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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-439-00474-9Chauves-souris Les
978-0-439-00507-4Autobus magique voit des
2009978-0-439-00540-1Tracey WestPokemon 2 L'Ile Des Pokemons Geants (French Edition)
  ''978-0-439-00542-5Tracey WestJe Te Choisis! (Pokemon (French)) (French Edition)
978-0-439-00544-9Autobus magique a des hauts et des bas
1999978-0-439-01002-3K.A. ApplegateThe Underground (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01007-8Judy WaiteEclipse (Horse Healer)
  ''978-0-439-01009-2Sue DandoI Abandoned My Baby (Point Confessions)
2000978-0-439-01013-9Malcolm RosePlague
2000978-0-439-01015-3Peter CoreyCoping with Cash
1999978-0-439-01017-7Robert MunschThe Paperbag Princess (Story Corner)
2002978-0-439-01036-8Edward ArdizzoneLittle Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
2000978-0-439-01040-5Edward ArdizzoneTim In Danger
2003978-0-439-01042-9   ''Tim All Alone (Little Tim)
  ''978-0-439-01046-7   ''Tim and Lucy Go to Sea (Little Tim)
2005978-0-439-01054-2   ''Ship's Cook Ginger (Little Tim)
1999978-0-439-01056-6Anne CassidyBrotherly Love (East End Murders)
  ''978-0-439-01064-1Katherine ApplegateThe Decision (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01069-6Tamora PierceWild Magic (The Immortals 1)
  ''978-0-439-01070-2Malcolm RoseFlying Blind (Point Crime: Lawless & Tilley)
1999978-0-439-01071-9Nick TurnbullEve's Party (Point Horror Unleashed)
  ''978-0-439-01077-1Philip PullmanThe Ruby in the Smoke
  ''978-0-439-01078-8Philip PullmanThe Shadow in the North
  ''978-0-439-01079-5   ''The Tiger in the Well (A Sally Lockhart Mystery)
  ''978-0-439-01086-3Malcolm RoseTunnel Vision
2000978-0-439-01087-0Caroline B. CooneyThe Cheerleader (Point Horror)
1999978-0-439-01105-1Pierce TamoraThe Fire in the Forging
1999978-0-439-01107-5Carol BartonMermaid's Wish
  ''978-0-439-01115-0R. L. StineBrain Juice (Goosebumps Series 2000)
2000978-0-439-01118-1Samantha LeeAmy (Point Horror Unleashed)
1999978-0-439-01119-8Linda NewberyThe Nowhere Girl
  ''978-0-439-01120-4Alan MacDonaldAl Capone and His Gang
  ''978-0-439-01121-1Anita GaneriStormy Weather (Horrible Geography)
  ''978-0-439-01122-8Terry DearyThe Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories)
1999978-0-439-01123-5Roy AppsHow to Handle Your Teacher (How to Handle S.)
  ''978-0-439-01124-2Nick ArnoldFrightening Light (Horrible Science)
  ''978-0-439-01142-6AuthorAnimorphs #19: The Departure
  ''978-0-439-01144-0R. L. StineReturn to Horrorland (Goosebumps Series 2000)
  ''978-0-439-01145-7Katherine ApplegateThe Andalite Chronicles
1999978-0-439-01153-2Kjartan PoskittMore Murderous Maths
  ''978-0-439-01156-3Kjartan PoskittMurderous Maths
1999978-0-439-01157-0Kjartan PoskittHippo Murderous Maths: The Essential Arithmetricks (Murderous Maths S.)
