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2004978-0-534-65238-8A Practical Handbook for Writing in the Humanities (Custom edition University of Houston)
  ''978-0-534-65309-5Kaufmann / SchwittersIntermediate Algrebra
  ''978-0-534-65492-4S. T. TanApplied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences 6th Edition
978-0-534-67196-9DuikerCME,ESS WRLD HST V2 W/INFOTRAC
2000978-0-534-71545-8DelcarmenCriminal Procedure
  ''978-0-534-73110-6Rick DeckerProgramming.Java: An Introduction to Programming Using Java/With Lab Manual
1999978-0-534-73686-6Herbert ZettlTelevision Production Handbook
2000978-0-534-77699-2Joel SamahaCriminal Procedure
1988978-0-534-87125-3Michael Hiscox · Vicki SpandelComputerworks
1989978-0-534-91564-3Ronald L. SackMatrix Structural Analysis (Pws-Kent Civil Engineering Series List)
978-0-534-91709-8Fundamentals of Algebra and Trigonometry: Study Guide
1988978-0-534-91854-5Norman S. MatloffProbability Modeling and Computer Simulation: An Integrated Introduction With Applications to Engineering and Computer Science (Duxbury Series in st)
1990978-0-534-91860-6Jon M. DuffConcepts of Technical Graphics
  ''978-0-534-91946-7P. J. Dowling · Randall S. SchulerThe International Dimensions of Human Resource Management (The Kent international dimensions of business series)
1988978-0-534-91980-1René WagnerSolutions manual and computer programs to accompany D.R. Sule's Manufacturing facilities: Location, planning and design
1991978-0-534-92173-6Reza Abbaschian · Robert E. Reed-HillPhysical Metallurgy Principles (The Pws-Kent Series in Engineering)
1991978-0-534-92336-5Robert T. ClemenMaking Hard Decisions: An Introduction to Decision Analysis (Duxbury series in statistics and decision science)
  ''978-0-534-92390-7Frank C. DiIorioSAS Applications Programming: A Gentle Introduction (Duxbury Series in Statistics & Decision Sciences)
  ''978-0-534-92487-4Jeffery A. Cole · Gary K. RockwoldSwokowski Calculus: Student Solutions Manual, 5th Edition Vol. 1
1992978-0-534-92488-1Earl W. SwokowskiCalculus, Late Trigonometry Version
1991978-0-534-92562-8Garold J. BorseFortran 77 and Numerical Methods for Engineers
1992978-0-534-92568-0Alan ClementsMicroprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
1991978-0-534-92711-0Earl William SwokowskiCalculus
1992978-0-534-92845-2Jerome E KaufmannAlgebra with Trigonometry for College Students: Student Partial Solutions Manual to 3r.e
1997978-0-534-93141-4P. V. RaoStatistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences
  ''978-0-534-93142-1Mary Sue YoungerSAS Companion for Rao's Statistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences
1992978-0-534-93158-2Dennis G. Zill · Michael R. CullenDifferential Equations With Boundary-Value Problems (The Prindle, Weber & Schmidt Series in Mathematics)
1996978-0-534-93219-0Richard L. Burden · J. Douglas FairesNumerical Analysis (Prindle, Weber & Schmidt Series in Mathematics)
1993978-0-534-93270-1Gary S. PopkinComprehensive Structured COBOL
  ''978-0-534-93275-6Alan Clements68000 Family Assembly Language Programming
1993978-0-534-93299-2William Mendenhall · James E. Reinmuth · Robert J. BeaverStatistics for Management and Economics (International Dimensions of Business Series)
  ''978-0-534-93334-0William S. JannaIntroduction to Fluid Mechanics (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-534-93342-5Richard LavoieDiscovering Mathematics: Students' Guide
1994978-0-534-93435-4Dileep R. SuleManufacturing Facilities: Location, Planning, and Design [2nd Ed. w/Disk]
