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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-476-00000-1Richard LangstonBoy
  ''978-0-476-00009-4Bill ParkesFair Beginning of a Time, The
2004978-0-476-00014-8Nigel PowellHome Keeper - Log Book for New Zealand Homeowners
978-0-476-00029-2K Force in Korea: A Soldier's Life in the 16th New Zealand Field Regiment
2003978-0-476-00031-5Newsey S · Binsley JWhere to Live in Auckland
2004978-0-476-00043-8Marj BennettsFrom MT to NSTH: Mossburn Transport Co to Northern Southland Transport
2003978-0-476-00048-3Anna JohnstoneThe God Walk
2004978-0-476-00058-2Mary D. WoodwardThe Landscape of My Heart: The Bethells and Their Neighbours
2003978-0-476-00061-2Alma StevensonOld Red: The Adventure of the Little Red Truck
2004978-0-476-00064-3Bruce Stuart-MonteathA Hostile Environment: A Case Study of the Harassment of Environmentalists on the West Coast of New Zealand
2003978-0-476-00073-5Carolyn CattIELTS Ideas and Vocabulary
2004978-0-476-00090-2Mike CoburnSoldier Five. The real story of the Bravo Two Zero mission
2003978-0-476-00098-8Brian SweeneyGeography: 100 Pictures
  ''978-0-476-00103-9Cyril BradwellTouched With Splendour
  ''978-0-476-00119-0John AnsellI Think the Clouds Are Cotton Wool
2004978-0-476-00130-5Eric A PeggThe Royal Engineers A History Of The Corps In Photographs 1930-1963
  ''978-0-476-00151-0Arthur's Pass to Mount Cook (A Tramping Guide)
2004978-0-476-00192-3David BlackleyBorn for Adventure
2005978-0-476-00195-4Let Your Heart Talk
2004978-0-476-00221-0Ross EwingCatalina Dreaming: The True Story Behind New Zealand's Catalina Flying Boat
  ''978-0-476-00235-7Frank EllisPolitical Correctness and the Theoretical Struggle
978-0-476-00244-9In Salting the Gravy: A Tale of a 12 Year Marriage to Barry Crump
978-0-476-00270-8Over the Waters
2004978-0-476-00285-2Bob O'BrienWhat Ho, Crawford, Old Chap: An Anglo-Scot Chinese Interpreter (1850-1903)
  ''978-0-476-00300-2Phil YatesDesert Rats: Intelligence Handbook on British Armoured Forces
  ''978-0-476-00304-0Brian WoodCoal Gorge And The Brunner Suspension Bridge: A Heritage And Environmetal Study
978-0-476-00308-8Matamata Ballot Farms and Families, 1904-2004
2004978-0-476-00321-7A. Patrick ConlanWaiting Pig, The
2000978-0-476-00330-9Michael Noah MautnerSeeding the Universe with Life: Securing Our Cosmological Future
2004978-0-476-00343-9It's All Right Mum!: A Mother's Journey with Muscular Dystrophy
2003978-0-476-00346-0Byron FordFrom Harvest To Moonshine
2004978-0-476-00356-9Jim FraserShandrydan: The Willow Flat Country
  ''978-0-476-00363-7John DarbyTrouble with the Treaty
2004978-0-476-00366-8Joyce (compiled by) · with illustrations by Erica Skleners CooperThe Soldier and the Nurse From Waimate: Memories of Wartime Service
  ''978-0-476-00376-7Ian ChristensenTe reo Pangarau. A Maori Language Dictionary of Mathematics.