  ''978-0-439-01158-7Tamora PierceThe Wolf Speaker (Immortals)
  ''978-0-439-01159-4   ''The Emperor Mage (Immortals)
  ''978-0-439-01160-0   ''Realms Of The Gods
  ''978-0-439-01161-7R. L. StineHalloween Night (Point Horror)
1999978-0-439-01179-2KATHERINE APPLEGATEThe Discovery (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01187-7Peter CoreyCoping with Christmas
2000978-0-439-01188-4Nick ArnoldHippo Horrible Science Bind-Up: Ugly Bugs and Nasty Nature
1999978-0-439-01192-1Malorie Blackman · Gillian Cross · Jean Ure · et alA Christmas Tree of Stories
2002978-0-439-01193-8Edward ArdizzoneTim to the Rescue (Little Tim)
1999978-0-439-01199-0Tamora PierceThe Healing of the Vine (Circle of Magic)
  ''978-0-439-01202-7K. A. ApplegateAnimorphs: The Threat
  ''978-0-439-01209-6Anne CassidyKilling Time (East End Murders)
  ''978-0-439-01210-2Terry · Brown, Martin DearyGorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians: AND Vile Victorians (Horrible Histories Collections)
2000978-0-439-01211-9Nick ArnoldSuffering Scientists (Horrible Science)
1999978-0-439-01217-1Richie Tankersley CusickFatal Secrets (Point Horror)
1999978-0-439-01221-8Michael CoxAsia: Ban Pong - Where Beetles Taste Great (Airmail from...)
  ''978-0-439-01225-6Katherine ApplegateAnimorphs: The Solution
2000978-0-439-01229-4R. L. StineThe Creepy Creations of Professor Shock (Give Yourself Goosebumps S.)
1999978-0-439-01231-7   ''Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Pt.1 & 2 (Goosebumps 2000)
  ''978-0-439-01232-4Philip GrossFacetaker (Point Horror Unleashed)
  ''978-0-439-01240-9patricia wredeEpisode 1: the Phantom Menace (Star Wars)
2000978-0-439-01259-1Ann M. MartinBabysitters Club Collection 15: " Kristy and the Baby Parade " , " Dawn and the Big Sleepover " , " Stacey's Emergency " No. 15 (Babysitters Club Collection)
  ''978-0-439-01260-7Katherine ApplegateThe Pretender (Animorphs)
1999978-0-439-01261-4R. L. StineThe Werewolf in the Living Room (Goosebumps Series 2000)
1999978-0-439-01265-2Patricia.c. WredePhantom Menace: Novelisation: Phantom Menace (" Star Wars Episode One ")
  ''978-0-439-01266-9Ludwig · Marciano, John BemelmansMadeline in America
2004978-0-439-01270-6Kjartan PoskittThe Mean and Vulgar Bits (Murderous Maths)
2000978-0-439-01271-3Terry DearySmashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)
  ''978-0-439-01272-0Nick ArnoldShocking Electricity (Horrible Science)
1999978-0-439-01278-2KATHERINE APPLEGATEAnimorphs: The Invasion
  ''978-0-439-01279-9K. A. ApplegateAnimorphs: The Visitor
  ''978-0-439-01280-5Katherine ApplegateAnimorphs: The Encounter
1999978-0-439-01281-2Katherine ApplegateThe Message
2000978-0-439-01282-9Victoria HanleyThe Seer and the Sword
1999978-0-439-01283-6Chilling Christmas Tales
  ''978-0-439-01286-7Dave WolvertonTHE RISING FORCE ("STAR WARS" JEDI APPRENTICE)
  ''978-0-439-01287-4Jude WatsonThe Dark Rival
2000978-0-439-01295-9Katherine ApplegateTHE SUSPICION (ANIMORPHS S.)
  ''978-0-439-01296-6   ''The Extreme (Animorphs)
1999978-0-439-01297-3R.L. STINEThe Horrors of the Black Ring (Goosebumps Series 2000)
2000978-0-439-01298-0Helen DunmoreZillah and Me
  ''978-0-439-01307-9Tamora PiercePage (Protector of the Small)
2000978-0-439-01316-1Caroline B. CooneyTwins (Point Horror)
2001978-0-439-01319-2Tamora PierceProtector of the Small Squire #3
2000978-0-439-01329-1Katherine ApplegateThe Attack (Animorphs S.)