1998978-0-534-93437-8RaoStudent Solutions Manual for Rao's Statistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences
1994978-0-534-93525-2Jerome E. KaufmannCollege Algebra and Trigonometry/Includes Pocket Reference Card (Mathematics)
1996978-0-534-93624-2Earl Swokowski · Michael Olinick · Dennis D. PenceCalculus
1994978-0-534-93666-2W. Keith NicholsonLinear Algebra With Applications
  ''978-0-534-93762-1Dennis Weltman · Gilbert PerezBeginning Algebra (The Pws Series in Precalculus, Liberal Arts Mathematics, and Teacher Training)
1997978-0-534-93843-7Mulukutla S. SarmaElectric Machines: Steady-State Theory and Dynamic Performance
1989978-0-534-93864-2Dino ZorbasElectric Machines: Principles, Applications, and Control Schematics
1993978-0-534-93924-3Earl W. Swokowski · Michael Olinick · Dennis D. PenceCalculus of a Single Variable
  ''978-0-534-93960-1J. Duncan Glover · Mulukutla S. SarmaPower Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd (Pws Series in Engineering)
1994978-0-534-93966-3John M. Duff · William A. RossFreehand Sketching for Computer-Aided Design and Engineering Graphics (General Engineering)
1997978-0-534-93972-4Kenneth C. LoudenCompiler Construction: Principles and Practice
1995978-0-534-94098-0B. Jayant BaligaPower Semiconductor Devices (General Engineering)
1997978-0-534-94320-2Peter V. O'NeilAdvanced Engineering Mathematics
1994978-0-534-94326-4John P. UyemuraPhysical Design of CMOS Integrated Circuits Using L-Edit
1994978-0-534-94347-9Students Solutions Manual to Accompany Analytic Trigonometry With Applications
1996978-0-534-94350-9Thomas L. Harman · James B. Dabney · Norman John RichertAdvanced Engineering Mathematics Using MATLAB: A Bookware Companion Text (A volume in the PWS BookWare Companion Series)
1994978-0-534-94362-2Jerome E. KaufmannPrecalculus (Mathematics)
1996978-0-534-94374-5David B. Johnson · Thomas A. MowryMathematics: A Practical Odyssey
1994978-0-534-94422-3James R. KirkwoodAn Introduction to Analysis (Mathematics)
1996978-0-534-94446-9Susanna S. EppDiscrete Mathematics with Applications
1994978-0-534-94500-8C.L. Johnston · Alden T. Willis · Gale M. HughesDevelopmental Mathematics 4th Edition - Includes Partial Solutions
1998978-0-534-94524-4Issa Oweis · Raj KheraGeotechnology of Waste Management
1996978-0-534-94674-6Kenneth A. Berman · Jerome L. PaulFundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
1995978-0-534-94722-4Liang C. Shen · Jin Au KongApplied Electromagnetism (Pws Engineering Foundation)
1996978-0-534-94728-6Michael SipserIntroduction to the Theory of Computation
1995978-0-534-94758-3Rosanne ProgaArithmetic and Algebra
1996978-0-534-94776-7Yousef SaadIterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems (The Pws Series in Computer Science)
978-0-534-94810-8Introduction to Theory of Computation
1997978-0-534-94822-1Alan ClementsMicroprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
1995978-0-534-94854-2Douglas F. RiddleAnalytic Geometry
  ''978-0-534-94884-9Tom D. Reynolds · Paul RichardsUnit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering, Second Edition
  ''978-0-534-94920-4Earl Swokowski · Michael Olinick · Dennis Pence · Jeffery A. Cole · Dennis D. PenceCalculus of Several Variables
2000978-0-534-94965-5John F. SowaKnowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations
1996978-0-534-94968-6Dorit HochbaumApproximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems
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1998978-0-534-95060-6Gary J. BronsonC++ For Engineers and Scientists (Electrical Engineering Series)
1997978-0-534-95062-0SchleppiPlane Trigonometry (Mathemtics Ser.))
