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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-473-00112-4Tom NewnhamBy Batons And Barbed Wire
1997978-0-473-00209-1Robin McKenzieTreat Your Own Neck
1985978-0-473-00288-6Gavin McLeanOtago harbour
1991978-0-473-00387-6E.V. SALEWHANGAROA
1988978-0-473-00444-6R. F KeamTarawera: The volcanic eruption of 10 June 1886
1987978-0-473-00481-1Patricia BawdenThe years before Waitangi: A story of early Maori/European contact in New Zealand
  ''978-0-473-00520-7Robert LOGANWaimakariri, Canterbury's "River of rushing water": an illustrated history
1988978-0-473-00638-9John DixStranded in Paradise: New Zealand rock'n'roll, 1955-1988
  ''978-0-473-00649-5Ken ByeTRIAL BY FIRE TRIAL BY WATER
1991978-0-473-01500-8James E WorsfoldThe origins of the Apostolic Church in Great Britain: With a breviate of its early missionary endeavours
1992978-0-473-01537-4John CrawfordNew Zealand's Pacific frontline: Guadalcanal-Solomon Islands Campaign, 1942-45
  ''978-0-473-01546-6Jeri ElliottYour Door to Arabia
  ''978-0-473-01607-4Rhys RichardsSamoa's forgotten whaling heritage: American whaling in Samoan waters 1824-1878: a chronological selection of extracts from primary sources, mainly ... journals and contemporary news items
1992978-0-473-01646-3Mission and moko: Aspects of the work of the Church Missionry Scoiety in New Zealand, 1814-1882
  ''978-0-473-01683-8J. Gordon JohnstonJourney to Aramoana: His Story
1993978-0-473-01849-8Mike SubritzkySUBRITZKY SHIPPING (A Heritage of Sail) 1843 - 1993
  ''978-0-473-01851-1Hugh D WilsonSmall-leaved shrubs of New Zealand
  ''978-0-473-02018-7Unfinished business: What happened to the Cartwright Report?: writings on the aftermath of 'the unfortunate experiment' at National Women's Hospital
  ''978-0-473-02220-4Geoffrey Potocki de MontalkAristo: Confessions of Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk
1994978-0-473-02349-2Paul CaffynThe Dreamtime Voyage: Around Australia Kayak Odyssey
978-0-473-02518-2J. H. BeattieOur Southernmost Maoris: Their Habitat, Nature Notes, Problems and Perplexities, Controversial and Conversational, Further Place Names, Antiquity of Man in New Zealand
1994978-0-473-02803-9Keith ParkerKaitaia: A nostalgic glimpse at the 1940's
1994978-0-473-02909-8Ron SmithWorking class son: My fight against capitalism and war: memoirs of Ron Smith, a New Zealand Communist
  ''978-0-473-02931-9Michael SubritzkyOrder of Saint Stanislas 1765
1995978-0-473-03123-7Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress, 1995: Florence, Italy, 18-31 May 1995
2011978-0-473-03397-2Ian WishartThe Paradise Conspiracy
1995978-0-473-03543-3Jean GarnerBy his own merits: Sir John Hall, pioneer, pastoralist, and premier
1998978-0-473-03634-8Dorothy Clarke · Stephanie PowellExploring Elizabethan Embroidery (Elizabethan Needlework)
1995978-0-473-03649-2Oliver Myrrh[Gold] [title consists of the alchemical symbol for gold]: A novel
1996978-0-473-03718-5Kiwi Rock
  ''978-0-473-03909-7Adela StewartMy Simple Life in New Zealand
  ''978-0-473-03962-2Matthew WrightHavelock North: The History of a Village
  ''978-0-473-03987-5Roger DouglasCompleting the circle
978-0-473-04539-5Baden NorrisAntarctic Reflections an Anthology of Antarctic Articles Written Originally for the Christchurch Press
1997978-0-473-04716-0The Royal New Zealand Fencibles, 1847-1852
1997978-0-473-04780-1Alan WhelanNew Zealand republic
2001978-0-473-04866-2Dolf De RoosExtraordinary Profits from Ordinary Properties