2000978-0-439-01340-6Katherine ApplegateThe Exposed (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01341-3   ''The Experiment (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01342-0Ann M. MartinClaudia Kishi, Middle School Drop-out (Babysitters Club)
  ''978-0-439-01346-8Katherine ApplegateThe Sickness (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01360-4Nick SharrattKetchup on Your Cornflakes
2000978-0-439-01363-5Anita GaneriRaging Rivers (Horrible Geography)
  ''978-0-439-01364-2Margaret SimpsonCleopatra and Her Asp (Dead Famous)
  ''978-0-439-01368-0Nick ArnoldDeadly Diseases (Horrible Science)
  ''978-0-439-01370-3Kjartan PoskittSeries: Murderous Maths - Desperate Measures
1998978-0-439-01373-4P. WredeStar Wars: Phantom Menace
1999978-0-439-01380-2Terry DearyPotty Politics (Knowledge)
2000978-0-439-01393-2Lynda WaterhouseJust Like
  ''978-0-439-01397-0Susan PriceElfgift (Point Fantasy)
2000978-0-439-01399-4Michael ColemanFoul Football
  ''978-0-439-01404-5Ivan JonesThe Ghost Hunter at Chillwood Castle
  ''978-0-439-01408-3Susan PriceThe Sterkarm Handshake
  ''978-0-439-01414-4R. L. StineSlappy's Nightmare (Goosebumps Series 2000)
  ''978-0-439-01415-1R.L. STINEEarth Geeks Must Go! (Goosebumps Series 2000)
1999978-0-439-01418-2Katherine ApplegateThe Capture (Animorphs)
1999978-0-439-01419-9Katherine ApplegateThe Stranger (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01420-5KATHERINE APPLEGATEThe Alien (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01422-9Katherine ApplegateThe Android (Animorphs)
  ''978-0-439-01424-3ApplegateAnimorphs #12
  ''978-0-439-01433-5Katherine ApplegateTHE CHANGE (ANIMORPHS)
2000978-0-439-01436-6Terry DearyIreland (Horrible Histories Special)
2000978-0-439-01437-3Terry DearyTrue Mystery Stories (True Stories)
  ''978-0-439-01438-0Michael CoxTop Ten Horror Stories (Top Ten S.)
1999978-0-439-01442-7Katherine ApplegateThe Warning
  ''978-0-439-01443-4   ''The Underground (Animorphs)
2000978-0-439-01448-9Jude WatsonThe Mark of the Crown (" Star Wars " Jedi Apprentice)
  ''978-0-439-01449-6   ''The Defenders of the Dead (" Star Wars " Jedi Apprentice)
  ''978-0-439-01450-2   ''The Uncertain Path (' Star Wars ' Jedi Apprentice)
2000978-0-439-01454-0Ben JeapesThe Winged Chariot
  ''978-0-439-01457-1Dav PilkeyThe Adventures of Captain Underpants
  ''978-0-439-01466-3R. L. StineGhost in the Mirror (Goosebumps Series 2000)
  ''978-0-439-01470-0Mary Pope OsbornePirates Past Noon (Magic Tree House)
  ''978-0-439-01481-6Anita GaneriDesperate Deserts (Horrible Geography)
2000978-0-439-01482-3Jan MarkThe Eclipse of the Century
  ''978-0-439-01487-8Chris WoodingBroken Sky Part One: Pt. 1 (Broken Sky)
  ''978-0-439-01488-5Chris WoodingBroken Sky Part Two Pt 2
2000978-0-439-01489-2Chris WoodingBroken Sky Part Three: Pt. 3 (Broken Sky)
  ''978-0-439-01490-8   ''Broken Sky Part 04: Pt. 4 (Broken Sky)
  ''978-0-439-01491-5   ''Broken Sky
  ''978-0-439-01494-6   ''Broken Sky Part 8
2001978-0-439-01495-3CHRIS WOODINGBroken Sky Part 9 (Broken Sky)
2000978-0-439-01635-3Moira Andrew · Therese FinlayLanguage Displays (Themes on Display)
  ''978-0-439-01636-0Therese Finlay · Jacquie FinlayMaths Displays (Themes on Display)
2000978-0-439-01637-7Georgie Beasley · Ann MoberleyScience Displays (Themes on Display)
  ''978-0-439-01638-4Jean EvansAll About Me (Themes on Display)
1999978-0-439-01647-6Sue PalmerPhonics: Term by Term Photocopiables (Scholastic Literacy Skills)