1998978-0-534-95095-8Artice M. DavisLinear Circuit Analysis
2006978-0-534-95097-2Michael SipserIntroduction to the Theory of Computation
1998978-0-534-95099-6Jr. Charles H. RothDigital Systems Design Using VHDL (Electrical Engineering)
2003978-0-534-95159-7Richard F. Gilberg · Behrouz A. ForouzanUnix and Shell Programming: A Textbook
1995978-0-534-95166-5Peter Fletcher · C. Wayne PattyFoundations of Higher Mathematics
  ''978-0-534-95190-0Stewart Venit · Wayne BishopElementary Linear Algebra
1998978-0-534-95211-2Max Hailperin · Barbara Kaiser · Karl KnightConcrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme
2000978-0-534-95222-8Mohamed El-SharkawiFundamentals of Electric Drives (Electrical Engineering)
1997978-0-534-95262-4Carlos Setubal · Joao MeidanisIntroduction to Computational Molecular Biology
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2007978-0-534-95289-1Lester A. Hoel · Nicholas J. Garber · SadekTransportation Infrastructure Engineering: A Multimodal Integration
1998978-0-534-95315-7Roman KucThe Digital Information Age: An Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  ''978-0-534-95319-5William S. JannaDesign of Fluid Thermal Systems
1997978-0-534-95329-4Nicholas J. Garber · Lester A. HoelTraffic and Highway Engineering
2002978-0-534-95341-6Kenneth C. LoudenProgramming Languages: Principles and Practice
2001978-0-534-95367-6J. Duncan Glover · Mulukutla S. SarmaPower System Analysis and Design (with CD-ROM)
2002978-0-534-95373-7Donald R. Askeland · Pradeep P. PhuléThe Science and Engineering of Materials (with CD-ROM)
1998978-0-534-95393-5Milan Sonka · Vaclav Hlavac · Roger BoyleImage Processing: Analysis and Machine Vision
1999978-0-534-95409-3Ashok AmbardarAnalog and Digital Signal Processing
1996978-0-534-95410-9Allen DeweyAnalysis and Design of Digital Systems with VHDL
1997978-0-534-95414-7Earl Swokowski · ColeFundamentals of Algebra and Trigonometry
1998978-0-534-95425-3Norman E. Fenton · Shari Lawrence PfleegerSoftware Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical Approach, Revised
1997978-0-534-95445-1Anita Johnston · Bailey InteractiveComputer Interactive Algeblocks, Volume 2, Windows
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  ''978-0-534-95532-8Richard L. Burden · J. Douglas FairesNumerical Analysis
1996978-0-534-95574-8Dennis G. ZillFirst Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications
  ''978-0-534-95580-9   ''Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems
  ''978-0-534-95600-4Norman E. Fenton · Shari Lawrence PfleegerSoftware Metrics
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2003978-0-534-96895-3Senior Operations Officer John MiddletonThe Lugbara of Uganda
2002978-0-534-96931-8Lincoln KeiserVice Lords: Warriors of the Streets (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)
1992978-0-534-97004-8Betsy P GrahamMagazine Article Writing
2002978-0-534-97147-2THE Sebei : A Study in Adaptation CustomTHE Sebei: A Study in Adaptation Custom-published- [Paperback]
  ''978-0-534-97156-4Norman A. ChanceChina's Urban Villagers: Changing Life in a Beijing Suburb
  ''978-0-534-97165-6FriedlVasilika a Villiage in Modern Greece
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1982978-0-534-97959-1Thomas L. SaatyDecision Making for Leaders: The Analytical Hierarchy Process for Decisions in a Complex World
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1981978-0-534-98012-2Karl R. StrombergIntroduction to Classical Real Analysis (Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series)
1980978-0-534-98015-3David KlarnerThe Mathematical Gardner
1982978-0-534-98038-2Franklin A. GraybillMatrices With Applications in Statistics (Wadsworth statistics/probability series)
  ''978-0-534-98041-2A CalderonConference Harmonic Analysis, Volume II (The Wadsworth Mathematics Series)
