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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-450-04852-4James LiptonMirrors
1991978-0-450-04871-5Maisie MoscoChildren's Children
1982978-0-450-04877-7Michael MoorcockThe Brothel in Rosenstrasse
1981978-0-450-04880-7Colin WilsonPoltergeist
  ''978-0-450-04886-9Michael MoorcockEntropy Tango
1982978-0-450-04889-0F. Paul WilsonThe Keep
1986978-0-450-04894-4James HerbertThe Shrine
1981978-0-450-04926-2Poul AndersonThe Earth Book of Stormgate - 3
1980978-0-450-04927-9Richard LaymonThe Cellar
1976978-0-450-04936-1Stephen. King'SALEM'S LOT.
1980978-0-450-04957-6Richard BachmanLong Walk
  ''978-0-450-04970-5James HerbertDark: NTW
1982978-0-450-04977-4Terry PratchettStrata
1981978-0-450-04991-0Robert Rickard · Richard KellyPhotographs of the Unknown
  ''978-0-450-05004-6Jacques MordalDieppe: The Dawn of Decision
1982978-0-450-05115-9John W. MacveySpace Weapons, Space War
1981978-0-450-05127-2Robert A. HeinleinThe Number of the Beast
1982978-0-450-05131-9Colin KappSearch for the Sun
1981978-0-450-05191-3Arthur Byron Cover · Lorenzo SempleFlash Gordon
1988978-0-450-05197-5Robert L. ForwardDragons Egg
1981978-0-450-05202-6Chelsea Quinn YarbroHotel Transylvania
1989978-0-450-05216-3Maisie MoscoScattered Seed
1996978-0-450-05253-8   ''Almonds and Raisins
1982978-0-450-05262-0Frank HerbertGod Emperor of Dune
  ''978-0-450-05264-4Thomas KiernanRepulsion: Life and Times of Roman Polanski
1981978-0-450-05304-7Salem's Lot
1981978-0-450-05312-2Chelsea Quinn YarbroThe Palace
1991978-0-450-05350-4Harold RobbinsDream Merchants
1981978-0-450-05352-8Jean Nohain · Francois CaradecMaster Farter
1982978-0-450-05363-4Michael R. LinakerScorpion: Second Generation
1983978-0-450-05371-9Prue LeithCooking for Friends
  ''978-0-450-05379-5Richard BachmanRage
1989978-0-450-05397-9Maisie MoscoChildren's Children
1982978-0-450-05406-8Frank HerbertDirect Descent
  ''978-0-450-05409-9Colin KappLost Worlds of Cronus (Cageworld)
  ''978-0-450-05413-6GUY N SMITHThe Graveyard Vultures (Sabat)
  ''978-0-450-05440-2Geoffrey SadlerBloodwater
1981978-0-450-05441-9George G GilmanEdge 15 Blood Run
1981978-0-450-05443-3G G GilmanEdge 17 Vengeance Valley
  ''978-0-450-05444-0   ''Edge 18 Ten Tombstones
  ''978-0-450-05445-7   ''Edge 21 Rhapsody in Red
  ''978-0-450-05446-4   ''Edge 22 Slaughter Road
1987978-0-450-05451-8Irwin ShawBread Upon the Waters
1982978-0-450-05452-5Colin WilsonPoltergeist
1992978-0-450-05455-6F. Paul WilsonKeep
1982978-0-450-05459-4Philip LiefCat's Revenge: More Than 101 Uses for Dead People: No. 1
  ''978-0-450-05468-6John G. JonesAmityville Horror 2: Pt. 2
1976978-0-450-05476-1Stephen King'Salem's lot
1984978-0-450-05498-3Michael MoorcockBrothel in Rosenstrasse
1982978-0-450-05514-0Chauncey G. ParkerThe Visitor
1983978-0-450-05529-4Uri Hofmekler · Robert RamsayVery Important People
1983978-0-450-05549-2Robert A. HeinleinFriday
1982978-0-450-05550-8Brian DaleyTRON
1983978-0-450-05552-2Guy N. SmithBlood Circuit
1989978-0-450-05558-4Michael BlodgettHero and the Terror
1983978-0-450-05564-5C Keeler · S FawkesNothing But..Christine Keeler
  ''978-0-450-05566-9Richard BachmanRoadwork
  ''978-0-450-05573-7Jerry AhernTotal War (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-05574-4Jerry AhernThe Nightmare Begins (Survivalist S.)