1998978-0-473-04966-9Janet CrawfordThat first Antarctic winter: The story of the Southern Cross Expedition of 1898-1900 as told in the diaries of Louis Charles Bernacchi
  ''978-0-473-04977-5Sheila Marshall · Valancy StevensElizabethan Needlework Accessories (Elizabethan Needlework)
1997978-0-473-05000-9C. Geoffrey RodliffeWings over Waitohi: the story of Richard Pearse
  ''978-0-473-05021-4Mike ChunnSeven Voices: Tales Of Madness & Mirth (includes Bonus CD)
1998978-0-473-05123-5Jonathan Boyd HuntTrial by Conspiracy
  ''978-0-473-05277-5Shirley HoldawayFestive Elizabethan Creations: The Third Title in the Elizabethan Needlework Series
  ''978-0-473-05380-2Bluebird Foods Ltd.Edmonds Cookery Book
2003978-0-473-05438-0Sandra BurkeFashion Artist: Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation (Fashion Design Series)
1998978-0-473-05445-8Lee DowrickThat Was Then
1998978-0-473-05448-9Mike PonderThe Good Oil: Growing Olives in New Zealand
  ''978-0-473-05581-3Michael Whitfield FosterA comedy of errors, or, The marriage records of England and Wales, 1837-1899
  ''978-0-473-05591-2Peter EntwisleBehold the moon: The European occupation of the Dunedin district, 1770-1848
1999978-0-473-05607-0Julian WinstonThe Faces of Homoeopathy
2000978-0-473-05692-6Ronnie Ronalde · Arturo SteffaniAround the World on a Whistle
1999978-0-473-05765-7Brian R. MulliganManual Therapy 'Nags', 'Snags' and 'Mwms'
2000978-0-473-05802-9Kate McGAHEYThe concise dictionary of New Zealand artists: Painters, printmakers, sculptors
1999978-0-473-05930-9Keith ParkerKaitaia: Portraits from the past, 1900-1939
  ''978-0-473-06176-0Wayne RyburnTall Spars, Steamers & Gum: A History of the Kaipara From Early European Settlement 1854-1947
  ''978-0-473-06200-2John McCrawCoastmaster: the Story of Captain James Greig
1999978-0-473-06201-9Ross MacdonaldMore flowering orchids throughout the year
2001978-0-473-06207-1Lynn DavidsonMary Shelley's window
978-0-473-06431-0The Totorore Voyage
1999978-0-473-06467-9David L HarrowfieldVanda Station: History of an Antarctic outpost, 1968-1995
2000978-0-473-06493-8Stuart ChambersThe Story of the Miranda Naturalists' Trust 1973-2000
  ''978-0-473-06730-4Bill Malcolm · Nancy MalcolmMosses and Other Bryophytes: An Illustrated Glossary
  ''978-0-473-06767-0Nancy Preece PickmereThe story of Paihia
  ''978-0-473-07327-5Stuart ChambersBirds of New Zealand: Locality Guide
2001978-0-473-07387-9Tim JonesExtreme weather events
2002978-0-473-07480-7Michael WhitfieldA comedy of errors. Act 2
2001978-0-473-07538-5Anthony WaltonThink Outside the Box (Philosophy, Logic and the World Next Door)
  ''978-0-473-07699-3Redmer YskaAn errand of mercy: Captain Eckhoff and the loss of the Kakanui
2002978-0-473-07908-6Aaron Slight · Paul OwenAaron Slight, the Autobiography: You Don't Know the Half of It
2001978-0-473-08115-7Carolyn CattIELTS Speaking: Preparation and Practice: Student's Book
2001978-0-473-08189-8Carolyn CattIELTS Speaking: Preparation and Practice: Audio Cassette
2004978-0-473-08560-5Ross EwingTopped Gun: Requiem for the Skyhawk
2002978-0-473-08646-6Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society Monograph Series: Vol. 1
  ''978-0-473-08687-9Kalafi MoalaIsland Kingdom Strikes Back: The story of an Independent Nsland Newspaper, Taimi O Tonga
  ''978-0-473-08745-6Tim JonesBoat People
  ''978-0-473-08796-8New Zealand Rugby: Stories of Heroism & Valour
2006978-0-473-08820-0John Kemp · Peter Kemp · Gordon HoskingsThe Kepler (Kiwi Footpath Tarcks Guide)
2001978-0-473-09125-5Lorraine Cooper · Jayne KirkGo Grans Go!