  ''978-0-476-00377-4Susan ButterworthA Duty of Care - Fifty Years of Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitiaon in New Zealand
  ''978-0-476-00412-2Tony Millatt1935 Steam Tug William Daldy
  ''978-0-476-00421-4R. F. KeamDissolving Dream: The Improbable Story of the first Baptist Maori Mission
2004978-0-476-00423-8Timothy David BakerProfessor Bickerton's Wainoni
  ''978-0-476-00425-2Patrick KellyRelax, Deep Mind. Die Grundlagen des Taiji
978-0-476-00436-8An Ocean of Islands: A Pacific Memoir
2004978-0-476-00444-3John BeaumontA God-Filled Nobody
  ''978-0-476-00446-7Peb SimmonsDoes the Kiwi See Me?: And Other Poems
  ''978-0-476-00464-1Neville PeatOtago Museum Collected Stories
  ''978-0-476-00467-2Johnella BirdTalk That Sings: Therapy in a New Linguistic Key
978-0-476-00484-9Hakui: Mothers of Porangahau
2007978-0-476-00504-4Landon Carter"Living Awake" (The Practice of Transforming Everyday Life)
978-0-476-00506-8The Adventures of Milky the Mouse
2004978-0-476-00513-6Destructive Deluge: A Pictorial Coverage of February Floods 2004
2004978-0-476-00514-3Margaret GilbertContract Matters, a practical guide to the contractual process (New Zealand)
978-0-476-00520-4Waitakere Ranges: Ranges of Inspiration: Nature, History, Culture
2004978-0-476-00522-8Alfred D. FoleyJane's Story: Biography of Heeni Te Kirikaramu/Pore (Jane Foley) - Woman of Profound Prose
  ''978-0-476-00547-1Frances AllinghamLeaves in the Wind
  ''978-0-476-00551-8Natalie Poland Edward HanflingIan Scott. The Model Series Paintings, 1996-2004
  ''978-0-476-00588-4Nicholas TarlingInternational Students in New Zealand: The making of policy since 1950
  ''978-0-476-00593-8Marian Goldner and Moshé LibaFinding Eden
2004978-0-476-00609-6The Surf Photography Of Logan Murray
  ''978-0-476-00611-9W. B. 'Sandy' · compiled by Denis McLean ThomasPathways to Adventure
  ''978-0-476-00613-3Andrew LeachCampus Confessions: Architecture and the Central Institute of Technology
  ''978-0-476-00616-4Michael PonderOil on Canvas
  ''978-0-476-00620-1Francis PoundWalters en abyme
2004978-0-476-00630-0Rajendra PrasadTears in Paradise: A Personal and a Historical Journey 1879-2004
  ''978-0-476-00638-6Janet MartinMia the Kea
  ''978-0-476-00644-7The Return of Cecily
978-0-476-00661-4Skye To Timber Mountain: The Journey Of The Kaiwaka Stewarts
2004978-0-476-00665-2Florence Barrett-HillAdvanced Skin Analysis
  ''978-0-476-00667-6Nick Theobald and Paaora WalkerInstant!: Maori
  ''978-0-476-00668-3W.B. "Sandy" ThomasPathways to Adventure
2004978-0-476-00669-0Stu DunnSarophia (Xycermon)
  ''978-0-476-00670-6The Energy Effect: Your Questions Answered
2005978-0-476-00685-0Ian McBride Glen SeniorMarketing For Success
2004978-0-476-00692-8Dominic GuzzoWhat the Blazes is Going on Here?
  ''978-0-476-00695-9Barry SmithAlways a Little Further: Poems of Mountains and Valleys
  ''978-0-476-00705-5Janet, ed. AbbottThe/Middle Way: the art of exchange
978-0-476-00733-8In the Shadow of the Cape: a History of the Gordon Family of Clifton
2004978-0-476-00739-0Adam (ed) ManterysNew Zealand's First Refugees: Pahiatua's Polish Children
  ''978-0-476-00741-3Tony OrmanReal Story on Trout Fishing New Zealand
2004978-0-476-00749-9Alistair Mackenzie · Wayne Kirkland · Annette DunhamSoul purpose: making a difference in life and work /
  ''978-0-476-00757-4Todd NiallThe Trekka Dynasty
  ''978-0-476-00765-9Graeme MatthewsNew Zealand: A Vision
  ''978-0-476-00770-3Trish GribbenWith My Little Eye
  ''978-0-476-00771-0Sarah BennettThe Best of Wellington Insiders Guide
2004978-0-476-00783-3Silver road
  ''978-0-476-00807-6Ans WestraHandboek: ANS Westra Photographs
  ''978-0-476-00809-0Margaret GilbertContract Matters, negotiation
  ''978-0-476-00810-6   ''Contract Matters, a practical guide for suppliers
  ''978-0-476-00819-9Michael NixonThe Compleat Distiller
2004978-0-476-00859-5Ken Meehan50 Years of Apostolic Ministry: Reflections on Service with the Apostolic Church Mission in Papua New Guinea
2006978-0-476-00864-9Foss LeachFishing in Pre-European New Zealand
2004978-0-476-00872-4Susan L Rogers · John T. RoosenSurviving Paradise
  ''978-0-476-00884-7Four French Horns
  ''978-0-476-00885-4Basim FuratHere and There: A Selection
  ''978-0-476-00886-1Mark Pirie and Ronald Greville Riddell and Saray TorresAnthology - The 2nd Wellington International Poetry Festival 2004
2006978-0-476-00888-5Brian JacksonThe Lost Ruby Mine.