1986978-0-450-05589-8Maisie MoscoBetween Two Worlds
1983978-0-450-05591-1John Hackett · etc.The Third World War - The Untold Story
1994978-0-450-05592-8Dominick DunneThe Winners: part two of Joyce Haber's "The Users
1986978-0-450-05594-2Alan Dean FosterNor Crystal Tears
  ''978-0-450-05598-0Frank HerbertThe White Plague
1983978-0-450-05611-6Daniel KonChicos de la Guerra
1983978-0-450-05638-3Jerry AhernThe Quest (Survivalist S.)
1988978-0-450-05642-0Richard Bachman · Stephen KingThe Running Man
1984978-0-450-05660-4Jerry AhernThe Doomsayer (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-05661-1Robert E. Vardeman · Victor MilanThe War of Powers: v. 1
1987978-0-450-05663-5Michael MoorcockThe Entropy Tango
1984978-0-450-05674-1Stephen KingChristine
  ''978-0-450-05694-9Guy N. SmithCrab's Moon
1992978-0-450-05706-9Richard LaymonNight Show
1989978-0-450-05721-2Michael MoorcockThe Golden Barge [A Fable]
1984978-0-450-05722-9Jerry AhernThe Web (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-05739-7Guy N. SmithThe Walking Dead
  ''978-0-450-05758-8Jerry AhernThe Savage Horde (Survivalist S.)
1984978-0-450-05767-0J.C. Mezieres · P. ChristinAmbassador of the Shadows (Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent)
1985978-0-450-05769-4Stephen KingPet Sematary (Summer read)
1984978-0-450-05775-5J.C. Mezieres · P. ChristinWelcome to Alflolol (Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent)
1985978-0-450-05776-2Leonard GrossLast Jews in Berlin
2002978-0-450-05777-9Frank HerbertHeretics of Dune (Heretics of Dune sequence)
1986978-0-450-05784-7Maisie MoscoA Sense of Place
1993978-0-450-05788-5Victor Milan · Robert VardemanWar of Powers Part Two: Istu Awakened v. 2 (Vol.2 War of Power)
1984978-0-450-05790-8Merle GinsbergBoy George
1985978-0-450-05792-2Michael MoorcockThe Russian Intelligence
1984978-0-450-05794-6A. C. CrispinV
1985978-0-450-05811-0Jerry AhernThe Prophet (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-05822-6James HerbertDomain: NTW
  ''978-0-450-05823-3Robert L. ForwardThe Flight of the Dragonfly
  ''978-0-450-05830-1Jerry AhernThe End is Coming (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-05840-0Robert A. HeinleinJob: A Comedy of Justice
1986978-0-450-05849-3Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Silver
1985978-0-450-05850-9Allen WoldThe Pursuit of Diana (The 'V' Series)
1986978-0-450-05863-9William Kelley · Earl W. WallaceWitness
1985978-0-450-05867-7Jerry AhernEarth Fire (Survivalist S.)
1985978-0-450-05869-1Diana MaychickMeryl Streep: The Reluctant Superstar
  ''978-0-450-05878-3Stephen KingCycle of the Werewolf
1986978-0-450-05883-7Stephen KingThinner
2002978-0-450-05886-8Frank HerbertChapterhouse: Dune
1986978-0-450-05887-5Jerry AhernThe Awakening (Survivalist S.)
