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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1966978-0-529-00119-1Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows
  ''978-0-529-00120-7Wind in the Willows
1971978-0-529-00150-4Denis BalyAtlas of the Biblical World
1966978-0-529-00161-0A. ArmerTroublemaker
  ''978-0-529-00208-2Tasha TudorTake Joy GB
1967978-0-529-00234-1Louis Untermeyer · Joan Berg VictorSongs of Joy From the Book of Psalms
1973978-0-529-00251-8Harry B EllisIdeals and ideologies: communism, socialism, and capitalism
  ''978-0-529-00252-5   ''Ideals and ideologies: communism, socialism, and capitalism
2000978-0-529-00253-2Jane H. YolenEmperor and the Kite
1968978-0-529-00255-6Jane YolenThe Emporer and the Kite
1972978-0-529-00289-1Arthur ZaidenbergThe new and classic sculpture methods
1978978-0-529-00313-3Kate, GreenawayThe Kate Greenaway Treasury: An Anthology of the Illustrations and Writings of Kate Greenaway,
1970978-0-529-00329-4Roland Bertram, GittelsohnThe Meaning of Judaism
1971978-0-529-00371-3Christine GovanCurious Clubhouse, The
1973978-0-529-00376-8Mary Mason CampbellThe New England Butt'ry Shelf Cookbook Receipts for Very Special Occasions
1969978-0-529-00394-2Jane H. YolenWorld on a String: The Story of Kites
1972978-0-529-00395-9Bradley SmithThe Horse in the West
1968978-0-529-00446-8Robert Wyndman · Ed YoungChinese Mother Goose Rhymes
1972978-0-529-00458-1William, Comp. ColeThe Poet's Tales: A New Book of Story Poems.
1968978-0-529-00479-6Eric CARLE1,2,3, To The Zoo
1972978-0-529-00501-4Charles-François BertinPassport to French (New world language library)
  ''978-0-529-00502-1   ''Passport to Spanish (New world language library)
1972978-0-529-00503-8Charles-François BertinPassport to German (New world language library)
  ''978-0-529-00504-5   ''Passport to Italian (New world language library)
1967978-0-529-00507-6K. M. PeytonFlambards
1969978-0-529-00527-4Grant UdenHero Tales from the Age of Chivalry, Retold from the Froissart Chronicles.
  ''978-0-529-00529-8Louisa M. AlcottLittle Women
1981978-0-529-00530-4Little Women
1975978-0-529-00543-4Jane YolenGreyling: A Picture Story from the Islands of Shetland
1971978-0-529-00553-3Leonard CottrellThe mystery of Minoan civilization
1980978-0-529-00598-4Margaret BaldersonWhen Jays Fly to B-Arbmo
1972978-0-529-00655-4Lois WyseAre You Sure You Love Me?
  ''978-0-529-00661-5Wayne OatesConfessions of a Workaholic; the Facts About Work Addiction
1967978-0-529-00684-4Wilson GageMikes Toads
1969978-0-529-00712-4K.M., Pseud. PeytonThe Edge of the Cloud
  ''978-0-529-00756-8Bruno MunariThe Circus in the Mist (English and Italian Edition)
1969978-0-529-00757-5The Circus in the Mist
1970978-0-529-00766-7D. N. AhnstromThe Complete Book of Jets and Rockets,
1979978-0-529-00775-9Eric CarleThe very hungry caterpillar
  ''978-0-529-00776-6   ''The Very Hungry Caterpillar
1972978-0-529-00778-0Arnold ArnoldThe world book of children's games
  ''978-0-529-00808-4G. MendozaChristmas Tree Alphabet Book
  ''978-0-529-00813-8Bea SandlerThe African cookbook
1969978-0-529-00833-6George MattisWhitetail Fundamentals and Finer Points Fo
1970978-0-529-00862-6Chester L. KarrassThe Negotiating Game: How to Get What You Want
1976978-0-529-00883-1Jane YolenHobo Toad and the motorcycle gang
1970978-0-529-00890-9K.M. Pseud PeytonFlambards in Summer
1969978-0-529-00927-2Marijuana - The New Prohibition
1972978-0-529-00944-9Jeff BernerThe innerspace project
1968978-0-529-00954-8The Many Ways of Seeing
1972978-0-529-01037-7LeeThe Major Young Poets
  ''978-0-529-01038-4Jack RudloeThe Erotic Ocean, A Handbook for Beachcombers