2003978-0-473-09459-1Pauline ScottSit Up and Take Notice!
2002978-0-473-09610-6Jennifer Stark and Russell StarkThe Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
2003978-0-473-09686-1C. Geoffrey RodliffeRichard Pearse: Early Pioneer Aviator
2004978-0-473-09714-1Carl SouthernThe New Zealand Bed and Breakfast Book 2004
  ''978-0-473-09787-5B. LoganWaking Up to Marriage: Why it's Vital to Couples, Kids, and Country
978-0-473-09895-7Nouvelle Z‚lande
2004978-0-473-09970-1Tomm StanleyStone House: A Guide to Self-Building With Slipforms
2005978-0-473-10056-8Keith GordonDeep Water Gold
2005978-0-473-10184-8Vic BarkerPosture Makes Perfect: The Missing Link in Health and Fitness: 1
  ''978-0-473-10241-8Gareth RenowdenThe Truffle Gareth Renowden (2005) Paperback
2006978-0-473-10453-5Greg Hallett · The SpymasterHitler Was a British Agent
978-0-473-10583-9Camping in the Curriculum: A History of Outdoor Education in New Zealand Schools
2005978-0-473-10631-7Ivor WilkinsBMW Oracle Racing Quest for the Cup: The Journey Begins 2003-2005
978-0-473-10650-8Straight Through from London
1996978-0-473-10801-4Marianne Hermsen-Van WanrooyBabymoves
2006978-0-473-11369-8David CrampThe Beekeepers Field Guide: Solutions for Beekeepers
  ''978-0-473-11478-7Greg HallettHitler Was a British Agent (True Crime Solving History Series, Vol. 2)
978-0-473-11859-4Remember the Hokianga
2013978-0-473-11989-8Michael OwenThe Maya Book of Life: Understanding the Xultun Tarot
2007978-0-473-12188-4Claude LewenzHow to Build a Village, 1st Edition
2006978-0-473-12249-2Abdullah DruryIslam in New Zealand: The First Mosque: A Short History of the New Zealand Muslim Association & the Ponsonby Mosque
  ''978-0-473-12300-0Alan M BrookerThe Knackered Chef 3D Cookbook
2009978-0-473-12467-0Florence Barrett-HillCosmetic Chemistry
2008978-0-473-12498-4Daniel O'MahonyFaction Paradox: Newtons Sleep
2007978-0-473-12540-0Jenny NagelBoutique Lodgings of New Zealand
978-0-473-12596-7New Zealand Camera 2008
978-0-473-12598-1Esplin: Tom and Edith's Creative Journeys
978-0-473-12612-4The Seuffert Legacy: New Zealand Colonial Master Craftsmen: The Craft of Anton Seuffert & His Sons William, Albert & Carl
2008978-0-473-13363-4Michael SmithFiery Ted: Anzac Commander
978-0-473-13380-1Too Good to Last: The Death of a Caring Culture
2008978-0-473-13664-2Anne HowieLet's Get This Party Started: A Complete Guide To Success In Your Home Selling Business
2011978-0-473-14505-7Charles BeaumontA Place Called Charlie Tango
978-0-473-14595-8Taking Chemo on the Chin: Simple Advice from the Other Side of Treatment
2009978-0-473-14821-8Tomm StanleyStone House: A Guide To Self-Building with Slipforms, Revised Edition
  ''978-0-473-15094-5Lewis BlackwellPhotowisdom: Master Photographers on Their Art
2009978-0-473-15095-2Lewis BlackwellThe Life & Love of Trees
  ''978-0-473-15096-9Catherine LednerGlamour Dogs
  ''978-0-473-15312-0Patrick Kelly DodsonStuff my dad never told me about RELATIONSHIPS