2004978-0-476-00908-0Elaine E. BolithoFirst a Church... the Continuing Story of Ngaio Methodist, Presbyterian And Union Churches
  ''978-0-476-00910-3Mathew · Roy, Ben · Silcock, James · Van Der Loo, Joseph FinniganSomething about This Place.
2005978-0-476-00911-0Central Otago
2004978-0-476-00917-2Rodney FordAre You Gluten-Sensitive? (Gluten Sensitive Series)
2006978-0-476-00922-6Graham Lowe · Glenn JenkinsTotal Training for Rugby Fitness
2004978-0-476-00934-9Michelle OsmentPerky the Pukeko
2013978-0-476-00938-7Bruce LyonAgni: Way of Fire
2004978-0-476-00942-4Peter B MorseNew Zealand Surfing Guide
2004978-0-476-00958-5Berta · Braddock, Joan AndersonKeith H. Anderson's Taranaki: Celebrating the Life and Art of a Mountain Man
  ''978-0-476-00969-1Ray CoplandScenes that are Brightest
  ''978-0-476-00981-3Simon ShukerSimon Shuker's Code-Cracker - Volume One
  ''978-0-476-00990-5Noel HarrisonBanks - Behind the Mask
2008978-0-476-00999-8Bruce Douglas · Richard Ramsey · Tim RodgersNew Zealand Mathematics (No. 6)
2004978-0-476-01005-5John McIvorThe Crime Is Stupidity (Terrorism Will Change Everything)
2005978-0-476-01020-8Rodney FordGoing Gluten Free (Gluten Sensitive Series)
  ''978-0-476-01030-7Richard von SturmerSuchness Zen Poetry and Prose
2004978-0-476-01038-3Unique PictorialsWanganui New Zealand Souvenir Pictorial
978-0-476-01050-5Voices from the Sea
2004978-0-476-01062-8John ParsonsThe Fishing Years
2010978-0-476-01063-5Ralph BrownSuccess at work and at home: Practical ways to develop your emotional intelligence
2005978-0-476-01064-2Fred FencerHand-made Farm Fence....#852: Manually Installing Hardware into a Primary Industries Pastoral Management System
2004978-0-476-01076-5Alma StevensonOld Blue and the Halls of Hollyvale Farm
2005978-0-476-01082-6Tomm StanleyGoing Solar: Understanding And Using The Warmth In Sunlight
2004978-0-476-01091-8Judith Adelman ReinkenIsaiah: A Man of Sorrows
2004978-0-476-01097-0Susan Ellen LaidlawSusie's Stories
2002978-0-476-01103-8Paul BennettWalking with the Taniwha
2005978-0-476-01118-2Ann BayleyTales of Two Women
978-0-476-01141-0Gratitude to Alms Bowl Rice
2004978-0-476-01142-7Jenny Powell-Chalmers · Anna JacksonLocating the Madonna
  ''978-0-476-01143-4Jo RegisterOtago Central Rail Trail - From Steam Trains to Pedal Power - The Story of the Otago Central Rail Trail
2010978-0-476-01144-1Justin Robert HarnishSentiments Of Youth
2009978-0-476-01148-9Oriental Catholic Christendom
2004978-0-476-01154-0Brian R. MulliganManual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS, etc.