1987978-0-450-05892-9David MorrellBrotherhood Of The Rose P [50
1989978-0-450-05895-0Michael MoorcockWarrior of Mars (New English Library science fiction)
1986978-0-450-05902-5Maisie MoscoPrice Of Fame
1987978-0-450-05903-2Lawrence SandersThe Fourth Deadly Sin
1983978-0-450-06019-9Lana TurnerLana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth
  ''978-0-450-06022-9Robert A. HeinleinBeyond this Horizon
  ''978-0-450-06030-4Norman MailerPieces and Pontifications
  ''978-0-450-06034-2Weight WatchersWeight-watchers' 365 Day Menu Cook Book
  ''978-0-450-06037-3Don McCullinBeirut: A City in Crisis
1983978-0-450-06038-0Hilary MillsMailer: A Biography
1986978-0-450-06040-3Colin WilsonThe Personality Surgeon
1984978-0-450-06068-7Gerald KingslandThe Islander
  ''978-0-450-06076-2James HerbertDomain
  ''978-0-450-06077-9Robert A. HeinleinJob: A Comedy of Justice
  ''978-0-450-06082-3Richard Crane · Adrian CraneRunning the Himalayas
  ''978-0-450-06095-3Marvin J. WolfJapanese Conspiracy
1992978-0-450-06108-0Maisie MoscoPrice of Fame: NTW
1986978-0-450-06120-2F. Paul WilsonThe Tomb
1985978-0-450-06126-4Judith CookPrice of Freedom
1993978-0-450-06133-2Richard Bachman · Stephen KingThinner
1986978-0-450-06149-3Robert A. HeinleinCat Who Walks Through Walls
1986978-0-450-38958-0Guy N. SmithSnakes
  ''978-0-450-38997-9Jerry AhernThe Reprisal (Survivalist S.)
1991978-0-450-39001-2Robert VardemanThe Keys to Paradise
1986978-0-450-39010-4A. J. CroninA Pocketful of Rye
  ''978-0-450-39014-2John D. MacDonaldLonely Silver Rain (A Travis McGee novel)
1987978-0-450-39249-8Richard Bachman · Stephen KingThe Bachman Books
1990978-0-450-39315-0Robert A. HeinleinCat Who Walks Through Walls
  ''978-0-450-39353-2Richard LaymonThe Beast House
1986978-0-450-39511-6Sterling SeagraveThe Soong Dynasty
1992978-0-450-39552-9Richard Bachman · Stephen KingThe Bachman Books
1987978-0-450-39746-2David MorrellThe Fraternity of the Stone
1990978-0-450-39753-0F. Paul WilsonTomb
1986978-0-450-39874-2Alan Dean FosterVoyage to the City of the Dead (New English library science fiction)
1987978-0-450-39940-4Minty ClinchHarrison Ford: A Biography
1986978-0-450-39988-6Jerry AhernThe Rebellion (Survivalist S.)
1988978-0-450-40161-9Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Darkness
1987978-0-450-40416-0Frederik PohlThe Years of the City
  ''978-0-450-40577-8Jerry AhernPursuit (The Survivalist 13)
1987978-0-450-40789-5Maisie MoscoImages
  ''978-0-450-40797-0Roger VadimBardot, Deneuve and Fonda: The Memoirs of Roger Vadim
  ''978-0-450-40858-8Henry Hamman · Stuart ParrottMayday at Chernobyl
  ''978-0-450-40937-0James HerbertMagic Cottage: NTW
  ''978-0-450-41021-5Tim Underwood · Chuck MillerKingdom Of Fear: World of Stephen King
1987978-0-450-41123-6Jerry AhernThe Terror (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-41143-4Stephen KingIt
  ''978-0-450-41346-9Peter Gillman · Leni GillmanAlias David Bowie
  ''978-0-450-41348-3Jerry AhernOverlord (Survivalist S.)
  ''978-0-450-41351-3Robert E. VardemanThe Jade Demons Quartet
1988978-0-450-41739-9Stephen KingMisery
1988978-0-450-41903-4Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Amber
1989978-0-450-41904-1Ted AllbeuryThe Seeds of Treason
1988978-0-450-42137-2Alan Dean FosterSentenced to Prism
1989978-0-450-42141-9Jerry AhernThe Arsenal (Survivalist S.)