  ''978-0-473-15352-6Suzanne LangDisplaced Donkeys: A Guernsey Family's War
  ''978-0-473-15510-0Florence Barrett-HillThe Aesthetic Clinicians Pictorial Guide Vol 1
2010978-0-473-15716-6Geoff BlackwellDear Dad
2010978-0-473-15717-3Geoff BlackwellDear Mom
  ''978-0-473-15727-2   ''My Baby Record Book
  ''978-0-473-15804-0Phillip ToledanoDays With My Father
  ''978-0-473-16155-2Anne HowieLet's Get Their Party Started: An introductory guide to leadership in your home selling business
  ''978-0-473-16416-4Holger KeifelBOX: The Face of Boxing
2010978-0-473-16417-1Geoff BlackwellHumanity: A Celebration of Friendship, Family, Love & Laughter
  ''978-0-473-16479-9Sébastien Michel · Carole ZinkNouvelle-Zélande
  ''978-0-473-17236-7Dorothy CullotyFood From Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook
  ''978-0-473-17321-0Lance SetterfieldThe Concise Guide to Dermal Needling
  ''978-0-473-17389-0Albert WatsonStrip Search
2010978-0-473-17458-3Ben WhitmoreTrials of the Moon: Reopening the Case for Historical Witchcraft. A critique of Ronald Hutton's The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft
2011978-0-473-17497-2Troy SouthgateThe Radical Tradition: Philosophy, Metapolitics and the Conservative Revolution
2010978-0-473-17976-2Rodney A. BrooksFields of Color: The theory that escaped Einstein
2011978-0-473-18298-4Russian Adoption: A Practical Guide
  ''978-0-473-19068-2Dalton LifseyThe Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob's Trouble: The Final Suffering and Salvation of the Jewish People
  ''978-0-473-19235-8Patrick Kelly DodsonThe Identity Project
  ''978-0-473-19342-3Raymond Webster ThompsonKeeping the Dream Alive
  ''978-0-473-19504-5Cornelia LuethiMinnie The Westie: The Adventures Of A West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog
978-0-473-19685-1A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder
2011978-0-473-19938-8A. J. PennThe Tribe: A New World
978-0-473-20462-4Troopers Tales: History of Otago Mounted Rifles
2013978-0-473-25124-6Natalie SissonThe Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life
2005978-0-473-26413-0Joan DeJeanThe essence of style: how the French invented high fashion, fine food, chic cafés, style, sophistication, and glamour
2014978-0-473-26631-8Luna RiouminaI Choose Life: A Recovery Plan for Anorexia and Bulimia
2014978-0-473-27054-4Kaki a Living Treasure 2014
2013978-0-473-27222-7A J PennThe Tribe: Eine neue Welt (German Edition)
2014978-0-473-27564-8John McCardleLeading Quality of Life in the World's Most Liveable Cities
  ''978-0-473-29950-7Michael FaudetDirty Pretty Things
2015978-0-473-30737-0Brian AllenFundamentals of Organisational Learning and Development: First Steps to Understanding and Managing the Learning and Development Portfolio
  ''978-0-473-33717-9S PhillipsMagical Horses Colouring-In: Horse coloring book featuring Horses, Unicorns and Pegasus set amongst floral, celestial and paisley designs - Adult coloring book.