978-0-476-01160-1Child & Family Welfare: Statutory Responses to Children at Risk
2004978-0-476-01179-3Tarras School StudentsShrek: The Famous Hermit Sheep Of Tarras
978-0-476-01206-6Brain Gym Movement CD
2007978-0-476-01220-2This Life 1976 - 1999
2004978-0-476-01221-9Mark LaurentThrow Away The Stones
2014978-0-476-01226-4Bevan HaysomLetter From India
2011978-0-476-01286-8Le Nucleaire
2004978-0-476-01297-4Rosalie CareyWinterless North: Poems Serious and Silly
2013978-0-476-01333-9Justin Robert HarnishKING - A Supernatural Twist Of Fate
2005978-0-476-01349-0Tom BroughThe Way it Was
  ''978-0-476-01359-9Joan MetgeTui Tui Tuia: The Use of Maori in Worship in Te Tikanga Pakeha
  ''978-0-476-01365-0R.H.MolonyWhats Wrong With My Drink The General Chemistry of Acid Beverages
978-0-476-01382-7Aeronautical Engineering: A Practical Guide for Everyone Connected with the Aircraft Industry
2005978-0-476-01385-8Betty ScarletOscar X-ray Calling: The Story of the Scarlet Family in Papua New Guinea, 1962-1971
  ''978-0-476-01405-3R. M. DuraisamyFrom India to the Truth: Towards a New Knowledge for the Reformation of Indian Spirituality
2005978-0-476-01409-1Lucinda BirchYou Are Here
978-0-476-01425-1Taranaki (Images of a Nation)
2010978-0-476-01428-2Dean GeddesSuperfast Weight Loss for Women
2005978-0-476-01444-2Bob AlexanderCeasefire: a Novel of Romance, Suspense And Intrigue
  ''978-0-476-01445-9Lynn KidmanAthlete Centred Coaching: Developing Inspired and Inspiring People
  ''978-0-476-01461-9Neil D. Fleming · Graeme Robson · Richard SmithSports Coaching and Learning: Using Learning Preferences to Enhance Performance
2009978-0-476-01477-0Bruce LyonGroup Initiation: The Mercury Transmissions
2005978-0-476-01481-7Ross EwingAll About Aerobatics
2007978-0-476-01493-0Gay EatonUkrainian Whitework
2005978-0-476-01494-7Kane O'ConnellDoctors & Debt - the Effect of Students Debt on New Zealand's Doctors
  ''978-0-476-01508-1Virginia GreenRadio Fidelity
  ''978-0-476-01539-5Howard FrederickSources of Funding for New Zealand Entrepreneurs
2005978-0-476-01558-6Sharon NeweyWhere To Live In Auckland
  ''978-0-476-01559-3Ed ErringtonCreating Learning Scenarios: A Planning Guide for Adult Learners
978-0-476-01572-2Peter · Cullen, Rhys Michael · Kotahitanga Community Trust CaccioppoliMaori Health
978-0-476-01579-1Recollections of a Voyage to South Australia and New Zealand Commenced in 1838, Recorded at Huntly 1907
2005978-0-476-01596-8Leah O'DriscollCo-Creative Guitar Method: Colouring the Fretboard: The Workbook
2007978-0-476-01605-7Perky and the Possum Trap
2005978-0-476-01608-8Runaway Soldier (The Kimble Bent Story)
  ''978-0-476-01610-1Figure in the New Zealand Landscape
978-0-476-01611-8Shrek the Sheep: Based on a True Story
2005978-0-476-01624-8Roger J. BowdenMacroeconomics and Financial Management
978-0-476-01628-6Darcy Nicholas: Land of My Ancestors
2005978-0-476-01635-4Stella BrennanStella Brennan 0---------------10 with Essays By Robert Leonard and Sean Cubitt
  ''978-0-476-01638-5You Don't Make a Big Leap Without a Gulp
  ''978-0-476-01653-8Christelle Le RuSimply Irresistible French Desserts
2005978-0-476-01660-6Emma Fowler · Rosie FowlerB and B Directory of New Zealand
  ''978-0-476-01661-3   ''Boutique Lodgings of New Zealand
  ''978-0-476-01662-0Darlene BeeBravo, Lord! - An Anthology of Poems
  ''978-0-476-10129-6Robin FryDaymoon
2012978-0-476-44707-3Robert PelcovitsAP Physics C 3rd Ed
1980978-0-476-70002-4S W Dean · E. C. RheaAtmospheric Corrosion of Metals. ASTM Special Technical Publication 767
2004978-0-476-93501-3John Terri Kelly MoyersScenic Splendor: John and Terri Kelly Moyers: 25 Years Painting the Canadian Rockies

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