978-0-439-01671-1Science Investigations: Key Stage 2 (P4 to 7)
2000978-0-439-01672-8Stuart BallScience Investigations KS1 (Ready to Go)
  ''978-0-439-01677-3Neil BurtonPhysical Processes (Pocket Guides to the Primary Curriculum)
  ''978-0-439-01687-2Sue Gardner · Ian Gardner100 Maths Lessons and More for Year 3 (100 Maths Lessons & More)
  ''978-0-439-01692-6Anne Farr100 Maths Lessons and More for Reception (100 Maths Lessons & More)
1999978-0-439-01693-3Ann Montague-Smith100 Maths Lessons and More (100 Maths Lessons & More)
1999978-0-439-01694-0Suzanne Edwards100 Maths Lessons and More (100 Maths Lessons & More)
  ''978-0-439-01695-7Pauline KenyonFestival Themes (Themes for Early Years Photocopiable)
2000978-0-439-01696-4Sonia Tibbatts · John Davies100 Maths Lessons and More for Year 4 (100 Maths Lessons & More)
  ''978-0-439-01697-1Lucy Simonds100 Maths Lessons and More for Year 5: Year 5 (100 Maths Lessons & More)
  ''978-0-439-01698-8Jean Livingstone100 Maths Lessons and More (100 Maths Lessons & More)
  ''978-0-439-01706-0Kate FroodMental Maths Homework for 10 Year Olds
1999978-0-439-01708-4Sally GrayOurselves Themes (Themes for Early Years Photocopiable)
1999978-0-439-01709-1Jenni TavenerScience Themes (Themes for Early Years Photocopiable)
2000978-0-439-01737-4Georgie Beasley · Ann MoberleySeasonal Displays (Themes on Display)
  ''978-0-439-01738-1Victoria FarrowOur World Displays (Themes on Display)
  ''978-0-439-01742-8Sally GrayThe World Around Us (Themes for Early Years Photocopiable)
  ''978-0-439-01743-5Jenni TavenerSeasons (Themes for Early Years Photocopiable)
  ''978-0-439-01744-2Linda Mort · Janet MorrisStories and Rhymes (Themes for Early Years)
2000978-0-439-01777-0John BuckleyIdeas for Assemblies KS2 (Ready to Go)
2004978-0-439-01779-4Alison ChaplinIdeas for Drama Key Stage 1 (Ready to Go)
2001978-0-439-01780-0   ''Ideas for Drama Key Stage 2 (Ready to Go)
2000978-0-439-01793-0Wendy Garner · Elaine JacksonGeography 9-11 Years: 9 to 11 Years (Primary Foundations)
2001978-0-439-01795-4Geoff TeeceReligious Education (Pocket Guides to the Primary Curriculum)
2000978-0-439-01800-5John CornGeography 7-9 Years: Ages 7 to 9 (Primary Foundations)
2001978-0-439-01801-2Georgie Beasley100 Science Lessons for Year Reception
978-0-439-01802-9100 Science Lessons for Year 1 (100 Science Lessons)
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2001978-0-439-01812-8Jean EvansFestival Displays (Themes on Display)
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  ''978-0-439-01826-5Elizabeth PikeIdeas for PE Games KS 2: Key stage 2 (Ready to Go)
2002978-0-439-01832-6Hannah MortimerSpeech and Language Difficulties (Special Needs in the Early Years)
2001978-0-439-01833-3Kathleen Taylor · Wendy Jolliffe · David Waugh100 Literacy Homework Activities for Year 1: Year 1
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2001978-0-439-01835-7Chris Webster100 Literacy Homework Activities for Year 3: Year 3
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  ''978-0-439-01843-2   ''Physical Education Ages 9-11 Years (Primary Foundations)
2001978-0-439-01844-9Ann Montague-Smith100 Maths Homework Activities for Year 1
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2004978-0-439-01858-6Hilary MasonPshe and Citizenship 7-9 Years (Primary Foundations)
2001978-0-439-01859-3Duncan SmithPSHE and Citizenship 9-11 Years: 9-11 years (Primary Foundations)