1988978-0-450-42142-6Allen L. WoldCrivit Experiment
  ''978-0-450-42378-9Jack VanceAraminta Station :The Cadwal Chronicles Book 1
  ''978-0-450-42400-7P. C. HodgellChronicles of the Kencyrath
  ''978-0-450-42408-3Pamela KaufmanBanners of Gold
  ''978-0-450-42461-8Rosamunde PilcherThe Shell Seekers
1988978-0-450-42476-2David MorrellRambo III
  ''978-0-450-42492-2Mike LangleyAnders Lassen, V.C., M.C., of the S.A.S.
  ''978-0-450-42643-8Gerald KingslandThe Voyager
1989978-0-450-42898-2Charles Black · Michael HorsnellCounterfeiter: The Story of a British Master Forger
  ''978-0-450-42930-9Piers AnthonyOut of Phaze (Apprentice adept)
  ''978-0-450-42932-3Piers AnthonyRobot Adept
1988978-0-450-42937-8William RushtonSpy Thatcher
1988978-0-450-43118-0Jack L. ChalkerPirates of the Thunder
  ''978-0-450-48489-6Warren Newton BeathThe Death of James Dean
  ''978-0-450-48507-7Frank HerbertSoul Catcher
1989978-0-450-48601-2Alan Dean FosterInto the Out of
1991978-0-450-48796-5Jim HaskinsElla Fitzgerald: A Life Through Jazz
1989978-0-450-48835-1Stephen KingThe Tommyknockers
  ''978-0-450-48922-8Gene WolfePeace
1988978-0-450-49061-3Piers AnthonyVale of the Vole (Magic of Xanth)
  ''978-0-450-49062-0   ''Vale of the Vole (Magic of Xanth)
1989978-0-450-49087-3   ''Heaven Cent (Magic of Xanth)
1990978-0-450-49089-7   ''Man from Mundania (Magic of Xanth)
1990978-0-450-49090-3Piers AnthonyMan from Mundania (Magic of Xanth)
1989978-0-450-49364-5Michael BlumleinThe Movement of Mountains
  ''978-0-450-49473-4Richard McBrien · Roger Palmer · Roger PlanerHow to Give Up Sex
  ''978-0-450-49475-8Douglas E. WinterArt Of Darkness: Stephen King
1990978-0-450-49598-4Ted AllbeuryOther Kinds of Treason
1991978-0-450-49606-6Snes Mario Mania (Super Nintendo Strategy Guides)
1989978-0-450-49728-5George Robert ElfordDevil's Guard II (2): Recall to Inferno
  ''978-0-450-49733-9Jack VanceAraminta Station (Cadwal Chronicles)
  ''978-0-450-49736-0Jerry AhernMid-wake (Survivalist S.)
1989978-0-450-49992-0Tim Underwood · Chuck MillerBare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King
  ''978-0-450-50082-4Sandy GallAfghanistan: Travels with the Mujahideen
  ''978-0-450-50086-2C. J. CherryhCyteen
  ''978-0-450-50249-1Iain M Banks · Tanith Lee · Freda Warrington · Diana Wynne Jones · Kim Newman · Brian Stableford · Stephen Gallagher · Garry KilworthArrows of Eros: Unearthly Tales of Love and Death
  ''978-0-450-50250-7Maisie MoscoAfter the Dream
1989978-0-450-50258-3Jack VanceThe Languages of Pao
  ''978-0-450-50533-1Piers AnthonyVale of the Vole (Magic of Xanth)
  ''978-0-450-50637-6Pamela Des BarresI'm With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie
  ''978-0-450-50638-3Stewart Boyle · John ArdillThe Greenhouse Effect
1990978-0-450-50807-3Jack L. ChalkerLabyrinth of Dreams
1989978-0-450-50812-7Mary StantonThe Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West
1990978-0-450-50933-9David MorrellFirst Blood
  ''978-0-450-50937-7Wolfgang JeschkeMidas