1971978-0-529-01129-9Edmund Wallace. HildickMy Kid Sister
1972978-0-529-01151-0Carolyn AmbuterComplete book of needlepoint
1973978-0-529-01205-0Harry B. EllisIdeals and Ideologies: Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism
1973978-0-529-01239-5Annette TisonThe Adventures of the Three Colors
1972978-0-529-01285-2Bruno MunariFrom Afar it is an Island
  ''978-0-529-01299-9Rulon S. HowellsHis Many Mansions, a Comparison of 13 Major Christian Denominations
1969978-0-529-01895-3William JamesEssays on Faith & Morals
1972978-0-529-01903-5Abram KardinerThe mark of oppression: Explorations in the personality of the American Negro (Meridian Books)
1977978-0-529-01946-2Paul WingertPrimitive Art
1974978-0-529-01986-8Ruth BenedictThe Chrysanthemum and the Sword
1968978-0-529-02014-7Richard J. BarnetIntervention and Revolution
1972978-0-529-02029-1Arthur WaldhornRite of Becoming Stories and Studies
  ''978-0-529-02052-9Lewis CarrollThe Annotated Alice Or Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass
1955978-0-529-02056-7evelyn underhillMysticism; a Study in the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness
1956978-0-529-02058-1Rudolph BultmannPrimitive Christianity
1977978-0-529-02060-4C. H. DoddThe Meaning of Paul for Today
1963978-0-529-02061-1Thomas NelsonLost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden
1972978-0-529-02068-0Fritz Richard SternThe varieties of history: from Voltaire to the present
1954978-0-529-02076-5Alfred North WhiteheadReligion in the Making
1980978-0-529-02077-2Bard (compiler) ThompsonLiturgies of the Western Church
1972978-0-529-02082-6Decade of Crisis: America in the 60s
  ''978-0-529-02085-7Donald Francis ToveyThe forms of music
1958978-0-529-02087-1Meridian BooksA Handbook of Christian Theology
1973978-0-529-02092-5Erwin PanofskyGothic Architecture and Scholasticism
1972978-0-529-02097-0Charles Homer HaskinsThe Renaissance of the 12th Century
  ''978-0-529-02106-9Harold Dwight LasswellPolitics: who gets what, when, how (Meridian books)
1972978-0-529-02107-6H. J RoseGods and heroes of the Greeks;: An introduction to Greek mythology (Meridian books)
  ''978-0-529-02137-3Jos Ortega Y GassetOn Love: Aspects of a Single Theme
  ''978-0-529-02153-3Bertrand RussellAn Outline of Philosophy
1970978-0-529-02154-0Richard H RovereSenator Joe McCarthy
  ''978-0-529-02641-5William ColeThe Book of Giggles
  ''978-0-529-02642-2William ColeThe Book of Giggles
1972978-0-529-03041-2Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary
1974978-0-529-03069-6Webster's new world dictionary
1972978-0-529-03091-7David B. Guralnik · Samuel Solomon · Layman, Sparks, Rickey, Murry LivenspargerWebster's New World Quick Reference Dictionary
1977978-0-529-03092-4PUBLISHERNew Vest pocket webster Dictionary
1983978-0-529-03102-0Bible-Award King James Version, Black 210d
1983978-0-529-03103-7Bible-Award King James Version, Blue 210db
  ''978-0-529-03105-1Bi-Award KJV 210dr Red Imit
  ''978-0-529-03107-5Bible-Award King James Version, White 210dw
1996978-0-529-03111-2World Bible PublishingKJV Gift and Award Bible
  ''978-0-529-03112-9Not AvailableKJV Gift and Award Bible
  ''978-0-529-03113-6Shari HalpernKJV Gift and Award Bible
1996978-0-529-03114-3Shari HalpernKJV Gift and Award Bible [Burgandy]
  ''978-0-529-03115-0Not AvailableKJV Gift and Award Bible
978-0-529-03116-7Award King James Version 220dgr- Burgundy Imitation
1983978-0-529-03117-4Holy Bible King James Version 221C Black Concordance
1920978-0-529-03121-1Award King James Version 221cw White Imitation
1996978-0-529-03125-9World Bible PublishingKJV Gift and Award Bible