2016978-0-473-34933-2Joanna JastLaser-Sharp Focus: A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success
  ''978-0-473-35544-9Simone PhillipsThe Wonderful World of Horses - Horse Adult Coloring / Colouring Book: Beautiful Horses to Color
2017978-0-473-35956-0B. C. ColmanA Line Too Far: Australia is Invaded
2018978-0-473-36327-7John GreatheartTowers and Bridges: Making Ends Meet
2016978-0-473-37326-9Christoph BartneckThe Complete Lego Minifigure Catalog 1975-2015: Deluxe Edition
2017978-0-473-40271-6R.W. PharazynThe Benzo Devil: How I Recovered From Prescription Drugs
2018978-0-473-41245-6Rosana Navarro · Margarita Pérez GarcíaJuliana (Spanish Edition)
2017978-0-473-41288-3Kim Chamberlain · Iona Elwood-SmithYour Business Journey: A 12 Month Workbook for Women in Small Business
2018978-0-473-41513-6John GreatheartTowers and Bridges: Making Ends Meet
  ''978-0-473-41994-3Fletcher McKenzie81 Lessons from the Sky
2017978-0-473-42385-8Christoph BartneckThe Unofficial LEGO Color Guide
2018978-0-473-42746-7Ryan L Jennings100% Kiwi Business: 9 Kiwi Success Navigators
978-0-473-43225-6Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery: The Exemplary Restaurants & Food Experiences of Britain 18/19
2018978-0-473-43268-3Mary Jane WalkerUna Viajera Disidente (Spanish Edition)
2018978-0-473-44001-5Julie WatsonBorn for Life: Midwife in Africa
  ''978-0-473-44570-6Alex HallattFAB Club 2: Friends Against Cyberbullying
  ''978-0-473-44860-8Lance GilbertHorror Movies: The Secret Life of Real Occult Demons, Paranormal Ghosts, and Supernatural Monsters (The Secret Life of Horror Movies: Part 1- Cursed Films)
  ''978-0-473-44883-7Fletcher McKenzie101 Lessons From The Sky
  ''978-0-473-45114-1Kara IsaacAll Made Up
2019978-0-473-45181-3Wendy Mary MatthewsThe Feather
2019978-0-473-45536-1Jen SieversJust Breathe: A Mindfulness Adventure
  ''978-0-473-45661-0Blackwell & Ruth · Alice WatersTruth, Love & Clean Cutlery: A Guide to the Truly Good Restaurants and Food Experiences of the USA 2019
  ''978-0-473-45663-4Jill Dupleix · Giles CorenTruth, Love & Clean Cutlery: A Guide to the Truly Good Restaurants and Food Experiences of the World 2019
2018978-0-473-45876-8Nick BowmastUSERPALOOZA - A Field Researcher's Guide: ... because it's easier to design for a customer you understand.
2019978-0-473-47881-0Mark Whitwell · Rosalind Atkinson · Andy RabaGod and Sex: Now We Get Both
  ''978-0-473-48361-6Tania Marie SheldonProduct Branding Marketing: Discover the super 5 part product branding marketing plan that builds a strong product consumers love and worship
  ''978-0-473-48441-5Patricia PikeRock Brothers
2019978-0-473-48465-1Juttee ArmissFood DISHionary (Book 3): 1000 Recipe Ideas For Easy Meals
  ''978-0-473-48479-8Gabrielle HarrisThe Language of Yin: Yoga Themes, Sequences and Inspiration to Bring Your Class to Life and Life to Your Class
  ''978-0-473-48669-3Edwin McRaeNarrative Design für Indie-Entwickler: Erste Schritte (German Edition)
  ''978-0-473-49003-4Kathryn PerksDying to Tell You: A record of personal details and end of life planner
  ''978-0-473-49308-0Fletcher McKenzie71 Lessons From The Sky
2019978-0-473-49416-2Ryan L JenningsThe Kiwi Branding Edge
  ''978-0-473-49491-9El Equipo GolfwellGuía rápida de la REGLAS DE GOLF: Una guía rápida y práctica de las reglas de golf 2019 (edición de bolsillo) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-473-50023-8Rachita KumarStop The Clock: Can We Live Longer by Reversing Aging Process? (Anti-aging)
  ''978-0-473-50187-7Team GolfwellLeitfaden zum Regeln Des Golfs: Ein praktischer Leitfaden zu den Golfregeln 2019 (Taschenformat Edition) Neue für 2020 (German Edition)
  ''978-0-473-50464-9Christoph BartneckThe Unofficial LEGO Color Guide: Third Edition
2019978-0-473-50465-6Christoph BartneckThe Unofficial LEGO Color Guide: Third Edition
2020978-0-473-51407-5Team GolfwellFast Guide to the RULES OF GOLF: A Handy Fast Guide to Golf Rules 2019 - 2020 (Pocket Sized Edition)

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