Microscale and Standard Scale Experiments
2002978-0-534-16893-3John M. Murrin · Paul E. Johnson · James M. McPherson · Gary Gerstle · Emily S. RosenbergLiberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People (with InfoTrac and American Journey Online)
2000978-0-534-16914-5Jess E. Purdy · Michael Markham · Bennett L Schwartz · William M. GordonLearning and Memory
1991978-0-534-16920-6Edward TeyberInterpersonal Process in Psychotherapy: A Guide for Clinical Training
1992978-0-534-17094-3Gerald B. FollandFourier Analysis and Its Applications (Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series)
1998978-0-534-17208-4Rodney F. BoyerConcepts in Biochemistry (High School/Retail Version)
1992978-0-534-17268-8Patricia PorterCommunicating Effectively in English: Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers
2002978-0-534-17290-9Judy Schmidt · Mike Hooper · Diane Kholos WysockiSix Steps to Effective Writing in Sociology
  ''978-0-534-17291-6Judy Schmidt · Mike HooperSix Steps to Effective Writing in Criminal Justice
1992978-0-534-17352-4W.S. ClevelandThe Elements of Graphing Data (Statistics/probability series)
2002978-0-534-17362-3Milton C. Cummings · David WiseDemocracy Under Pressure: 2002 Election Update (with InfoTrac) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
1993978-0-534-17394-4Paul ChanceLearning and Behavior
2019978-0-534-17429-3Robert S. StufflebeamDoes This Follow From That?
1993978-0-534-17430-9Kathleen McInnis-DittrichIntegrating Social Welfare Policy and Social Work Practice (Counseling)
1995978-0-534-17466-8Biswa Nath DattaNumerical Linear Algebra and Applications
2004978-0-534-17468-2Jonathan R. TompkinsOrganization Theory and Public Management
2005978-0-534-17480-4Tara L. KutherYour Career in Psychology: Clinical and Counseling Psychology

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