1996978-0-529-03129-7World Bible PublishingKJV Gift and Award Bible
1920978-0-529-03130-3Award King James Version 223c Black Imitation
  ''978-0-529-03132-7Award King James Version 223cw White Imitation
1996978-0-529-03311-6World Bible PublishingKJV Heritage Personal Reference Bible
2004978-0-529-03312-3   ''KJV Heritage Personal Reference Bible
1920978-0-529-03365-9Large Print King James Version 952c Black Reference Imitation Leather
1996978-0-529-03371-0Naomi JuddKJV Large Print Heritage Reference Bible
  ''978-0-529-03372-7Naomi JuddKJV Large Print Heritage Reference Bible
1968978-0-529-03385-7Rutherford H. PlattLost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden
1978978-0-529-03390-1Clement WoodWood's unabridged rhyming dictionary
1972978-0-529-03419-9Theodore DreiserThe Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser
  ''978-0-529-03438-0Colonial Craftsmen And Beginnings of American Industry
  ''978-0-529-03460-1Kenneth F. BatesEnameling:Principles and Practice
1955978-0-529-03470-0W. ScheeleFirst Mammals
1979978-0-529-03480-9W. ColeHumorous Poetry for Children
1956978-0-529-03491-5Marchette Gaylord ChuteStories from Shakespeare
2000978-0-529-03510-3Ellis HbArabs
1977978-0-529-03527-1Victor Wolfgang Von HagenThe sun kingdom of the Aztecs
1978978-0-529-03530-1Colette RosselliI Went to the Animal Fair: A Book of Animal Poems
2000978-0-529-03540-0Rainey BennettThe Secret Hiding Place
1959978-0-529-03545-5The Thing at the Foot of the Bed, and Other Scary Tales
1959978-0-529-03550-9Mitford MathewsAmerican Words
2000978-0-529-03559-2Yashima TGolden Footprints
1977978-0-529-03567-7Victor Wolfgang Von HagenMaya, land of the turkey and the deer
  ''978-0-529-03569-1   ''The Incas: People of the Sun
1960978-0-529-03581-3William E. ScheeleThe Mound Builders
1974978-0-529-03587-5William ColePoems of Magic and Spells
1978978-0-529-03612-4L. CottrellLand of the Pharaohs
978-0-529-03621-6Bruno Munari's Abc
978-0-529-03636-0Masako MatsunoPair of Red Clogs
1975978-0-529-03650-6Edna BoutwellDaughter of liberty
  ''978-0-529-03651-3   ''Daughter of liberty
1961978-0-529-03660-5Poems for Seasons and Celebrations
1970978-0-529-03662-9Maria LeachNoodles, Nitwits and Numskulls
1961978-0-529-03668-1William ColePoems for Seasons and Celebrations
  ''978-0-529-03690-2Knud RasmussenBeyond the High Hills: A Book of Eskimo Poems
1954978-0-529-03702-2Edwin TunisWeapons: A Pictorial History
2000978-0-529-03734-3W. GageMiss Osborne-the-Mop
1970978-0-529-03735-0Wilson GageMiss Osborne-the-Mop
1977978-0-529-03742-8William ColeThe Birds and the Beasts Were There
2000978-0-529-03747-3Scheele WeEarliest Americans
1963978-0-529-03751-0Harry BehnThe Faraway Lurs
2000978-0-529-03762-6Armer AScrewball
1964978-0-529-03764-0Alfred L. DegganThe Romans
1976978-0-529-03773-2Wilson GageBig Blue Island
1963978-0-529-03780-0Louisa Rossiter ShotwellRoosevelt Grady.
1972978-0-529-03791-6Nellie. McCaslinAct Now!: Plays and Ways to Make Them
1976978-0-529-03799-2Bruno MunariBruno Munari's zoo (Munari picture books)
1963978-0-529-03800-5Bruno Munari's Zoo
1979978-0-529-03801-2K. M. PeytonSea Fever
1972978-0-529-03811-1New World Secretarial Handbook
1970978-0-529-03889-0Wilson GageGhost of Five Owl Farm
1964978-0-529-03903-3Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls
1978978-0-529-03927-9Armer ASteve and the Guide Dogs
1971978-0-529-03960-6Webster's New World 33,000 Word Book2nd
1969978-0-529-03992-7Edwin, TunisThe Young United States, 1783-1830: A Time of Change and Growth; A Time of Learning Democracy; A Time of New Ways of Living, Thinking, and Doing.