1983978-0-534-98049-8Raphael Salem · Lennart CarlesonAlgebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis & Selected Problems on Exceptional Sets(Wadsworth Mathematics Series)
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1988978-0-534-98125-9M L Hirsch JrAdvanced Management Accounting
1991978-0-534-98318-5P. O'NeilAdvanced Engineering Mathematics
  ''978-0-534-98392-5Earl William SwokowskiCalculus
2002978-0-534-98900-2Elizabeth Pomeroy · Kathryn WambachBundle: The Clinical Assessment Workbook: Balancing Strengths and Differential Diagnosis + InfoTrac College Edition
2004978-0-534-99370-2Charles H. AtwoodSurvival Guide for General Chemistry with Math Review
2005978-0-534-99380-1Gary J. BronsonC++ for Engineers and Scientists (Software Engineering Team)
2005978-0-534-99723-6Raymond A. Serway · Jerry S. Faughn · Chris Vuille · Charles A. BennettCollege Physics (with PhysicsNow)
2004978-0-534-99728-1G.Tyler MillerLiving in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions
  ''978-0-534-99729-8G. Tyler Miller Jr.Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)
2004978-0-534-99749-6John Sall · Lee Creighton · Ann LehmanJMP Start Statistics, Book Only
2003978-0-534-99756-4Lawrence C. HamiltonStatistics with STATA, Version 8
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2005978-0-534-99760-1Donald Hyndman · David HyndmanNatural Hazards and Disasters
  ''978-0-534-99766-3John C. Kotz · Paul M. Treichel · Gabriela C. WeaverChemistry and Chemical Reactivity (with General ChemistryNOW CD-ROM) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2004978-0-534-99775-5G. Tyler MillerEssentials of Ecology (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)
2005978-0-534-99776-2Alan S. Tussy · R. David GustafsonDevelopmental Mathematics for College Students (with CD-ROM and Enhanced iLrnTM Tutorial, iLrnTM Math Tutorial, The Learning Equation Labs, Student ... (Available 2010 Titles Enhanced Web Assign)
  ''978-0-534-99782-3Alan S. Tussy · R. David GustafsonStudent Solutions Manual for Tussy/Gustafson's Developmental Mathematics for College Students, 2nd
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2004978-0-534-99785-4Cecie Starr · Beverly McMillanStudent Interactive Workbook for Starr/McMillan's Human Biology, 6th
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2004978-0-534-99818-9Charles P. McKeagueBasic Mathematics (with CD-ROM and iLrnTM Tutorial) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2005978-0-534-99845-5David PooleLinear Algebra: A Modern Introduction (with CD-ROM) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
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  ''978-0-534-99852-3   ''Student Solutions Manual for Kotz/Treichel/Weaver's Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, 6th
  ''978-0-534-99858-5David PooleStudent Solutions Manual for Poole's Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, 2nd
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2005978-0-534-99930-8Serway GordonCollege Physics: Student Solutions Manual & Study Guide for Chapters 15-30
2004978-0-534-99945-2Robert R. Johnson · Patricia J. KubyJust the Essentials of Elementary Statistics (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2007978-0-534-99963-6RUSAYChem Bytes User Friendly Chem
  ''978-0-534-99964-3   ''S.G. Chem Bytes
  ''978-0-534-99965-0   ''Lab Manual Chem Bytes
2007978-0-534-99967-4RUSAYMm MGR CD Chem Bytes
  ''978-0-534-99969-8   ''TST Win/MAC Chem Bytes
  ''978-0-534-99971-1   ''Website Chem Bytes
2005978-0-534-99972-8Lewis R. Hirsch · Arthur GoodmanUnderstanding Elementary Algebra with Geometry: A Course for College Students (6th Edition w/CD-ROM)
  ''978-0-534-99978-0Lewis R. Hirsch · Arthur GoodmanStudent Solutions Manual for Hirsch/Goodman's Understanding Elementary Algebra with Geometry: A Course for College Students
2004978-0-534-99990-2Earl Swokowski · Jeffery ColePrecalculus: Functions and Graphs (with CD-ROM) - TENTH Edition (Available Titles CengageNOW)