1968978-0-529-04017-6Janet Gaylord MooreThe Many Ways of Seeing: An Introduction to the Pleasures of Art
1972978-0-529-04050-3Lois WyseLove Poems for the Very Married
1966978-0-529-04072-5Edwin TunisShaw's Fortune the Picture Story of a Colonial Pla
1973978-0-529-04409-9William TuohyLove Journey into America
1972978-0-529-04424-2Bradford SmithThe Life of the Hippopotamus
  ''978-0-529-04452-5Annette TisonAnimal hide-and-seek
1972978-0-529-04453-2Annette TisonInside and outside
  ''978-0-529-04454-9Raymond Fredric DasmannPlanet in peril;: Man and the biosphere today
  ''978-0-529-04455-6Reinhard GehlenThe Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen
  ''978-0-529-04456-3Annette TisonBarbapapa's voyage; Barbapapa,: The animal who can change his shape, and his friends François and Cindy, search for a Barbamama
1973978-0-529-04463-1Charles M. SchulzCharlie Brown Dictionary
1972978-0-529-04469-3Mac DavisThe greatest in sports;: All time heroes of baseball, football & track
  ''978-0-529-04471-6Michael Selzer"Kike!" A documentary history of anti-Semitism in America, (Ethnic prejudice in America series)
1972978-0-529-04472-3Cheng-Tsu Wu"Chink!" A documentary history of anti-Chinese prejudice in America (Ethnic prejudice in America series)
  ''978-0-529-04476-1Therle HughesAntiques; An Illustrated A To Z
  ''978-0-529-04477-8Maurice (editor) BurtonThe World Encyclopedia of Animals
  ''978-0-529-04480-8John CreaseyTake a body (A Falcon's head mystery)
  ''978-0-529-04481-5John CreaseyLame dog murder (A Falcon's head mystery)
1972978-0-529-04483-9John CreaseyMurder In the Stars
  ''978-0-529-04484-6   ''Man on the run (A Falcon's head mystery)
1972978-0-529-04485-3John CreaseyAs lonely as the damned (A Falcon's head mystery)
  ''978-0-529-04486-0   ''As empty as hate (A Falcon's head mystery)
  ''978-0-529-04489-1Peter WilliamsThings to Make and Do: Lively Craft Cards--Make Your Own Musical Instrument
  ''978-0-529-04490-7Peter WilliamsThings to Make and Do: Lively Craft Cards (Making Things is Fun)
  ''978-0-529-04491-4Lively Craft Cards: Things to Make and Do
1972978-0-529-04492-1Peter H WilliamsLively craft cards: Making things that move
  ''978-0-529-04497-6Cheng-Tsu Wu"Chink1"
  ''978-0-529-04504-1Webster's New World College Dictionary
  ''978-0-529-04505-8Webster's New World College Dictionary
  ''978-0-529-04506-5Desmond MarwoodGranny Bear's birthday (A young reader's scratch-and-sniff book)
1976978-0-529-04509-6Webster's New World dictionary for young readers
1972978-0-529-04510-2Noah WebsterWebster's New World Dictionary: Hundred Thousand Entry e
1972978-0-529-04511-9Noah WebsterWebster's New World Dictionary: Hundred Thousand Entry e
  ''978-0-529-04512-6Kurt R StehlingComputers and you
  ''978-0-529-04513-3Jay Acton · Alan LeMond · Parker HodgesMug Shots: Who's Who in the New Earth
  ''978-0-529-04514-0John Van OrsdellRagland
  ''978-0-529-04516-4Marshall GoldbergThe Karamanov Equations
1972978-0-529-04517-1Richard S ZieglerEstate planning for everyone,
  ''978-0-529-04518-8Richard Martin SternStanfield Harvest
  ''978-0-529-04519-5Laurence OriolA murder to make you grow up little girl,
  ''978-0-529-04520-1John Upton TerrellApache Chronicle: The Story of the People
  ''978-0-529-04521-8Jessie Shirley BernardThe future of marriage
1972978-0-529-04522-5Barney NaglerBrown bomber

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